The Doctrine of Hillary R Clinton or the HRC Doctrine

What is the HRC Doctrine? How would you define it if you had to write a short explanation? It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And who should define it? Hillary herself? Or do others define it for her? I mean, Obama does not go around saying “this is my doctrine.” Neither did Bush or anyone else. So I guess it is the observer who defines the doctrine of the person. How would you define HRC’s doctrine? It is such a big and intriguing question, isn’t it?

Well, I am not going to attempt that right now as I have to go to bed. But it is one for you to ponder.


As for the food aspect: Like my blue tapioca? I did not feel like cooking dinner tonight so I just made a dessert instead. I am trying to think of a french name for it. Speaking of which I thought it would be fun to give all my dishes and concoctions french names. What do you think? Stroke of genius?  For example, with the tapioca I made today,

How about Le petit tapioca bleu?

It is made with tapioca, blue food coloring, brown sugar and granola. And it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it immensely….

Pics coming soon…

What are your thoughts? Someone told me today “you are mad!” Is this your position as well?

The Corey Lewandowski Battery/Assault Tapes

So. I saw a few views of the so called “assault” tapes featuring Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and the Breitbart reporter Michele Fields. Is that her name?


I really expected to see more, I have to say. I mean, I deplore the violent tone of the Trump campaign and I have said so in no uncertain terms and there have been times at Trump’s rally where, in my opinion, he seemed to be inciting violence from the crowd and against protesters and I have not had hair on my tongue in denouncing him and rebuking him.


But this charge of “battery” and “assault” against Lewandowski for this particular incident?….hmmmmmm…is this all? I mean, there is more to it than what has been shown, right? Cause if that is all, I think he is being scapegoated. No, seriously. Yes, the campaign has had a violent tone. Yes, this tone was probably fueled by Lewandowski who manages the campaign behind the scenes. Yes, any unauthorized “touching” is battery and thus actionable.

yes, yes, yes and yes.

But. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know if this was the best proof of the “violence” in the campaign unless the full tape has not been revealed to the public? Maybe they are holding the best part?

I don’t know. It seems a little bit like grabbing at straws. I probably should just not blog about this particular issue but I believe in truth and justice and equity and I am learning that it is a double sided coin. I think in the environment of a campaign that is so fast paced, that the moment this woman chose to assert “battery and assault” is a little bit questionable and a little bit petty. Unless there is more to the tape as I said.

And if that is all there is, then I agree with Trump that Lewandowski should not be fired. He should be reprimanded. But not fired. Because obviously, he does not have the right to touch her or anyone else without their consent – especially within the context of all the other violence. But I really cannot join the chorus of people who say that that particular incident so shocked the conscience (and I know this is not the legal standard used to determine battery) that this much ado should be exercised.

Indeed, my grand conclusion is, with respect to this PARTICULAR incident is that it is much ado about nothing.

And this is not at all to defend or excuse these folks. It is just to say that this is not the right incident to set an example with the Trump campaign.

VoilĂ .

Trump Campaign Manager Arrested and I am making Blitzkriegs

I came home with an idea for a new recipe I want to call Blitzkrieg. The finished product comprises flour, egg, pimentos, ketchup, paprika, egg, dried tomatoes (in oil) and roquefort cheese. It worked out nicely, I think, and I took pics which probably won’t successfully upload till tomorrow so if you want to see pics you have to check back.

At first, I thought of calling them hot red engines but I think blitzkrieg is so much more appropriate especially in light of the headlines involving Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski who was arrested today for BATTERY! Can you believe it? The charges stem from a March incident at a rally involving Mr Lewandowski and a reporter who claims the campaign manager who was with Mr Trump at the time had “roughed her up.” And this supposedly was caught on tape. Can you believe it?


