Trump’s Tax Plan Throws Everyone for a Loop

Mr Trump apparently just unveiled his tax plan and it sounds like he is saying he will lower taxes for everyone. This sounds like catnip but can it really be done? The media is pussyfooting around the whole thing so I am thinking they still haven’t digested the whole thing yet. His rivals are on the defensive so I am also thinking that on the surface, his plan is sounding good. Underneath, it could explode the deficit according to some but on the surface it is catnip and will get him votes from a lot of different people who might not be too impressed by other plans he has, such as his immigration plan. But when you consider how much this plan will cost the country as far as revenues (it will reduce tax revenues if everybody gets a tax cut) it will be substantial. There will be less money in the treasury because the government collected so much less. Okay. We all like that. But how do you pay for stuff if not with tax revenues? For example, how do you pay for the Wall between the U.S. and Mexico? That is going to be very expensive. We are talking about billions if not trillions of dollars because you also have to add in the policing costs of getting the illegals out. How many are there? Eleven million? Rounding them up and getting them out will cost big. Plus the Wall. Then he wants to go into Iraq and put boots on the ground. This is also pricey. And god only knows what else. How does this all get paid for (without bankrupting the country) if he is cutting taxes to these historic lows? What, do we borrow the money? Do we use leverage? But from who? China would have been a good place to get it but after his public disses about China and feeding the Chinese president hamburgers I doubt they will want to lend us money. So how do we pull off all these Trump initiatives and not pay taxes? I guess the answer is in the plan but I am not privy to it since I have not read the plan myself. All I know is that it has floored everyone. They are almost speechless.

AOL Demonstrates How Limp Mr Trump’s experience is Relative to Other Presidential Candidates

When it comes to “presidential experience” Mr Trump is actually quite flaccid relative to several other candidates (including democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton). That is to say, he really is quite “light” on things like military service, administrative experience, congressional experience and, gasp, even his traditional educational experience. Mr Trump has always emphasized that he went to the Wharton School of Finance and that he did very well and that may very well be true even though he has not substantiated this claim by volunteering his college transcripts. But compared to candidates like Ben Carson, Joe Biden, Jim Webb and Lindsey Graham (who the heck is Jim Webb, btw???) he is a lightweight. He only has a bachelors degree. That is all he needs, really. In my experience the rest is just ancillary bullshit. But still. He is light compared to other candidates on this point, and others although with respect to “private sector” experience, he is pretty much in a league of his own (with the possible exception of Ben Carson). Check out the graph here. Speaking of Ben Carson. What the heck is going on with this guy? How is he tying Trump in the polls? This really does not make ANY sense. Trump himself has said the country will not elect a black president anytime soon after Obama. But that is not even the point. Carson does not at all strike me as the type of guy who can run an institution such as the United States government. He is a brain surgeon and probably very intelligent (although he has said some things that really makes me worry) but can he negotiate his way out of a paper bag never mind with ISIS? And on top of that, his “drone” comments and his anti-muslim comments. And then there are the silver-hued fillings in his molars on the upper right that just drives me cazy….

Shut up! Donald Trump Did Not Take and Wave a Bible at a Press Conference

Why does this crack me up? This image of Mr Trump waving a Bible? Why does it crack me up for heaven’s sakes? This is no laughing matter. This is a serious matter. The Pope is in New York talking to the U.N. and Mr Trump goes to a press conference in front of evangelical conservatives waving his Sunday school Bible?? This is the same guy who doesn’t even take Holy Communion seriously enough to call it the body of Christ? He called it a biscuit. Or something like that. A wafer, or something. He calls it the “little wafer.” He says he eats it but he never confesses and he never asks for forgiveness. Now he is a Bible-toting, psalm-singing son of …..This is too good. I just can’t explain why it amuses me so. I am so amused!!!! Truth be told, I am in Paris at the moment and I just had a glass of red wine. It could be the wine. But I took one look at Mr Trump with the Bible at that press conference and I fell the fuck apart.  It was too much. I can’t even do an analysis. Heck, I  can’t even type!

