Does the Trump Campaign Spread Dirt About Other Candidates in the Presidential Race?

New York Magazine ran an article recently suggesting that the Trump campaign is spreading dirt about Ben Carson and that the campaign was the “source” of a derogatory article about Dr Carson that was run recently in the National Enquirer.  Apparently, Mr Trump and the CEO of the Enquirer are BFFs. They go back years. This is an excerpt from the New York Magazine article:

Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years. “They’re very close,” said a source close to the Enquirer. In July 2013, Trump even tweeted that Pecker should become CEO of Time magazine, which at the time was being spun off from its corporate parent, Time Warner. “He’d make it exciting and win awards!”
This person also said that Trump’s campaign was a source for the article: “His campaign provided information that was used,” he explained. A Trump friend said that in the days leading up to the article’s publication Trump was telling people that Carson “had a lot of medical malpractice suits” and “almost killed a guy.” more

hme…interesting. The Trump campaign has denied any involvement in the publication of the article but the fact that New York Magazine ran this article makes me wonder. And not just about the article in question. I wonder about other things as well. For example, this Mannatech story. And the Super PAC scams story. Where is all this coming from? Obviously, Ben Carson and Donald Trump are having a bromance. Mr Trump has said “I like Ben.” But does he? Does he like Ben? I have my doubts. And if I have him pegged correctly, Trump really thinks this is the ultimate apprentice contest. And the kind of sabotage here of setting Ben up with dirt and planting the dirt in the media is not as farfetched as one might think. Obviously I am not accusing the guy or his campaign. But this article in the New York Magazine does make me wonder, I gotta say.
 And I am not the only one who thinks so. In this book the author considers dirt digging and spreading a Trump strength.

Election 2016 Updates: Who Will Get the Black Vote?

Poor Hillary was in Georgia yesterday and apparently her rally was taken over by Black Lives Matter activists. The same thing happened to Bernie Sander over the summer. Mr Trump has already issued a warning which I think the activists understand: you try that stunt at my event and you get what is coming to you. I mean, he didn’t say it so violently, but essentially, I think everybody knows what he means. Have the Black Lives Matter activist even attempted this stunt with Republicans? It is very interesting if not. I wonder why? Because candidates like Trump seem to be courting the black vote. Why do I say this? Well, he met with black entrepreneurs; and he showcased all the trophies he has in his office of black athlètes (I think he has one of Shaquille O’Neal’s shoes) and Mike Tyson just came out to endorse him, as well as Dennis Rodman; and I believe he had black religious leaders meet him at Trump Tower over the summer. What else has he done for me to make this absolutely astounding pronouncement that he is courting the black vote? Well, he did say that Sandra Black’s arrest was not so kosher; and he swears he likes and respects Ben Carson; and one of the reasons he wants to build a wall in Mexico is because he claims that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from black youths. What else? I can’t really think of specifics right now. It is too early in the morning but I woke up and I saw this story about Hillary and the activists in Georgia and it made me think about this issue of the black vote.

Obviously I am not saying that the “Black Lives Matter” activists equal the “Black vote.” But their cause is one that most Blacks (except maybe for the Ben Carsons and Clarence Thomases of the world) can understand and sympathize with. Whether their strategy is universally condoned is another question for another blog post. It is controversial for sure but it certainly gets people’s attention, doesn’t it? You cannot ignore these kids when they do this. But Trump, as I said, has already said he will not tolerate this. He is definitely not a Black Lives Matter sympathizer. He is an All Lives Matter guy, for sure.

Do all lives matter? OF COURSE. But I think, personally, it misses the point, deliberately, to respond in this way to these kids and retort “all lives matter” to their entreaties. All these kids are trying to say is that all lives, including black lives, matter. That is what they are trying to say and everybody bloody well knows it. These kids are trying to say, “hey world, hey America, Black lives also matter. Stop using force of law to murder us indiscriminately in the Streets and subject us to disparate law enforcement and judicial treatment.” Would it be nicer if they didn’t interrupt political events to get their message across? Well, it would be more convenient for everyone, especially me sitting here on my comfortable, warm couch. But will anyone listen if they wrote a nice article in the Washington Post? I am not so sure. A politician who can bring him or herself therefore, to say this during his or her campaign, in my opinion, is the one should get the so called “black vote.”

Trump is not that guy. He is an “All Lives Matter” retorter. But he has promised to create jobs for black youth. So this could be a tipping point; this could be persuasive to some blacks. It would be more persuasive for me if he had been doing that throughout his life, though. Maybe earmarking some internships in his company for disadvantaged African American youths or something during his long career as a billionaire. Where are the indices in his past that this promise of jobs for black youths is genuine? And I ask this with all due respect. Because maybe it exists and I don’t know about it. But if it does not exist, no program he can point to that he has had over the years to show that he was concerned about black youths, then respectfully I just don’t think his promise of creating jobs for black youths can be trusted.  Ye are known by your fruits, pop always says. I do not see any fruits to indicate that Mr Trump really cares for the black community and therefore he does not deserve the “black vote.” Does Hillary? Hey, at least she uttered the unutterable words. I have heard her say it. I have heard her declare “black lives matter.”  You gotta give her some points for that.