I think the proverbial bleep is starting to hit the fan and I don’t know how it will all resolve itself but it is starting to hit the fan. This could be a turn for the campaign because the stress is going to mount on Corey and there already is rumored to be internal bickering. Trump, for now, is siding with Corey but if I were Corey, I would not take that to the bank. It is not cash. It is more like a certificate which is less sure. Know what I mean? If needed, Trump is going to heave ho him overboard to save the ship if it starts to go down and this is perfectly understandable but Corey is not going to go without a major splash and he will divulge secrets and this will destroy Trump’s chances once and for all. Because Trump has secrets and Corey knows these secrets, I suspect, cause he flies on the plane with Trump and Hope Hicks, his assistant and media representative and they both have dirt on Trump, for sure. Did I not call it months back? Am I clairvoyant or what? Crazy. This is epic crazy.

This thing could turn into a war which began innocently enough with the alleged “grab” that led to the arrest. A toppling effect on a house of cards. This is my hunch. A big risk here, for Trump, for an unforeseen internal war that just ends with his whole campaign being carpet bombed by his own campaign manager.

And so, my Blitzkrieg recipe could not be any more apropos! CRAZY. And those darn little bastards were d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s I wanna tell you. I swear, I need to look into publishing this stuff in a book. Do you think it would sell???


Well, check back later for pics. You know the drill….

Could Paul Ryan Emerge as the GOP Nominee?

Sugar cubes

I keep hearing this ridiculous rumor that Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, could emerge as the GOP nominee if the proverbial bleep hits the fan in Cleveland in July and if none of the current contenders for the nomination emerge as the clear winner after the first ballot. So some wiseguy on, I think it was NBC, suggested Paul Ryan could just step in and be the nominee. Is this possible? I mean, don’t get me wrong. Ryan is a very cute Irish American guy. His ethnicity is not relevant, I just threw that in for extra info. He is cute. But the suggestion that he could just ride in from East Bubble Bleep, on his black stallion, and take over the convention and be the nominee without doing any of the hard lifting? I don’t see how this is even possible. Do you? But I will say this: the media keeps talking about how the convention location is a “gun free zone” and this, I think, is wise. Because these Republicans are on a serious collision course with some serious shizzo in the United States with this election here. They are bored and they want high drama and they are doing everything possible to see to it that high drama is delivered. But maybe not. Maybe it is better (from the perspective of Trump’s supporters) if a guy like Ryan gets it and not Cruz or Kasich. Do you agree?…and then again, he might make the perfect vp for Trump. think about it.

Well, I gotta go do my nails. and other stuff. I can’t twaddle on this blog all day; and while I took pics of my dishes (I made a black pasta dish that I thought was quite intriguing and I also did an interesting omelette (I basically pigged out today. It is very shameful)), I can’t seem to upload the pics because yahoo is not cooperating and so it is quite possible that you have seen your last food shot from me, which, I know, makes you feel more than just a little bit bereft. Not to worry. I am sure I will think up some other exciting distractions before long. …

Good night. 🙂


Oatmeal cooked in coconut milk sweetened with brown sugar

I ate all the tamarinds

Black pasta from Italy
tonnarelli al nero di seppia

Green tomato and ? snow peas?
apples in the background

Black pasta and green tomato salad with snow peas

Omelette with smoked ham & roasted chunks of apple

Tamarind seeds (there goes my tamarind stew!)

Wow, Trump Loses Louisiana Even Though He Won. He promises to Sue

I just read this and cringed.

Trump won the popular vote in Louisiana but lost the delegate votes to Ted Cruz. Cruz ended up with more delegates than Trump. So Trump says he is going to sue and the website above excoriated Trump, calling him a loser among other things for threatening to sue.


Well, I am not a Ted Cruz fan. I would back him only if Trump continues to rile up the country and encourage violence. But he hasn’t been doing that in the last week or so. I think he has stopped and I think he understands that that strategy is not gonna fly. So I am just listening and watching but as of this moment, I am neutral on the two of them, leaning a little bit towards Trump again.

Because, Cruz is no better, really. In some ways he is worse. So if I am gonna pick one, at least Trump is not boring. But the two of them are off their rockers and Hillary better win this. Although, Bernie is knocking around! And that bird. Can you believe that bird? But that is another story. Back to Trump and Cruz.

What the?