Trump For Halloween: Everybody is buying up Trump Masks and Wigs!

Apparently, everybody wants to be Trump for Halloween this year and so vendors of Trump paraphenalia (that HAS to be spelled wrong but I don’t have spell check so sue me) are claiming that they are running out of products like masks and wigs and, I guess, more stuff; like what? I don’t know. It’s crazy. And global. Halloween is catching on in other parts of the world. This is an American phenomenon that went viral so even in places like Paris and London (and maybe even in Europe, Africa and Asia), you are going to see a lot of Trumps for Halloween this year…course, I was never big on Halloween. This is a “pagan” holiday that in my family went largely ignored so I probably only ever dressed up for Halloween once in my life. And I never felt more ridiculous and out of place. So this year, you can be sure I am not going to be dressed up as Donald Trump. But I do think  the concept of a Trump blitz would be hilarious. He definitely does have a unique look, doesn’t he? And what about you? Will you be Trumping out this year?

Donald Trump: Marco Rubio is a Pretty Baby. We Need a Man in the White House!

Mr Trump. I have already said he should quit the race   for strategic reasons but I doubt he will listen until it is too late. This is my fate with everyone. They never listen till it is too late. In the meantime Trump has started to gang up on Marco Rubio and recently said that Rubio is a “baby” who is not qualified to be president. That was probably part of his disdain for Obama. Obama got in young. When Trump was that age, he was brash and handsome as a whîp. He could have seduced princess Diana if he really wanted, contrary to reports that she rebuffed him. He was a really, really handsome guy when he was young but he did not have the moxie to launch a presidential bid because he knew he was a pretty boy and he knew everyone would have dismissed him as an unqualified, supermodel bonking boy/man; so he didn’t bother.

 But should he now project his failures on the other generation? There is no such thing as being too young to be president so long as you are over 35. It is true that Rubio is very green and he looks very nash and it is scary to imagine him in there with Angela Merkel and Putin and these other international bad boys and gals. He needs to mature a little bit, I agree with Trump but for a different reason. Trump just feels threatened and he is lashing out at Rubio, who, frankly, is no boy scout and not that likeable. But if Trump had run at 44 he would have probably won and I would have probably voted for him. Because at that age, a person still hasn’t totally formed and so they can fool themselves and others much easier without lying affirmatively. Trump can’t fool anybody now because he is already formed. What you see is what you get. And he is not hot anymore. This, too, is problematic. As such, even his young supermodel wife doesn’t help to make him look any more virile.(I probably said the opposite in an earlier post but who is keeping tabs?) I think Trump would be the clear choice between him and Rubio because of his experience. But Trump will definitely lose to Carly. She is a much more experienced wench than he bargained for, I tell ya.

10 Reasons Trump Should Quit the Presidential Race Right Now

Trump is sliding down the chute and if he doesn’t find a place to grab, he is going to land *splat* in the biggest pile of merde (french) you can ever imagine in your worst nightmares. I don’t want to see that happen because I still have a little spot, a soft one, for Trump. I used to love Trump 100%, don’t get me wrong. He used to be up there with Oprah and Jesus. But this presidential run disastrously revealed a lot of things I cannot ignore. With his mystique on the wane, and me getting along in age and experience, obviously the hero-worshipping could not last. But it doesn’t mean I don’t still have a little spot. And it is that spot with which I write this post: TRUMP SHOULD QUIT THE RACE NOW. And I will tell you why: Losing is not an option for him but I am convinced that he is going to lose. Here is why he should quit instead of letting himself LOSE: 

1. He can salvage what is left of his mystique. What is worse than a guy like that losing ALL his mystique?

2. Quitting now forever leaves an open question: Could he have won? His answer will stand forever: OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE WON. Nobody could dispute it. Whereas if he sticks this out and loses (and he will) there will be a definitive and eternal answer: Trump lost. Trump Choked. Trump was a “loser.”

