Mr Trump: “Bernie Sanders Can’t Stand Hillary Clinton”

I can read Trump like a book. I must have known this man in a past life. I can read him like a book. And with great amusement. So what is he thinking now? Right now, he knows what I know. Hillary Clinton is going to pick Bernie Sanders as her VP. This will send shock waves to the punditry because they have tried so hard to set up Hillary for failure by planting hints that she should pick either Elizabeth Warren or Tom Kaine (is that the spelling on this person’s name??)

Hillary is a lot of things but the one thing she is not, is a damn fool. She is not going to pick either of these people. I know it and Trump knows it.

So what is he doing? Why is he talking about Bernie Sanders? Understand this about Trump’s strategy: He only talks about someone (his rivals in this campaign) when he smells a threat. He is a kind of animal who only has to smell a threat to go into attack mode. Go back to the primaries and look at all the attacks. They preceded, or were immediately subsequent to, some type of advancement of the rival. Ben Carson rising in the polls? All these horrible stories come out about him and Trump does the “belt” and almost derails his entire campaign (thank god the terrorist attacks happened in Paris – for his sake!) Kasick, He completely ignored till it began to sound like Kasich and Cruz could oust him at a contested convention. Marco Rubio did not become “little Marco” till it looked like he was gaining one too many billionaire bffs. And poor Jeb!

Now. Think about Bernie Sanders. The man is finished, right? He lost. He will not be the democratic nominee. He is absolutely no threat to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is in an epic fight to win this election and he is wasting time talking about Bernie Sanders and Sanders’ sentiments towards Hillary Clinton???

Who does Trump think he is fooling?!

Trump smells a threat.

He senses something. And he has to discredit it. This is a pre-emptive strike. This is his way of saying to voters: “don’t be impressed with this Clinton/Sanders ticket. It is fake. The man can’t stand his running mate.”


Remember you heard it here first.

Bernie Sanders will be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

It will be the winning ticket.

Trump knows it and he is trying to kill it.

Corey Lewandowski loses million dollar book deal

How do you let $1.2 million bucks just slip through your fingers? Corey Lewandowski apparently did. The canned campaign manager for the Donald J Trump campaign apparently was offered big bucks for a tell all book about working for the most infamous presidential campaign of all time and having a bird’s eye view of a candidate that will never be forgotten for the entire history of the United States.

But the deal fell through because Mr Lewandowski allegedly refused to provide the publishers the confidentiality agreement he signed with Mr Trump.

So the publisher pulled the plug.

Wonder why Lewandowski did that?

Hillary, After Obama’s Warsaw Trip, Meet up with Angela Merkel in Berlin

President Obama heads to Warsaw next week to meet with NATO allies. He is expected to talk with European leaders including David Cameron (outgoing prime minister of the “brexited” UK) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel is the center of power in the European Union. She is chancellor of Germany which basically as been a de facto leader of the Union and now that the UK brexited itself, Germany will play a greater more overt leadership role in the Union.

How strategically brilliant it would be for Hillary to fly to Berlin shortly after the summit to talk with Angela Merkel! The photo op would be priceless. One because on the world stage, we have not had two powerful women leaders at the same time. We had Thatcher in UK but she was alone. For some time Merkel’s been alone. But now, here comes Hillary representing the United States.

Their discussion should remain private but it really is about looking powerful and in control and looking like a serious leader. This is the goal for Hillary. If she pulls off a meeting (she should remain in Berlin only one night) Trump will look so incredibly insignificant. He would look boyish and uninformed and reckless because he came out so strongly in support of the brexit which, ostensibly, could have destroyed the European Union – but which in fact will not. Life will go on for the EU. Britain probably made a mistake and now, Hillary and Merkel are BFFs. This is the whole aim and objective of that trip.

Timing wise, if I were advising Mrs Clinton, I would make that trip about one week after President Obama visits with the chancellor in Warsaw.

Is Trump the Right “Moses” To Lead Working Class Americans to the Promised Land?

Trump is trying to position himself as a champion of the working class guys and gals. He literally talks as if, well, as if he is not a billionaire in the most exclusive class there is – the other 1%. It is very fascinating how he is able to do that. Very fascinating how working class Americans are listening to this guy and believing him when he says that he is one of them. This is not deception. It just is the skill of this man. This man is very, very skilled.

