GQ Article Paints Melania Trump’s Father as a Child Support Dodger.. Can this be imputed to Trump?

A recent article in GQ Magazine (I am pretty sure it was GQ but feel free to correct me if I am wrong) paints a very unflattering picture of Melania Trump’s pedigree by virtue of how her father treated his first born son. He completely ignored the child, allegedly, and tried to get out of paying child support on the basis that the child “was not his.”

See, this kind of stuff, men who do this type of stuff, I find this so unpalatable, I cannot even tell you. The minute a guy starts demanding DNA tests of a woman he willingly enjoyed intimate relations with who subsequently falls pregnant, I start getting very… I mean, these are d&ècks, and I just lose respect, I just lose respect. It’s like, get away. OK?

With that said, I do not know the”facts” of this case, only the version presented by the other side. His “facts” (the child who is now 50) are his facts, to be sure but I am a stickler with this word – fact. What is a fact? It is not a fact just cause you say it is.

But there are apparently court documents that back up the allegations in the article. So perhaps we can say it is a fact.

So the question becomes can her father’s behavior be imputed to Melania? And can Melania’s dirty laundry be imputed to Donald?

Yikes. I think I cannot answer this question.  It is a political question, to be sure. The voters will decide.

But from the sound of it, the Trumps were not happy with this reporter and with this article. I can’t say this comes as a big surprise.


My reaction to’s Hillary Hit Piece? Just shut up

Clinton is widely expected to be the Democratic nominee in 2016, but her poor performance in the primaries—which many believe she should have wrapped up long ago—may drag her down heading into the general election, as even many Democratic voters seem to distrust her. To win in November, Clinton will need a strong showing from the Democrat base. This data seems to suggest that she has significant problems with her own party’s core voters, meaning that if whoever wins the Republican nomination is able to woo these disaffected Democrats into the GOP camp, there could be a blowout in November for the Republican nominee.

Puhlease….#justshutup, Brietbart.


On the food note, I made a slamming butternut squash & artichoke heart salad today. After a long walk…and a museum hit…

Butternut squash & artichoke heart salad. (corn optional)

Hillary Brands and Sells “woman cards”

Hillary is turning Donald Trump’s “woman card” diss into a positive by branding actual woman cards. Genius.

If I were her I would turn it into a whole big thing. I would have all kinds of “woman cards.”  The one she currently has is branded negatively with all the things women don’t have.

Some cards should be branded positively.

Can she partner with some companies? Like food companies? (notwithstanding what I said before about ‘Big Food’) and retail companies (like Macys) and card holders could get some kind of perk.  So to make up for lower pay they get a rebate or discount on something. I don’t know. But I would really make these cards a whole big industry in my campaign.

I would have all sorts of different colors of cards. Like the blue card and the red card and the green card.

I would just brand that whole concept like you would not believe.


And the food aspect….

Indiana Coach Bobby Knight endorsesTrump: “He Will Drop the Atomic Bomb Just like Harry Truman”

A ringing endorsement for Donald Trump from coach Bobby Knight has left some people a little bit anxious that we are in for some trouble with nuclear warfare. Mr Knight referenced Harry Truman’s dropping of the atomic  bomb on Japan in the 1940s and said that like Truman, Trump will drop the bomb if necessary. Of course, a lot of people are not so sure that Trump should be allowed near the nuclear codes for the very reason that he seems a little bit trigger happy and potentially could plummet the world into Armageddon. Knight’s endorsement seems only to make things infinitely worse.

John Boehner demonically throws Ted Cruz Under the Bus

John Boehner came out with one of the most memorable quotes of the election this year. He said “Ted Cruz is Lucifer in the flesh” and that he has “never met a bigger SOB than Ted.”

Ted’s response was probably even more original:

“When John Boehner calls me Lucifer, he’s not directing that at me,” Cruz said. “He’s directing that at you.”

My dad thought that was bleeping hilarious.

Trump Vetts VPs. Guess the 5 Finalists. Find out Which one will win.