How can Cruz get more delegates?

But this lawsuit idea? I am not so sure.

I still don’t get why Trump failed to nuke Cruz on the natural born issue. I know the board of elections deemed him “natural born” but so what? They are not the Supreme Court. They are not the Constitution. Why didn’t Trump nuke Cruz when he had the chance? Now, Cruz is gonna rain all over his parade and it is his own fault for failing to listen to the “sorcerer with the copper pots.” *

giggle giggle.

gotta run. Waiting for pics of my coconut milk oatmeal to download. I think I prefer coconut milk with oatmeal and brown sugar (and topped with shredded cheese if you want) to what I did yesterday which was plain oatmeal, salted with cheese on top and slices of apple. I think oatmeal works better with sugar than salt. But the cheese works, believe it or not. You should try it.

pics later.

Why in the World Would Ivanka Trump Name Her New Baby “Ted”?

This is the strangest name choice I have ever seen in my life. Her father is involved in an epic fight for the presidency of the United States whereby he has a penchant for calling his rival Ted Cruz “lyin’ Ted” and Ivanka ups and calls her newborn Ted? This is almost crazy. I mean, I saw the pic of the little thing and he is cute as can be. But Theodore? Ted? Ted Kuschner Trump? Ted Trump?

Hmmm….. well, I guess if that is the only name she could think of then who am I to question her judgment. I just wonder if her relationship with her father will survive this election. I always remember an interview she did many, many years ago. I think it was on the View. And she said something about why she had initially suggested that her father give her a position and title in the company below her brother Don. And in talking about money and inheritances and this whole family business thing she said that “I have seen how this stuff can just destroy families.” And it struck me then.

I wonder if this election is what will destroy the Trumps? They all seem to be lined up behind their father. Especially the sons. But the daughters, especially Ivanka, not so much. Ivanka puts her husband and kids first and she has said as much. And it is normal. But I don’t know.  I think this election is going to cause a rift in her relationship with her father. I think this is the final insult. Naming that kid Ted. What in the world is she thinking? Is she subconsciously resentful of her father? I mean, if I am running for president and my daughter has a baby and names the baby after my main rival, it is going to raise my eyebrows. That I can tell you.

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Takes a Hit: Bernie Wins Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

Hmmm….Hills definitely did not have a great weekend. Was this expected and anticipated by her campaign? I wonder. With three huge blowout wins and over 100 delegates amassed (this is correct, right? It is over 100?), Bernie Sanders definitely cuts Clinton’s lead significantly; and on top of that, what I realized this morning, is the media is setting up Hillary supporters for a nasty surprise because they are inflating her lead – on purpose. A huge part of the number they quote in her lead are SUPERDELEGATES and these people can switch to Bernie Sanders at the last minute. So really, Hillary’s lead is significantly smaller than they are leading us to believe and they are doing this because it is a bigger story if Bernie catches up (and, yes he could) with her.

This is actually VERY bad for Hillary because when her supporters see these big leads she supposedly has, they will overestimate her likelihood of winning the nomination and underestimate the strength of a Sanders threat. When people overestimate the strength of their candidate’s chances, a lot of times they don’t even show up to vote.

On the one hand, Hillary and her strategists might like this hyperbole. Because it sounds good and it sounds like success. But in the end, this could cost her because it is misleading. And her supporters could use this misleading information to justify their complacency and their lack of motivation to show up to vote.

I think we need to look at this factor, Hills. You need to be doing a better job of getting your people fired up. I am not happy with this triple loss over the weekend. I have to be very frank with you. We need to improve our game. This is getting too close for comfort.


Well, with that said, it is Easter, isn’t it? I guess a lot of people will be going to church or otherwise celebrating? Happy Easter, everyone! I wish you all a joyful day.  Below are my pics of my Easter lunch (and breakfast) and some anecdotes.

So, Easter. Easter was always a big deal in my life when I was growing up. It meant a new dress, and a big meal which often included killing a goat, pig or cow. It was actually a little bit sauvage, this process of killing the animal because the whole village would show up, seemingly, and the men were center stage and they seemed to relish taking down the poor animal, and watching its blood spew forth.  For me, even then, it was perhaps a little bit barbaric.