3. Quitting now means that he can save his Brand. He may not realize it but this run has negatively impacted his brand globally. This will reverberate with his children too. The “Trump” name is losing luster each day he competes in this election and says things which others perceive as “racist” “misogynistic” “xenophobic” and “fundamentalist” People are amused but even more are horrified.

4. He can still control what happens from the sidelines with republicans. His supporters and his money coupled with his views and his opinions will have gravitas (more so than when he is in the thick of it)

5. He has nothing left to prove. If Trump wanted to prove that he could run for president, shake things up, and win, he has succeeded. He doesn’t have to counter-intuitively go the distance, inevitably lose, and disprove his own theory.

6. It is so unexpected that the media will just be thrown into a tizzy and he will be able to manipulate the outcome of the race by manipulating the media. Plus, they will pay him grandiosely for the “big get”interview which he can use to replenish all he spent on the campaign and then just disappear quietly into the tapistry of his gilded life as if he never had run in the first place.

7. He won’t have to suffer the humiliation of being defeated by Carly, Ben, Rubio or god forbid “low energy Jeb!”

8. He will be able to patch things up with the Clintons and his daughter and their daughter can mend fences.

9. He won’t give his enemies the satisfaction of watching him implode.

10. Because if he keeps going everybody will get to see the ugly of him being defeated. That will be bloody and even he should want to avert that….I mean what would he do if…

Was Trump booed by Conservatives? Or is the press “dishonest”?

Mr Trump had a press conference recently where he called fellow republican contender Marco Rubio a “clown.” This apparently did not go over big with the conservative crowd who allegedly booed the real estate titan. But other camps are saying that the press is dishonest because in fact, the sounds that were clearly audible on video tapes of the event that were broacasted by the media, were in fact not jeering, mocking and disapproving boos but loving, approving and endorsing “ahs.” That is, they were really cheering! And you know what? This was probably just a question of interpretation. The truth is interpretation. It is the same thing with the empty seats in North Carolina. The media has its own interpretation of things because they have turned on Trump. He has it coming with them. And they will interpret everything in a way that suits their aim and their game plan. They want Trump to fall and they have set him up for the fall (an epic one) and he WILL fall. They will see to it and there is nothing anyone can do to stop this outcome. Nothing at all. Except if Trump bows out before it gets really bad. (If I were him, I would quit while I am ahead, actually; I would go out on top; I would come up with a really good excuse. But I am not him. And quitting will only make him a loser worse than Mitt Romney because at least even if Romney “choked,” he wuddn’t a quitter. See?) But if Trump had said Rubio has no class, he probably would have resonated a lot better than calling the poor guy a clown. Honestly, Mr Trump. You really have to watch your descriptors and modifiers.

Is the Press Conspiring to Dump Trump?

Poor Mr Trump. He is definitely not having a fantastic week. First you had that Twitter #asktrump fiasco. Then you have Carly Fiorina poised to overtake him in the polls. Then you have FOX News asking him not to come back. Then you have him making threats against a GOP Super PAC. And now, he was in North Carolina and according to the New York Times, the press was largely absent! Could this be seriously the beginning of the dramatic end? Here is what the Times said:

But, more troubling for a candidate who is heavily reliant on television coverage, there were only a handful of TV cameras in the back of the room, and the national cable stations spent little time on the event. MSNBC carried it for less than four minutes, CNN around six minutes and Fox did not carry the speech at all.

I tell you, this does not sound great to me but I am a neophyte with these things. I don’t know anything about politics and were it not for Trump I wouldn’t be watching Republicans as I am not interested in their politic as a general rule. So I don’t know what the trends mean. It just seems like a bad week for Trump and he has taken a hit in the polls, falling more than eight points according to a CNN poll and it seems that his base is starting to desert him. And the thing is, some of his numbers in the past were voyeurs. These people were not going to vote for him they just went to it like it was a rock concert or something but they were not all real supporters I don’t think. So that’s on the one hand. On the the other hand, if the press gets bored with Trump – and it looks like they are looking for the new thrill already – I just wonder what will happen? How will he handle it when he realizes they had been laughing up their sleeves at him this whole time as if they think he is Omarosa?