I have a hunch that Trump is vetting VPs and I am so in this guy’s head, I can tell you exactly who he is looking at and their chances of success:

1. Chris Christie
This one is as obvious as anybody can see. As a matter of fact, a lot of people think Christie is the most likely pick. I disagree. Christie is a strong contender but Trump is looking at factors like who is a Washington insider and who will give him the biggest bang for his buck with the establishment.? Christie is an outsider. He lives in NJ. He doesn’t know anything about Washington. He is not the one. Trump likes him. They get along. But the best thing Christie will get out of this bromance – and you can quote me on this, I am that sure I am right – is Attorney General.

2. Jeff Sessions
Trump has a thing for Jeff Sessions. He made this guy’s name a household name, in fact. Ever heard of the guy before Trump tapped him to attend his rally and talk about immigration & national security? Me neither. Trump really respects this guy and Sessions is in a much stronger position than Christie – trust me – to be VP, the way Trump looks at it. Is he in the strongest position? No. I think there are others who Trump likes better as far as a “bang for the buck.” You have to understand that Trump is all about “what can you do for me.” He is not a sentimental guy. He uses people to get what he wants and needs. Sessions can help him probably more than Christie because first of all, Sessions is a senator and this has more catchet than governor. But Sessions cannot get Trump the biggest bang for his buck so while he considers Sessions seriously, he is gonna cross out his name in the end.

3. Marco Rubio
Well, yes and no. He thinks about little Marco but Marco can’t really help him win if Marco couldn’t even win Florida. Marco does not have enough clout and Trump sees very little use for him as VP. Maybe some kind of cabinet position but not VP. I don’t see it and remember that I told you I can read Trump like a book! He is not going to waste his time with Marco (although Marco is hoping and praying that Trump will give him the nod.)

4. Jeb Bush
Trump was horrible to Jeb Bush during the primaries and he was also unforgiving to George Bush. But notice who introduced him the other day when he gave his foreign policy speech? A Bush cabinet appointee. Trump is a smart, conniving, calculating guy. If he picks Jeb Bush, he gets instant catchet not only with the establishment but with a significant portion of the electorate who still love the Bushes. Plus, he gets to boss Bush around and this is, frankly, a turn on to him. Especially because Jeb’s dad scorned Trump when he picked his own VP back in the Eighties. (Trump reportedly wanted the job.) Plus, the press they will get if he teams up with Jeb is ridiculous. It would be a much bigger story than if Hillary picks Bernie.

5. John Kasich
Trump has been considering John Kasich for some time and he knows that whatever else he cannot do, John will deliver Ohio, a swing state in the general election in November. Plus, John can get him clout with the Washington insiders in a way that a guy like Christie cannot. Marco is a little bit of an insider but again he is no “use” to Trump cause whatever Marco can give Trump, Trump can get on his own. Kasich has more to offer and Trump likes what he sees. So he could pick him.

Which will it be then? I think it is obviously going to be a choice between Bush and Kasich. My money right now is on Kasich. What do you think?

As for the food aspect:

Trump alleged to have “raped” a teenaged girl


I was sitting here thinking that I need a husband.

I am completely bedevilled by a product I purchased yesterday at IKEA that I want to use to hang kitchen items on. It contains a diagram and a whole bunch of parts. And I can’t make heads or tails of it. This is very, very, irritating. I want this thing up, like, yesterday! And I cannot get it done, I can’t figure this stupid thing out! What are they talking about???…I am an independent woman and I can take care of myself but sometimes I need a guy who is very handy….LOL…

Well, ok. Got that out of the way.

So.  Now I am here at the laptop looking for the latest in the elections and apparently Trump has been sued in California. Some young woman claims that he violated her in the 1990s. I mean, wow. Trump has denied the allegations but how unseemly it all sounds.

Do you think it will stick?

Jeeze. Was he married at the time this thing is alleged to have occurred?

Cruz’s Desperation Mode enlarges: He Taps Carly Fiorina as his VP Running Mate

Ted, darling, in order to select a VP, you actually have to be the presidential nominee. As it stands, you are not yet the nominee. Trump is the presumptive nominee. Trump has said it is “over” and you are mathematically eliminated after the withering losses you suffered in the ACELA primaries yesterday. So what are you doing talking about you are selecting a VP? It’s lunacy, Ted. At best. Or comedy at worse. Besides, even assuming anybody could take this move seriously, what are you thinking about when you select her?