I do eat meat though, in spite of this, even though I have come to question whether we as humans have the right to do this to these animals. I am not sure that we have the right. What do you think? Do we have the right? Really?

I did not have meat today. Well, that is not true. I had smoked bacon strips. (lardon fumĂ© in french). So I concocted this thing that was very much a fusion (of what? Not exactly sure) but heavily Caribbean in sensibility. I am hesitant to say my style had French influences because it does not. French cuisine is very specific and a very well developed art. I don’t know anything about it. American cuisine is also very specific and I also don’t think my style is properly characterized as having “American” influences So when I say “fusion” I guess what I mean is that I am an American living in Paris and so there is some American in my outlook, and then I used ingredients bought in Paris so there is some “French” in the source but the essence of what I made, I think, is from the culture of the Caribbean where my formative years occurred. But most of all, I think my style is really just “me.”

And this is very interesting because as I have said, I did not realize I had retained anything from this time in my life; nor did I realize that it would come back to me so much later in life and for no apparent reason. On top of that, as I have said, I have had this reputation since I was a little girl of being an absolutely horrendous cook and even now (just last week) when I talk about my cooking, my family members laugh. Mom could not complete the discussion about my pink polenta beet cupcakes till she saw the pictures, for example. All I had to say was “pink foongie” (our name for polenta) and she went to pieces. And I was a little bit upset that I can’t seem to change this perception people have of me.

Well, alors. For no particular reason, I have suddenly become interested in cooking and it is very much inspired by my childhood days. The things my mind and imagination seek, are predominately from that time in my life. Case in point, yesterday I bought a box of tamarinds, and okras, and curry and green tomatoes. I had no idea what I was going to make but I bought them.

Then I came home and I decided I would try to make a tamarind stew. This was and still is very common in the place I grew up. It is like a jam, really, a marmalade. I have no idea how to do it and will have to do research but I bought the tamarinds and I cannot wait to try to make the stew in a few days.

But what was I going to cook for Easter? Without meat? Well, I decided to do a curry purée of green tomatoes, okra, onion, snow peas (pois mangetout from Kenya); as well as a dasheen salad. Have you ever had dasheen yourself? It is a very interesting alternative to potatoes.

Below are the pics. I included a little bit from my breakfast too. But I don’t recommend my breakfast. I tried to do oatmeal with cheese, salt and apple and in the end, I think I prefer oatmeal with sugar.

But voilĂ . The pics are on their way. Check back.

Oatmeal topped with apple and cheese
Table cloths and napkins from my collection

A sweet cup of tea
garnished with wild grapes I picked off
a neighbor’s wall (and tied in a ribbon)

Concoction in the copper pot: okra, green tomatoes,
snow peas, fondue
Tamarinds for dessert
Dasheen salad on the side

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump is a rat but I have no desire to COPULATE with him

What in the name of god have this country and its election process come to?


My French students
making American Apple Pie

On another note, I had a very nice day today. I tend to enjoy Saturdays as compared to a few other days. But today a couple of my students and I decided to make a lunch. So they selected a french potato dish called a gratin, I think. And for dessert, Apple pie (American style). It was very nice, especially the apple pie which is served with vanilla ice cream. What do you suppose we talked about during our lunch? Donald Trump. Predominantly. They just can’t believe it is even possible that he could possibly be elected president of the United States. In France, they have a version of Trump and her name is Marine le Penn. Marine Le Penn is on the far right of French politics as was her father, who by the way, supports Trump. Most French people seem to denounce Penn’s views although since the terrorist attacks, she has gained a lot of support in polls.

Anyways, after I returned home, I made a little beet salad with green tomatoes for supper. It was incredible. I topped it with these hot little green little Madagascar peppers, olive oil and a pinch of Ibiza salt. Oh la la.  This is almost a little bit sinful, I have to admit.

And you? Happy?