Trump Stumps In North Carolina But Hardly Anybody Was in the Ballroom

According to this blog Mr Trump may be having trouble attracting guests to his campaign stops. If true, (and obviously I wasn’t there) it would mean that something has changed drastically in his campaign because at one point he was getting upwards of 20,000 people. All of a sudden, he is down in the polls and talking to what looks like half empty ballrooms. Ouch. This definitely does not look good especially on the heels of recent poll numbers indicating he’s dropped significantly from just a week or so ago. What happened? Well, for one thing, he is getting flack about Obama. This is fair to an extent. I don’t agree he should declare that Obama is not Muslim. That would mean that I believe something is ipso facto wrong with being Muslim and I don’t believe that fundamentally. But with regards to Mr Obama’s citizenship, I think Trump’s behavior has been disgraceful. I am actually embarassed for him about it. If I were his kid or kin I would be ashamed actually. But is this why folks are boycutting him? Or is it everything together? He has said a lot of things that are very unpresidential. And even if I don’t think he needs to apologize for Obama (whatever Obama’s religion is is really none of anyone’s business) he really needed to say something to the individual at his rally who insulted Muslims and basically threatened them. “When can we get rid of them?” This really was not appropriate. So how many groups does this mean that Trump has insulted so far whether directly or via his supporters? Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Muslims, prisoners of War, Asians…who really is left to vote for this guy? Swedes? Fine. But are there enough of them to get him elected?

#asktrump: WTF?

Oh my god. I just heard about this epic disaster idea that Trump’s camp put him through and if I were him, somebody would get fired. How humiliating. And it is global. I got the news from a British paper and I am not in either UK or US at the moment! This was an epic fail. I feel bad. Does Mr Trump not realize that social media is the devil? Oh, that’s right. That is exactly where he executes his most diabolical pranks so he does know but what was he thinking leaving himself so wide open like that? Oh la la. Um, hme…I think the shit storm has started for Mr Trump. He needs both an umbrella and a raincoat along with his eponymous “Make America Great Again” baseball cap for optimum protection. But if I were him? Seriously? Somebody would get fired. This was ridiculous.

Dear Mr Trump, Don’t Worry About Carly Fiorina’s Rise in the Polls: She’s The New Margaret Thatcher!

Who’s side am I on for heaven’s sake? I. Don’t. Know. I am all over the fricking place like a gemini. One day I am up the next I am down. One day I am black the next day I am Brown. And some days I root for Trump. But not lately. Lately, I really cannot root for Trump. I used to love him but now I just can’t root for him. Don’t ask me why. I have my reasons. And my conscience. And my worldview and my values. And none of that matches up with Trump, now that he has removed his mask. He is horrible!!! But does that mean I am supporting Carly Fiorina? Should I rename this blog President Fiorina? Not a chance! Don’t get me wrong: I want her to whup Trump’s proverbial “ass.” I do. But only so that she can get routed by Hillary. I think I am all about Hillary for the foreseeable future, actually. Hillary is not a perfect political candidate but when I consider all the other evils, she is the lesser of them all. And she does it without calling anyone names. Carly Fiorina is kind of exciting but she is dangerous, snarky and bitchy. She mocks other women’s appearance too. Look, we all do that on occassion. But she is really good at it and what she said about Senator Boxer’s hair is no better than what Donald Trump said about her face. And guess what? I don’t care about the détails. Because she is Margaret Thatcher waitin to happen and she callously fires people and she did it in the past and will do it again. And, apparently, she embellishes the truth like Brian Williams over at NBC. Do we need another Republican in the white house who does that? I’m just saying. Ben Carson? Christ. The guy said what about Muslims? But what did you expect when everybody makes being Muslim sound like a racial slur? This thing about the guy who said Obama was Muslim and Trump failed to defend Obama? Whaatt??? I am totally rambling but whaaat? What is wrong with being Muslim? Why was Trump vilified for that? Stupid people. Stupid. Trump had no moral obligation to defend Obama’s religion. There is NOTHING wrong with being Muslim. There are millions of Muslim people in America and in the world who live peacefully and never harmed anyone. The bigger question is why is Trump still getting away with fomenting anger against Obama and insinuating and instigating the notion that somehow this Young man is not an American? It is that that is sick and leaves a really bitter taste in my mouth towards this guy. And I used to love this guy. I even wrote a tome about this guy and this kind of stuff he has done to Obama (just cause he is jealous of this kid, btw) really, really makes me feel sick. But as for Carly Fiorina she is no better than Trump. She is no better than Margaret Thatcher. No one should worry because before you know it both Trump and Fiorina will be GONE WITH THE WIND. Bonsoir. 🙂

