Trump to the White House in January 2017?

Donald Trump has moved UP in the polls post the FOX debate. This is crazy. There is something weird about this guy. I mean, he has all these négatives and yet, there is a real chance that he is going to be the Republican nominee and one that will really give the democratic challenger (I hope it will be Hillary) a run for her money. What are those négatives? The Des Moines Register:

4. There are niggling worries about Trump.

He’s not the most knowledgeable or most experienced in the race, likely caucusgoers say.
That’s Cruz.
Trump isn’t the most respected by leaders of countries friendly to the United States.
That’s Cruz.
What dents Trump most: his comfort with use of eminent domain and past statements that he favors abortion rights.
It bothers 60 percent of likely caucusgoers that Trump supports using government powers to seize property. It bothers 56 percent that he supported abortion rights in the past and would not have banned late-term abortions.
Questions about his familiarity with the Bible troubles 36 percent, and his bankruptcy filings for four businesses bugs 34 percent.
Negatives about Trump show up in his favorability rating: He’s above water by only his famous hair-do, with 50 percent who view him positively and 47 percent who think negatively about him.
“I don’t think that bodes well for him moving ahead. Ultimately, a nominee must move to unite the party as other candidates drop out,” Stevens said.
Trump is upside-down with women (40 percent positive, 58 percent think negatively about him) and voters who consider themselves in the evangelical lane (42 percent positive, 56 percent negative).
“One thing is clear: Trump is a very unusual candidate for a primary,” Stevens said.

Something tells me that in the end, this won’t even matter. I don’t see how Cruz can beat Trump and if he does, he will be toast because Trump will sue him – and he should – and get him out of the race as he is not a “natural born American.” Who is left? Seriously, who? Marco Rubio is boring as all get out. Ben Carson is funny. Kasich, well I used to back him but I pulled back my vibes so now he is basically tanking in Iowa though he is still doing well in NH. But who do they have that can beat Trump? Chris Christie? No. He is not it. Huckerbee? No. Santorum? No. Who is left? Bush? Hmmmmm…. He’s at 2 percent although he could probably do it. Carly Fiorina? I lost respect for her so no. So it is going to be Trump and everybody knows it. And in spite of those damning stats above,I think the Democrats better plan an iron clad strategy to take this guy down. Otherwise he is going to end up in the White House next January. I’m just saying.

Melania Trump or Bill Clinton? Who would you rather as a “First” spouse?

Trump may have the sexiest wife in politics but Hillary has Bill. And that’s arguably better because Bill  understands that it is going take more than a perfect bum and sexy accent to “Make America Great Again.” The hoarse, white-haired former president filmed a video for his wife which you can find here and in it, he shows rather than tells Hillary’s qualifications and suitability for the job as president, based on her experience and past achievements. 

Melania has had a few magazine spreads and she did the Barbara Walters interview – which was nice – but she has yet to film anything substantive on her husband’s behalf, to say why he would make a great president and to specify any of his past achievements that illustrate her assertions that he would make a great president.

So who would you prefer for a presidential spouse, anyways? The sexy Melania Trump or the White Haired former President, Mr Clinton?

Melania would make a very attractive first lady, hands down. Great sense of fashion. Great accent. Pretty model looks. She would be America’s Carla Bruni Sarkozy (who, apparently, Trump used to know somewhat intimately, apparently)

Bill is old and gray. Still, no offense to Melania but I think Bill would be infinitely more useful to the country as a first gentleman than Melania would be as a first lady, ounce for ounce.

What is your take?

Megyn Kelly: A star is born thanks to Trump

Who made Megyn Kelly a star? I don’t Watch FOX and I never heard of her before this presidential campaign (the things you learn from following Trump!) but she definitely is on my radar now and I imagine she is on a lot of people’s radars too. And just because of that question. But now that Trump lost his attempt to negotiate her removal from a nationally televised debate, and given her corresponding stellar performance, I think a new star is born. Megyn Kelly is  a star. Who should play her in the movie? I forgot who I picked. Was it Michelle Pfiffer? If so, I have changed my mind. I think she should be played by Jennifer Lawrence. What do you think?

Is Trump’s Campaign in Trouble Now?

So, heck, how did that Fox debate turn out? Was Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” (Trump says he refuses to call her that but he did call her a “lightweight.”) Or did she rise to the occassion like one of the boys? I can’t comment cause I haven’t seen the debate personally. But I saw clips and she looked very competent. She even cut her hair! Trump on the other hand, did his veteran’s thingy (very impromptu) and he lookted (sic) a little bit “lonely.”

