Trump & Ben Carson tied in Iowa according to recent polls

Why does this news make me chuckle? I just read that Mr Trump is tied with neurosurgeon Ben Carson in a recent poll taken of Iowa caucusers. How is this even possible? First of all, this guy gets like no press. But second of all, isn’t it ironic that Trump could possibly find himself bested by the republican twin of Barack Obama? This is just delicious. Don’t get me wrong. Carson sounds like at least an equal nightmare as Mr Trump on issues such as immigration (“let’s just drop some drones” he said) but it is a matter of time before Trump demands to see his birth certificate and grades. And it just cracks me up. It would be too, too ironic.

The Trump Campaign hires Sam Clovis from the Perry Campaign: Does it pass the “smell test”?

So. Mr Trump apparently has hired one of Mr Perry’s aides, a guy by the name of Sam Clovis. Technically the guy allegedly “defected” but everybody knows that there is no love lost between Mr Trump and Mr Perry and so when Mr Perry’s campaign started to implode, Clovis was immediately picked up and hired out by the Trump campaign. The perception of a lot of people in the know is that this is no accident. Trump wanted him because he used to work for Perry. But could the two of them get into trouble? Apparently, similar transactions (not necessarily identical, eh) have resulted in very serious trouble for the transacting parties. We are talking federal indictments and huge fines. The New York Times:

That is the perception sending shudders through the state’s Republicans, after the leader of Rick Perry’s Iowa campaign quit when Mr. Perry suspended pay to staff members, then quickly went to work for Donald J. Trump, who he had earlier said lacked a “moral center.” The head-spinning dismount and remount came three weeks after another embarrassing episode for the state’s Republicans. A long-running scandal over under-the-table payments to a state senator to endorse Ron Paul’s presidential bid in 2011 led to the federal indictment this month of Mr. Paul’s former campaign manager.

Hopefully Mr Trump is too intelligent to allow himself to run afoul of the law. The thing is, he IS a political neophyte and his legal team my also be inexperienced in this domaine. Because Mr Trump strikes me as the type of guy who does things for sport. But he could easily get into some serious crap if he is not careful because politics has different rules than business. The Times

It is unusual, though not unheard-of, for political operatives to change campaigns, especially when a poorly performing candidate’s money dries up. Strategists have to pay their bills. Still, Mr. Clovis’s leap to a candidate so apparently out of step with his own principles has stunned many. “Nobody has to be wedded to somebody through an entire caucus, but to effectively resign and the next day be in Dubuque announcing you’re for another candidate, it doesn’t pass the smell test,” said Will Rogers, the chairman of the Polk County Republican Party.

Unless the Times is being alarmist without reason, this does make me worry a little bit. Because Rand Paul’s campaign manager is facing 25 years.

Mr Trump Amends His Immigration Policy after a tongue lashing from his history professor

Dear Mr Trump, As your history professor, I am assigning you the following poem for memorization for homework. First, you are to identify its provenance. In addition, I would like you to incorporate its spirit and theme into your immigration proposal. You have one week from this assignment to turn in your revised proposal or you get an “F” in this class. Do you copy? Thank you for your attention and cooperation. I remain at your disposal for any further questions. Regards.

The New Colossus By Emma Lazarus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Who does Trump Respect the Most? Daughter Ivanka or Wife Melania?

Mr Trump seems to spend an inordinate amount of time talking and praising his daughter Ivanka to the exclusion of everyone else including his other four children, his mother, two ex wives; and his current wife Melania. Is he tone deaf about this too? It is inconceivable that there isn’t simmering jealousies in this family – sibling rivalry as well as step-mother vs step-daughter resentment. Mr Trump, you are a very insensitive man. Yes, I know I say a lot of negative things about you but that is because I am your friend. I tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t want to hear it. And I don’t care what you do about it. Somebody’s got to tell you cause you have a lot of blind sides. You are like this hexagon with all these blind sides. Keep this up with Ivanka though and Melania is going to ask for a divorce and probably before this presidential campaign is over. You wanna talk about a circus? You wanna talk about drama? One thing is for sure you sure do know how to keep it coming. And what about poor little Tiffany come to think of it. Is she your after-thought?

