Why Would Trump Refuse to Disavow the Support of the KKK?

How does one make
onion soup?

Whatever his personal views, it is puzzling why Trump declined to denounce the KKK and David Duke. How is this a winning political strategy. He is a cunning guy and I am sure he knows what he is doing. But it seems unnecessarily politically incorrect. Maybe he thinks a lot of his supporters support and agree with the ideology of the KKK and so by denouncing the KKK, he could alienate his supporters. Who knows what is in his head when he takes this position. But even fellow Republicans are perturbed, including some of his opponents (who he says he respects and is friends with) and former leaders in the Republican party.  But. I am sure he knows what he is doing. This guy is not stupid.

Is the GOP souping to Crown Mitt Romney the Nominee in a brokered convention?

My dad came up with the idea but I think I see the logic. I think I agree. Mitt Romney is up to something. HUGE. He has been relentlessly hitting Trump last few days. And this would not be a big deal. Except that it would be in poor form (a former GOP nominee derailing the frontrunner of the GOP???) unless there is some kind of method to the Madness. My dad thinks the strategy is this: Ted and Marco and even Kasich stay in the race till June not to win, but to sabotage. That means, by chipping away at delegates, they prevent Trump from getting all the

Butternut squash soup
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delegates he needs to be the outright nominee. That then forces a negotiated nominee which will be decided by the delegates, who, apparently, can pick ANYBODY even someone who did not campaign!

Can you even imagine such a scenario? That delegates can choose anybody?! I think the country’s gun laws would have to be suspended in situation like this. Seriously. Don’t you agree?!

And guess what? Compared to the candidates currently running, Mitt is infinitely more presidential. Isn’t he? Trump says Mitt is a choker but at least, Mitt knows how to behave like a president.

So my  hunch is, the party bosses have gotten together in a smoke filled room, mafia style (cigars and butternut squash soup in tow) and have decided that in the event of a brokered convention, they are going to pivot to Mitt because, in their view, all the other candidates are just one toe nail away from being a “bozo.”

That, in my opinion, is why Mitt Romney suddenly arose from his political grave and is harassing Trump the way he is. What do you think?

The plot thickens.


Trump Ignores Marco Rubio & Pivots to Hillary

A Cappucino on a chilly
Parisian night – Bliss…

Trump is very skilled, isn’t he? Whenever he gets in over his head or feels out-maneuvered, he just switches to something else and changes the subject. So poor Marco Rubio is expending all this energy trying to get into the mudbath with Trump for  a frolic and Trump just moves on to a new topic: Hillary and also, the fact that he is “self funding his campaign and therefore in it to work for YOU.” Absolutely no response to Rubio’s mockery and taunts about his spelling challenges and his little hands and wet pants. In effect, this just makes Rubio look silly. Don’t you think?

Well, it looks like I am going to successfully upload the video saying congratulations to Hillary after trying for more than 24 hours. Jeeze It is in the post “Butterfly Hillary Clinton Has Put on Her Pantsuit,” I think. I am not very savvy with technology as you can probably tell. I made the video on Sunday when I prepared my beautiful little brunch. Check it out!


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Is Marco Rubio’s Ridicule of Trump Presidential?

I am about to have lunch and so while it simmers I am checking to see what is going on with the élections. And I am finding all these stories about how Marco Rubio is landing all these hits against Trump and I’m just like…

Look, I am not about to hold anybody to disparate rules and treatment because I don’t like it when it is done to me. But I have personally noticed that Marco Rubio has become a lot more aggressive in his attacks on Trump and this is fine, I guess, in the spirit of the battle. I mean, Trump wrote and is writing the rules and Trump has mercilessly taunted Rubio about his excessive sweating, and other shortcomings, hasn’t he? So I guess if Rubio is finally counterpunching, it ought to be fair game.