Did his gamble pay off? Well his tweets suggest not. In my view. It is not what he said. It is what he did not say that tells me his state of mind. He doesn’t think he won that standoff. He is wondering if he made a fool of himself. To be fair, a few pundits said that he won. Many others said he made a big mistake. How will it all play out? Anybody’s guess.

I just read this on, I think,

Whether and how these developments will affect the Iowa caucuses is unclear. Trump may not be as great a negotiator as he proclaims, but he is undeniably a terrific marketer, with an impressive ability to spin defeats into victories. Any other candidate would have been pilloried for doing what he did—you can imagine the consequences if Hillary Clinton tried to skip a Democratic debate because she objected to Anderson Cooper’s presence, then announced that she would host a charity event instead and use the Clinton Foundation to collect the money.
As for Trump? We’ll start to find out on Monday. As he wrote in “The Art of the Deal,” “You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.”

hmmmmm….I am just too exhausted. I can’t analyze this. And you? What do you think of this whole thing?

Sexist phocks: Nobody would Blame Bill If Hillary Cheated on Him

Years ago, there were rumors that one of Trump’s wives had gone off the reservation (wink, wink) but at no time did anybody blame Trump for this alleged impropriety.

What I don’t understand is, why are women routinely blamed when their husbands cheat? Why is it never his fault? It is the woman’s fault because she was a bad wife. She wasn’t sexy enough. He husband didn’t enjoy taking her to bed. Or she grew fat, old, or cellulite-ridden. Or whatever.

And if a woman has the audacity to cheat on her husband? Please. I mean, you don’t even get to cheat on your boyfriend! Ask Kristen Stewart. See how Brad Pitt was coronated when he left Jen for Angie? (they weren’t caught kissing, to be fair) But Kristen Stewart nearly destroyed her career when she was caught kissing another man while she was dating this guy Robert (forgot his last name…Patterson) SHE WAS SINGLE. And the man she was caught kissing WAS MARRIED. But nobody talked about HIM (the guy she kissed). They only excoriated HER.

This is almost universally the status quo. Think about it. When was the last time a guy took the wrap when a woman cheated on him?

But it is annoying as all get out.

I am deeply pertubed that in 2016 we are still castigating women for men’s sexual indiscrétions. And here we are on the cusp of a possibly historic election where we have an opportunity to elect a female president for the first time and what do we do? We turn around and throw her husband’s sexual indiscrétions in her face and accuse her of enabling him.

These same indiscrétions did nothing to derail her husband’s career – and these were his sins and shortcomings – and coincidentally he just happened to have had the same job his wife is aspiring to. But now that Hillary is trying to get the job, she is being shut out because she is married to a cheater. She owes the women he cheated on…what? An apology? Did these virginal lasses not know this man had a wife? I’m just saying asking?

Why is this issue always framed in a way that is anti women? Why do women have to take the blame no matter which way this goes? It is like rape: “It is you fault because you wore a skirt.” Or “your pants were too tight and it turned me on.” Or, “look, you have a vagina! What do you think it is for? Do you think you get to say no to me?”

Why are women always the heavy in these circumstances?

Why are people ESPECIALLY OTHER WOMEN so willing to cast stones at Hillary?

Trump is a damn fool

If Trump boycotts the FOX debate, it is a big political gamble that could hurt him badly. My interpretation of this stand off is as follows:

Trump is saying “I am important. This is all about me. I am all about ratings. Therefore I call the shots or I shut this town down”

Instead he should think: “The American people are important. This election is all about them. They are all about finding a leader who puts them first. Therefore if I don’t put them first, they will call the shots and shut me out of their town.”

New Hampshire

Don’t be foolish, Mr Trump.

Trump Should Have Spent This Week on Ted Cruz, Not Megyn Kelly

This is an uncharacteristically dumb move on the part of Trump who is usually a very shrewd campaigner. I think he wasted the last week before Iowa on a target that is not Worth it. By boycotting this debate, he is once again the focus of the campaign and he is the conversation. But not for the right reason, I think.

This week should have been spent talking about Cruz. Not Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is a supporting actress in the movie, Mr Trump. You are the main character and you should have focused everybody’s attention on Ted Cruz. This week, you would have won more votes by suing Cruz than you will win by demanding that Megyn Kelly get kicked off the debate.