A glass of water

Beet & Green tomato salad drizzled in olive oil
with Green Madagascar peppercorns

Is Trump Behind the Story about Ted Cruz Affairs?

Ted Cruz and Donald are still fighting. Yesterday and the day before, it was over their wives Melania and Heidi. The subject of the fight seems basically to have been which wife is more attractive both in the nude and fully clothed. Who won? Well, Ted Cruz was forced to forcibly defend Heidi Cruz with a vulgar epithet: “Donald, Leave Heidi the hell alone!” So he lost his cool. Donald, on the other hand, demonically “showed rather than told” his dominance by putting up a screen by screen screenshot of Melania and Heidi and saying “a picture speaks a thousand words.” He never had to resort to begging Cruz to leave Melania the hell alone. So he won, I think. Plus, while I think they are both behaving very deplorably, it was Cruz and his peeps who dragged Melania into this. Melania is not running for president so why did they run the ad? I think spouses should be left out of it. Melania, Heidi and even Bill Clinton. They are not running so therefore they are not fair game and if you drag ’em in, then you have to be prepared for a nasty counterpunch.

With that all said, so today it is about Ted Cruz and these alleged affairs. Ted says Donald is behind it and Donald’s friends over at the National Enquirer (and I think I read that Donald is BFF with the owner of that rag) have run an article alleging that Ted Cruz has had at least five affairs. Even if true, though, so what?  Don’t all these men eventually go off the reservation? Hasn’t Donald? I mean, the only guy in politics who has not cheated on his wife, I think, is President Obama. Although, who knows? Keeping it in their pants is not exactly a strength of the average man.

But at the end of the day, what is the relevance as far as their ability to run the country? I think we are too hung up on nonsense in the country. So what if he has had an affair? That is Heidi’s problem. These candidates really need to get back to discussing serious issues, I think.

Speaking of serious issues, let’s talk about my day in food: So I woke up and realized I had nothing in the flat for breakfast whatsoever, except cornmeal & coffee. So I got the brilliant idea to make cornmeal porridge. When I was a little girl, this was actually a staple for breakfast. We cooked it with cow’s milk. The milkman lived in the village and he would milk the cow and in those days there were no pesticides so it was completely clean and fresh and natural. And he would deliver it to my mom and sometimes I would take the bottles from him and it was so fresh, the bottle would still be warm because it had just been taken from the cow. And you would heat it on the stove then use it for breakfast for porridges and cocoa tea.We are a big porridge culture and we make a lot of different porridges including rice, cornmeal, oatmeal, and so forth. Indeed, I did not have cereal in a box (like cornflakes) till I was a teenager. But since I have been an adult, it is rare that I have cornmeal at my disposal and even more rare that I would even think about making a cornmeal porridge. Why? I don’t know. But I did today and I have to say, it was really warm and hearty and gratifying! I really enjoyed it. I sweetened it with brown sugar. Brown sugar in porridge is very tasty…

 After breakfast, I had lunch with a client at a French brasserie and I had Confit de Canard (Duck Confit) with French fries. The fries were ok but I think McDonald’s does a meaner french fry, quite frankly. This may sound like heresy but there it is.

Finally, I had some bread for supper upon returning home. If you are thinking it was heavy on the carbs, I think I would have to agree.

Duck Confit with French fries (lunch)

And you? What did you eat today? I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Cornmeal porridge (breakfast)

Buttered bread & artesian water (supper)

Who is hotter? Heidi Cruz or Melania Trump?

I am home. That is always nice. I am so in love with my flat and the environment that I have created. It is so nice to come to a point in your life where you understand that you have the power to create your environment. Isn’t it?…

So, I am little bit tired so I am having a coffee because I have to prepare for work tomorrow and while the water steams up, here I am at President Trumped another environment I have created. So what is going on in this universe? Well, it appears that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are fighting over whose wife is hotter. Can you believe it? Cruz apparently made the strategic blunder of ridiculing Melania Trump’s naked GQ photo shoot from back in the day. Not sure if she was completely naked but her bum surely was in the air, apparently. And so, I am not exactly sure what Cruz was insinuating by dredging that up and putting it again on display. But whatever it was, Trumpy did not appreciate the subtext and so he started to riff on Heidi Cruz. And, I mean, I guess if you are going to snidely attack a man’s wife you shouldn’t be surprised if he attacks yours.

