Trump Makes Strategic Mistake by Refusing to Debate Bernie Sanders

Hillary just exhaled. As did I. I am one of the few people who did not believe that a Sanders/Trump debate would have been a joke. Instead, I thought it would make Hillary look like a chicken, a side-lined nonentity. I also thought it would have elevated Sanders even more in and out of his base and made Trump look like the man in charge. But the emphasis is on how it would have been a ballbuster for the Democratic fundraiser front-runner. It would have left this indelible image in the mind of the electorate of Hillary at home eating popcorn while the big boys hashed out the details of who would be president. And course Bernie is no match for Trump so that debate would have just confirmed that Trump is the next president of the United States. So glad he chickened out and issued this statement on one of his social media accounts:

Bernie SandersBased on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher. Likewise, the networks want to make a killing on these events and are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes, in this case, women’s health issues. Therefore, as much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders –  and it would be an easy payday – I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably Crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be.

phew! That was close.

Trump Gets to 1237. So Why Does He Look Miserable as Heck?

I was on Trump’s Instagram just now where he shared a shot of himself having a burger and coke on his private jet having learned that he now has 1237 delegates which is enough to snag the GOP nomination outright without a contested convention fracas.

But all I see is a guy who looks miserable as all get out. WT_? Why does he have this totally alien expression on his face? He looks depressed! He is supposed to be happy. But he doesn’t look it.. And guess what? This could actually be true. Underneath all this bravado and outward appearances of invincibility, he could be just one depressed guy who doesn’t even know why he wanted to do this in the first place. He could be wondering “wt- did I get myself into with this shit?” He really could. He could be having serious second thoughts. He is gemini. One thing they like is power. But they also like freedom. This gig is going to take his freedom forever. This gig is going to end his life as he knows it because at his age, 70, who knows how much longer he will live? Some of his real estate holdings have probably already seen him for the last time and he just doesn’t know it yet.

But yea. I see a guy who looks very forlorn and very depressed.

Trump Fires Rick Wiley. Is Paul Manafort Next?

Big shake up over at Trump Tower. Rick Wiley, a key hire by Paul Manafort, has been put to the door by the Trump campaign. Wiley apparently had major clashes with Corey Lewandowski who is said to be at odds with campaign chairman Paul Manafort. But not so fast. Everybody thought Corey was dead meat after the arrest for roughing up a journalist and the appearance that Trump would have a contested convention fight. Now that this has all been cleared up, Manafort may not be needed as much and Trump seems to be falling back on Corey since, to be fair, Corey did get him as far as Wisconsin. Manafort came in at the last minute and flexed some muscle and Ted Cruz tanked quickly. But he could very quickly find himself out of a job (Manafort) if he continues to fight with Corey and if Trump stops finding him so “useful.”

If I were Manafort, I would start looking.

If I were Trump I would be very careful with my inner circle. Does the Secret Service frisk everyone? Or just strangers? I get a bad feeling.

Is Trump Bad for the Divorce Rate in America?

I read this and thought “hmmmm…” That is an interesting question. Indeed. Is a president Trump bad for the rate of divorce in the United States? Does he set a bad example? And what about the marriage rate? Is he good or bad for the marriage rate?

And what about Hillary? Is she good for the divorce rate? Bad for the divorce rate? And the marriage rate? Any impact? And why do you hold the view that you do? Just curious.

Election 2016 Updates: Clinton’s emails, Bernie wants a recanvass, Trump’s tax avoidance

Just did a quick review of what is out there on the elections today and there were 3 relatively strong shock waves that might be worth mentioning:

First, Hillary received a strong rebuke from an audit by the State Department regarding her emails. The Washington Post said that the controversy just got “much worse.” So not sure what that means for her and her candidacy but it appears the bottom line is that she “broke federal laws” with her use of private servers to conduct official government business. This is too bad for Hills and I expected them to time these decisions in this way to do maximum damage to her campaign. Not sure what the out will be for her. I do think the average person does not give a hoot because it doesn’t sound like the biggest crime since John Gotti. But who knows with these things?

