What if Corey Lewandowski Ever Had to Blackmail Trump? Ya Think He’s Got Any Dirt?

Trump employees tend to stick around, it seems, but here it is, this crazy idea just popped into my head for no particular reason: What if Trump had to fire Corey? What if they have a falling out? Trump does not strike me as the most loyal guy. Remember how he canned Caroline Kepcher or whatever that woman’s name was? She used to be on the Apprentice. He just sliced her loose one day. Just like that. And she had been with him for years.

I am sure he has a contract with Lewandowski but do you think Lewandowski has anything taped? Like on his cellphone or anything. That he can use as blackmail?

Why am I thinking about this. I don’t know. I am like that. I am clairvoyant. I sense something. And I thought I would throw it out there. What if Lewandowski and Trump fell out? Definitely, you think he is smart enough that he has the blackmail, right?

It’s like the guy John Edwards and the baby mama. His aide knew everything and played along. But he kept the video of the pregnant sex.

Mr Trump?

Any skeletons?

What has Corey got on you?

Any interesting videos and/audios that could totally upend your campaign?

I get a feeling.

NEXT: Corey Lewandowski

Trump: “If I Come in Second in Iowa, it is Not a Terrible Defeat.” Huh?

Politico ran a story today about Trump claiming that Trump is musing about losing Iowa. He said, according to them, that if he lost by 2 point that it is not a terrible defeat. I was left scratching my head. Whaaaat? Anything but first place in both Iowa and New Hampshire is embarassing, Mr Trump. You have made such a big deal about your poll numbers in both states and across the country. You are “leading by a lot.” You are a “guy who knows how to win.” If you don’t get first place, you have even admitted to Barbara Walters that not winning would make you a loser. There just is no excuse you can come up with to defend a second place finish. None. You either win or you lose.


So you better not lose cause everybody will call you a loser. And it will be embarassing.

So stop trying to lower expectations and go out there and prove you can pull this off. I mean, what possible reason would cause you to lose? How is this word even allowed to escape from your little lips?

You will win, Mr Trump. Unless you know something about those polls that we don’t.


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Hillary: How would you raise the minimum wage? And by how much? Show, don’t tell

I went over the Hills’ Twitter feed today and she had this up:

We can make families stronger by cutting taxes, raising the minimum wage, and making sure women get equal pay for equal work.

She and Berns are synchronizing their message about that and they need to hammer away at what Trump said about it at the debate, about the minimum wage being too high not his about face tweet a few days back. Meanwhile he is advocating a tax cut for his billionaire compatriots. How does his plan not augur oligarchy?

But I also think that just saying that we have to raise the minimum wage is not persuasive enough.

The electorate is very smart and they have heard this before. Every four years at least one candidate says this. “Oh, we need to raise the minimum wage.”

To be more persuasive, she needs to come up with a number. It can be higher than she hope to actually get passed but high enough that she can come down and still it is a nice increase. She needs to create some kind of report or video about it, using simple charts and graphs to explain to people in graphic detail how she will raise the minimum wage and how much it will be by and if possible put an deadline by which she hopes to get it done by.

For detractors, she needs to explain in her chart exactly how this will be win win for America and for the economy and for American competitiveness since Trump basically suggested (in the debate not his recent tweet) that wages are too high and as a result America is not competitive with the rest of the world.

Well, obviously, I am not an economist. But I think that Hillary needs to show how he is wrong with a chart or graph or graphic. Very simple as to be easily understood by anyone. And she needs to put a number on it. She needs to show that we can raise the minimum wage, maybe substantially, and still be competitive.

I have no idea what the minimum wage is but I would add at least five bucks if not more and throw that out there as my number.

It is just more persuasive than this generalization and broad language that protects her, but does not persuade the electorate.

She has to think the way Bernie is thinking of not only securing her base but stealing votes from Trump. But it has to be worth the while of people listening. It is called Seduction. 

Writer Richard A. Davies Writes scathing tongue-cheek editorial about Hillary For CNN. What crap.