CNN Debate ratings 2015 lower than FOX: Trump sliding While Fiorina Climbs??

The CNN debate happened two or three days ago but being that I have been traveling, I missed the whole thing. Darn. Since I’ve been back, I have been searching the web for updates but it seems there is this sort of slow after boil and I can’t find anything really comprehensive. People are clearly not saying that Trump lost but at the same time they are not saying that he won. Hardly anybody except for his most die hard tea party fans are saying that. Trump, to my knowlege (I don’t even have time to check his Twitter account nowadays) has not tweeted anything about the results that suggests that in his own mind, he was the winner. This is very telling. The man is the most shameless bragger and for him to remain silent about the debate results, speaks volumes in my clogged ears (deep sea diving in the Caribbean has left me practically deaf!) Most people seem to be of the opinion that Carly Fiorina won. I have only been able to catch a few sound bites here and there. I have not personally seen the CNN debates as I said but online it appears that Fiorina has emerged victorious AGAIN. This does not surprise me in the least. It is a strength she has. She is verbally skilled. She probably gives her poor husband hell. He doesn’t stand a prayer of winning an argument with Carly. I like her spunk but she seems potentially very, very mean; the female version of Mr Trump and I don’t like mean people. Speaking of Trump, I am slowly coming to realize and understand that he really means the things he says. He is not kidding and this does change a lot for me. As time goes on, he is less and less cute and more and more unlikeable. And for me, I have to like someone to vote for him or her. It is about competence, etc. But it is mostly about liking them. But Mr Trump is just too mean. His followers like him because they subscribe to his ideas, no matter how mean they are. I will pass on that. Life is too short. And when I meet up with the “Great Light” I don’t think I will win extra points just cause I did mean well. No. It is important that we are compassionate and it is important that we are humane. And it is important that we love. And it is important that we are tolerant. These are values and virtues that must inform everything we do, even our politics. For me, Mr Trump has clearly demonstrated that we are on totally different wavelengths in this respect.

On another note, I was surprised to learn that fewer people tuned in to see the CNN debates than did the FOX debates. This also is very telling. It suggests to me, very clearly that the Trump Show is losing ratings. Or, at best, it has plateaued. It is going to head downhill and will eventually be cancelled. There will be no president Trump. Why? Well, the main character/lead actor’s mystique has begun to wane. Why might this be? Well, it is all these re-runs. He seems to say the same things and hurl the same insults and follow the same script, and this (gasp) is boring. What possibly could be worse than a “boring Trump” except too much Trump? And it didn’t have to be this way. This guy could have been so great. But there just is too much hate in his heart. And this compromises his judgment in a very fatal way.

