Respected Ivy League Psychologists Declare that Trump Has Narcisisstic Personality Disorder

Does Trump have mental problems? Yes, if you believe these psychologists who were interviewed and asked for unofficial diagnosis of his mental state and fitness to serve as President of the United States. They point to various clues such as his tendency to paint himself as a “winner” while contrasting with everyone else as “losers.” They claim that Trump probably feels a deep sense of emptiness, unworthiness and shame. Apparently, they cannot come right out and call him a nut case because he could sue for punitive damages – and to be fair they did not call him a nut case. But they did say that he is mentally not the best choice for president. What do you think?

Hillary has a Cool Twitter Page; Who knew?

I hardly ever look at other people’s Twitter pages but for some reason I found myself browsing Hillary’s early this morning and I have to say it is a very intelligent experience. Quite an education for me too on issues and other things. I have been so focused on Trump that it has obliterated a whole other world or side of the argument. I liked this entry by Mrs Clinton:

Permalien de l'image intégrée

But I don’t think she has heard as yet that 100 prominent black pastors have endorsed Mr Trump. They think it is Trump, not Hillary, who understands that black lives matter. giggle, giggle.

But yea. I need to check out her twitter page more often. I think I will learn a lot about politics about which I know diddly quat.

And you? Enjoying this political brouhaha? Hope so. 🙂

Gender Role Reversal: Let’s Pretend that Donald Trump was a Woman…

What if, everything else remaining constant (white, rich, living at Trump Tower, married to a younger man from Slovenia, mother and grandmother of a good looking brood, two ex husbands, divisive, insulting, mocking, promising to build a wall, calling Mexicans rapists, saying that the activist should have been roughed up, promising to close all mosques, calling women horrible epithets, had his own private jet, etc) trump was a woman? A black woman?

Would he still be topping the polls as of today? Would he be funny? Or is American society still a little bit sexist?

Trump to Get His First Major Endorsement: 100 Black Pastors

Giggle, giggle. I swear that when Trump is among his friends and family in private, he must just laugh till he cries….some of this stuff is just too easy! It’s got to be embarassing, even to him. But mostly it is funny and he must just crack up. I don’t blame him. For the rest of us who can see through this whole thing, it is cringetastic. But for him, definitely funny. I would laugh too, if I were him.

 But seriously, Trump has always said that he can count on “the blacks.” It is a marriage made in heaven from the looks of it and hopefully it is not costing him a dime. This is free love.

Oh wait. You have no idea what I am talking about.  I just read that Trump is getting his second major endorsement on Monday. The first was from his friend Carl Icahn. This one is from 100 Black Pastors. He will host them at Trump Tower on Monday according to Breitbart and then he will hold a press conference and make the big announcement….

Cringetastic! OMG!

Here I was thinking that  Carson was the religious conservative!

Trump. The man is diabolical.

But this stuff is just, too, darned, easy.

It should be illegal.

Trump plunges in the latest polls by about 12 points

Trump is tanking fast if the latest polls mean anything. After a week of brinkmanship and contra-statesmanship from the real estate magnate (I mean how do you mock a disabled person?) it looks like he has finally scared a few of his die hard fans off. They are going with Cruz instead.


The sad thing is that there are a lot of people who would see nothing at all wrong with this behavior, Donald. We have become a society of reality tv trash talking put downers. And insults are hugely entertaining. But I think for a lot of other people, you have to draw the line somewhere and many draw it at something like this. You don’t make fun of a person who is disabled. It just isn’t funny.

Hence, you are tanking. Like a brick. And you have no one to blame but the media. But the one good thing in his favor is he is getting the endorsement of 100 black pastors. Yummy..

For the candidates: Is There a Difference Between a “terrorist” attack on Paris and a “terrorist” attack on Mali?

It almost seems like the presidential candidates, on both sides of the aisle, distinguish between recent attacks involving human casualties in France and Mali. There was a viceral reaction to the Paris attacks – and rightly so. But seemingly a corresponding non response from most of the candidates on Mali. This doesn’t seem to square with the reason I assumed they were so rightly outraged about the attacks in Paris in the first place. Does “terrorism” only matter depending on who is attacked or where the attack occurs?

John McCain: “If Obama had any sense in his head…”

Excuse me, Mr McCain. Don’t be so rude. OK?

Now. You, Mr McCain, claim that the Syrian refugee crisis is due to Obama’s failed policies in the region. You say the crisis is a symptom. With the latter, I agree. This is definitely a symptom. But of what? What is the cause? Obama?

I don’t know.