Hey Mr Trump, Do You Agree With Ben Carson that the Mannatech Question was a “Gotcha question”?

I am being very devilish when I ask this question, Mr Trump cause I like to jerk your strings. hhahahaha…but, let me ask you a personal question: And this is not a rhetorical question but do you really like Ben Carson? Do you want to see him do well in this election? I know you two teamed up to get the debate limited to two hours. Now I just read that he is reaching out to you and others about “gotcha” questions. What do you think about that? Do you think the Mannatech question was a gotcha question? Or did you think it was fair game? Do you think Ben Carson is associated, however tangentially and/or unknowingly, with “scams”? And if so, do you think it disqualifies him from this presidential race? I mean, it is a question. I think I know the answer but I would be interested to hear your views on this. Cause it is loaded.

And you know what, Mr Trump? I think all you Republicans are trying to control the debates in a way that is just improper. Some of you are complaining about the questions because you don’t want to be asked something you don’t know the answer to. You are deathly afraid of that; of looking uninformed and therefore unqualified for the job. Others, like this Mannatech situation, well, what is this really? I don’t think I have all the information here. But certainly, I think the American people have a right to know if there was improper involvement on Mr Carson’s part – unless the press already has information at their disposal to know that there is no story here and the objective was simply to blacken Mr Carson’s reputation. Which is it? Is it a set up? Or was there improper involvement? Because if it is the latter, I personally don’t see how this could be fairly defined as a “gotcha question.”

What is a gotcha question? This is the first time I am even hearing this and I am not a young spring chicken. Even though I never followed politics, it seems to me that candidates just answered the questions that were posed at debates. Suddenly, folks don’t want to answer questions. They complain its “gotcha.” I think this is a cop out. You guys should be skilled enough to maneuver your way out of the choke hold. This is the skill we need in our politicians who will have to deal with people like Vladimir Putin. You guys want the convenience of crafting and pre-determining the debate. Real life is not like that. And you have to be skilled and to be able to pivot.

At one point you told one of the moderators that the question was “nasty.” This was fine. But you went on to spin, to do Trump. Good job. You guys are not babies. There are no sissies on the stage. Why is everyone crying about “gotcha” questions? This is the game! Buck up! Man up! Answer the darn question, Mr President!

What the heck is Carson talking about? Gotcha? The guy is toast. It is actually a little bit sad.

Hey Mr Trump so the dirt on Carson was this Mannatech “scam”?

The Daily Beast described Dr Carson’s involvement with a nutritional supplement company as a “scam” in an article posted recently. The company, Mannatech, had to pay over $6 million dollars to settle a lawsuit in Texas for deceptive advertising. Carson allegedly promoted the product, was paid tens of thousands to say good things about the product, claims he is still taking the product and likes the product, and even allegedly said that the product helped cure his prostate cancer. Is this what you were hinting at the other day, Mr Trump? I sensed it. I sensed Carson was going to go down and it was going to be spun that he is a “scam artist.” But I was thinking more along the lines of the super PACS that you talked about at the last rally in Iowa. Cause you used the word scam a lot and you kept mentioning the doctor’s name and the word scam over and over again in the same sentence so I knew something was up. You were painting a picture in people’s minds. And it is all a part of the take down, isn’t it? The strategy is paint Carson as a scammer. It is the easiest and quickest way to get him outta here. And guess what? ça m’est égal.

Interestingly, Carson was asked about his involvement in this company during the debate and he said it was “propaganda” to suggest that he was involved with the company even if he was on the company website (he claims he was put there without his permission). Admittedly the notion that he was put on the website without his permission is hard to believe. But it’s interesting how the media jackals are spinning this. Carson is toast. I am not a fan of his because, well, I just am not. So I am not defending Carson. He does not deserve my defense. I do find it interesting how this is being spun, though. It is very, very interesting.

Hey Mr Trump, Will You Condemn What Jeb Bush Said About the French 3 Day Work Week?

Mr Trump you are the hardest working guy in politics these days and when you were a business man you have admitted that work eclipsed your job as husband and family man. You love to work and you understand the importance of it and the pride people take in this privilege (cause it is a privilege to have work and to be able to work). What do you think about old boy Jeb dissing French people, talking about they have a 3 day work week? This is completely insulting, don’t you think? There is a lot of negative that can probably be fairly said about French people but a 3 day work week? I don’t think so. These are very hard working people. They really are very intense and it is a myth that they have this 3 day 35 hour per week lifestyle. I swear if you live among them, you are more stressed than living in the Big Apple. But that is not even the point. Really, I think Jeb has foot in mouth disease on a lot of issues. What do you think Mr Trump? Don’t you think he is a little bit politically incorrect? Don’t you think he needs to put a sock in it?