Which brings me to the Donald:

Apparently, the Telegraph UK has been conducting an investigation into Trump’s business dealings and in 2007, he is alleged to have engaged in a deal in which he was able to avoid millions in taxes by classifying the deal as a “loan” when it was really “equity.” Not sure what this means if it means anything. But the article I read suggested that if the IRS wanted to play hardball, they could call him in for a “deposition” to see if there was “fraudulent intent.” Has Trump addressed this issue as yet? Not sure. I have not heard anything but I will say that it sounds a little bit…not so great for him.

Finally, Bernie Sanders has asked for a re-canvass in Kentucky apparently as he does not believe that Mrs Clinton won this fair and square. Whoa, right? Whoa.

Girl. I tell you. This election is just off the charts. I don’t know how anybody keeps up.

Hillary Offers Free Dinner to a Lucky Supporter

So, I have been cooking up a storm and eating up a storm and gaining a ton of weight for my troubles. Really, I have to stop. Last night I had not one but two apricot pies. I steamed those puppies and devoured them after a dinner of deviled eggs and homemade “sorcerer’s butter” on tartines. I don’t think I got a good pic but we will see if I can find one later.

Anyhoo. What is going on with these elections? I have become a little bit bored with the elections and of course, that was to be expected. I am like that. I have a short attention span. And plus, I don’t like what is going on. I am stressed and worried and it doesn’t feel good so I just tuned out cause I am an escape artist.

But I have not given up completely on the blog. I will try to still update it sometimes. Like today I just received an email from and she is offering a lucky supporter dinner. Isn’t that cute? The campaign will fly the lucky person out to meet her and they will get to dine on amazing food I bet.  I wish I could get invited. Or maybe I can invite her! What are the odds I could invite Hillary and Trump for dinner in my little flat in Paris? And have a discussion with them about their plans for the country? Would that be a bleeping hoot or what? What would I cook for them? I mean, so many possibilities. Have you checked out my Instagram and YouTube lately? I am becoming a pro, I tell you. Except that yesterday I did this hardboiled egg recipe (for the deviled eggs) and I soaked them in beet so they would have a pink.lavendar color. And it was great but the eggs, when I shelled them had all these ridges. Not smooth. And I cannot figure out what was my mistake.

I digress.

This post is about the fact that Hillary will fly a supporter out to dinner. Wish it could have been me.

Remember when I made brunch to celebrate her win in South Carolina? This is before I realized that I was a diva and before I turned the blog into “Sorcerer with a Copper Pot.” I am so bleeping insane!

Wait a second. What if Bernie steals the nomination from Hillary?

Bernie Sanders just won Oregon. Hillary won Kentucky. Congratulations Hillary! Kentucky is awesome….But I am worried about Bernie and all these wins he is racking up. I prefer not to speak of it but, I mean…..what if this thing is flipped on its head at the convention? What if it is the Democrats who have a fireworks convention? I expected it would have been the republicans but it is not. It is the Democrats who are headed for trouble.

And conceivably it will be so bad that the Clinton/Sanders ticket I have been advocating for will be impossible. Already whenever the experts talk about Hillary’s VP pick, no one even mentions Sanders. This is perplexing but I am a neophyte so I cannot be expected to understand these things. I know he is a “socialist” and almost a “commie” according to Trump. But with the kind of support he is enjoying in his base, I just can’t even begin to analyse why Hillary Clinton would consider putting anybody else on the ticket.

I won’t vote for Bernie if he beats Hillary. Only if she is his VP. I am SURE it is how a lot of his supporters feel.

And guess whar? Hillary has to be careful with Trump. He could ask Bernie to run with him if Hillary spurns Mr Sanders. This is very possible and exactly up the alley of the kind of shenanigans that Manhattan person is capable of. Why would Hillary risk alienating so many Sanders voters by not picking him assuming she even wins?

I won’t vote if Hillary does not win. Matter of fact, if I do vote if Hillary doesn’t win, it will be for the other candidate. The guy in Manhattan. Probably.  Why? I don’t hate Bernie but I will be fed up. And I think Trump would just be a more interesting president than Bernie but Trump is phocking scary so actually, if Hillary loses to Bernie, I just won’t vote.

I am very, very concerned about this whole thing.

British PM David Cameron starts to backpeddle about Trump

First he called Trump “ignorant, stupid and wrong” and now David Cameron, the British PM, is starting to shake in his boots now that Trump has become the “presumptive nominee” of the GOP. He quivers “I will work with whomever is the US president…”

Trump’s response? “Putin is my BFF. I don’t care about the Mayor of London and I don’t expect that David Cameron and I will have a great BFF.”