But lemme ask you this question: who is hotter? Heidi or Melania? In your opinion? (No, I am not instigating it is a fair and honest question?)

While you ponder that, I am going to start a new recipe. It is called Crazy Cow. (No pun intended but I have been planning this for a few days.) The problem is that I need rhum for it. Or whisky. And other ingredients that I don’t have in the flat. So it is just a beginning experiment. I will perfect it over time. But this is definitely “crazy” and I am not sure if I will upload pics when it is done. It depends on how it turns out. I won’t even tell you what is in it. But check back in an hour or so and I probably will have a pic up. Trust me, this is crazy and it could turn out to be one of my more iconic phock ups.

Crazy Cow
(Potato & Duck Terrine over
coffee syrup)

Oh yeah!

Obama should have dropped CUBA and hightailed it to Belgium? Trump thinks so?

Good morning!!!!
Giggle, giggle.
I just woke up. Late. Alarm did not go off because phone ran out of juice while I was sleeping. If this was tomorrow, I would have been late for work so, this betta not happen tomorrow. But for the most part I am in a good mood. (I am the moodiest person in the world, I think)

Anyways, so Obama is getting criticized for not cutting short his historic trip to Cuba to fly to Brussels to hold hands with the Belgian president and console the Belgian people. I mean, look, what happened is very horrible to Belgium. It would be horrible to anyone anywhere. But this idea that Obama should drop everything because a bomb went off and killed 30 people in another country? I don’t know. I would not expect the president of Belgium to do it if this happened in America. I would not expect the president of France to do it. I would not expect the Merkel to fly across the Atlantic or even come to France if this happened in Germany France. With regard to all her pre-planned historic projects specifically. Moreover, in other parts of the world where even greater human casualties have occurred due to terrorist attacks, absolutely nobody batted an eye lash never mind fly to these locations to console the people and the presidents. Places in Africa, where there have been very recent attacks, come to mind.

I mean, look.  At some point during the healing process, the various states will send a representative for funerals or something like that to pay respects. This is normal. But the idea that the President of the United States who is on a pre-planned trip to Cuba on a historic trip to boot should drop everything because of this attack in Belgium? Hmmmmm….this kinda sounds like a double standard and the usual hypocrite busybodies to me. This does not sound like reasonable people who are up to anything good. People like Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuilliani for example, come to mind. So I have no respect for their opinions, thus and therefore, and so I take my mouse and hit click. And don’t even hand me this NATO argument. Trump has even called for a reduced American presenc

e in NATO. But this notion of “an attack against one is an attack against all”  this does not, in my opinion, justify saying that the president should drop everything and run like a headless chicken everytime something happens anywhere in the world. This is just phocking stupidity, folks. And I am up to here with  it.

On another note, I must figure something out for breakfast and run. I’ve got an early appointment today. (and btw, yesterday went very well all things considering. 🙂 pics coming later…


A sunny side up egg
with leftover liver sautéed in salted butter
with sprigs of parsley

Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Hillary and Trump Updates

Well, it is 8 am and I woke up at 5 am and I was in tears. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Wednesdays are kinda tough days for me and I woke up and I just cried cause I felt a little bit… not happy.

And then I pulled myself together and checked up on the elections and Hillary won Arizona last night and Sanders won Utah and Idaho and Trump won Arizona while Cruz won Utah. What about whatshisface? Kasich? Not sure if he won anything but he will still be the nominee. Go figure.

So after that, I decided to cook dinner and put it away for tonight when I return home. Since last night I decided to marinate some liver. In clementine peel and onion and chardonnay vinegar. The whole idea came to me in an epiphany last night because I went to get my clementine peel which I keep in a honey jar in the cupboard and i discovered they were turning brown! They have a shelf life! Who knew? So I decided to use them up and so I submerged some liver in them overnight and this morning, I braised the liver in olive oil and ketchup (don’t please think I am this ketchup queen cause I never use ketchup but I bought some this week. Heinz; cause I thought it would be interesting and now I am ketchuping everything.) But that is another story.