Has Trump Made Carson His Bitch?

The more I wade into this presidential election, the more I find myself sounding like Mike Tyson (who, btw, recently endorsed Trump). So my big Mike Tyson question is (and please, please excuse me for using this particular vernacular) has Donald Trump made Ben Carson his bitch? OMG I can’t believe I just thought that and then wrote that…. Help me, Jesus. Forgive me. But is that it? Is Ben now Donald’s bitch?!

Why do I ask this horrific question? Well, I saw fragments of last night’s debate on YouTube and I think I heard Trump say, in his summation, that it was he who told Ben to side with him and refuse to do a debate longer than 2 hours. He said he called Ben and told Ben to do it. AND BEN DID AS HE WAS TOLD!!! What else has he “told” Carson?

OMG. Never, ever, do what Donald Trump tells you, Dr. Carson. Not even if it in the form of an invitation. Nothing is as it seems with this guy. Trump is playing Carson like a fiddle! In private, he marvels at how easy it is. He can’t believe it is this easy. While he smiles and prétends to like Carson, he contemporaneously is walking the poor sod to the side of a cliff and at the right moment, he is going to kick Carson in the buttocks and send him flying. No, seriously. This is the game plan. Ben has no idea. He’s oblivious. Ben thinks that he and Trump are friends. Ben doesn’t understand that in Mr Trump’s own words, “this thing is nasty” and that the last thing Trump thinks of him is as a friend.

And listen to how Trump is setting Ben up with the super PAC talk. ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT TRUMP IS SAYING ON THIS SUBJECT??? It is magnificent and machiavellian the way he intricately and effortlessly weaves the set up into his seemingly entertaining, mundane speech. Ben, he wants people to believe, is fiscally dishonest. No, it’s true. That is the game plan. This is how he takes Carson down.

Trump is trying to make that point by pointing out that Dr. Carson is closely affiliated with super PACS and that these super PACs are all scams. Millions of dollars, says Mr Trump goes into personal pockets. Repeatedly he says the super PACs are scams and repeatedy he explains that Ben’s Iowa campaign is being run by his super PACs. So Carson is a scammer too, by association. He is guilty by association. That is what Trump is implying. But Trump does not go so far as to say it expressly. People will draw their conclusions but Trump can say “I never said he was a scam artist.”

It is very, very skilled work by Mr Trump what he is going to do to Dr Carson. He is never going to outwardly call the guy an Al Sharpton. But he will plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the electorate and it is not going to be difficult to convince people of these stereotypes and Ben is toast as a result. I am not a Carson fan and as far as I am concerned if this is what Trump is doing, Carson is a big boy and he can fight his own battles. But it is a little bit sad that Carson seems so oblivious. He smiles and wallows in the sunlight of what he thinks is an offer of friendship and alliance from Mr Trump.
But just wait till he gets to the edge of that cliff. At the very last moment is when he will realize he has been had. But it will be too late. He will already be screaming as he makes that headlong plunge to his political demise.

Poor, poor, foolish Dr Carson.

Trump on Colorado Debate: “It’s…unfair”

When did Mr Trump evolve into a grumpy old pessimist? This guy has always been the quintessential optimist and all of a sudden, he runs for president and he becomes this predicter of epic gloom and doom. Even his prognostications for the country are seriously dark and dire. What has happened to you, Mr Trump? Why so negative? Why, for example, do you already believe the debates tomorrow will be unfair? Just because you are number two in the polls?

You are tired. Here’s my advice: take tomorrow’s debate off. Seriously, what do you have to gain by showing up and what do you have to lose by not showing up? Weigh it. You are behind Ben Carson and if I were you, I would throw him to the wolves. Without you there, he is completely exposed. With you there, there is a big distraction for him and all the others to hide behind. Meanwhile, you are just more exposed. You probably will say something stupid because you are in a bad mood and you are tired and it hasn’t been a great week. Look, I am not saying you should quit. And take everything I say with a grain of salt because I am an escapist. You know how Mitt is a choke artist? I am an escape artist. I like having regular blood pressure and peaceful days where I sit quietly and sip green tea. So as soon as this is not happening, I split. You are not like that by nature which is why you are a billionaire tens times over. You stick it out till you get the result you want. Fine. But I still think sometimes you have to just sit stuff out. And I think you need to do it for the sake of strategy. If you don’t go, Ben will have to defend his frontrunner status and believe me, he will be squirming and he will feel like a fish out of water with you not there to hide behind. First of all, the moderators will have nobody to gang up on so they will split the questions more evenly and then you will see who has foot in mouth disease. Jeb for sure. But Carson too. Not Fiorina. But then again is she on the main stage this time?