If you think this is a game, then at least understand the rules of engagement. OK? This is about winning votes. Why are you wasting time and an entire week, a PIVOTAL week on this Megyn Kelly crap?

Don’t you realize that you shape the conversation in this race? You determine what all we bozos talk about. But at least, when you pick a topic, think about how it benefits you in terms of VOTES, not watercooler giggle fits.

This week you needed to focus solely on the people in Iowa and NH who will be voting back to back and all your entanglements with the media needed to go back to that demographic. They are all we needed to be talking about. If you had sued Cruz, it would have been a distraction but one that concerns the people of Iowa and they could have interpreted you as even TOUGHER and more serious. Especially the unconverted 70 percent.

Instead, you pick a fight with Megyn Kelly.

So where is John Kasich? He is in NH. Who is in Iowa making their case to the people while you are busy in this ridiculous fight with Megyn Kelly?

That is who will win the nomination, Mr Trump. Not you, I’m afraid. And it is your own damned fault. First Sarah Palin bad luck. Now this. I think you have finally choked.

OMG Bill O’Reilly promises Trump Milkshakes to go to the debate.

FOX Anchor bill O’Reilly offered to buy Trump a milkshake if he would change his mind about attending Thursday night’s debate.

I am speechless. This is just unbelievable. Granted, it was tongue in cheek. Bill basically treated Trump like a two year old child in the midst of a terrible twos tantrum and he is trying to broker a deal with said child: behave and daddy will buy you a milkshake.

But it was also incredibly pathetic on the part of FOX.  They literally are begging Trump to show up. They are begging. They will probably pay Megyn an extra million bonus if she will agree to do what is best for the network and have a last minute emergency that prevents her from attending the debate after all.

Seriously, this is embarassing.  They are making me blush.

FOX’s Roger Ailes Called Trump’s Daughter Ivanka. To Beg?

Jesus. When the omnipotent media heads like Roger Ailes condescends to calling the daughter of a presidential contender to ask said daughter why her daddy refuses to show up to the debate, you realize what a mess the media has devolved into. My gode. Just think about it: Chris Christie decides he won’t show up to the debate. Roger Ailes calls Christie’s daughter to convince him to show up. Ben Carson (remember him???) decides not to show up. Roger Ailes calls Carson’s kid to ask the kid why his daddy said he ain’t coming. Or Ted Cruz says he is not showing up and Ailes calls Ted’s daugther Catherine.

I mean, this is embarassing. This speaks volumes on a whole multiplicity of levels.

FOX news and the other candidates have a golden nugget of an opportunity here to create a show that is unprecedented and to really sock it to Trump for not showing up, really railroading Trump’s candidacy, painting him in the worse possible light as a candidate who just is not serious about serving the American people. Instead, they all still find a way to make it episode 28 of the Trump Show and they scurry around on the telephone begging his little girl to make her daddy come to the party please.


I don’t want to use the Trump vernacular. But all I keep thinking, and excuse me, I hate to be rude, but I keep thinking about the “stupidity” of this whole thing. This thing is stupid.

Will FOX buckle under Pressure and drop Megyn Kelly?

FOX news is furious about Donald Trump’s decision to boycott the debate Thursday night. Not because they love him. Just because they are panicked about their ratings. Trump is a ratings machine and he knows it. He feels this is currency that he can buy and sell in the market place. This gives him a lot of leverage, he thinks.

I really disagree with him on the boycott. FOX probably deserves it for more than one reason. But this is not a game. This is not one of his business deals. This is a presidential election that concerns millions of people in the United States. He wants to be the ultimate public servant of the American people and this means that he needs to show up and represent and tell the American people how he plans to serve them. This personal grudge against Megyn Kelly is personal. They had their little thing even before the campaign started. He used to send her cute little notes for no reason. There was  a little thing. And she asked a tough question he did not like. It was a tough question. But he does not have the right to censor her to dictate the types of questions he will be asked in a presidential debate. None of the candidates do.

First of all, we have the First Amendment. But we also have the fact that as president, he is going to have to deal with a lot of people he may not like. People will say a lot of things about him and some of it may be unfair. For example, someone could do to him what he did to Obama and hold on to it for 8 years. He will have many press conférences where he will be asked tough questions he may not like. And this debate is good practice for him to deal with it. I mean, what is he going to do as president? Control the press?