Trump on Kim Kardashian’s backside:”It’s record-setting” Kanye on Trump: “I love Trump”

If I were a man and another man dissed my wife’s backside calling it “record-setting” in the most derogatory manner, I don’t think I would endorse this man to be president of the United States. But then, again, I am not a man and I certainly am not Kanye West who endorsed Trump even though Trump told Howard Stern that Kim Kardashian’s buttock is so huge, it actually sets the record for a “too big bum”. I am very serious. I heard him say this myself, with my own ears and it was in the context of a diss. Now. Admittedly. This was before he launched his candidacy for the presidency. But I doubt that is a deterrence. Look at all the other disses he has hurled at some of the most fabulous women in America including politicians, media moguls, supermodels and TV personalities since his launch. The man is an outrage. Be that as it may, I don’t know what that makes Kanye West. But does Trump have a point? Is there a kernel of truth in his outrageous (though unpresidential) assertion? Has madame Kardashian-West “set” the record for, like, the biggest bum in show business? Does this thing cast the most epically enormous shade/shadow, of all epic shades/shadows (am I using this slang correctly)? Or what? And not for nothing but is it even real?…. on a more serious note, how is the campaign going? I seem to have lost track.

Is Melania Trump Bored with Her Husband’s Campaign?

I was observing Mrs Trump’s body language at a recent outing with her husband in New York. They went to a tennis match between Venus and Serena Williams and Mr Trump (and I guess Melania) were booed as they entered and also as they appeared on a jumbo screen during the tournament. But I picked up on something quite shocking. It seemed to me that Mrs Trump was bored. This is even before the booing started. From the time they exited the limousine, they seemed not to be very coupled up and lovey Dovey and close in the way I expected. Usually during presidential contests, spouses put on their shameless displays of affection for the cameras but Melania didn’t even try. This strikes me as very strange. And, if I daresay, Mr Trump, who was allegedly photographed “dozing off” during the match also did not seem to be overly thrilled to be going out on a date with his gorgeous wife. This struck me as very, very, strange. What the hay is going on here? Are they in love? Or not? Are they having fun or not? Are they in this together or not? Is she his biggest fan or not? And come to think of it, she has not been stumping a lot for him in this campaign. I assumed it was for strategic reasons, that they were waiting to bring out the heavy artillery. But now I have begun to wonder. I tell you, if those two got divorced or announced plans for divorce before the élections, it would be the very end of Mr Trump’s presidential bid. So he better hope to gosh that she is with him for better or for worse till death.

Trump Campaign Updates Today

Mr Trump’s campaign rolls on. He attended the anti Iran Deal Rally in Washington DC with Ted Cruz and the Tea party; he called Carly Fiorina “that face” and he said that Ben Carson makes Jeb Bush look like an ever ready battery. Plus, he acknowledges that the humanitarian crisis in Syria is a problem but he called on Europe, China and the Gulf States to step up to play their part rather than depend on America to solve it. Also, his poll numbers have jumped over 30 percent nationally, to more than double that of his nearest challenger Ben Carson (although Kasich is catching up in New Hampshire.) Finally, he was booed mercilessly in New York at a tennis match between Venus and Serena Williams.

10 Reasons that Trump’s Poll Numbers Could Be Wrong or Misleading

In this article and several others including this one from CNN, the Economist demonstates that poll numbers are not only inaccurate sometimes, they indeed have been dead wrong. Based on a very quick reading of these two pièces this morning, it occurred to me that Americans caught up in the Trump mania should remain a little bit skeptical till the primaries at least and even then, the general election could tell a total different and unexpected tale. I am not saying that people should be a wet blanket about it. But I think it is folly to put all of one’s trust in these polls because in recent years polls have been wrong in several countries including Israel, UK and Poland according to these articles. So what are ten reasons they could be wrong or misleading here in the US and specifically with regard to frontrunner Donald Trump?

1. The sample size used could be too small. Some of these polls have used as few as 100 people. This may not have been a “representative sample.” 