So anyways, I did the liver. And I made a little mango & green pepper toss/sautĂ©e and then I got this idea to make a beet cupcake. With polenta. So I crushed up beet and then I cooked the corn meal in the beet water (which was pinkish) then I put the cooked batter into cupcake liners to cool (cause I had all these liners from last year tha I never used cause the oven does not work anymore ) but that is another story.

So anyways, the pics are below and now I gotta go rassle with my hair so that I can face my very challenging day. Wish me luck!  Btw, I ended up eating dinner for breakfast and it was amazing, unbelievable, out of this world. Yum!

So. VoilĂ . Like the pics?

oops. Pics did not upload. Check back later I will trouble shoot the issue when I can. gotta go fix my hair and that is gonna be an excursion. Bye…later…


I agree with Trump and Disagree with Hillary on Israel

I think, in light of everything, that Trump is right about how America should deal with Israel and its Neighbors. I think our foreign policy in this region for many decades has been a mess and a mistake, in large part. I think both sides of the issue – Israel and Palestine and its other Neighbors – have a say and have an argument and have a voice and have rights. I think it is critical that our foreign policy reflects this reality. We cannot just stubbornly say ‘Israel is our friend and to hell with everybody else.” Yes, Israel is our friend. But we also need to open our arms to the others in the region and we need to treat them equitably and we need to listen and we need to be more neutral. If not completely neutral we need to wax toward neutrality.

If not the world is going to just spin off its axis. Can’t everyone discern this at this point? We have been wrong, you guys, to side so stubbornly with Israel and be so openly anti the others in the region with whom Israel may have a disagreement. Our role should be more like impartial arbiters. Not interlopers and certainly not enablers and pickers of sides. This is a mistake. Donald Trump is a raving nut case on a lot of issues but on this issue, I think he is right. He is not saying to abandon Israel but he is saying, let’s look at this from another perspective because what we have been doing has not worked. It has failed horribly and with each new administration, we make the problem worse rather than better and soon, god only knows where this all is gonna wind up. In that sense, even though I disagreed with him earlier when he said “it is only the beginning” in a real sense, when you think about it, he is right on this point.

This is not to say I won’t vote for Hillary. She is my candidate. But i respectfully disagree with her Israel policy. I think we need to be more even handed in the region and specifically with respect to Israel and its Neighbors. I think this would be better for peace in the region and in the world.

Brussels Under Attack: Trump says it is “just the beginning.”

I don’t know if I agree that the Brussels attack is “just the beginning.” I think we have been knee deep in this mess for some time and at some point, maybe we will be up to the neck in it. Who knows? Do you think if Trump were president this thing in Belgium would not have happened? Is it a question of who is in power? Is it a question of leadership? I don’t know. You have people willing to blow themselves up and the question that needs to be asked is why? Really? Why? And how can this be stopped assuming it can be stopped.


Oh shit.

…one of my students said that it is people who don’t have jobs who do this. They are not integrated into the society.

….I mean, is there a way that society can allow these people to be a part of the society? Is there a way they can find jobs?

Because if it is that simple, I think we should be able to solve it. Everybody is a part of the society. Everybody shares in the experience to the degree of their participation. Nobody is excluded whether expressly or impliedly. Jobs are all but guaranteed to the willing. For example, people’s last names are not an impediment to getting a job. In France there is a proposal to remove names from CVs so that there is no discrimination.

Total neutrality.

Do you think this will work? Is it that simple? Or is it that these people don’t want to work and prefer to sit at home then blow themselves and other people up?

What is the real problem and what is the real solution?

Cause this blowing things up thing is getting to be very, very exhausting.

I can’t even eat now. I have lost my appetite.