John Kasich has a Pancake Problem

I think Kasich is toast. He is at least pancaked. Trump was a little bit hilarious with his rendition of poor John Kasich’s penchant for shoving entire pancakes in his mouth and I do think it is Kasich’s last hoorah because I saw a few takes of it and it was a little bit hilarious. Poor John. I guess I have to do a caprice and say that maybe I was wrong and maybe he won’t be president. Not with footage like this of him eating like that. To be fair there was also footage of Trump eating and it wasn’t great but he does a good stand up of John’s eating habits. I thought he said he wasn’t going to behave like this, though. Did Manafort approve this behavior, Donald?

“Deal Me In!” Hillary Calls Trump’s “Woman’s Card” Bluff

I just saw this and got goose bumps. Hillary is going to fight. She is going to FIGHT!  I love it! It is quite literally going to take a woman to beat Donald Trump! There is no man who is a match for him but Hillary Clinton is. She is not afraid. I am afraid for her but she is not afraid.

I was sitting here thinking of a song from my childhood that I still sing when I am scared and “weak” in my adult life and I was singing it for Hillary and I was going to share it on the blog and then I saw that tweet and then I thought, she’s got this. You don’t have to sing a song for Hillary. But I will share the lyrics. I know she knows it. And every time Donald Trump calls you “weak” Hills, remember this: You have a guy who will fight with you, even when you feel too weak to handle it:

Jesus loves me
This I know
For the Bible Tells me so
Little ones to him belong
They are weak
But he is strong!

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
The Bible Tells me so.

And don’t get me wrong, Jesus loves Donald Trump too. But you are not the one calling him “weak,” Hillary. He is calling you weak. And that is why I dedicate this song to you from now till November. Remember it always in your heart.


What Does ACELA Primary Mean???

This has been driving me a little bit crazy. Last night was the “ACELA” primary and I keep hearing the expression but I have no idea what it actually means but I was too embarrassed to show my ignorance. Which, admittedly, is a first cause I don’t care about not knowing. I readily admit when I don’t know because it is how I learn and get better. But people judge you when you admit you don’t know. They sit there and they judge you and it is palpable. So I am becoming less inclined to say when I don’t know. But still not completely disinclined. Cause, I actually really don’t care. Cause everybody doesn’t know something at some point in their lives.

I mean, even Trump.

But then I was like, what the heck are they talking about??? What is the ACELA primary? I finally looked it up:

competitors are looking to the upcoming “Acela primary” on Tuesday — which consists of Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Pennsylvania — to dig themselves out of the hole of delegates, although the trajectory of the races seems unlikely to change.
The Acela primary, so named because of the train service connecting the states, will yield 409 delegates for Democrats and 172 for Republicans, the third greatest number of delegates on a single day this primary season after Super Tuesday and “Mini-Tuesday.”
– See more at:

So it is named after AMTRAK! The train service that serves the slew of states that voted last night. There is something called the ACELA express. That connects these states and some wiseguy in the press started calling these primaries the ACELA primary and everybody else (they are like sheep!) started to do the same thing.

Why do they copy so much?

Everybody copies.

Nobody has any original ideas.

But there you have it.



Hillary! Yes! That Woman Card is a Powerful Card, Baby!

I just woke up and fixed myself some coffee. And then I powered up my laptop to see what is going on with these elections. OMG. Trump is off the rails! He swept last night! OMG. And now he has turned on Hillary like a vicious pit bull. I think Trump is scared of Hillary’s “woman card” and so he is not so subtly trying to turn American women voters against the former Secretary of State. In his victory speech last night (by all accounts he won massive victories in 5 states, Clinton won in 4) he called her “crooked” and said that “women don’t like her.” He even attacked Bill Clinton!

This is going to be a bloody election cycle. He is going to go into full attack dog mode and he is going to try to maul Hillary. I am a little bit scared actually.

But all I have to say to Hillary is be brave. Figure out how to turn everything around on him that he says. Turn it all into positives. “That woman Card” is a net positive. It is your Trump Card. Own it, Hillary. Say it. Tell the world proudly: My woman card is my Trump card, baby!”

POWER! Do you understand power, Mr Trump?

“That woman card” is power.