We can use bombs as a bandaid to heal the superficial wound of Obama’s so called “inaction” but I submit that this is not a cure. And why? The wound is itself a symptom of a much deeper problem. There a disease, Mr McCain. Trump and others have called it a cancer. Ok. Maybe it is. But can it be cured with bombs?

I don’t know.

A better more comprehensive diagnosis of this problem is needed.

Some people say the problem started when President Bush went into Iraq after the 911 attacks. Hmmmmmm…..I don’t know. Because think about it. The attacks on U.S. soil occurred before Bush went to Iraq. The attacks themselves were a symptom! They are part of the disease! Bush then going in like an angry blinded bull, compounded the problem.

Obama coming after Bush could have also behaved like an angry blinded bull. Instead, he chose to stay still.

Then 2011 happened.

He backed Sarkozy and the coalition and the guy in Libya was taken out. Did he make it worse? Well, a bunch of countries in the region have new governments, to wit, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq…Are they worse off? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe long term no. Short term it is definitely shaky. But at least, the people voted. This is a positive.

He didn’t rush into Syria, John. He exercised a lot of restraint. Again, he was still. The people want a new government but the diplomatic hurdles – example Putin – made this a more difficult situation. The result? All the refugees.

Is this Obama’s fault? Is this because he has no “sense in head?” Hmmmmmmmm…. I don’t know, John.

What I do know is that even if a 10 year bombing campaign is waged in this country, and then we pull out exhausted and depleted, the problem will persist in year 11. Because the disease cannot be cured with bombs. The disease actually regenerates itself.

What is the cause, John? It is easy to blame Obama. But you know that this is not true. He met the problem. Just like George Bush met the problem. Something else is the cause! It really is not Bush and most definitely it is not Obama!

What is the CAUSE??? Something happened before 911 that created a malignancy in this region. And whatever it is, it created a great, great anger against the United States and now its Western allies.

What is it? This is what needs to be figured out in order to solve this problem. Bombing will work in the short run. But long term it is a waste of human lives. Get to the bottom of the disease. This is the cause of the problem and this is what needs to be addressed.

Kasich for the Republican Nominee?

Why do I like John Kasich? I don’t know. He says awful things like all the others but I like something about him. I think he can be convinced. Inside, I think there is a lot more humanity than other candidates on the stump. Trump will obviously not be anybody’s VP otherwise I would suggest that maybe he could be and let Kasich go to the top of the ticket…

Kasich Trump

Or maybe even

Kasich Bush

Or maybe even

Kasich Fiorina

Chris Christie To John Kerry: “SHUT UP”

Christie said to a reporter about John Kerry:

“He needs to get some sleep and shut up. That is what he needs to do.”

I was a little bit taken aback but someone told me that this is how Chris is. It really isn’t Trump’s fault. They said “you can’t blame Trump. Chris is known to be a ***** guy.”

Well, ok.

Trump says Black Lives Matter Activist Should Have been “Roughed Up” then he releases interesting statistics

Well, he never said he wanted the Black vote and in fact he has said that “this is not the focus of my campaign” although Trump says he has always been loved by “the blacks” and he has a lot of black friends. But lately, he really hasn’t been very nice towards “the blacks,” has he? Wow. What is the strategy behind these moves and outburts? Why say and do these things even if that is really what you think and feel when you are trying to win the presidency? And what is up with those statistics he released about black people killing white people and other black people and all of that? This proves what exactly? What is the point of the statistics, which, by the way, have been widely refuted by the media as being inaccurate and done by a none existent “San Francisco” research firm. Even if they were accurate and this was a legit firm, why is he doing this? I don’t understand. I guess his supporters do and that is all that matters it is their vote that he wants and needs. But I definitely don’t get it. And I am more than just  a little bit appalled.

After all, What does Donald Trump Really know about Hillary Clinton’s “stamina”?

Giggle, giggle.

Apparently Mr Trump has been knocking Hillary for POTUS by saying that she doesn’t have the ‘stamina” for the job. Ah bon?  What is he basing this on, pray tell? How can he make the statement in all seriousness, having not tested the former secretary of state? What if she started to talk about his stamina? What if she goes there? How is his stamina? How long can he really go? I mean, seriously? I bet you that…I bet you that Hillary can outlast the braggadocious Donald Trump on his best day by like, a mile. This is just my hunch. In that contest? Hillary would be like Donovan Bailey baiting Michael Johnson in that famous Olympic sprint. Donovan was so far ahead of Johnson that it was actually ridiculous. Donovan actually he turned around to poor Michael and mocked him, “Come on! Come on!” in the middle of the sprint. It was intense.