Spinach soup with leeks peppered with
poivre noire, viennoiseries,
Natural mineral water, cappucino

It is just that I wonder if this approach is uniquely suited to Trump and not to other candidates? When Trump does it, it is one thing. When others do it, it somehow looks and reads differently. Doesn’t it?

Rubio, to me, looks and sounds like an uncouth university student who is having the time of his life at a beer party. The debased conversation where he starts to talk about Trump wetting his pants and the smallness of Trump’s hands and stuff like that is, well, it is very Trumpish. But is this who we want as our president representing us around the world with other superpowers? Can America maintain her reputation as this “mighty” power when we have a president who behaves like this?

What these candidates don’t seem to realize is that the entire world is watching and listening to this. The entire world includes other world leaders, such as in the European Union, Asia Pacific, South America, and the African continent. When they see and hear these things coming out of the mouth of someone they will not only try to negotiate deals with but their so called “leader” I just worry for guys like Rubio.

A little basket of viennoiseries

He is at a disadvantage because he already is and looks like a boy. He looks very Young. To get people to take him and the country seriously, he will have to read, sound and act a lot older. This frat boy strategy, therefore is very risky for him, I think. Sure, he hits little points in the country with people hungry for these types of cheap thrills.
But, ultimately, I think perhaps this is much too debasing of the office of the presidency what is going on in the GOP right now.

I remember when George Bush, the son, was about to take office after Bill Clinton and he said “I am going to bring dignity back into the White House.

Spinach soup with leeks (salt, black pepper)

What is he saying now? Given what looks to be about to enter the White House?

I wonder.

What do you think? And to be fair, as I said, Trump’s behavior is just as bad or worse. But why does he come off one way and other candidates another way? Is it just my perception?

Well, time for lunch. I am making a quick spinach/leek soup. Like the pics?


Wow. People around the world are reading my blog!

Largely, I think I am blogging to myself (and sometimes Trump who stops by on occassion)
Love cupcakes. Do you?
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But I checked my stats and realized that yesterday, I had visitors from America, Germany, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and Spain. Wow! Thanks for reading, you guys!
United States










Marco Rubio: “Trump has small hands suitable for a guy who is five feet two.”

Wow. Marco Rubio is landing punch after punch to Donald Trump’s left jaw. He is now mocking the size of Trump’s hands. He says for a guy who is as tall as Donald, 6’2′ that Donald’s hands are disproportionately small. I would imagine Marco and Donald have shaken hands many times so

A bowl of oranges
courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

Marco knows the dimensions of Donald’s hands. He concludes that with such small hands, Donald is untrustworthy. I never heard that saying that you can’t trust men with small hands, have you?

Also, Marco says that Donald does not sweat because Donald’s pores are clogged with all the spray tan he uses. And he says Donald will not make America great again, he will make America orange.

The fight is on.  OO la la.

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Remember the Good Old Days When Trump & Cruz Went To Washington?

Do you like pretzels?
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What a difference 8 months make. It is almost enough time to have a baby from start to finish. And also it is the amount of time it took for the fake bromance between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to be exposed for what it was. What would you call it? I would not say a fraud because that is a very strong word with very negative connotations. But it was definitely not real. Why did they pretend therefore and go to Washington to protest the Iran Deal and rile up all those people if they knew that they really could not stand each other?


Trump Bashed for Quoting Mussolini. What’s the Big Deal?

So Trump retweeted a quote by fascist Italian dictator Benito Andrea Mussolini. My big thing is this: Every human person is dual. This guy, Mussolini, lived. During his life, he did many things that were not so fabulous. But he must have done one or two things that were okay? I think? For example, I am sure he loved someone or something during his passage through the earth. He had a wife. He probably had a pet. So he made some really bad choices and décisions along the way, for which, I am sure, the Father has exacted his penance and collected his fines. And then, there are his words, his quotes, his expressions that have been left behind. What do we do with them? Do we throw them in his coffin never to utter them again? Do we wipe them from our history books? Or do we take them and try to salvage something out of a misguided life that left an indelible mark on humanity?