Bill Clinton is SMARTER than Trump and he is micro-managing Hillary’s campaign behind the scenes

While Mr Trump traipses all over the country acting like a stand up comedian (and really, the man leaves a person in hysterics sometimes) Hillary Clinton is quietly and stealthily putting together a campaign with the help of her husband Bill Clinton. Obviously, Bill knows how to win and has had a lot of experience with presidential campaigns and weathering scandals. While Trump was doing what he does best, those two have been amassing delegates and superdelegates, and just waiting things out. The first thing Bill told Hillary when it looked like the proverbial shit was about to hit the fan is “stay calm.” These two words spoken together can be extremely powerful if a person in the middle of a storm listens and does exactly that. STAY CALM. That is what Bill told Hillary then he went off to play golf in Cape Cod and sent Chelsea off to Sardinia. And now it looks like Hillary is going to weather this storm just fine…Mr Trump, don’t underestimate Mr Clinton. You are birds of a feather but he just might be even smarter than you.

TRUMP: “I don’t want to run TV attack ads against anybody” Is this a joke?

When Mr Trump came out and said that he doesn’t want to run attack ads against his opponents in the GOP nomination race, I actually went to pièces because it clearly meant that Mr Trump really is a true gemini person and I know those types only too well. This is the kind of guy who will take your best friend to your bed and when you walk in on them in the throes of passion (I mean they are naked as the day is long going at it in your bed) he looks back, sees you there practically white in shock, and he goes “you obviously have a very overactive imagination. This is NOT what you are thinking.” And then, you begin to wonder if he is right, if, maybe, you are too imaginative… Mr Trump, your entire campaign – and for that matter your pre-campaign – has been one big attack ad. Let me define “attack” (I know you can define “ad”). The Oxford Dictionary:

1. Take aggressive action against 2.criticize or oppose fiercely or publicly3.make a forceful attempt to score goals or points; etc.

Mr Trump, you are a walking, talking, breathing attack ad. For heavens sakes you even invoked blood coming out of Megyn Kelly’s eyes and nose. That only happens when someone attacks and punches a person in the face. Mr Trump, respectfully, let me break this down for you: You have attacked EVERYONE including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Huma Abedin’s husband, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry (is he still in the race), John McCain, Rosie O’donnell, George Bush, Mexican people, Mexican government, immigrants, and the list goes on. OK? So when you act like you are above “attack ads,” it is this reverse thing that geminis do, Mr Trump, that you are doing, and that you are doing disturbingly well. It is very effective against most people who just don’t have a clue they are being manipulated and by the time they figure it out it will be too late. You are manipulative! Everything you say is the reverse! It is a twist! You are a twister, Mr Trump. Then you repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. Then the victim (because ultimately everyone is your victim) is persuaded of your untruths and hyperboles and omissions and then you win because you completely exhaust them. You are classically gemini. You can even use the truth to deceive. It’s unbelievable, Mr Trump. I think I am the only person who can see through you.

When Trump told Jorge Ramos “go back to Univision” did he mean “go back to Mexico?”

The Los Angeles Times is taking Mr Trump to task in this article claiming that when Mr Trump told respected hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos “go back to Univision” what he was really saying was “go back to Mexico.” And people are calling it as racist as telling an African American person to “go back to Africa” when they assert their human and civil rights or protest against bad treatment. Is it the same thing? It sounds kind of similar to tell you the truth. But only Mr Trump knows what he meant. As I noted, Mr Ramos did speak out of turn during the press conference but Mr Trump’s response was probably outside the bounds of what I have ever witnessed from a presidential candidate. It was jarring. He says that Mr Ramos was behaving in a disorderly way. Maybe. But this begs the question about a President Trump and future press conférences. Is this a taste of what can be expected of him? To tell you the truth, if it is, it could be extremely edge of your seat interesting. Look, globally speaking, if he behaves in office (if elected) the way he has behaved during this campaign I don’t think there will be a dull day in the entire world. Even people in other countries will be on the edge of there seats waiting to see or hear what this guy will do or say next. A president Trump would be unbelievable. But this is not necessarily a good thing.