Anyways, stop being so negative. Here are ten chants to say all night and all day tomorrow till you get to the debate if you go:

1. I am awesome!
2. I am the best!
3. I am unstoppable!
4. I am Lucky!
5. I am treated fairly by the moderators in this fucking debate!
6. I am fearless!
7. I am indomitable!
8. I am an inspiration to all who listen to me!
9. I am an instrument of good; God loves me!
1à. I am a masterpiece and this is MY show!

I crack myself up, Mr Trump…sometimes I crazily think you actually read this blog.

Ben Carson is toast: Listen to What Trump Just Said

When Mr Trump speaks, always go silent within yourself and read the tea leaves. He is gemini. They say a lot overtly but it is what they say quickly, glibly and seemingly innocuously that REALLY matter. So Trump was in Iowa overnight practically begging them to vote for him. And then he said this:

His reason for optimism in the first caucus state? “I think a lot of things are going to come out over the next period of time that are not gonna be so good for opponents, honestly,” he said. “And I think I’m gonna do great with Evangelicals. Because I am the real deal, I will tell you that. I’m the real deal.” more

Did you get the “things are going to come out over the next period that are not gonna be good for opponents, honestly” part? This is a veiled threat/promise of fireworks on the way. That means major dirt on somebody and I think it is Carson. Because this is coming just as Carson takes the lead. He has big dirt. It’s on Carson. Carson is toast. I just feel it.

Trump: “This has not been easy for me. My father gave me a small loan of about one million dollars when I started out”

Oh my god. What planet is Donald Trump living on when he complains that things have not been “easy” for him and use the fact that when he moved to Manhattan from Brooklyn his father gave him a small loan of one million dollars which he had to pay back with interest? Whaaaaat???? Dude… Is he rubbing it in or trying to make us working class strugglers feel like losers? Or What? Because where I come from one million dollars is not a small loan and a hard knocks life. That is easy street! WT_ is this guy talking about?

You know what, this clearly shows Mr Trump to be out of touch with middle class and working class Americans when he says shit like that. Yes, you are rich, Mr Trump but when you become president the majority of people you govern will not look at one million dollars as a “small” loan! Wake up and smell the coffee. Be more sensitive. This statement makes you seem and sound completely out of touch with the reality of the lives of most people in the United States. SERIOUSLY. Instead of trying to frame the fact that you got a one million dollar loan from your father as hard knocks life, try saying instead “I was fortunate to have a father who could loan me one million dollars to start my business. I realize everyone is not that fortunate but it is one of the reasons I want to be president, to make America Great Again and to create the type of environment for American famililies and Young entrepreneurs where this is even possible for them to be able to do for their kids.”

Do you hear the difference, Mr Trump? Or are you tone deaf too?

Trump on Carson Lead: “I just Don’t Get it! I am Presbytarian! Seven Day Adventist? I don’t know!!!”

Mr Trump, rule number one: Don’t knock other people’s faith. You Knock someone’s faith when you question their faith. And remember when you said “who is he to question my faith?” in reference to Carson? You were right. No one has the right to question your faith and you don’t have the right to question someone else’s.

Now, Ben Carson is kicking your ass in the polls suddenly and the question is, what are you going to do about it? You know I am not a Ben Carson fan. Why? Well first of all I think, like you, he has been very disrespectful to President Obama. But notice I did not completely dump you for that even though I have said I would never vote for you because of it. So how come I am so unforgiving with Carson when he does the same thing? Is it because he is black? Well, the truth is, I think so. I think that has something to do with it. Am I a racist? I guess it could be construed that way but I feel like Carson must have some inkling about what it is like to walk this earth in black skin and he has seen the high tech lynching Obama has been put through and even if he is a different party, I really felt that he needed to exercise restraint in voicing some of his personal attacks on this man. You, you have to be forgiven for you simply know not what you do; and you know not that you know not. And this is why I think I am harder on Carson on this issue, why I find it so difficult to forgive him, and why I am not his fan. Because he ought to know better.

You, I used to hero worhship you when I was young woman. And even though this campaign revealed a side to you that I do not necessarily respect, I don’t hate you. I don’t hate Carson either but I guess I do have a little soft side for you that is not there for him at this time. Anyway, you are both nightmares waiting to happen for the country and in more ways than one. Which of you is the worse devil? I think Carson because, well, with you, folks can see you coming. Carson is more like a snake on the ground.