Hills, do not let Trump make you feel guilty for being a powerful woman. He is scared and jealous so he is going to try to intimidate you. Women love you, Hillary. By November, your aim is to get at least 50 percent of the women who now support Trump to support you. Plus all the ones you already have on the democratic side, and plus all the independents.

And don’t trip up. Do not become the new Howard Dean. …

I am going to have my coffee now. Later…


Coffee Sweetened with Brown Sugar
Branded napkins made by moi

Hillary Needs a Good Nickname for Donald Trump

Giggle, giggle. I should go to sleep it is past my bedtime. I am up sewing and grading papers and eating and thinking and blogging. For heaven’s sakes.

Hillary said something today about Donald Trump being a “big jet” candidate and I think she is getting close to a good nickname for him. I mean, I want it to be a knockout. He deserves it. But I gotta say, I liked his name for Kasich. I almost died laughing.” One in thirty eight Kasich.” I mean, who comes up with this stuff? I used to be into giving my exes nicknames and both my friends and my mother would just die with laughter. I mean, it was horrible. So how can I judge Trump? I will tell you how: He cannot call Hillary these names. Period. I am not happy.

What can Hills call him?

Donald the Big Jet Big Tower Big Mouth Real Estate Mogul From the Big Apple who Bullies everybody into Oblivion?

I mean, how would that sound? Let’s test it.

HILLARY: You know, I keep getting called “Crooked Hillary” by “Donald the Big Jet Big Tower Big Mouth Real Estate Braggart from the Big Apple who Bullies Everybody into Oblivion” and I wanna tell you: I am sick of it. I am really sick of it. And if he wants to talk about me being crooked, maybe we need to discuss his…

And she takes her picks of his various misdeeds, tell everyone, then run for cover. Run to Bill and let Bill and Trump fight it out.

What do you think? … or what about this one?

You know, on a serious note, I used to be convinced that Trump reads my blog. I think I am actually going to hit “publish” on this post and I better be paranoid about my convictions cause he definitely won’t be happy with this one.

But giggle, giggle. Do you think his nickname is a little bit long?

Do you think he will be angry if he finds out I came up with it?


Dinner tonight. Pasta again! But it was very nice. Very enjoyable. check out my new YouTube channel which has but one badly made video on it so far

Rainbow Pasta Salad de Provence
Served with
Homemade Tamarind Coffee Nectar

Sauce de Fromage Blanc de Provence

Trump is Dead Wrong About Isolating America From the Rest of the World

Believe it or not, I agree with a lot of things Trump says. There is a lot of strategic brilliance in a lot of things he says. But also, there is a lot of hell. It is dual. But he is dual and it is fascinating because he is being authentic. But it doesn’t mean his authenticity is the right course of action for the rest of us. On a certain level, the man is brilliantly insane. It is great for TV and I know he is going to do something yuge when this is over…

I am rushing cause I have to go but I am sitting here looking at a map of the world. It says “The World.” All of humanity is represented. And you know what? This is what this election is all about. In our naiveté in the United States, we think this election is about the United States alone. No. It is about the entire world. Where goes America so does the rest of the world. This is true for developed and undeveloped, rich and poor countries. If you think I am wrong just recall what the president of France did the next day after the Terrorist attacked the French Republic in 2015. He got on an airplane and flew to the United States to talk it over with the President. And remember this: France is one of the richest, most powerful countries in the world. So if France needs America so much, what of all the other countries and peoples?

I understand a certain aspect of Trump’s foreign policy and I agree with it. If NATO is outdated, we need to look at it. If rich countries in NATO are not paying their fair share we need to look at it. If countries in the ARAB region are not getting their hands dirty enough to help resolve the conflicts in their own region we need to look at it. Asia has got to carry its weight as well. For that matter, so does Africa. We are not the IMF and so folks are going to have to step up and under president Trump I think they will.

The problem is this: We live in the Information Age. Not the 1940s. It is a completely different world. We are interconnected in an inextricable way now with the rest of the world. It is too late to extricate ourselves and isolate ourselves. It just is not an option. This Earth, this world will rise or sink together. We will blow up together, starve together, suffocate together.

There are a LOT of problems all over the world and the United States cannot solve these problems alone. Especially not financially. But we do have to work with the rest of our fellow human persons in the world community and we are going to have to play a leadership role and we are going to have to exercise proper discretion and judgment and we are going to have to design a reset that will allow people all over the world to come back to a place of order and peace.