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump have diametrically different views on PUTIN

Mr Trump has repeatedly said that he thinks he will get along with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. He says the Putin does not respect the United States but that Putin will respect him and that the two will get along “great!” This is a very different level of deference that he gives to Putin as compared to other world leaders such as the présidents of Mexico and China – even though neither of these two présidents have done half of the things that Putin is alleged to have done. Mr Trump’s Republican challenger Marco Rubio seems to have a different take on the Russian president. One might even say he goes to the other extreme. A CNN article quotes Mr Rubio as saying the following:

Russia is governed today by a gangster,” Rubio said. “He’s basically an organized crime figure who controls a government and a large territory. … This is a person who kills people because they’re his political enemies. If you’re a political adversary of Vladimir Putin, you wind up with plutonium in your drink or shot in the street.” He also called Russia one of the top five threats to the United States, saying “we have a gangster running the largest nuclear stockpile in the world.”

But don’t be too quick to judge either Rubio or Trump or decide who would be tougher on Putin or who Putin will get along with. Bloomberg did an article on the Trump/Putin imaginary bromance and they have concluded that Trump is deluded. They believe that in fact Putin will have Mr Trump for Lunch. They wrote:

Perhaps as a result of this imaginary rapport between the billionaire and the ex-spy, American writers are tempted to compare Trump with Putin. “Doesn’t Trump resemble an American Putin?” Jack Shafer wrote in Politico this week. “The two share nativist views, both seem to be head-over-heels narcissists, believe in a strong executive branch and think a day wasted if they haven’t bullied somebody. If Putin isn’t as germophobic as Trump, I’d be astonished.” He added, “Maybe the best way to counter a madman in the Kremlin would be to put one in the White House?”

Who knows if Trump would really get along with Putin. The one thing that is strange is the fact that with all his overtures towards Mr Putin it does not seem like Mr Trump has gotten any responses, no media reports that Putin admires the businessman, nothing. Bloomberg’s reporter agrees. He wrote:

President Trump might believe for a time that he and Putin were getting along famously. President George W. Bush, who once said he had gained a sense of Putin’s “soul,” believed as much. Eventually, however, even Trump would come to understand that he was being mocked and manipulated, the Putin behavior that President Barack Obama can’t stand. Trump’s disappointment might produce an even more bitter confrontation than the one between Putin and Obama.

My sense is that Mr Trump is a little bit too innocent to deal with Putin. He is a guy who is used to getting what he wants (a little bit spoilt) but not a guy who has had a lot of experience dealing with people who are not really intimidated with his money; and who themselves are proven tough. At the same time, if I had to choose between Trump and say, Bush I think Trump would be better at handling Putin than Bush.

Mr Trump Should Have Listened to his Daughter Ivanka

Ivanka is getting good press since her father’s bid was launched in June and since his controversial anti-immigrant platform was let loose. It is alleged that she tried to get him to walk back his comments and that she prepared a memo for him but that he refused to take her advice. He was foolish to do that. He should have listened to his daughter. And guess what? He still can. It’s not too late, Mr Trump. You can disappear for 3 days and then you hold a press conference and you tell everyone that you have had a shake up in your campaign and that you have hired some new people and that you are going to change and tweak a few things in your message. You don’t want to lose the supporters you have, but some will go because you are not going to be extreme and hateful enough for them. But you stand to gain so much more if you then spend the next year leading up to the campaign backing up your words with action. You need to make amends to three groups: Hispanics, African Americans and women. You have MESSED up with these groups, Mr Trump. I don’t care what the polls say. People are not stupid. They are not just going to vote for you because you say “I will create jobs.” A lot of these people already have jobs and many would rather starve than take a job from a guy who is so disrespectful of their humanity. So don’t bank on this empty promise to get you votes. People are not stupid. Besides, you have 24% support in the polls. How many more percentage points do you need to get to 100%? You are a foolish man, Mr Trump. I am really surprised and not just a little bit disappointed.