So, voila.

I have not been following the elections very closely. I have no time these days because I am trying to create a YouTube channel for my food. Did I mention that you can find my channel here? If not do check it out and subscribe. I put up 3 new videos today or maybe it was 4. All part of the same video about making stuffed onions. Don’t laugh. They actually weren’t bad. And I uploaded another one about making chocolate pancakes but that one is a little bit of a horror.

But yea. I barely have time for the blog as I am busy making videos. So this is the latest gossip I found about David Cameron and Trump. It will have to do for now, I guess.

Apparently Trump used to call himself “John Miller” and “John Barron” and he boinked Carla Bruni!

I had heard that Trump had bonked the former first lady of France and apparently his fake publicist (he was masquerading as a publicist and calling himself fake names) confirmed it to the New York Post and other rags in New York. Now the Washington Post and all the press are making a huge deal of it because he dished some juicy tidbits in these interviews when he was pretending and using pseudonyms.

I mean, whatever.

I use pseudonyms all the time. Giggle, giggle. Now I am calling myself “the sorcerer with the copper pot.” My mother does not like this name. Her first reaction when she heard it was “this is evil.” I hung up on her and did not talk to her for a few days. She advised me to spell it “saucerer.” Maybe I should….

I digress.

I am so over cooking and blogging and everything right now. The elections have suddenly become boring to me but I decided to throw this post up about Trump’s fake names. So he confirmed it, eh? he boinked Carla Bruny Sarkozy. The French first lady. Sheesh. That is huge. And it sounds like he came close to boinking Madonna. And god knows who else. Names like Kim Bassinger were mentioned in the tapes. He is on tape saying this stuff but pretending to be “John Miller” or “John Barron.”

God. Embarrassing. Cause he now denies it. Why did he deny it? Why not say “yes, I did it?” He has allowed himself to become “lyin’ Donald” with that pointless denial. He has morphed into Ted Cruz! and the tapes make it sound like he is saying that when he divorced his wife Ivana, that he pretended to be broke to get a settlement! So this would also make him “crooked.” He is now officially “lyin’ crooked Donald!” – if that is really him in the tapes. Incredible.


I still can’t cope. I cannot cope with this election anymore. It is too much.

How is Hillary doin’, btw? I have lost track. Last I heard, Bernie won Indiana and I just decided, you know what? I am gonna cook instead. But seriously, can you believe Donald Trump called himself “the Baron?” I am making sausage and plantains and eggplant on skewers. It’s my first time.

JFK’s Ghost Sends a Message to Trump and the Democratic Candidates

Hi y’all! What’s the latest?? It’s been a minute since I’ve stopped by. Since Trump became the “presumptive nominee” I have found myself becoming less interested in politics and more interested in cooking. To the latter end, I have been working on my YOUTUBE channel which is so cheesy, I can’t even tell you. But I am having more fun being a videographer right now than blogging. I guess with all the GOP candidates gone, it just isn’t a huge amount of fun.  I mean, I am not interested in hearing Trump manhandle Mrs Clinton.

But anyways, so I found this speech by John F Kennedy, the former president and it was just riveting and so I used it in one of my videos which I would like to invite you to view here. It is a very weird video but I think it is very interesting. I coupled a few food items with the speech and with some other very unusual photography I took a few months back.

you can subscribe to my channel here. Don’t worry if you are the first as I hope it will grow eventually (giggle, giggle)

But yea. I think Trump definitely needs to listen to this speech if he hasn’t already.

Trump Officially Begins to Vet VPs. Joe my god.

Oh my god, oo la la, lord have mercy, here we go.

I don’t know about you but I am very stressed out all of a sudden by the elections. I wanna tell you, it is intense. All of a sudden, I feel like I am in a whirlwind. Cruz just suddenly cratered and quit, and I turn to John Kasich to be a hero and the guy runs for the hills. He just drops his gun and he runs for the hills. He even loses a shoe along the way he ran so fast. Meanwhile, Trump is over at Trump Tower in shock. Even he can’t even believe it was this easy. He is embarrassed. He has Ben Carson on the phone, a guy he has utterly made into his b’yatch telling him how amazing he is, and he just can’t believe it. How easy it was. So he hangs up the phone and contemplates a drink. Except he doesn’t drink so he just starts laughing like a madman. His rotund body rocked maniacally with every sputter of mirth. Can this be true, he muses? I just single-handedly, with my tongue alone, killed 17 people? Seventeen giants in the political world? They all are calling me master? They all want to be my friend?