Don’t get me wrong, maybe some people in the press have met their match and maybe this is what they deserve. I don’t know. Maybe. But I think this is really inappropriate. And the idea that FOX could actually dump Megyn just to get Trump to show up is embarassing. Because it shows that one man with money can completely destroy journalistic integrity and write the story himself. And he is not even president yet. This is scary. Really. Where is this heading? You know?

Trump Will Lose Iowa Because He Loves Himself More Than He Loves IOWANS

I knew it. The minute Sarah Palin came aboard, Mr Trump started to implode. He just doesn’t know it yet. But it is the Sarah Palin Effect. It is untraceable. But a very real syndrome. So now he is making stupid décisions like skipping the debate at FOX because he had a little difference of opinion with Megyn Kelly. He refuses to show up. But the trouble is, in order to spite Megyn Kelly, he is cuttng off his own nose because this is not going to read well with Iowans. Sure they understand that he doesn’t like Megyn but ultimately, he dissed them. He dissed Iowa. It’s like he said the following:

“hey, I like you and all and I want your vote and I believe I can pretty much get it. But I am the most important person in this experience. My needs come first and right now, I need to show FOX how important I am to their ratings. Sorry if this is inconvenient to you. Sorry if you paid money to come see the show. But I am important. I am very important. FOX doesn’t seem to understand this so therefore I have to teach them a lesson, and sadly, you will be left holding the bag. Sorry! Now Get over it and go vote for me cause you know you love me and everybody knows it too.” 

Trump & The First Amendment: Does he respect the press?

How important is Freedom of Speech to Mr Trump? For that matter how important is the First Amendment which touches on more than simply Freedom of Speech. There is also Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion. Freedom to Assemble.

Why do I even ask this question?

I don’t know….

I am thinking of the situation with Megyn Kelly (and others) and I Wonder if as president we will have more or less freedom to speak and to criticize and to voice our opinions under Mr Trump.

I kid a lot about how he feels about Megyn but this is a little bit serious. He has to be careful about censorship. He seems very keen on shutting up any voice that does not agree with him 100 percent of the time.

This can be dangerous, Mr Trump. You need to Watch this tendancy you have. It is a weakness and if you become president it has very serious conséquences for democracy.

I really think you crossed the line by boycotting the debates because you don’t like Megyn’s speech. This is setting a very, very, troubling precedent and example.

Rethink this one, Mr Trump

Trump: I will skip FOX Debate Because of Megyn Kelly. Smart? Mistake.

Wait a second. First, I thought Trump digs Megyn Kelly and that she “turns him on” enormously. Now, it appears that oops, she really scares him. He has refused to attend a scheduled debate on Thursday night unless Megyn is removed as a moderator! He is that afraid of her! Very interesting. He is definitely not indifferent to her. She evokes heavy emotions in this guy. Very interesting. But incredible that he makes it that obvious that she gets under his skin. That he cannot ignore her. That he cannot handle her. Very interesting. I am really surprised.

I mean, I have advised him to skip prior debates (advice he obviously ignored) but ironically this is the one debate I would not have advised skipping. And not just because it is on FOX and that Megyn will be there. But it is the last one for him to make a final pitch in Iowa. He is very very high in the polls and maybe the thinks he doesn’t have anything to say. And really, this absence is so unprecedented that it is going to get a lot of press. And apparently he has a competing show on CNN that night so actually, he is going to kill FOX in ratings.

But he leaves the door wide open for another candidate to shine and really break through if they seize this opportunity and really hone their strategy and go to that debate to do business. With him not there, even Bush could make an impact. It won’t be to 24 million people but none of those people will likely be voting in Iowa. The Iowa audience is much smaller and local media as well as FOX debate will be more important to this audience. This is a tight niche and they will be watching fox. Especially the other 70 percent who are not already committed to Trump. They will not think his boycott is in their best interest and especially not when ostensibly it is because he is running away from Megyn.

Another candidate can frame this as sexist and damage Trump’s standing with women, for example. Or megolomaniacal. I mean, who does he think he is really? First he says he could shoot people in the street and still win votes and now he doesn’t even show up to the debate unless people meet his demands, which, for some people might be ridiculous and unreasonable demands? This could backfire.

It dépends on how everybody else frames it, through what lens they present it. But it could definitely backfire big time.

And Cruz now has a much, much better platform to close the deal with these evangelicals.

Dumb move, Donald. Incredibly badly timed move. It looks like you are running and afraid of a girl, which is the worse part of all. How could you have given Megyn Kelly so much power?