Latino Celebs and notables call on Hispanics to mobilize against Donald Trump

A growing roster of high profile Hispanic celebrities are fed up with Mr Trump’s antics and are calling for Latinos to mobilize against what they view as attacks and harassment from Mr Trump. They include Ricky Martin, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Pitbull, Jorge Ramos and Marc Anthony. The only famous latino celebrity who has been silent is Jennifer Lopez and it is very interesting because she is probably the most famous Hispanic American in the country but she has been notably silent. Not to worry all the others have voiced their opinions and Anthony said this weekend “when you attack one of us you attack all of us.” These are powerful words. And not just a little bit scary. Because if Mr Trump continues in this tone deaf way and continues to rile up his base of supporters of a certain ilk who he calls the “silent majority” who wants to “take our country back“, and if you continue to have push back from the victim groups, I am just very, very concerned for the United States. Someone needs to stop this pot from simmering. Seriously, we are not heading in a good place, America. We all have to start to simmer down and it is going to have to begin with the person who started this whole thing, Mr Donald Trump. Mr Trump, please reconsider your strategy. Please.

Is Trump’s Attack on Clinton Aide Huma Abedin (and her husband) a good strategy?

Over the weekend, Mr Trump apparently went to a $100 dollars a head fundraising dinner at a Friend’s house in Massachusetts and he spent the evening doing what he does best: tormenting everyone. One of the main victims of the night was Hillary Clinton (of course) and her aid Huma Abedin and Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner. Mr Clinton repeatedly called Mr Weiner a “perv” and said that Huma has shared classified information with him. It is not my job to defend Anthony Weiner who has allegedly made some very poor choices in his life but just from the standpoint of getting elected to the presidency of the United States I am a bit confused as to what is the net gain Mr Trump expected and received from these remarks. There are nearly 20 republican challengers in this race and god only knows how many democrats that Mr Clinton Mr Trump has to best and he spends his time tormenting Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner? It is a very strange expenditure of his precious time in my humble opinion. I think this guy needs to hire me as a consultant. He needs a third eye and a rational voice in his life who can say no to him. He’s off the rails and it seems that he is surrounded by people who just don’t have a clue of how to get him back on track. And its a shame because if he really wanted to be president he could have done it. But this WAY is just the wrong way. It is the wrong way, Mr Trump.

Dear Mr Trump You Have to Set a Better Example for America’s Little Kids

In Iowa, Mr Trump took children for helicopter rides and they called him batman and it was cute as heck. He seems to have a way with children but is he setting the very best example for them? When they Watch him and listen to him, especially as PRESIDENT, will they be better human beings and better citizens? It is apparent that Mr Trump does not understand the power he has. He is such a motivational person. He can channel that in so many positive ways. Instead he prefers to show his worse side as often as he possibly can as if this is some kind of winning strategy to greatness. Greatness has a definition and it is not found in humiliating others, insulting others, and otherwise showing your worse self, Mr Trump. YOU CAN DO BETTER. Sure you have the admiration of a lot of people – and some of them are a little bit questionable to be frank. But you can get more mainstream by tweaking your strategy a lot. When you run, imagine John Kennedy (a democrat but so what?) Would he say the things you say? When you run, think of the children who are listening and the types of adults they will be in the future. America can only be great on the basis of the people in it. The little kids today will be America tomorrow and you can help to shape them, Mr Trump. But not by calling people names and resorting to insults and humiliation and disrespect. This is not the spirit of America. At all. At least, not according to how I see it. And in my heart, I know you know I am right. YOU CAN DO BETTER, MR TRUMP.