I am not quite sure what to make of this article that appeared in CNN today about Hillary and Bill Clinton and his foundation and speaking fees and how this all possibly created a conflict of interest when she was secretary of state and how she now needs to establish ethics rule too protect her blossoming candidacy for the presidency. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/12/30/opinions/davis-hillary-clinton-foundation-speaking-fees/  But my first reaction is that this guy is an enemy of the Clintons and he is trying to throw her under the bus. But he does it by pretending he is concerned for her wellbeing. Which I don’t like. Be open. If you don’t like her and you think she is dishonest and that her husband’s foundation is a sham and blah, blah, blah, just say it. Don’t take me all the way around the bush and force me to come to this conclusion after reading for twenty minutes of your crap, Richard. Cause then I feel manipulated and I don’t like to be manipulated.

Now. I don’t know anything about the Clinton Foundation whatsoever and so I cannot really respond to anything you said beyond the fact that I feel manipulated. If at some future date I receive objective information that supports anything you said, we can revisit this discussion. Otherwise, leave me alone. I don’t wanna hear it.

Does John Kasich Care About Civil Rights? In Tamir Rice’s Case…

A shooting of a young 12 year old child in Ohio has left a portion of the electorate disillusioned and distraught, not the least of which are the parents of the boy, Tamir Rice, who apparently was killed by 2 police officers. I have not been following this particular story as I am completely overwhelmed with so many of these stories coming out of the United States. As I wrote on another situation involving Sandra Bland, this has become an epidemic.

Ohio Governor John Kasich seems to believe that at least the victims “should be heard.” Is this enough to satisfy the electorate? I don’t know. He is governor of the state and he seems concerned about the situation getting out of control but he does seem to believe that people have a right to be a little bit upset about this.

I am upset that so few of the presidential candidates have even discussed this broader issue of the persistent violation of the civil rights of American citizens by law enforcment all over the country. This is weird. In my view. Because if they win the presidency, any of these people will be president and servant of all Americans but their silence on this issue is very, very disturbing. It is speech. They are saying that when it comes to some Americans, they really don’t give a hoot. It is not their priority. Thus, I am thinking that maybe that should disqualify each and every one of them from being president.

Cause something is wrong here.

In my opinion, what is going on in America with respect to blacks and these police killings rises to the level of genocide. It is is a holocaust. If this exact phenomenon was happening to Jews in America or anywhere else in the world, it would be called a HOLOCAUST.

It is a MAJOR human rights violation going on in America and nobody cares, especially not many of the presidential candidates of 2016. This is crazy!

What is genocide? I looked around and found this:

On December 9, 1948, in the shadow of the Holocaust and in no small part due to the tireless efforts of Lemkin himself, the United Nations approved the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This convention establishes “genocide” as an international crime, which signatory nations “undertake to prevent and punish.” It defines genocide as:

[G]enocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

I opined here that lawyers for these victims in these cases need to take these cases as a type of group action to the international community. This needs international attention. Shame has to be put on the members of our American society who have the power, but abuse their power, and in many cases, ignore their duties and responsibilities  to American citizens in many of these cases.

The point of bringing this in an international tribunal (and the defendants will be either the United States Government or the state offiials such as mayors, governors, police chiefs and police officers who continue, through their action or inaction to allow these kinds of human rights violations to occur) is to shame those who should know better.

The case may not be won in the international tribunal. In fact, I can almost guarantee it will be lost. But at least, it will shed light and shame where light and shame are desperately crying out to be shed.

And it will serve ultimately, with additional action and persistent action, as a déterrent. All over the world. Because this is happening in other places! And America serves as an example to other countries. What is okay in America becomes defensible in other countries! America is the leader of the free world. And what is good for Ameria is good for the rest of the world!  Even in Holland there are issues of police brutality, and this is the seat of the ICC – the International Criminal Court at the Hague. The very international tribunal I advocate petitioning. Can you believe it?

So it is urgent that the American lawyers handling these cases, consider an international approach as part of the panoply of stratégies and techniques to help defeat this problem (I mean, it is a form of “terror“!) otherwise the lives of a certain group of people in our global society will once again be in peril – even while understanding that this fight will be long.

This is urgent, folks.

Mr Kasich? You are a lawyer, right? What do you think about this? You have said that Tamir Rice protestors should be”heard.” Do you think they should take the case to an international tribunal, therefore?