This is what Hillary would do to Trump, OK?  This is my hunch.

The man is  a baby and doesn’t even know it. And he’s gonna burn out. Mark my words he is gonna burn out.

Giggle, giggle.

George Pataki Officially Enters the Republican Fray With a Diss For Donald Trump

Giggle giggle. I just hit up the Internet for the latest election shenanigans and it seems Trump is in hot water, still, for claiming that “thousands and thousands of Muslims cheered in New Jersey after the World Trade Center was toppled in 2001.” Everybody is calling him a liar. Even the mostly silent presidential contender George Pataki. To be perfectly frank, I am not even sure if Pataki is still in the race. The only thing I know about his run is what I hear from Trump who has often mocked the former governor’s poll numbers, which, according to the real estate mogul, hovers somewhat permanently at zero.

Well, maybe not after this one liner, darling. In response to Trump’s assertion that thousands of New Jersey Muslims cheered after 911, Pataki took to Twitter let Trump have it with this line:

Not sure what luxury spider-hole @realDonaldTrump was hiding in on Sept11 but I saw Americans come together that day @GStephanopoulos.”

It’s a nice line. He might get a little press with that. And if Trump responds – which, it is hard to imagine that Trump won’t – then you never know. Pataki can use this to build some momentum. There are about 3 month to go before the first caucus in Iowa. If he pounds hard from now till then, he could probaby even pull off a surprise upset. And this would be absolutely hysterical, just from the perspective of watching Trump’s reaction.

Why Isn’t Mr Trump Getting Key Endorsements?

Who are Mr Trump’s friends and supporters in this campaign? It is crystal clear that a lot of people go to his rallies; I could scarcely believe what I was seeing recently when on YouTube someone panned to the audience. That is a LOT of people!  WoW! I had been dismissing his claims as délusions of grandeur but if those videos are legit, I think he has license to call it a “movement.” Seriously. It is beginning to rival what happened with Obama in 2008!

So then I ask myself how come the last person to endorse him, to my knowledge was Carl Icahnn? How come he isn’t getting more plum endorsements and racking up the support of the GOP big wigs? This is very strange. It seems everytime I turn on my computer, Madame Hillary has raked in another big endorsement from one or the other huge organization or teamster or union or whatever and she is raking in delegates (not sure the latter applies to the Republicans). But you never hear this about Trump that he is raking in endorsements. This is very bizzare given his front runner status.

Am I just listening to and reading the wrong press?….oh oh….spoke too quickly. He just announced that he will be getting the endorsement of 100 Black pastors!!!!

Ben Carson is Tanking, thank God.

According to this article, Carson is losing to Cruz in Iowa. The way Trump put it is that Carson is “free falling.” And, really, it is clear that the guy is dropping like a brick and that his campaign is slowly dissolving into disarray. I am even convinced that somebody is paying off people at the top in his campaign with BIG money to betray Carson in the press. It is embarassing how easy it is to get to certain people. You know, poor Ben Carson. He didn’t seriously think he stood a prayer did he? For me, some of the things he has said are just downright embarassing. And, the disrespect to president Obama made it impossible for me to respect Ben Carson. I don’t care what happens to him.  I don’t care what they do to him or say about him. He deserves it. And the “rabid dogs” comment? I was just speechless. There was nothing left to say.

Course, then you have to back issue: Ted Cruz.

I can’t even discuss it.

Meet Marco Rubio’s Billionaire Man Friend and Sugar Daddy – Norman Braman

Apparently, Marco Rubio and his beautiful wife Jeanette have a benefactor, a billionaire named Norman Braman who hails from Florida. Donald Trump is trying to make their relationship seem and sound dirty and is using, principally, this article from the New York Times which Trump describes as “devastating.”

I mean, it certainly sounds like a somewhat quid pro quo situation but is this really a big scandal? I am not a Rubio fan by any stetch of my imagination. But I don’t get why I should be so outraged by this story of Marco and his relationship with Mr Braman. So he has a sugar daddy who is also his wife’s sugar daddy. So what?

Hillary is Boring: That is Why She Is The Better Choice For President

Ounce for ounce, I gotta say, that Donald Trump is 100 times more exciting than Hillary. I mean, he is E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G.

Is this a strength or a weakness? I think it is a weakness. Which is counterintuitive when you really think about it. The guy is like this quintessential bad boy boyfriend with the leather motorcycle jacket and motorcycle. When you juxtapose this type of guy with, say, a corporate lawyer, the choice is clear about which one probably has more long term potential. I would submit that a little bit of excitement goes a long way in a relationship but my gut instinct is that Trump is too exciting. It is too much of a good thing. It is so much as to be combustible. He is the wrong choice for a long term relationship and is better suited to a sweet, meaningless fling.