New Yorkers Take to 5th Avenue to Protest Donald Trump

Yikes. New Yorkers are not happy with Donald Trump and it is not just Mexicans, Muslims and other minorities. It is also a lot of young Americans of European descent. They are not happy with Mr Trump and they paraded in front of his home on Fifth Avenue, while he was in the middle of bedlam in Arizona, to make their voices heard. And it was a sizeable mob, which, I predict, is going to grow larger as the months go by.

This is very scary.

Because there is an opposite mob who wants Mr Trump and he has done his best to plant in their minds, the seeds of uprising, riot and revolt.

I suspect there is going to be a lot of bloodshed in the country before this thing is over.

Did it have to be like this? No. Blame the media in large part for this. But people also have to take responsibility for their actions. Trump can say whatever he wants but if people are not inclined a certain way to begin with  (he did not give them the rage and hate they had it and he just stirred it around the pot of their brains) they cannot be persuaded to be a particular way. We are who we are at the core. So it is a cop out for all these people to blame Donald Trump. He is in part responsible; and in large part. I cannot take it away. He calls himself the “messenger.” Whatever that actually means. So he lit the match but the gasoline was already spilled onto the floor.

How the hell do we stop the inevitable? This is the question.

First, Trump is going to really have to want it to stop and he is going to have to change his tune and turn back the wrath of these bloodthirsty people who are following him. And I say this with all due respect. These people are acting like they are in the wild and have not eaten in a while and have just seen red meat.

Second, the media has to also help to diffuse the ticking time bomb waiting to blow up on the country and world as this election gets closer to its denouement. They decry the violence but it, too, is ratings for them. They like the violence in a sick way because it extends the story and it requires reporters and they get advertising and it is very sick. This is good copy and the media just can’t not participate. It is the price of living in the world of the click. More clicks, more eyeballs, more money. They are the ultimate capitalists and they want to make as much money as possible.

Third, the individuals. People need to diffuse themselves and encourage others to diffuse. Maybe stop the rallies for a while. It might be worth it. For both sides not just Trump’s supporters.

I say, let’s hold hands across America. Let us designate a day for Americans to hold hands with other Americans that stretch across this great land and that shows each other and the world why we are a great country and why we are great people and why America still is the role model and example for the world. In a show of American solidarity, in the interest of putting the country back together, I call for a day where Americans stretch across all divides including race, socio economic groups, states, regions, religions, EVERYBODY reach out their hands to each other in a show of American Solidarity, to remind ourselves and each other who we are and what is important. Cause somehow, I think this small little concept got lost in the translation. And without a reset, I quiver to think where we are heading and where we are taking our children.

For heaven’s sakes, how did it get to this?

Stop it, America! Join hands now. Across the ENTIRE country, in an unprecedented embrace, and look at the person next to you and say and mean, “peace.”

Please do it, already. You all are making me very scared.

Imma have some lunch. I made patĂ© from left over fish and I am washing it down with a little rosĂ©. And you? Whatcha doin’?

Fish Paté (served with wine)
with onions, lemon, parsley, mustard, mayo
egg, butter & ketchup


John Kasich is crazy but he will probably win at the convention

There is a crazy logic to what John Kasich is doing by refusing to drop out of the race for president. He knows he will not win the nomination but he vows to take this thing to the convention and at that point he believes he will out-maneuver Trump and Cruz. He probably will. The air is full of whispers which suggest that Kasich is going to pull off a massive upset. Trump  has vowed a riot and there probably will be a riot but Kasich is going to come out of that convention crowned as king of the world. It is like survivor. The final winner is also done by a convention, no? And the frontrunner is not always the winner. It is also about how many friends you have made along the way on your climb to the top. Trump has made his beyatches like Carson and Chris Christie.  But he has also made enemies and this will come back to haunt him in the summer when he needs people’s support.

Worse, if Trump is the nominee, expect top Republicans like former president George Bush to back Hillary Clinton. Trump has made too many enemies and Kasich knows it and Kasich is going to take full advantage and he will win the nomination in June.

And you know how he will do it and make it come true? He’ll simply use his imagination.

Well, time for a little repose…