John Kasich Begins the Catapult I told you about; Billionaire Ron Burkle Just Signed Up

When I read this, I said to myself, “bien sûr.” I told you all that John Kasich is going to catapult back on December 7th when he was in a dead heat for last place in the polls. Everybody just chuckled. But he is now third in some polls and starting to peak, just at the right time. And now he has a big donor BFF, billionaire Ron Burkle – a former Bill Clinton crony. According to a recent Politico article:

Burkle is slated to host a Jan. 12 fundraiser for [Kasich] at the Soho House in Los Angeles, according to a fundraising invitation obtained by POLITICO. The event is also expected to draw a number of other major political donors, including financier Gary Winnick and businessman Harry Sloan. A co-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Burkle has forked over $475,000 in contributions to federal candidates — the vast majority of it to Democrats. He provided thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton in her 2000 Senate run and her 2008 presidential campaign. Burkle and Bill Clinton were close for years, with the investor often taking the former president on his private plane. But in 2010, the two went through a public breakup. “Before, every trip with him seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I have so many things to do,” Burkle said at the time.

Jeb Bush has read the tea leaves. His super PAC, in a desperate last minute bid, has decided to ignore Trump, Cruz and Rubio and target Kasich and Chris Christie.

Hold on to your seats everyone. This thing is about to start getting interesting.

George Pataki Chokes: He Finally quits the race

To be perfectly honest with you, and I am not trying to be snarky, I was not even aware that Mr Pataki was still in the race. And what about that guy Santorum something or the other? Yesterday my dad asked me how he is doing and I was like, “Santorum who?” To which my dad fell apart. But seriously, people like Santorum and Pataki are still on the ballot? Well, not Pataki. But Santorum?

Can Trump Really Win by Throwing Everybody and Their Mother Under The Bus?

Donald Trump, in my estimation, is the first political candidate in history to campaign against EVERYBODY. He just doesn’t leave anybody unscathed. Even John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen got hers. She tweeted something he didn’t like and he took her to task on Twitter. This is all while socking it to everyone that matters on the Republican side including Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Rubio, Cruz, Fiorina, Pataki, Graham, Rick Perry and Rand Paul. Then he hit Hillary and Bernie. Recently, he threw the kitchen sink at Chris Christie. He hit the spouses like Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner and now he is hitting Bill Clinton. But that is not all. He hit people like Jeff Bezos and entire corporations like Macys, Starbucks, H&R Block and Amazon. He hit countries like Mexico, China and even Germany and its leader Angela Merkel. He hit the media big time. Megyn Kelly, Joe Scarborough, the guy on Meet the Press (can’t remember his name right now). He loathes a bunch of papers in Iowa and New Hampshire and disses not just the bosses but the papers thmselves. Plus, locally, he finds the New York Times and other media to be “scum” and he actually says it. Repeatedly. He hit groups. Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Women. He called Iowans stupid. I mean, the list goes on….

And still, he is ahead in the polls and lately is in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, this is bewildering.

This guy has attacked everbody and their mother. And the more he does it, the more they love him.

Is he spiking the cool aid?

Can he really win this election using this strategy?

Cause this is amazing. This is really, really amazing.

It’s the new Jim Jones. I think this guy is the new Jim Jones.

Fewer Republicans express confidence that Trump will be the nominee: RASMUSSEN

Fewer Republicans confident that Trump will win the nomination acccording to Rasmussen:

Confidence that Donald Trump will be next year’s Republican presidential candidate is down slightly following the last GOP pre-primary debate of the year. The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly Trump Change survey finds that 66% of Likely Republican Voters still believe Trump will end up as their party’s 2016 nominee, with 27% who say it’s Very Likely. But that’s down from 70% and 31% respectively last week. Unchanged from a week ago are the 27% who say he is unlikely to be nominated, but that includes only 10% who say it’s Not At All Likely.


What Will Obama Do If He Has To Pass The Presidential Baton To Donald Trump?

The presidency of the United States (and, I guess, in any country) is very much a passing of the baton from one runner president to the next. It’s like track and field. A relay. But also, it is as symbolic as it is ceremonial, as noble as it inspires hope and augurs a fresh start that is continued from the “runners” before.

Recently Obama was voted most admired man in the world by a Gallup poll and by a respectable margin to anyone else on the line up – including Donald Trump who was a distant second tying with Pope Francis (hysterically!).

It got me to thinking: Can you imagine what it will be like if Obama has to pass the baton to Donald Trump?