What do you do about him pulling ahead? Well, you have to forget the evangelicals and focus on other target groups like Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Students and/ Vets. Heck, what about white men who are 50 percent of the Republican electorate? Can’t you think of a strategy to lock down this demographic? You probably are not going to get the women because you have said some godawful things, Mr Trump. But have you thought of turning the average white guy into a fan? You are a man’s man and that has its appeal. How do you corner the white male vote? Again, this is 50 percent of the electorate? Well, the short answer is that I don’t have a bleeping clue. I am a black woman darnit. But I bet you there are consultants and advisors who can help you figure it out. You need to target groups and then focus all your énergies on them. You are too broad, Mr Trump. And at the same time you  are too narrow. It is not properly organized. If you don’t get better organized you are going to lose to a guy like Carson. To tell you the truth, if he won the nomination, it would be a little bit of a tickle because I cannot forget when you said that the country will never elect another black president. It was a very “racist” thing to say because even if you think Obama was the worst, he is not all there is in the black race. There is huge diversity among black people in America and in the world. That statement says a lot about your thinking that needs to be rearranged. It is like somebody saying that Bush was a bad president so no other Texan will be president or worse. You should never have said that, Mr Trump. And I say this knowing that me being unable to forgive Carson while at the same time giving you a free pass for the same thing is also “racist.”

I digress. This post is about religion. What does your presbytarianism have to do with it and why did you frame it in the context of Carson’s Seven Day Adventistism? What is your point?


Months back when Trump first burst onto the presidential dias, there was speculation that he had spoken with Bill Clinton days before he announced and that he was in cohorts with the Clintons to rig the election so that Hillary could win. In other words, he was accused of being a fake Republican. I thought the whole thing was not just asinine and preposterous; I thought it was flat out crazy and paranoid. But as time goes on, I find myself second-guessing my first instincts. The thing that really changed it for me was the sudden pronouncement by Trump that the World Trade Center came down during George Bush’s presidency. This statement is all kinds of bizarre. It is a true statement but a very strange issue for him to bring up and hold on to like an attack dog. He is NOT a democrat. He is  Republican. Right? Or wrong? Then I saw this video of him calling for Bush to be impeached and then I consider other videos of him saying things like “the economy does better Under the democrats” and he has been caught praising former secretary of state Hillary Clinton as being a “great Secretary of State.” And the list goes on. None of these taken by itself is a justification for accusing the guy of being a double agent. (He is a gemini and they do double exceptionally well, lest we forget.) But taken as a totality, when you consider everything together, including the fact that these folks are great friends who have attended each other’s weddings; whose daughters are still BFFs and who regularly golfed together, you start to wonder. Do we have all the information with Mr Trump? Is his campaign real? Or one big stunt? He certainly has the time and money to pull off these stunts, doesn’t he? And he has given Hillary money for her campaigns in the past, don’t forget. Is this campaign an adventure?

And he loses nothing financially doing it so that is not a déterrent. He makes money doing it. He turns it into money. A fortune. He has over four million twitter followers now. Two million came in the last four months. He advertises his golf course in Scotland by using it as his background image. Do you think he won’t get business from it? He plugs his books like Art of the Deal (and now Crippled America) every chance he gets. Even I have been trying to get a copy. So he is making money. Lots of money. Last week, he used his miami hotel Doral as his rally stop and so this is advertising for the place too. I am sure some of those attendees booked rooms just to really experience the whole thing. This is advertising for his hotel. More money for Trump. He can’t count fast enough.

Then Trump Tower. This is a celebrity draw – always was. But now that he is running, I think his bank vaults are just exploding. Even Ivanka is making out like a bandit because her store apparently is in there (haven’t been there in nearly a decade but I can only imagine).

The point is, I am starting to question Mr Trump’s motive for running. Is he running to be president? Or is this a stunt to secure a win for Hillary and simultaneously, get all this free advertising for his vast empire of hôtels, books, golf courses, etc? Because if this is what he is doing I gotta tell you, I think it’s bleeping diabolical….but brilliant.

Is Mr Trump Afraid of Being Assassinated?

I was watching a recent interview with the new Republican frontrunner Ben Carson and for the first time, I got a real feeling that this guy, as insane as it sounds and will be, could vraiment evolve as the Republican nominee in lieu of Trump. If that happened, I doubt Mr Carson would pick Mr Trump as his running mate. There is a lot of pressure for Trump to pick Mr Carson but less pressure for Mr Carson to pick Trump, I think Carson would probably go for Rubio or Bush.

 But I digress.  Mr Carson joked during the interview that it probably wouldn’t be fun to be assassinated. He says the darndest things, Mr Carson does. But it did get me to thinking: Is Trump secretly petrified that an assassination is a real possibility? Clearly Mr Carson is and now that he has pulled ahead of Mr trump, I agree there could be some risks. But to me Mr Trump is this invincible guy. So insisting on having secret service protection struck me as weak at first. But maybe its not. especially if he honestly believes, like Mr Carson obviously does that an assassination is a real possibility.

Hey Mr Trump, What Do You Think About Alabama Making it Hard for Voters to Obtain IDs?

Mr Trump, if you are serious about winning this thing, you need either the African American or Hispanic vote, or both. Right now, Hillary has a lock on them. Are you serious about winning this election? If so, you have to do something strategically designed to wrestle the Black and Hispanic vote from Hillary’s beautiful hands.