Long time I haven’t eaten pizza!
And you?

I have come to understand that the human is a data processing machine.

We are data. Created by something or someone quite mysterious. I call this thing or person “Father” or “Papa.”

We are data. He put all this data into this thing we call our “body.”

What our job is once he throws us down here (and by the way, Earth is the lowest point in the Universe – and I know this cause all roads lead to “up” from here) but our job is to interpret the data.

Who are we? Why are we here? The answer is programmed within but most of us never figure it out, alas. But we go through the experience and we do what we do and say what we say.

Some of us do a good job
Some of us to a bad job
Some of us are just mediocre

And then there are guys like Mussolini. He really performs some data analysis and does an interpretation that is just wacko.  And then he dies. He leaves, as we all will.

But his words remain. His quotes remain.

Are all his words and all his deeds “bad”? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think there was good data in there and maybe that is the one bit of data or data interpretation from his entire life, that humanity was meant to take away from his failed experience: better to live one day like a lion, than 100 days like a sheep….

I mean, I don’t know that I agree. Sheep live very peaceful lives, I think, grazing dreamily on a green hill. The life of a lion looks like it could be awfully stressful.

But so what? It is just data. These were just his words. His interpretation of the data.

Even if he was a bad person overall, he wasn’t a bad person 100 percent and it is an interesting quote…… It is like Trump and his famous quote: “Think Big.” So after he dies are you saying we can’t say this quote cause Trump was not very nice to Mexicans, immigrants,women and Muslims?

Wouldn’t that be a tad ridiculous?….Or maybe not. I don’t know…

Jeeze….what the bleep am I talking about? Forget everything I just said. It has been a long day and I am tired.



Vincenté Fox Repeats the “F” Bomb About Trump’s Wall on Fox

Tacos, anyone?
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Giggle giggle

Everytime I hear this guy speak, Vincenté Fox, ex presidente of Mexico? About Trump’s wall? I break up into bits.I don’t know why.

But he did it again. He dropped the “F” bomb about the wall on Fox. They knew he would do that, I am sure and they wanted to cash in on it.

But the movie about this election would not be complete without this guy, Vincenté

That is a funny guy.

Great name.


Marco Rubio on Trump: He wears makeup and he wanted a full length mirror

Marco Rubio is making fun of Trump and it is rough. Marco said the following about Trump yesterday at a rally:

a) Trump can’t spell or he probably hired a illegal worker to do his tweets
b) Trump wanted to check his make up behind the scènes at the debate because he has a sweat moustache
c) Trump wanted to check his pants to make sure they were not wet (so he asked for a full length Mirror)
d) Trump can’t spell “choke” and “honor” “leightweight”
e) Trump was having a meltdown, waving his arms up and down and someone was trying to calm him down.
f) Trump would be the oldest president
g) They can’t probably spell at the Wharton School of Business where Trump went


Jeanette Rubio v. Melania Trump

Well, I have said Mrs Trump is pretty. She is a supermodel after all.  I don’t know Jeanette Rubio obviously but I saw her here and I thought she is pretty too.  Both should be assets to their husbands? Like sweet raspberries? But in your opinion, who is cuter? Take another look at Melania here


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Foto Flickr creative commons

Marco Rubio – Donald Trump is a con artist and scam

Rubio eating Trump for Hor d’œuvre (appéritif)?
foto flick creative commons

Marco Rubio is on the offensive about Donald Trump. Wow. Is Trump aware of the things Rubio said today? On Face the Nation??? World Class Scam Artist?! This is what Rubio called Trump! And this is one of the nicest things he said!  Oh wow! Talk about an attack.
Do you think Trump will counterpunch?

…Is it me or does Rubio look like he is wearing lipstick?