Happily, Hillary Clinton was also voted the number one most admired woman in the world. Course, folks like Sarah Palin also made the cut so it is unclear how much or how seriously this survey can be taken. But she was number one on the women’s side. I think it counts for something. And it could mean that she is more admired than Trump because only 5 percent of people thought he was all that.

So with any luck Obama will pass the baton to Hillary.

But what if winds up having to pass the baton to Donald Trump?  That would be wild.

Who Loves Women More? Bill Clinton? or Donald Trump?

Bill Clinton was a womanizer. But I don’t think I have ever heard him call a woman a “pig” or “disgusting.” He never called them “fat” or “slobs.” But he does seem, at least in the past, to have a little bit of trouble keeping his hands off of them. Does that make him a sexist?

So in addition to what I wrote here, Bill needs to say, “goddarnit, yeah! I LOVE women! All shapes, colors and sizes! I think they are awesome. I like the way they look. I like the way they smell. I like the way they think. I like the way they make me feel. They turn me on and I love all of it! “

As for Mr Trump.

Why do people think he is a “sexist” I wonder? Let me count the ways…. Ok. No comment.

But does Trump “love women”?

Yikes…I don’t know if there is enough evidence there for me to say yes. I think he appréciâtes thin, European women and some American women of  a certain milieu if they have the “perfect” body parts and facial features. Otherwise, no. I don’t think he is into anything that is not perfect. He said Jennifer Lawrence has bad skin. Jennifer Lawrence! He made fun of Heidi Klum and said she is no longer a 10. Heidi Klum! He said Angelina Jolie is not all that beautiful.

I mean, this guy has a very, very high standard for women.

And he doesn’t like it when they have to take a potty. And the Megyn Kelly comment…

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS FOR THE 2016 CANDIDATES http://presidentdonaldtrumped.blogspot.fr/2016/01/resolutions-for-2016-presidential.html

So, I don’t know. I think my money is on Bill here. As far as loving women.

That is another point for Bill. He needs to own that yes, he LOVES women. Indeed, he can’t get enough.

He has to turn what Trump is saying back around. Because being a womanizer does not necessarily make you a sexist. And being a sexist does not necessarily make you a womanizer. Trump has conflated these words and issues.

Bill needs to call him out on it….because I bet some of those women he womanized enjoyed being womanized by Bill Clinton. But zero of the women that Mr Trump called fat, or slob, or disgusting or whatever, derived any joy or pleasure from the verbal assault… and that is the difference.

NEXT: Bill v Donald http://presidentdonaldtrumped.blogspot.fr/2015/12/trump-v-bill-clinton.html

Obama Most Admired Man in the World. Eat that, Mr Trump!

A new Gallup poll just released shows that President Barack Obama is the most admired man in the world. He leads Trump by double digits. Trumpy was second. So it is not that bad and he tied with the Pope. This has all sorts of irony all over it but I am not going to even go there. But Trumpy got about 5 percent of the votes. Or something like that. But Bamy got, like, 17 percent or something like that. So. Exciting.

So do you like my names:

  • Berns
  • Hills
  • Bamy
  • Trumpy

………………..sometimes I just crack myself up…………………. 🙂

Is Trump Aware of This Story in the Daily Beast on his alleged Marital rape of ex wife Ivana?

Trump has never panned the Daily Beast and this is curious because they did this explosive story back in the summer and to be honest, it was the start of my metamorphosis as far as he is concerned. Cause I used to really hero worship this guy and when I started this blog I was still in hero worship mode but after I read that story, things started to change. The exposé basically quotes his ex wife Ivana as saying that he once violated her. She actually used the word “rape” allegedly in a deposition or something to describe the incident. Trump has vehemently denied it. He said at the time “She lied. This never happened.” Ivana has walked back the comments and has come out in support of her ex saying he would make a great president.

Which means that one of them is lying about what really happened. Either Ivana was lying when she made the allégations or both she and Donald are lying now in denying the allégations. Whatever the actual situation, Trump successfully shut that story down and the media shut up about it till recently that the New York Times brought it up again after Trump attacked Bill Clinton. I wonder if Trump is going to take on the Daily Beast on this issue? He never has to my knowledge given them their comeuppance. Is he friends with the owner or something? It is very peculiar that he never called them a “low life” or a “loser” or my personal favorite “scum” because this has to be the worse thing anyone has ever printed about him, IMHO.