Enter Hillary Clinton. Here is a woman who is so low key, so under the radar, I would forgive someone for concluding she is B-O-R-I-N-G especially when you have a guy like Trump in the mix. Trump is a very, very flashy guy. He has a lot of blinking neon lights in his aura and form. By comparison, Hillary is quiet in substance and steady and she lacks flash and blink.

Which is is better for us?

When you look around the world, at all the other leaders, Trump clearly is a mismatch in this arena in the same way that Hillary fits right in. Trump has once said “there is nobody like me” and he is exactly correct. There isn’t. There is no global leader right now like him. I daresay if he got the presidency, something by his own token he badly craves, he will bully them all into submission and reduce them all to one-lined soundbites “loser” “incompetent” “insane”  and “dummy” to name a few.

His approach may have its plusses as well as its minuses but it will be too much both domestically and internationally with this guy, I think. He would cause massive disruption everywhere. He would be a massive distraction for everyone. The lid would just fly off the pot in many corridors and it just would be a mess.

Both Trump and Hillary would definitely be a kind of president that America has never seen before. But I think for where we are in the world right now, I think we need less not more excitement. Hillary is a better choice for leader for the very reason that she is a little bit boring as compared to Donald Trump. What is your take? Do you agree or disagree?

Hillary Calls for US to accept between 10,000 and 65,000 Syrian Refugees

Hillary and I disagree about how to deal with the humanitarian disaster in Syria and the refugees who have fled the country in the wake of heightening criminality in their country. She is calling for up to 65,000 people to be acccepted by the United States.

I don’t know.

روح الإنسان سوف ينتصر على كل الشرور

What I know for sure is that eventually, the Syrian people will triumph and humanity will triumph over this evil that has taken over our Earth. And I guess I have trust that my leaders are smarter than I and they know what they are doing as far as the refugee situation is concerned. I certainly don’t have all the information they have and I don’t have all the answers and I am fully aware that these human beings need urgent assistance. And in spite of our fears of being attacked by random criminals in their midst it is clear for me that we have to help our fellow human beings.

And my plan obviously, would take a minute because I am saying that a safe zone should be constructed near Syria (on rented land from countries in the region like Turkey and Iraq or further out if necessary  – like Saudi Arabia, the Emirates…but in the same geographic zone)  for the refugees.

To me, this temporary place should be a symbolic village built with funds from international governments, equipped with all the conveniences possible for their sustenance. And it should be called something beautiful like  قرية الروح البشرية “Village of the Human Spirit” and later it should be designated a heritage site when the Syrian people get their country back and serve as a reminder to humanity that we are in this together. I really do think the Syrian people should stay close to their homeland and together with the international community they should fight to get their country back.

But it takes time to build this village, doesn’t it? And these human beings need help now.

So I don’t know. It is very sad. I defer to the leaders to say what is best.

(I hope my arabic says what I think it does. The first one is ‘triumph of the human spirit” and the second is “village of the human spirit” I hope)

Mr Trump Will Not Allow “Thugs” To Disrupt His Rallies

Barack Obama may have inspired “thugs” to destroy Baltimore but they are not going to disrupt Mr Trump’s campaign. Oh no they are not.

I just read article about a brawl at a recent Trump rally that broke out between rally attendees and Black Lives Matter protestors. Trump apparently yelled from the stage for the security to “get him out of here” or “get him the hell out of here” depending on which version you believe. Everything was caught on video and the two lone rangers were led out of the place by security. Why would they show up to this venue in singles or doubles is a bit puzzling to tell you the truth…do they have a death wish? Do they think this is a Hillary Clinton Rally?

But that is not the most interesting thing I heard today. So I googled “Trump brawl” to get more information on what happened yesterday and low and behold I came to this article on the website Boing Boing about Mr Trump’s father Fred Trump. I couldn’t believe it. The article discusses a New York Times article about a man named Fred Trump (not clear if this was really one in the same with Mr Trump’s dad?) who was arrested in the 1920s in Queens New York. The article claims that this Fred Trump lived at a particular address in Queens where Mr Trump’s – the presidential candidate’s father – lived. But it makes the most astonishing claim about the reason for his arrest! I was just gaping at the screen in total shock. According to the article, Donald Trump has denied that his father was ever a part of a KKK brawl so it could be a case of mistaken identity. But read for yourself and tell me what you make of this because I am in shock. Is it possible?