Trump to fire alleged racist adviser

Business insider reported today that one of Trump’s top advisers will be put at the door, a move that has stunned many onlookers who think that Trump himself is a racist loose canon who does not care what he says and who he offends. The adviser, Sam Nunberg is alleged to have posted some pretty special sentiments on Facebook about President Obama and the daughter of Al Sharpton, and for this he reportedly will be canned. What do you think about this, Is Trump overreacting? To wit:

Specifically, the adviser, Sam Nunberg, called President Barack Obama a “”Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser” and “Farrakahn’s Messiah.” He referred to Al Sharpton’s daughter as “N—!” And so on.

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Trump Would Get his bum kicked by Bernie and Hillary in a General Election

Mr Trump thinks he is such a hot shot because he is ahead of the pack of wolves in the GOP who are trying to become the next president of the United States. But he is not as hot as he thinks. Recent polls (fairly reliable ones) suggest that in a hypothetical election held today, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would kick Trump’s ass in a general election. Indeed, experts predict that if Trump wins the nomination for the Republican party, it will be a full on disaster as the republicans will LOSE the election in 2016. What do you think about that? Should he cut his losses now?

Trump’s immigration and healthcare do overs will cost billions experts say

By now everyone knows that Donald Trump thinks that president Obama is incompetent and Trump wants to bring competence back to the White House and “Make America Great Again.” But at what cost? Experts predict that his healthcare redo could cost several billion and his plan to deport more than 11 million illegal aliens and repatriate them could cost close to half a trillion dollars. Needless to say, this could be detrimental to the deficit and completely bleep up the United States’ economy. But don’t nobody tell that to Mr. Trump.

Why did Koch Brothers diss Mr Trump?

The Koch Brothers are billionaires and very influential in the republican party, apparently and even though they are not enemies with Donald Trump, they certainly are not his friend and they have reportedly refused to share crucial voter data information with the GOP frontrunner because they view him as an embarrassment and don’t think he can win the general election when matched against Hillary Clinton. Says Yahoo News:

The RNC’s offer to share its file is especially significant in light of the fact that the political operation run by Charles and David Koch, Freedom Partners, has reportedly denied Trump access to its voter file and user interface, called i360.

Is the Debate Next Week in Cleveland Trump’s USA pageant

Mr Trump will be a contestant in his very own Mr USA pageant next week in Cleveland and everyone is waiting with baited breath to see how he does. How will he look? How will he sound? What will he say? Will he cut his hair? The contestant has been prepping – even while on his private jet in Scotland – with his campaign strategists and daughter Ivanka for the past couple of weeks. The other candidates are said to be deathly afraid of being further upstaged by the heavyweight contender.

Trump Goes to Scotland to promote his hotel Trump Turnberry

Trump was in Scotland today with his kids and entourage to promote the Women’s British Open which is being held at his newly acquired hotel, Trump Turnberry. He used the event to remind everyone that he and Russian president Vladimir Putin will be BFFs if he is elected president. Why does he keep saying this? Who is he trying to convince?

Is Donald Trump the new Great Gatsby?

Everything he does is over the top. He really craves fame and popularity. He throws the best parties he wears the best suits. He even wears diamond cufflinks even though his style is a bit questionable when you consider that he pairs that with navy linen suit, and a red baseball cap. But there is something Gatsbyesque about Trump all the way down to his fleet of eponymous 747s. Don’t you agree?

Rick Perry’s team mocks Trump

Rick Perry has challenged Mr Trump to do pull ups and his team is making fun of Mr Trump’s outfit that he wore to Laredo Texas. Apparently Mr Trump wore white golf shoes, khakis and a linen jacket and in the wild southwest, well this outfit was soft. They dubbed Trump “the tough guy from Manhattan.”

Mr Trump Did You Tell a lactating mother that she was “disgusting”?