Carly Fiorina’s rank Byzantine Jealousy of Hillary Clinton Almost Makes Her Look Forlorn

Carly is talking about how Hillary is using her “woman” card to get votes. As if they don’t all have their cards & schtick. The trouble is, Carly’s cards haven’t and aren’t working!  She is hoping now to latch on to Trump and get the VP nod cause SHE IS A WOMAN but my hunch is that Trump would rather slit his wrist. Although, to be fair, she would have been formidable. She is right when she says she would be Hillary’s worse nightmare….I am so glad she’s tanked….What  do you think of the title? I am sleepy and I couldn’t think of anything titillating so I came up with Carly Fiorina’s rank Jealousy… Do you like the “Byzantine” part?

giggle, giggle… I think I need to stop…I am no longer making sense…


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Trump v Bill Clinton

Oo la la. Trump is really hitting the Clintons hard and so far the Clintons have been silent. Hmmmmm…Well, first of all, say what you want about Trump: the guy is fighting for this gig as president. He wants it and he is fighting for it and he will leave no bridge unburned in the process. There will be no prisoners. It’s like he’s a tornado and there will be nothing left in his Wake when this thing is done. He is hungry. He really wants this job. Why does he want it so bad? I don’t know. But he is willing to go for broke: his brand, his friends, his money, his reputation, and more besides. He is risking it all. Winner takes all; loser loses all. He is all in.

How will this end for Trump?

I don’t know.

I just know he is putting up a hell of a fight and it is ugly and now he is attacking Bill Clinton.

Can Bill Clinton handle Trump? Bill is younger than Bernie Sanders but somehow, he seems to lack the kind of energy that he used to have a few years ago and I just don’t know if he is any match for Trump.

Neither Bill nor Trump has had a great past with women but maybe as far as that goes, Bill’s past outranks Trump’s. Bill has indeed had a checkered past in this department.

How does he win this argument with Trump?


Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring….

I am an innocent! I don’t know!

Oo la la la la…..

Well, look. Everybody relax. I got this. I am a STRATEGIST. This is what I was born to do. Why I am not doing it is almost tragic.

So, what does Bill and Hillary need to do with this guy? Bill needs to own this. I’m serious. Bill needs to say to folks:

 “Look, I was a good president but as a husband I was a bit of a scoundrel when I was younger andI hurt my wife. I am kinda like Trump in that sense. He has admitted that he was not always the best husband. I have messed up in the past and Hillary and I have had a lot to work on in our personal relationship. I disrepected her and in some cases, I disrespected myself. However I have only ever had consensual relationships with any woman in my life.

But don’t hold my past acts against my wife. Focus on my wife’s unique qualifications for this job as your president. Hillary is exactly the type of president this country needs…she has the right set of credentials. She has strong, workable and sane policy ideas for our domestic and foreign agendas. She is able to get along with people and work on both sides of the aisle. She is and always has been a great advocate for women and children. Before there was Obamacare, Hillary was in charge of trying to create a comprehensive healthcare program during my administration. As for the economy, it is always better under the Democrats. Even Trump admits that. Under my presidency our economy was fantastic and it will similarly be fantastic under Hillary’s administration. Hilary has been vetted. She has already cut her teeth. She will be strong against ISIS and humane towards refugees and immigrants in ths country.  On top of that, she has always been a faithful wife. I cannot say that for all the other presidential candidates in this race…I won’t call any names but if the cap fits he can wear it. Therefore don’t cast her out with the bathwater just because I was a damn jerk in my younger years.”

Jeeze. I don’t know. Something like that….I think Bill is going to have to also knock Trump’s personal record very hard. Because Trump is running for president, not Bill. He needs to tell Trump what Obama famously said in the 2008 campaign “Lay off my wife!” I never forgot when Obama said that.

Actually, I think Bill should tell Donald a curse word. He needs to say something like “mofo, you betta not…push me, alright?” And then he needs to give him that murderous scowl he gets sometimes when someone dares to attack Hillary.

But actually, where is Bernie? Bernie!!! Do something!