Now, you are already slipping in the polls in Iowa and it looks like if the election were held today, Ben Carson would kick your arse, in Iowa at least – which is a little bit hilarious. How is that possible especially after you took those kids for rides in your helicopter?

But you still have a commanding lead nationally among republican candidates. However in a general election, you are losing by a landslide to Hillary. What ya gonna do about that? You need the black and hispanic vote. I think you can pretty much forget the hispanic vote. But a lot of blacks seem to admire you. They see you as this financial success guy with a kind of working class worldview and persona.  In other words you are badass in their book and that resonates with a lot of African Americans. But are they going to vote for you? Not if you don’t do more to show you really care about them.

In Alabama, you had like a massive rally a couple of months ago, where, like, 30,000 people showed up. You said “these are my people.” That was nice. But what do you think about the governor closing down all these voter registration offices and these drivers license offices that are 100 percent in African American neighborhoods in rural Alabama, thus making it difficult if not impossible for them to get to the polls? This will mean that they cannot cast a vote whether for you or for the democratic candidate which looks like it is going to be Mrs Clinton. Why don’t you say something about it and shame them a little bit? It will win you support and votes in the state. Believe me you need more than 30,000 die hard fans to win in Alabama. You need wider support.

You have to go to bat for the people in Alabama whose voting rights could be adversely and disproportionately affected by these new rules.  We all know you don’t give a crap about being politically correct, to wit your recent attacks on George Bush as being weak on 911 and not protecting us from terrorists (the jury is still out on whether I think this made any strategic sense. I mean, my first instinct is, wtf is this guy doing? What in the name of god is he doing attacking a republican president in this manner? But I am a political neophyte and I don’t understand everything) so you can easily stir the pot in Alabama with those politicians and this will endear you to the African American community who you are going to need to pull off a general election win. Am just saying.

Trump Turns on Carson: He is a sleeping machine!

A popular American talk show host once described her late husband as a “sex machine.” Now it seems Donald Trump has taken her line and is using it against Ben Carson to say not that Carson is a “sex machine” because I am sure Mr Trump has no clue about that, but that he is a “sleep machine.” Indeed, Mr Trump says that upon learning that Carson had taken the lead in Iowa, that he called to congratulate him but Carson was “sleeping.” And also, Trump deadpanned, “honestly I think those polls are wrong.” This is interesting. He spins everything and makes them true, btw. It is a talent he has. What goes for his goose does not necessarily go for anybody else’s gander. When he is on top, it”s like “when have polls been wrong? Polls are not wrong.” But when he is not on top “honestly those polls are wrong.” Then he repeats that. And it becomes true. Like magic.

But he is going to have to really go after Carson and it is going to be interesting because if he alienates Carson’s supporters and Blacks (whether supporters or not of Carson) he basically cooks his goose. He is a master at manipulation so he is going to be able to create a spin. He has to go beyond just the fact that Carson has no energy. Because Carson’s low key style obviously has worked for him so far. But would he make a better president than Carly Fiorina? Even Carly would be a better risk because she has had executive experience. Carson separated conjoined twins but this has nothing to do with the constitution, the military, the economy, taxes, immigration or foreign policy. Trump does not understand how to do one liners with substance. There is so much subject matter for him to get zingers with substance but he doesn’t stretch his imagination. He takes the low road and goes for the easy pun like “he’s low energy” or “he’s sleeping,” or “he’s a lightweight.”

Mr Trump, hire an intern just to create one liner zingers using substance! Then run some campaign ads. I think your strategy of just using the media to advertise has been a huge mistake. It is cheaper. But cheaper is not always better. You should have done a mix. Rather than over-expose yourself in the media and create Trump fatigue. I told you from the beginning this is a marathon not a sprint but you continued to sprint appearing on every single news program every single day for the exposure. It is a negative, Mr Trump. You can win without being so front and center. Look at Carson!  Plus, when the media turns on you it is going to affect your electability more than if you had kept them a little it at arms length and used some of your money for more traditional advertising. You are cheap, Mr Trump. And this is going to affect you big in this election.

Carson Pulls Ahead of Trump In Iowa and his Mystery Intern Blames it on the Corn

Giggle giggle. I can’t think of another reaction unless I imagined it. Did I imagine that all the news people are saying that Ben Carson has pulled ahead of Trump in Iowa by like 8 points or something like that? Is this guy doing voodoo? I don’t get it. What are his policies? Where is his tax and immigration plan. At least Trump came out with those. How many people is this guy getting at rallies? Trump is getting so many he has argued that it qualifies him for secret service protection. Trump gets all this free press. He doesn’t even mention Carson by name. He and Mitt ignore Carson as if Carson is the invisible man.