He now spends his time mocking Hillary. He says she can’t get the job done as far as getting rid of Bernie. He killed 17. She can’t handle one. Good point. I mean, what is Bernie doing winning Indiana? I was shocked.

Nikki Haley says she is not interested in being VP. Who asked her?

Marco Rubio has been calling Trump off the hook.

George Bush Senior and Junior have vowed they will not endorse him.

Jeb has been completely silent, too stunned to conjure his own thoughts.

Bob Dole said a few months back that he will just have to miss going to the voting booth all together.

Joe my god.

Elizabeth Warren has come out swinging at Donald but I don’t think he has answered her yet. I think when he does, she will fold up like a tent.

I am in shock. I feel my insides churning. I have turned to making videos the last few days to relieve my stress

What the phock is Hillary going to do? That is the question.

Cruz meltsdown, Bernie Wins Indiana, Trump accuses Cruz Dad of Assassination of JFK plot

My circuits are overloaded. Too many, too much, too fast. I am weak. I do not have the energy or the stamina to keep up. So I am sitting this interval out – bloggically speaking.  But just to confirm, in case you think you imagined it, Ted Cruz had a melt down and called Donald a “pathological liar” and then he subsequently lost the Indiana primary and dramatically quit the presidential race. I can’t even react. As I said my circuits are overloaded. Meanwhile, Donald accused Ted Cruz’s father of being present next to Lee Harvey Oswald when John Kennedy was assassinated. As if that is not mind-blowing enough, Bernie Sanders wins Indiana (I am not even going to talk about what that means or says) and threatens a contested convention (which is the whole big thing of this election because all along I thought it was the Republicans who were going to have a big drama I would need popcorn for but it is the democrats! It is us!) and then, of course, Trump won big. BIG. In Indiana. After that, John Kasich’s campaign put out a memo that he (John) is staying in the race and taking this fight to the convention.

And guess what? As I try to settle my head from the heady last 24 hours? I still can’t completely shake the thought that John Kasich is going to be the nominee. It is so crazy. So insane. And logically, I know he is not going to. Look at how he eats the pancakes. But there is a nagging thought in my head that somehow, John Kasich is going to end up being the nominee.

As I said my circuits are completely overloaded.

I just have never seen anything like this. Have you?

Why Has Trump Been Keeping his Distance From Sarah Palin???

Dear Mr Trump,

It occurred to me that my darling Donald has been keeping his distance from former McCain Veep pick, Sarah Palin. And I think it is my fault. Why? Cause I misspoke a couple of times and said she was “bad luck.” And this was wrong-headed. Completely wrong-headed. Sarah is no more bad luck than Carly Fiorina is. In fact, I think Sarah is the perfect counterpoint to Carly and even to Hillary.

I was only kidding Trumpy! I take it all back! Sarah is NOT bad luck. In fact I think she is your good luck charm. Stop distancing yourself from her so much. You read my blog. I know you do. And you are one of the few persons who ever listens to me. I am flattered. The potential next leader of the free world is phocking reading my blog and taking me seriously and quoting me on multiple occassions!!! Holy crap!!! And everybody thinks I am suffering from grand delusions when I say it. It is our secret then. OK. Our little secret.  But you don’t have to listen to me about Sarah. Please utilize her more. Put her out there. We wanna see her. Make her your VP. Please.

Love and kisses,

Madame Caprice Clairvoyant

“China is raping this country!” exclaimed Donald Trump

The man is in for a penny in for a pound. He is going to go down in history and he figures, “imma give ’em a campaign to remember for all time.” So this is why he comes up with these soundbites. So now I wake up and I read the headlines on Google that Trump says that we China cannot continue to “rape” our country. This will be the headline for the entire week. This guy knows how to just hog the headlines and this keeps him at the epicenter of this presidential campaign. This is a challenge for Hillary. It is one thing to say he is on an “insult fest” and that he is not “serious” and all the rest of it. But he is dominating the story. And this is successful because look at how his numbers keep moving upwards even nationally. The so called “never Trump” brigade no longer exists. As he gains more momentum, he will gobble up Hillary. She has to be mindful of this. No, she cannot go around talking about how China has “raped” the country. But what is she going to do? She has to have an antidote to this guy. She cannot let him continue to define the conversation and to be the central figure in this story.