An attorney who once deposed Mr Trump is claiming that he called her disgusting when she asked to take a break to pump her breast milk. In an interview with CNN she claims Mr Trump bellowed “you are disgustin!” and that he then ran from the room. Mr Trump denies this and says the woman wanted to eject her breast in front of him and pump the milk right there. He also says the attorney is a loser.

Trump’s Legal Team Will Undoubtedly Go into Overdrive

Mr Trump has a legal militia who works to protect his interests and defend him on news broadcasts. They certainly are busier than ever now that he has decided to run for president. Some of them may wish he had never done so. Maybe it was a mistake for him to run. What does he need this headache for? Just to sock it to Obama? He had a nice, exciting, lucrative life. Now, he has lost so many of his business relationships and even his personal life is exposed in a way that it never would have had he not run with these horrible rape allégations against ex wife Ivana. He is going to need to hire new lawyers just to keep up with what is coming down the legal pike. Poor Mr Trump. This is horrible.

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen: What should Trump Do With Him?

By all accounts Michael Cohen is a tough lawyer who has worked for the Trump Organization for nearly two décades and he is called the “troubleshooter” for the organization. But recently he threatened a reporter who was about to publish an article about Mr Trump in which ancient allégations of marital rape (ex wife Ivana Trump apparently accused Mr Trump of rape in 1989) were about to come out. Mr Cohen really went after this reporter and made a lot of scary threats. Mr Trump has said on CNN that he does not plan to fire Mr Cohen. And it is true that Mr Trump needs tough lawyers and people around him. But…

WP’s Philip Bump on Donald Trump’s Campaign Trucker Hats

Mr Bump wrote an article about Mr Trump in the Washington Post (a rather convoluted piece that probably only the sharpest legal minds can understand after 3 cups of coffee, btw) but the short of it is that he seems to be suggesting that sale of these hats (and the hats have apparently sold like hot cakes) are a heartbeat away from breaking campaign finance laws. Notably, he is waiting till Mr Trump files his third quarter finance report to actually make the claim but it seems that the sale of the hats from Trump’s Trump Tower store on 5th Avenue where a portion of the counter is reserved solely for the campaign, could result in a “comingling” that is not permitted by law. Oh la la, la la. What is Mr Trump getting himself into with this campaign? On top of that, tourists who buy the hats could be breaking the law since they cannot contribute to an American political campaign.

Donald Trump & Bill Cosby: Do either of them owe any of us an explanation?

Dear Mr Trump, I am competely gutted by this article in Daily Beast that suggests you have once “raped” a woman who happens to be your ex wife Ivana. This allegedly came from her although she now says the charge is “without merit” and that she is “very fond” of you and that you would make “an incredible president.” Ok. But did she lie or not? Like Bill Cosby, your sexual past is probably none of our business as a collective but when you are running for president, shouldn’t your good character be beyond doubt? Bill Cosby’s reputation is ruined forever. But he is not running for president and he did not say what you said about Mexican immigrants. So he probably doesn’t owe us any explanations. But you do. Did your ex wife fabricate these charges? Was it a total and complete fabrication? If so, she needs to actually come out and say it in so many words that “I lied on my husband.” Otherwise, I, for one, am horrified. I expect many things from you. But not this.

Mr Trump shoves rape allegations to the side

The Daily Beast article in which Mr Trump’s ex wife Ivana Trump is alleged to have accused him of a horrific sexual assault in 1989 after her plastic surgeon allegedly botched a cosmetic procedure on him, has left some of us Trump watchers gutted. But Mr Trump was very poised and stoic on CNN so maybe it won’t impact his campaign all that much; but can you imagine if this same allegation was levelled against someone who Mr Trump dislikes – like Obama or even one of his GOP opponents? He would have destroyed that person in the press!

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen: A Man cannot “rape” his wife

The Daily Beast’s exposé on Mr Trump will probably be a game-changer for Mr Trump. Things are going to start going downhill for him. It is inevitable. But how could his lawyer have suggested with a straight face that marital rape is not possible? He corrected that and apologized but it is stunning that he said that (and other things) in the first place.