 I am not a Carson fan. So okay. All this is clear. What is not clear is what the bleep is going on with Carson. He does voodoo chants. He is running a voodoo campaign. I have decided. But what completely cracks me up is this allegation (or is it fact) that Trump’s campaign, upon hearing that Carson had pulled ahead for the first time since June, insulted and dismissed the Iowans as addle-brained corn-eating nincompoops – by retweeting the original tweet of a supporter. I added the last bit but the first two bits about the addle and corn were apparently actually uttered. The corn, it was insinuated, was biogenetic. Or something. Not good corn. So they are bleeped-up in the head for putting Carson at the top of the polls? Is this the insinuation? Why, for heavens sakes, does this crack me up? Trump quickly moved to APOLOGIZE for retweeting this thing. Did you hear that? AN APOLOGY from the Trump campaign – from Trump himself!!! So you realize he knows the enormity of the fck up. This is huge! How do you insult Iowans by saying this even if through a retweet? He just signed his fate in Iowa with this and no amount of apologizing will remove this from voter’s minds.

Trump has said if he starts to tank he will get out of the race since he is not a masochist. I have advised him to leave the race while on top. Now, the moment is passed. Each day entrenches him more and the fall will be humongous while saving face increasingly impossible. I mean, how do you retweet something like that? And then blame it on the intern? Who is this intern? Because he or she should be fired. This is the only possible way to save his campaign. My suspicion is there is no intern. He bleeped up all by himself. But I digress. WTF is going on with Carson? Seriously?

Shut Up! Trump is Considering Putting Carson on the Ticket as VP?

I was just reading on CNN’s website that Trump recently said that he and Carson are basically having a political bromance and that he would consider putting him on the ticket as the VP. He said “we like each other.” Why does this leave me in stitches? Trump does not (CANNOT) like Carson. He really doesn’t. The idea of putting Carson on the ticket gives him indigestion. It really does. It is like poetic justice for all the things he said about Obama and there never being another black president. Yes. But even with those stakes, I am still not able to take the idea seriously. I would love it. Because it would mean Mr Trump would have learned a lesson: Never say never. And he would squirm the whole time he would have to do this and then god forbid if something happens…(i won’t finish that) but you know what I mean, then Carson would be president and then you have back to back black présidents and this leaves me in stitches. It would be too hilarious. And I think a certain cross section of America would really be unable to manage this. Things would just boil over. Completely.

But shit. What a nightmare this would be on a personal level. Look, if Trump became president, I would kinda love it because then I could blog for another four years and this is a fun relaxation for me after a rough day. But if Trump  and Carson are at the helm, then it is overkill. I cannot stomach this much indigestion. I mean, it would be interesting. It would be hilarious. It would serve Trump right. And if he is like Biden, then folks would hardly ever see the guy. But these two at the helm? No. Too much. Overkill.

Then again, it is very early. For all we know in the end the ticket will be something unexpected like Bush Kasick or Fiorina Rubio or Rubio Christie or something. You just never know. Stranger things have happened than for both Trump and Carson to flame out. And without Trump, this thing is just banal and who cares? But with Trump Carson? I think folks should just immigrate to Mexico and Canada. Carson really, really…I am not a Carson fan. OK? Really, it’s not so funny when you think about it. Cause Trump probably thinks he will get the “black vote” with Carson but I don’t know. The black vote just can’t be that easy and gullible.

Trump or Carson: Who is More Entitled to Secret Service Protection?

So, Trump asked for Secret Service protection last week and this week, Carson asked for it too. This is very, very interesting. I have never even heard of that before. I didn’t even know that Obama asked and received Secret Service protection earlier than usual. The things you learn when you start a “political” blog. But so, fine. Obama got it early (I wonder why?) and that means Trump should get it early too? And if Trump should get it should Carson also get it? And what about Marco Rubio and Bush and Fiorina? What about Bernie Sanders? I presume that Hillary already has it. But if not she probably will need it too. This sounds really expensive. And in past presidential contests, how many candidates at any given time had protection? I mean, the way I look at it is if you want protection yu should pay for it yourself, gentlemen. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill? Especially for Trump who is worth ten billion dollars? Is this fair to the taxpayers? He practically has more money than all Americans combined. As for Carson, I mean why does he try to do everything that Trump does? Has he no original ideas? Last week he threatened to boycott the debate if the time wasn’t abridged but only after Trump made the threat. It is like he is saying whatever you can ask for I can ask for too. He sees himself as a real, viable candidate in this republican race. And he probably is but don’t say a word to Mitt Romney. The other day Jake Tapper was interviewing Romney and he asked Romney who he thought would make a good nominee and Romney said he did not think Trump will be the nominee although he said he would support whoever the nominee turns out to be. But Romney mentioned other viabilities that included Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush. He even mentioned Kasich who languishes at the bottom of the polls. The only glaring omission was Carson. So Tapper goes “What about Ben Carson?” And I swear to god Mitt started to have a coughing fit like you would not believe. Here it is this guy just completely acts as if Carson, the number 2 in the polls guy, doesn’t even exist. He is the new invisible. And than Tapper calls him on it and Mitt proved Trump right (once again) by becoming a “choke artist” right before my eyes. I am no Carson fan by any stretch of the imagination but I could not believe this guy was so blatant.