2. The error margin needs to be taken into account; if the margin of error is too small, the result could be misleading

3. The interpretation of the data could be flawed (media, propaganda, exaggeration, hypberbole, lies)

4. The “percentages” vs number of actual votes that will be cast. If you sample 1000 people and 300 say they will vote for a candidate, you report the candidate has 30% of the votes. But then when 200 million people vote what does this percentage actually boil down to in terms of actual votes and who wins the popular votes and then the electoral college votes?

5. Sample bias. This can also be a huge problem. If pollsters want a particular result in order to continue to fuel hype, they could consciously or inadvertently impose bias in the people they choose to poll thus getting the result they want rather than the truth of the matter.

6. Miscalculation. The polls could simply miscalculate sometimes.

7. The Survey data could be flawed and so the responses are flawed. That is, the types of questions asked in the Survey could influence the poll result but it doesn’t mean the answers will always bear on how the person ends up voting in November 2016.

8. The “profile of the electorate” could be mistaken. Apparently Mitt Romney did not have the right “profile of the electorate” when he ran in 2012.

9. Voter turn out. Even if polls are saying one thing and assuming the polls are right, still, on election day things can go in a totally different direction depending on voter turn out. The candidate who can get his or her people to the voting booths on election day is the candidate ultimately who is going to win this thing.

10. Standard deviation. I don’t know what the bleep this has to do with it but apparently it matters.

Maybe this is what Trump’s former campaign manager Roger Stone meant when he said “we need to do a scientific poll and Trump doesn’t want to pay for a scientific poll,” citing one of the reasons he jumped ship. This was his response to Trump’s assertion “we are winning.” To which Stone allegedly responded “no we are not! We need a real poll first before we assume such a thing.”

Carly Fiorina is trying to snake her way past Trump (and Hillary)

Carly Fiorina is slick like a snake. This is a compliment. She is not only like a snake. She is also like a horse. A filly that comes from behind for a stunning upset win. Watch her, Mr Trump. Watch her Hillary. Ms Fiorina is very well spoken and poised as well and you can tell she has all the answers. She is like Hermione in Harry Potter, Isn’t she? But how exciting it would be to have two women vying for the presidency! That would mean that Carly would have to kick Mr Trump’s you know what. This would be exciting but also, my sentiments are dual so I would be a little bit sad for him. I want you to get whupped and then I don’t want you to get whupped, Mr Trump. What is up with that? Whatever it is, just a little heads up: Watch out for Carly. She is also, in addition to a snake and a come from behind filly, a sly, sly old fox. 🙂 Goodnight.

Trump: “I cherish women.” Clinton: “Yes, but do you ‘respect’ women?”

The war is on. Hillary is starting to gas up and she is showing signs that she is going to get in that nascar fast lane and take on Mr Trump with fearless speed and determination. Are you ready, Mr Trump? Start your engine!!! Mr Trump, I know you have said you “cherish” women (cracks me up each time you say it because it is obvious that it dépends on what woman we are talking about, eh?). But seriously, do you think that this is enough to win the women’s vote? Cause I don’t know. I think you are going to have to take your game to the next level. Hillary has been a champion for women for décades. (Of course, some pundits seem to define women narrowly to include only “white women” which is a real problem for those of us who are women in a different color skin, just ask Jada Pinkett Smith. It sort of is weird to hear that kind of segregation in 2015 but many political experts make this distinction routinely and always go back to the “white women” talk and it is a little bit jarring, even offensive. Mr Trump, ain’t a woman a woman? – especially with regards to the “women’s vote” for the first female president of the United States? Why are they making the rest of us feel like “other”?) That said, Mrs Clinton cannot be faulted for what pundits are saying. She has never, ever been so politically insensitive enough to specify that she is referring to “white women” when she talks. She cares about all women, I believe. I hope. Twenty years ago, according to this piece, she was in Beijing China talking about the human rights of women and girls. I think she gets it, Mr Trump. What do you think? And what is your counterpunch? how are you going to compete other than saying “I cherish women”? You are very good at counterpunching with the insult but you need to harness that skill to counterpunch with policies and ideas and proposals. This is a moment!!! Hillary is going aggressively after the “women’s vote.” You may have to divide and conquor. If we ain’t all “women” then maybe your campaign should look to see how you can get in there and get a slice of the pie?