Election 2016 Updates and News: A Great motivational video for the candidates

This motivational video on YouTube is great for the presidential candidates who are running against Mr Trump. He doesn’t need it because he is already on top and he doesn’t hesitate to wipe it in their faces. But the others can definitely benefit from listening to it – especially guys like Jeb Bush. It will bring out the fighter in anybody. Can someone please forward this link to the candidates on my behalf?

Is it Smart for Donald Trump, potentially the next American President, to Diss China and Chinese People?

Mr Trump is very hard on China and he is not afraid to say so. Indeed, he has begun to shape his foreign Policy and from the sound of it China and the chinese will definitely not have his respect. The Washington Post:

In campaign speeches, Donald Trump has blamed China for stealing American jobs and breaking the rules. He has criticized China for currency manipulation and espionage, and proposed raising taxes on China “for each bad act” they commit. In July, he rebuked the White House for giving Chinese diplomats state dinners, saying they should be taken to McDonald’s instead

How does the next leader of the free world say something like this – especially the macdonalds part? Mr Trump, seriously: Do you think that saying things like this reflects positively on the United States and the Office of the President? Do you think this makes America “great?” Greatness is a lot of things, Mr Trump. It is Financial success but it is also self control; dignity, the ability to set a good example and to be a standard bearer. And other things. How do you think Americans would respond if the Chinese president said what you said about an American president (and leave Obama out of it, imagine another president, imagine yourself, for example)? Do you think the Chinese people will respond well to you or to Americans when you disespect their president? When you hit the president of China you hit the people of China. China is not an abstract idea. China is a country with people in it. Mr Trump, you can do better than this. You really have to stop saying these things. Nobody is saying you shouldn’t be tough on China and protect American interests. This is your job and you should do it to the best of your ability (as president if you are elected). But you don’t go about it this way, insulting the leader of another country. It is a bad example to set for America’s children (including your own children) and most definitely is not the way to show the “greatness” of America. It is the way to show the “smallness” of America. And we are not small, Mr Trump. So you have to represent us in a much bigger way than this. OK?

Trump Campaign Headquarters Very “Raw”

Oo la la. When you think of Donald Trump’s headquarters being in Trump Tower, you imagine this really posh, chic environment that resembles his sexy hôtels that his sexy daughter Ivanka advertises on YouTube. Indeed, so convinced was I that his campaign digs were exceptionally swanky that I even wrote this back in July about Trump Tower in comparison to Hillary’s Brooklyn headquarters (she spends most of her time in Midtown Manhattan though). But guess what? I was wrong. His campaign headquarters are in Trump Tower but it is on a floor that is unfinished with exposed electrical wires and unfinished sheetrock and just…it’s…horrible! It’s been described as “raw” and “cavernous.”

Why Trump Should Support the Iran Nuclear Deal

Mr Trump has made no secret of the fact that he thinks the Iran Nuclear Deal which was negotiated by John Kerry (as well as America’s allies from China, Germany, France, UK and Russia) with Iran is a bunch of poubelle. But unlike other republican candidates, he has not promised to rip it to shreds on his first day in office if elected. That is a good starting point. He should outright support the bill and should eschew that scheduled rally in Washington in September that is being planned by Ted Cruz and a bunch of other groups and individuals. A growing chorus of supporters from high places in politics are coming out in support of the deal. Some were openly skeptical of the deal including Gary Samore. who is the former president of UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) a bipartisan group in opposition of the deal. Samore actually stepped down as president because he changed his mind and is now in favor of the deal.