But yea. He said “rape.” Why did he use that word? He did it on purpose. There has been a lot of rape talk lately and what he is doing is twisting the mind around. He twists everybody’s mind with his words. This is a gemini trait. They twist everything around. It is difficult to keep up with these types. They just tie you up in knots.

I have a brilliant idea of who Trump Should pick for VP

Trump should pick a woman for his VP. Carly might have worked for him and balanced him out better than she does Ted Cruz and Donald may still get a stab at her since Cruz is gonna luze. But I think there is another woman who will get him much more press. I don’t care for her as a politician but she is loved by conservatives and I think she is bad luck but I could be wrong and have been wrong before.  I nominate SARAH PALIN as Trump’s VP. What do you think?

Is Ted Cruz’s Campaign the New Titanic?

Where is Leonardo DiCaprio when you need him? BTW, did he drown in the movie or did he survive? I forgot. And what is this whole big thing with Beyoncé and the Lemonade??? I don’t get it. Is it a song? Is it an album? Is it a video? I get her husband went off the reservation with some chick named Rachel Roy but what does “lemonade” have to do with it? And who is this Rachel? And if indeed there was malfeasance, was the adultery consummated? I don’t get it.

But I digress.

I was talking about Ted Cruz and his FUBAR Titanic campaign.

Does he really think Carly can save this ship???

Jeb Bush seems to think she might be able to.  He thinks this thing could unravel at the convention. Maybe, but first you gots to get the ship to port!  And there is grave danger that it hit an iceberg coming out of New York and has begun to take in nuff ton a water!

Can this ship be saved?

What do you think?

I was wrong: Jeb Bush won’t be Trump’s VP

Jeb has broken his silence since Donald made him cry and quit the presidential race. And it doesn’t sound good. He is no Marco Rubio, I will tell you. Macro recently did an interview with the Tampa Bay News where it sounded treacherously like he is kissing up to Donald. Trust me, Marco wants to be VP. Bush sounds like he doesn’t. At all. It could just be a ploy, a hard-to-get-ice-princess-fake-pump à la the Ryan guy heading the House (I can’t remember his first name right now…senior moment).

But yea, Bush probably wants it but is too proud to show it.

Trump should test it. He should DEFINITELY offer Bush the veep.

Hmmm…Obama Takes a Swipe at Hillary about her CPT Joke

Bamy apparently “swiped’ at Hillary at the White House Correspondent’s dinner last night, making reference to her joke in New York with Mayor Bill Blasio whereby they did this skit about “CPT time.”  In his satire, Obama said that these are “jokes white people shouldn’t make.”


Well, I mean, I certainly respect his position on this. People can disagree about it. I feel that in the context in which it was said, that she gets a pass. Especially since the person making the joke with her is white but married to a black wife. (this does not mean a person could not still be racist, but I think it reduces the chances that he meant it to be racist.)

With that said. As I pointed out, if Trump and De Blasio had made the same exact joke, one might have interpreted it very differently so maybe it is better that those types of jokes are avoided. Like I awkwardly tried to explain, take the “N” word. Black people use it to describe themselves in all sorts of contexts. But it is offensive even when used by blacks against other blacks or against themselves. And definitely it is offensive when used by non blacks in any context. For me CPT time is considerably less offensive. But I do not know the origin of this term so maybe I should be slow to opine on it. I tend to live under a rock (in a secret little garden.) and these types of things don’t factor in my world insofar as knowing what the latest lingo means.

But, yea. Bamy was not happy with Hill’s use of that term.

I wonder about those two and their relationship.  Do they like each other? Bill Clinton made a comment the other day about the “terrible legacy of the last 8 years” and it left me wondering about this trio.

I am rambling.

I think I will return to my secret garden now….

Hills, don’t use the cpt joke anymore, ok? It’s better.  🙂