Do I undertand that Trump is saying we have our own problems in America and that we need to solve that first? Yes. I do. In an airplane what do they tell you? Secure yourself first then turn to your child and secure him or her. And this is not to say other countries are our children. I am just drawing a reference. I understand his urge to isolate and protect himself first.

But I don’t think he has thought it all the way through. Given the realities of the global system right now, given how interdependent everything is. He will create more, not less chaos.

Plus, the leader of the United States has to fundamentally give a shit about the whole world. Our world is in trouble! And who created the mess? Well, it wuddn’t Trump. But I will tell you this: the crap he is saying he is going to do as far as immigrants, Muslims, Trade etc?  It’s going to make things so much worse….then it is going to be his fault.

although….what if he so shocks the system that it forces people to pull their socks up and get their shit together??? Is this what we need in the Age of Information? A strong, unforgiving hand at the helm of the American presidency? That doesn’t give a shit???

What if that is what is needed???


Cruz & Kasich plunge into full monty desperation mode – Trump cracks up.

I just read this and then I read a tweet Trump spat out in response and I chuckled. I mean, I am keeping out of the GOP stuff. Hillary is my candidate. But, obviously, there is never a dull day over there. So there are all these contests coming up on Tuesday but all Kasich and Cruz’s campaign managers are talking about are contests coming up weeks from now in Indiana and New Mexico and places like that. But what about Pennsylvania and Maryland and those other states that vote tomorrow? Why don’t they talk about their strategies for those states? Why are they “colluding” for states that vote in May?! So Trump’s gotta be right. Again. They are desperate.

I hope Hills is watching and learning from these two. They made all these mistakes with Trump. Look at Cruz. A tough guy. A wise guy. A smart, brazen Canadian born guy who managed to convince everybody that he is eligible to be president when he ought to know it is a huge question mark. Look at how he let Donald get away with calling him “lyin’ Ted.” Can you believe it? All of them took their insults and taunts from Donald lying down!  They probably thought it was “better.” I mean, look what happened to Rubio when he tried to fight back.

But there is a technique to it, I think. There is a technique to fighting this guy. Because letting him get away with insulting you is a mistake. But you cannot sink into the mud to take him on. Someone has to punch him back in the nose, hard. But stay above the fray at the same time. Otherwise, he gets more momentum. Because this is a dog fight. It is a cock fight. The candidates are in the ring. Seriously. And the person who gets the most punches landed in the other person’s nose is the one who gets all the cheers from the spectators – in this case, the electorate. And then they vote for the person who made them cheer the most. This is what this election is, like it or not. It is unprecedented. But it is what it is. Face it and deal with it.

Hillary is poised to make the same mistake. She lets Donald call her “crooked Hillary” without an effective, well timed response. She said “he can say whatever he wants about me.” No, Hillary. Mistake. This is a cock fight. OK? He can’t say what he wants about you. You let him do that, he wins because the spectators think he is strong and you are weak and that you are no match for him. But you can’t do what Marco Rubio did, obviously. You have to punch him hard in the nose and get the crowd on its feet. You have to come up with a great insult for Donald. You HAVE to. One that sticks. One that is true. One that is wicked, funny and bodacious. You unveil it, matter of fact, then move on. You do not have to climb into his trousers to do it. Attack his character just like he attacks yours and Cruz’s. Otherwise, he is going to do the alligator on you Hillary. And the spectators will love it and they will vote for him.

As for Cruz and Kasich. I mean, what can I say?


On the food front. Change of topic. So  I was speaking with my dad yesterday and he & mom will be sending me some of their recipes to add to my collection which is exciting. Both my parents were known for different things over the years. Mom for her quiches, Christmas pudding and stuff like that. Dad for his forays into fudges, ginger wine, potato puddings and stuff like that. So I told him I want to try to make the ginger wine and he will send me the recipe, he says. Mom will send me a bunch as well. So I am excited….

So below are pics of breakfast & dinner which was a standard wild rice dish tonight – with my own twist (chili peppers, spices) On a very serious note, I want to say that I feel so lucky to have food to eat when I need it. How lucky I am! How lucky you are if you are reading this you probably also have food. I thank God for my food because not everybody has food to eat when they need it. It is a blessing to have food to eat when you are hungry. We must not forget.