Next up:Who loves women more? Bill Clinton or Donald Trump?  http://presidentdonaldtrumped.blogspot.fr/2015/12/who-loves-women-more-bill-clinton-or.html

Can Bernie Sanders Beat Trump? 13 Tips for the Bad Boy Democrat

Berns is not afraid of Donald Trump the way all Trump’s Republican challengers seem to be. Berns will fight Trump man to man and toe to toe. I can see that. And Trump is reading the tea leaves. Today marks one of the few times Trump responded to a challenge with “policy” rather than a school yard diss. Berns put Trump on the defensive! Trump did call him “wacko” but Trump also really did an about face on some policy stuff relating to the minimum wage and the middle class that Bernie criticized him on earlier today.


This is very good for Bernie. This is power on Bernie’s part. He, unlike anybody else so far in this campaign, forced Trump into a corner and had him sing “amazing grace.” giggle giggle. I LOVE it.

But can Bernie keep up the pressure? Cause that is what he has to do. Put Donald in a pressure cooker and don’t let him out till he sings the Halleluia  Chorus – all the parts – all by himself. After that, Berns should send him to his chambre till he learns to behave properly cause Donald has behaved very, very badly. Everybody knows it and he needs to be dealt with with very, very strong hands.

But can Bernie keep it up?

Well, first of all, he has dissed Trump a few times. For example he said that Trump is a pathological liar. And he had a classy diss the other day when he spoke to Trump’s vulgarity. I think this was effective because he doesn’t use this technique often. And he shouldn’t. He should not overuse this technique. Give him a couple of good bafs now and then but Bernie needs to guard against allowing himself and his campaign to degenerate to that level.

Second, he should read these 30 tips I offered a couple of weeks back and see if there is anything he could use cause I think some of them could be gems in his hands such as points 17 and 23 on the list. Bernie is good at presenting himself as a better alternative and he should keep working on that, keeping in mind that better doesn’t mean climbing into the mud except when absolutely necessary. But he needs spunk and he needs courage and he needs smart policy ideas and he needs a good bedside manner. And he has to become a media darling who sells America to Americans.

Trump, dear Berns, is winning because he is a media darling. He and the media have a symbiotic relationship. How do you fight fire with fire? Make better headlines than Trump. Yours have to be on good policy ideas that seduces the electorate but they have to have zing and zip and pizzazz and charisma. Tell them what they want to hear. This is key.

This election is a popularity contest!

Here are 13 tips:

  • Be smart; smarter than everybody in the room.
  • Tell them what they want to hear. 
  • Be a little bit outrageous.
  • Taunt Trump and make him change position. 
  • Force him to the wall; back him up against the wall!
  • Insult him in a classy and original way but only occassionally
  • Steal his people by using seduction techniques
  • Exploit and expose his propensity to talk out of both sides of his mouth (what is his true position???)
  • Make him look naive and uninformed
  • Throw out your own grenades (Trump is very good at this)
  • Keep being a gentleman and defend Hillary and women (you get huge points for this)
  • Create your own issues and drive the debate. Look to students for big issues. Get the young people excited. Tell them what they want to hear, Berns. Give them catnip about these loans!
  • Get out there more on more shows
  • Tweet great one liners often.
  • Do not let go of this issue of Trump’s wealth. Read this post.


Berns is on a roll. Giggle, giggle. Omg. So, he said in a recent interview that Trump is really all about his billionaire boys club:

“It appears that Mr Trump is getting nervous that working families are catching on that his policies represent the interests of the billionaire class against almost everyone else,” Sanders said.

Do I agree? Well, Trump did brand himself as the billionaire candidate from the get go, didn’t he? He is a rich guy and from the beginning, he defined himself as a rich guy. While I think working class people identify with Mr Trump, I don’t think he is really capable of understanding what they are talking about. He just doesn’t get it. If he did, he wouldn’t have, for example, griped about the one million dollar loan he got from his father, as if he thought this explained his tough life.

His presidency is all about the move from democracy to oligarchy in American politics. I don’t even think that he himself is consciously aware of this fact, and of the dangers this poses to American life.

Bernie is right on point to point this out to him and to the electorate.

Experts: If Trump Doesn’t Win His Brand Could Be in Deep Bleep

I just saw this report and the consensus seems to be that at the rate at which he is going, Trump may have no choice but to WIN the presidency. Otherwise his networth will tank like nobody’s business and his brand will be so tarnished he may have to start calling himself Donald! (like Jeb!) and leave off the last name and he is not gonna be happy. Even his real estate portfolio appears to be in peril. Did I not issue the first warning here? He shudda listened.