WP Janell Ross on what the “massive black turn out” meant for Hillary’s Win in SC

This journalist who writes for the Washington Post has a nice writer’s touch and voice. I always find myself enjoying an article and then I get to the bottom and it is she: Janell Ross. Very clean writing style that I like… you can’t tell who or what she is till you scroll down to see her picture. It means she does a good job with journalistic neutrality. I think.

So in this article she explained why Clinton won and Sanders lost in South Caroline: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/02/28/what-hillary-clintons-massive-win-among-black-voters-really-says/  And also, why Iowa and New Hampshire might not be the best states to judge the outcome of a presidential election, quite frankly.

Which is bad news for Bernie and Ted Cruz. Not so much Trump as he has proven he can win in diverse states like South Carolina.

Trump is the nominee

Hillary is the president.

As I see it.

Two Mexican Presidents Compare Donald Trump To Hitler Says the UK Guardian

Do Mexicans like Donald Trump? Who knows. What I do know is that he got a huge amount of the Hispanic votes in the Nevada caucus a couple of days back. But according to the UK Guardian, the former leaders of Mexico have not been mincing their words about the Republican frontrunner

First of all, my big question is, is there, between “Hispanics,” any kind of nationalistic tensions? For example, do Mexicans like Peruvians? Do Peruvians like Argentinians? How do the Ecuadorians fare with the Bolivians?

Because, just because Trump has a strong distaste for Mexicans and expresses it, and just because Mexican leaders like Filipe Calderon and Vincenté Fox disdain Trump because of what he said about Mexicans and Mexico, does not mean that all Hispanics share the sentiment. Indeed, there could be infighting among Hispanics depending on where they are from. I mean, I don’t know. But it is a very likely scenario. It happens in other groups as well. Just because people are culturally and racially similar does not mean they like each other. Food for thought….

Meanwhile, in her victory speech, Hills says we need more love and kindness in America. My eyes filled with tears. I think I love her now. I think I love her.

Well, I just washed the dishes and I am waiting for my washing machine to stop so that I can plug in my sewing machine (I have a thing about too many electrical things going at once, so you can mock me all you want) so that I can do some work on that red dress by which I am completely bedeviled for the past several weeks! Notice how one of the sleeves is longer than the other? I don’t know how to address this issue.


I’m fine..I’m fine…I will figure it out…

After, I shall make dinner although I have no idea what…..

And you?  whatcha doing today? Anything good?

Butterfly Hillary Clinton Has Put on Her Pant Suit!

Great victory speech, Madame Clinton! http://edition.cnn.com/2016/02/27/politics/south-carolina-democratic-primary-recap/index.html?eref=rss_latest

Now, stay focused!

It is important to celebrate victories along the way.


Do not lose your focus. Do not get too excited.

It ain’t over till it’s over.



Hillary Trounces Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. Watch Out, Mr. Trump!

I woke up to great news. While preparing my breakfast (not oatmeal today you should be happy to know), I am listening to the news recap

Eggplant sautéed in Olive oil

of Mrs. Clinton’s vanquishing of Mr Sanders last night in the South Carolina primaries. Yeah! I am very pleased with the

Tart lemons

My prayers are working already. Thank God. And don’t misunderstand. I have nothing against Bernie. I want him and Hills to run together in November. But I just think that Hillary will make a better president this time. She will be the civil rights president of our generation. I know this. She feels she has to prove it to us that she is for real, that she gets it. And this will be the best, most powerful incentive and motivation.

Green tea

Well, time to eat. Today I am having eggplant again. Last week I bought 3 eggplants. For what? I don’t know. Now I feel all this pressure to eat them so they don’t go to waste. And they are very nice sautéed in olive oïl. Today I am serving myself eggplant, a sunny-side up egg (in honor of the beautiful sunshine coming through my window) and green tea. Plus, I am going to send a little audio message to Hills to say congrats on her win in South Carolina.

I hope you enjoy the pics. They are 100% mine.

Apples & pears

Happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