Still, it serves Carson right. Carson really should have known better. But all that said, maybe he deserves secret service protection more than Trump because, well, he is poorer than Trump and probably more likely to be a target, imo.

Trump Destroys Jeb Just Like He Destroyed Carly Plus He Uses Sound Bites As Advertising

He’s diabolical. I have said it a million times.  How Do I know? I just understand geminis. I have had a lot of experience with them. I know how their minds work. I can read Trump like a book and I have never even met him. Here’s what he is doing: Each Week, he wants free advertising. What does he do? He creates a headline, a sound bite. It usually means he attacks someone in the press. Then he takes it over to Twitter to feed it. The media, he has already calculated, is very predictable. They need the headlines and soundbites to make money. He is a ratings machine. He sits with his advisers and they decide who they will attack and what they will say and when. Then that gets played for a week. He stays in the press. Even international press. And then he doesn’t have to spend money on advertising. It is bleeping brilliant. But not so brilliant that I can’t read it. I understand this man. 100 percent. Now. This explains what the heck is going on  with Jeb. I couldn’t figure it out at first. What was the rationale. But it is advertising. It is free advertising. And you know what? I don’t blame him. If the media is going to be gullible and naive, they should be played. And Trump is the ultimate player. He is really the ultimate.

The result of his games though is that Jeb is toast. Unless Jeb wises up. He is actually giving Jeb a week of free advertising. These candidates haven’t figured it out yet. The best way to get press is to get into a tumble with Trump. Jindal tried but Trump does not give a shit about Jindal and I don’t blame Trump. I agree with him there. Strategically, Jindal is a waste of oral mucous. I don’t mean to be crass but he is as far as this contest is concerned. Jeb on the other hand can benefit from engaging Trump. He can do it in a calculated way like Trump. Trump is a very calculating guy. This is a gemini trait. The do the calculus and then they pounce on the victim. Until the victim wises up. Believe me, I was not always this good at handling geminis. I learned the hard way.

Jeb can get up in the polls but he has to get into Trump’s head and go at him toe for toe. But Jeb might be a coward and really, if I had to pick between Trump and Jeb, it’s Trump because at least he is not bleeping boring. I mean, as I have said repeatedly, there is no way in hell he is getting my vote unless he sincerely and publicly apologizes to President Obama. If he did that, I might reconsider. Otherwise, it’s Hillary. But if I had to choose between Jeb and Trump, the choice is clear I gotta say.

But yea. Trump. He is a mercenary. And he is a calculating one at that.

Trump v Bush: Why Neither Might Be The Nomineee According to NPR

Well, did you know that Mr Trump is an inch shorter than Mr Bush? This has to be the only thing Bush has over Trump: one inch. I thought I would helpfully point that out just cause I am in a devilish mood. 🙂

On a more serious note, I just got in from a rather rainy bleak day of errands and the first thing I did was Google Trump to see what he has been up to and this thing with Bush and 911 is still hot. I cannot believe he said that on the one hand. On the other hand, it is so typical. I still don’t get the point of the statement but it is a true statement, nakedly speaking. The Towers came down while Bush was President. The question is, so what? Well Jeb and Trump are fighting again like school yard boys on Twitter about the issue. They called each other “pathetic.” Here I was thinking that Trump who is bound to be the Republican nominee if this trajectory continues, would ask Bush to be his running mate and they are warring like this? I guess I am naive.

NPR did this piece where they basically questioned whether either of these two will be it. Trump apparently lacks the infrastructure to succeed in a national campaign and Bush lacks popularity even if he has the infrastructure. So I thought but this is perfect, a match made in heaven. Why don’t they just behave like grown ups and start to talk seriously about beating Hillary. Hillary makes them look like boys. I really think she is going to be the first female president of the United States. And look, my vote is not for hire. I am a thinking constituent. Ok. These folks are going to earn my vote and so it is not just oh, Hillary is a democrat and I vote for her. But more and more, it looks to me that it is going to be President Clinton and Not President Trump.

Trump: George Bush to Blame For 911 Attacks

Did Mr Trump seriously blame George Bush for the 911 attacks? If so, that is interesting. From a strategic perspective, I do not know what is the net gain from saying stuff like that. He is a Republican, isn’t he? Statements like that should come from the Democrats. I can see if it had happened on Obama’s watch and he was cruelly using it to prove that Obama is incompetent but what is the point with Bush?  Is he saying this to get at Jeb!? Because Jeb is no longer a factor in this race – unless he pulls a cat out of the bag in Iowa. So what the heck is the point of Trump going into 911 to ridicule a republican president? And really, you cannot blame the president for this. It’s like saying Katrina happened because of Bush. There are forces majeure, Mr Trump…. Was he just shooting off at the mouth or is there a point that I am missing? Does he need a slap? Ivanka?