Mr Trump the bigger issue is the good faith issue. And you of all people should understand that because you sue people all the time when they breach agreements. Right now you have a $500 million dollar lawsuit against Univision and why? Because you negotiated a contract in good faith and just because they don’t agree with your politics they unilaterally decided to breach the agreement. You find this reprehensible and you know what? You are dead right. It is reprehensible. Because you have an agreement and it was negotiated in good faith. Isn’t it the same thing with the Iran Deal? This was negotiated in good faith between all the parties – not just John Kerry and Barack Obama. We are also talking about America’s international allies. They are in this too. To reneg the deal now would be tantamount to the United States dealing in bad faith. We would create an international system where there are “no rules” in situations like this such that parties would sit and negotiate agreements which unilaterally could be shredded and torn up if there is a new management or government that is subsequently put in place. The cumulative effect of this type of uncertainty could really put the world in a very perilous place because countries will refuse even to come to the bargaining table, Mr Trump.

Is this the kind of legacy you want? You have such a great brand as a business man. But I am afraid that your brand as a presidential candidate will look so bad in retrospect that it will destroy all the goodwill you built up in the private sector. You have to remember you are building a presidential brand – domestically and internationally. What you say and do matters. What others say and do in your name also matters. And honoring your contractual obligations matter. This, you ought to know, from personal experience.

Trump on Gun Control: It is People with Mental Problems Not the Guns that is the Problem

This week another tragedy involving guns occurred in America when a man shot a Young reporter and camera man while the cameras were Rolling. It was absolutely horrific. When asked about it, and whether it might be time to take a second look at the second amendment, Mr Trump said the problem was mental illness not guns. He said that people need the protection. Hme…in France the gun laws are very different from in the US and very rarely do you hear about these types of incidences. There have been tragédies like the Charlie Hebdo tragedy but the frequency with which Americans are shot down by other Americans is starting to resemble a war zone IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. What will it take for politicians and lawmakers to wake up and smell this particular coffee? All other countries have mentally ill persons but the daily gun violence does not exist because they have very different approaches to gun laws and they have no second amendment like we do in America. It is not mental illness, Mr Trump. It is the guns. And you need a better answer than that.

David Duke almost endorses Donald Trump

Apparently, a former KKK leader named David Duke is really excited about Mr Trump’s presidency. I read here that he likes Mr Trump’s plan to dump out 11 million undocumented immigrants from the United States; as well as curtail legal immigration as well. But Mr Duke is not sure he trusts Mr Trump and he also is skeptical of Mr Trump due to Mr Trump’s “deep Jewish connections.” Mr Trump has said he does not want the endorsement from Mr Duke. But the jury is out as far as whether Mr Duke will expand his love fest with the Republican frontrunner.

TRUMP: “I have the support of African Americans” Really, Mr Trump?

This report was very interesting. Does Mr Trump really think he has the support of African Americans? He says he does but the polls apparently say “no you don’t Donald.” BTW it is not only blacks that he is polling badly with. 60% of people also said he is bad for women and 64% don’t trust him with the nuclear button and international relations. Mr Trump has promised to meet with African American small business people in South Carolina. Hme…

I am going to abstain from expressing an opinion just yet. Another group that Mr Trump is getting huge support from neo nazi groups and white supremacists and other right wing hate groups. The New York Times did a piece the other day acknowledging that there is a sense in some people’s minds that he behaves like “Hitler.”

On this blog, we did a post on this issue of Hitler because I have found that there are a significant number of websites and people that have raised this argument that his candidacy is reminiscent of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s. Can African Americans trust Donald Trump to genuinely care about them? hme…my personal sense is that Mr Trump really doesn’t “get it” when it comes to anyone who is not in his exclusive club? It doesn’t make him a bad person but the needs of black americans and their troubles and challenges and what they are having to deal with in America with so many issues not the least of which is police brutality, these are not needs that Mr Trump can relate to. It is not his fault. He just can’t relate. It is more than wishful thinking on his part that he will “have the support of black people” in this election. If anything I think he scares most black people senseless. They are frightened of what a Trump presidency will mean for them, their friends and their neighbors. For starters, he is so toned deaf about what the black president meant for black people in America, it actually is a little bit unfortunate. (For starters, that whole birther thing?) Because if you even have to ask, Mr Trump then for a lot of people in black skin it is not even worth trying to explain it to you.