Pics below.

A Simple breakfast

Chat Noir Wild Rice (dinner)

Sweet Pear in Absinthe (dessert)

Trump’s manager says that Trump has been “pretending”

So. I missed a day of American politics and folklore. I was a little bit busy yesterday. So Trump’s new boss, Paul Manafort says the candidate will be “changing his tone.” I thought, “it is about time!” But Trump turned around and denied that he is going to be changing anything. He resumed his old tricks, including calling Hillary “Crooked Hillary.” Hillary meanwhile has taken to Twitter to warn people not to be “fooled” by Donald. She implies that Donald is deceiving people, that he is just playing a part but that the real Donald is hiding and trying to flip the script on us now that it looks like he will be the nominee.  Do you think she will come up with a nickname for Donald soon? And what will it be? “Donald the Deceiver?” Or  “Deceiving Donald”? Or something worse. I think if she came up with a nickname for him, it would be fair play. He can’t have all the fun calling other people these nicknames. And trust me, he has fun with it. He sits in his office and he comes up with it and he laughs his head off. The man is sadistic. And nobody is his match. They are just silent, taking his punches. I hope Hillary will be the one to give it back to him.

But on another note. So yesterday I had an interesting day. My friend and I went up to the 19th District to a contemporary art gallery called, Centre Quatre. Do you know this place? Speak of alternative universes!I never knew this place existed! So we got off at this Metro stop called Stalingrad and it might as well have been the USSR! Very interesting world, folks. I was stunned by the colony of homelessness under the Metro at Stalingrad first of all. I have always marvelled at how the French seemed to have a handle on homelessness. It seems to me that there are fewer homeless in the streets here. But that could be because they all live under the Metro Stalingrad! It was like, Oh my god! It was shocking and heart-breaking all at the same time. I could not even take a picture because I thought it would be disrespectful. So I left that alone.

The gallery Centre Quatre itself is very avant garde. Well, maybe that is not even the word but the young french kids are up there en masse and they dance and shop and have a blast up there.It is very nice. I felt like I was not cool enough to be there.

But the afternoon was interesting in a whole other way because there are all these little African bodegas and they sell all these exotic spices, herbs and legumes up in the 19th Arrondissement.  I have been trying to find nutmeg and cinnamon at a reasonable price and I got them up there at this little African bodega.  I also got a potato and tamarinds and I came home and tried a brand new recipe. Well two. I did tamarind chicken and then I did fried tamarinds separately. Both were off the hook delicious. I forgot to photograph the chicken so I will have to do the recipe again soon. I did photograph the tamarind fries. They may look a little scary but trust me, your life will not be complete till you taste one of these puppies. And this is original. I have never heard of tamarind fries before; I made it up yesterday. It is really, really good.

et voila. That is all for now. Later dolls.


Tamarind fries

Dancing at Centre Quatre




Bernie & Hillary Should Have Their Supporters Listen to This Video about Poverty & Wealth Creation

How do we end poverty? I don’t know. I am poor myself. But I am thinking about it. I am fighting against it. Trump inspires me and always has because of what he said: “Think Big.” That is why I will never hate him. Because of the way he thinks.

But it is not enough. People, poor people in America and Middle Class people too, need more tools. They need more ideas. The government can help. But we need to change the consciousness of the entire country. And by extension the world. I want to change the world. We need to change the world! We need to end poverty! We need to have a country of successful people. We need to have a world of successful people.  I think the beginning point is in the thinking. How do we think as a people? How do we think as a race? How do we think as a country? How do we think as a world?

Bernie wants to punish the rich. It is all their fault that the rest of us are poor.

No, Bernie. I disagree. I don’t have all the answers but I think you are wrong. Instinctively I think  you are dead wrong with this.

The entire world does not have to be poor for it to be a fair and good world. On the contrary.

I said it in an earlier post and now I am saying it again. We have to change the way we think. All of us do. Poverty is created by man. Poverty is learned. Poverty is taught. Pointing fingers at rich people and blaming Wall Street is not the way out.

Listen to what this guy says about it, about poverty.

I think he is right. I think we need to start there.



On the food note, I started YouTube channel. There is one video on it so far