Trump Goes to War Against Evangelical Leader in Iowa but with pushback

According the the Washington Post, Donald Trump has a new victim and it is an evangelical leader, a guy by the name of Mr Vander Plaats decided to endorse Ted Cruz over Trump after Trump lavished him with free hotel stays while he and his family ALLEGEDLY were in New York. First of all, I do think this is a waste of an endorsement. But of course, I don’t agree with Trump for attacking everybody who does not do his bidding. And he should have learned his lesson after lavishing politicians over the years. Look at how that turned out with people like Hillary and others. He should guard against even the appearance of quid pro quo because it looks like he is trying to win favors and when people don’t deliver, obviously if your motivation was to gain favors, you are going to be angry and feel used. Not saying this is the case here, but it does sound a little iffy.

But it is a waste of an endorsement because Cruz’s run is illegal as I keep saying, so what the heck is Vander Plaats doing.

According to the Washington Post:

Vander Plaats said he endorsed Cruz over Trump because the billionaire businessman’s record on abortion and gay marriage is “a mixed bag.” He said that he was concerned when Trump said at a forum with evangelicals in Iowa last summer that he does not seek forgiveness from God. Vander Plaats was also put off by Trump’s attacks on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a decorated Vietnam War veteran. The final straw: when Trump appeared to mock the physical disability of a New York Times reporter. Vander Plaats said he was also dismayed to hear Trump joke that he could shoot someone and still not lose support.

Ted has gotten a few last minute endorsements in the last few days. Big surprise. What if he beats Trump? That would be crazy and a little bit hilarious. Although, I doubt Trump would be amused…

What if Cruz wins, seriously. Could Trump even contemplate being vice president Under Cruz, do you think?

One More time: Ted Cruz’s Run for President is illegal.

I was just watching the bad boy Trump and he reiterated that Ted’s run is not kosher. He took it a step further by saying the Texas Senator can run for the prime minister of Canada. I didn’t think of that. And I think this matters. This makes it worse. This is not to say that someone with dual citizenship cannot be president. Although, maybe. Although, that would be a more political question, I think. But it is to say that someone who is not natural born is blocked by the constitution.

I find it incredible actually. I don’t want Trump to win. Last thing I want and I think it is better for us Dems to go against Cruz than Trump. So it is better if Cruz wins. But on the other hand, I cannot be silent about this aspect of Cruz’s CV. His citizenship is a huge deal. I mean, this is a very HUGE deal and issue. You have a Canadian running for the office of president and the Constitution clearly says this is not allowed and people are still sitting there saying its no big deal. I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that so many people are blind to such a big truth.

Maybe God does exist because it is clearly possible for something to be invisible, yet be the biggest existing thing known to man. Just because you can’t easily see it and discern it and understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

God exists
Ted Cruz’s natural born citizenship in the United States does not.

Seriously, why was Obama the only president who had to show his birth certificate?

I keep wondering why Obama was the only president in history who had to show his birth certificate? This bothers me as an American. I think that first of all, as I have opined ad nauseum, Ted Cruz’s candidacy needs to be examined for legitimacy by both the legislature and the judiciary. But the legislature definitely needs to address this birth certificate issue. I think every person who runs for the office of president of this country should show their birth certificate. It needs to be a law. They need to show their birth certificate and that of their parents. It should be one of the things they have to disclose along with others like their financials. It should not be that only some people have to show their birth certificate. I am actually very appalled that this is not already the rule. Trump once again, has touched on a very important point.

How can it be that there are such important constitutional requirements for the office of the presidency and there is no rule in place to make sure that everybody is in strict compliance?

Presidential candidates should ALL disclose their birth certificates going forward. Not just because they did it to Obama.Although that is partially it. Equal protection. Due process. 14th Amendment. But because of this issue with Cruz and others (the birth abroad crisis) the American people need to know up front who the heck they are entertaining as potential candidates for the presidency. I think. Don’t you think?

Obama Backs Hillary for President

So my dad just informed me that president Obama said in an interview that Hillary is the one. So I asked if he said it in so many words or if he spoke in French and thus left it to the imagination. He said Bamy did not say it in French, more like in Chinese. Giggle, giggle. But he definitely said that based on what Bamy said, it can be inferred that he is behind Hillary. So I said great. Maybe Bamy reads my blog too.

Thanks President Obama! Thank you on behalf of Hillary and the Democrats…

You are so cute….