CNN Plans to Milk Trump at the Next Debate

CNN is planning to milk Trump via his male breast ducts for hundreds of millions of dollars for the next debate. According to a recently published article in the UK Guardian, CNN is charging 40 times its usual rate for TV ads during this campaign. I am not exactly sure how much that works out to be because how many ads are we talking about for the hour? The way I understand it, the debate is one hour and there are at most five commercial breaks during which how many ads will run? 15? That is only about $3,000,000 which, where I am sitting, is an unimaginable amount of money but considering Trump was asking for $10 million for charity (I haven’t heard him mention it in the last few days so maybe he read this) the math is not adding up for me. So clearly I do not have all the information.

But here is what the Guardian said about the matter:

For the second debate on 16 September in California, CNN is asking $200,000 (£130,000), 40 times its normal rate, for a 30-second prime-time spot. TV advertising strategists say it is hard to quantify Trump’s value to the media, or the value of non-stop free media attention to Trump’s commanding lead over the Republican field, but CNN’s ad price is a good indicator. “CNN have put a huge price tag on the upcoming debate and they’re selling it like a major sporting event,” says David Campanelli of Horizon Media, a New York TV sales and research firm. “This early on in the political process we can be 100% certain it’s related to Donald Trump.” Some analysts have gone further in their assessment, calling the Celebrity Apprentice star “the Simon Cowell of politics” owing to his habit of making blunt assessments. He described Jeb Bush, his closest rival polling at less than half Trump’s 30%, as “low-energy”.

You know what would be absolutely hilarious and diabolical and totally trumpesque? hhahahahahaha….is if Mr Trump called in sick on the night of the debate. I swear to blessings, it would be too funny to be handled with grace. We would all collectively pee on ourselves, including CNN’s advertisers. Would Trump’s supporters forgive that? I think so. It would just make him more of a pop icon and just more Trump. He could just call and say he has a tummy ache just to test if Americans would continue to watch those debates if he is not on. Then, next debate, he signs a contract for 256 million for his campaign. giggle giggle…. foto

Will Trump Get the “Teenager” (young, student) vote

I think Trump is more likely than any of the other candidates (democrats included) to win the teenager vote in the 2016 election. Why do I say this? Because, in spite of this post, I think he is a teenager trapped in a 69 year old body. Sometimes he is even younger than that. He is a very young egg, Mr Trump. He reads young, thinks young and acts young. Young people identify with him because he sounds like them, to wit this GQ article on the very subject. His behavior on social media alone is a huge reason that teens love him because social media including Facebook, TWITTER and Instagram are their playground where they get to behave in their most unfiltered, diabolical way. It’s not even funny! These kids are horrible and they don’t care what they say and maybe they should care, I don’t know but you can’t win and it is the same with Trump. He did not develop emotionally past nineteen. And this is not to insult the guy. I love/hate the guy like everyone else. I am just stating it as I see it. Frankly, this aspect of his personality is what keeps him in the game; it is what energizes him. It is a gift, a blessing to stay forever young at heart. The flip side of course is that I am not sure the country wants to be run by a “teenager.” But it could actually be an interesting experience, right? On a more serious note, if I were advising Trump (and he really should be paying me for this shit), I would be looking to lock in this demographic, get them riled up. One thing that is crippling young people in this country (teens, students, former students) is education expense and student loans. If Trump came up with a CRAZY plan for these kids where he promises he will relieve them of some of this toxic debt (in France kids have zero student debt, btw) he could score big. Forget promising jobs for this group, Mr Trump. Relieve them of the toxic debt with some amazing proposal and you just won yourself another 10 million votes. (If you think 10 million is not a lot, call your old friend Mitt Romney.) foto