This man is an elite. He is in the elite class. He is proud of it. You only have to go back to some of his petty squabbles in New York. I always remember how he didn’t want those African venders to sell their knock off bags on Fifth Avenue. He is a guy who is rich and only a certain type and a certain class can get near him and what he owns. Including his restaurants, apparently. There are reports that when he would show up at certain of his properties (not sure if it was the restaurant or the casino) certain “types” could not be there. They were not “elite” enough. They were not up to the standard.

Does this make him a bad person? I am not his judge and jury. But it definitely does NOT make him a working class guy or even someone who “sympathizes” with the working class. Also, there are reports that sometimes he didn’t pay these types of people – the working class who worked at his properties or restaurants or something. There are all these lawsuits, apparently. To be fair he has said that he did not pay because the work was not done properly. OK. But when you are a billionaire and someone does work for you in a restaurant or whatever, I think you can’t NOT pay them on this basis. Because this is all they have. They need to live and they need to eat and even if the work was not perfect you can’t do this. This is not right. I disagree totally with this, in fact. I really don’t respect this. When someone works you must pay them for their work. Period. But especially when they are poor.

But maybe that is a different point. The point I am trying to make is that Trump is a lot of things but he is not a guy who knows anything about the “working class.”

He is not running for president for them. First, he is running just to run. He is doing it to do it. He wants to be president to say he put that ultimate notch in his belt. It is the ultimate ego trip for him. And fine. We all have our egos. We all want our notches. I have no problem with that. In fact every single president, everywhere, had that same ultimate objective and ambition – for themselves.


Somehow, working class people in certain parts of the United States are convinced that Donald Trump is their Moses! And for the life of me, I can’t fathom how they figure! I mean, the guy is who the guy is. But Moses? For working class people??? This is crazy. What in his past illustrates his assertions about being a champion for the working class guy? He was always a guy seeking to gain more and more wealth for him and his family. His life’s work has been about him and his family. Nothing wrong with that. But it does not qualify him, I don’t think, to run for president on this platform of being this champion for working class Americans.!  Or for Middle Class Americans, even! The only thing he knows about being middle class is the tax code!

I’m sorry if this angers him it is true.

(I am honest, Donald. Like you. 🙂 You are not the Moses who will lead the people to the promised land! You don’t even know who they are!

Can you imagine a “President Trump” in a crisis? Bill Clinton Can’t.

Bill Clinton sent out a fundraising email yesterday in which he asked recipients to “imagine this guy in a crisis.” I thought that was an interesting question and worthy of a blog post. Trump in a crisis. How would he respond to a big crisis while in the White House? If he were at the helm in 2001 when the World Trade Center came down, how would he have responded?

What about a crisis where the Congress unreasonably refused to pass one of his proposals?

I mean, I can’t really think of any scenarios as it is too early in the morning and I have not yet had my coffee.

But the question is worth asking: Do you think that as president, Trump can be relied up to respond appropriately to a “crisis” that affects the nation or our allies around the world? I mean, he must have handled crises as a billionaire businessman. For sure. But do you think he could handle, with aplomb, the types of presidential crises that seem to transpire during every administration?

Trump is fined $10,000 by City of New York

Trump apparently was fined because there is a bench missing from his Trump Tower lobby. Can you believe it? He is supposed to keep a bench in the lobby for the public. I was intrigued by this because all along I used to think for a guy who seems to like to keep people out (well, certain types) to wit his campaign to get African street sellers off of his beloved Fifth Avenue sidewalks, he was very generous to have a public space in Trump Tower where everybody can go.

But apparently, he was required by law to have a public space in the building. It was a concession for them allowing him to add floors to the tower. Isn’t that interesting? And he is required to keep the space in a certain way. For example, he has to have this bench in the lobby. And somebody on his side appears to have removed the bench without notifying the City of New York and so he was fined $10,000. Go figure.

Elizabeth Warren Would Be Perfect As A Supreme Court Justice!

I don’t like Elizabeth Warren for VP. I have been very frank. I have not changed my mind. If Hillary picks her for VP, she is gonna mess up my mental momentum and this could be disastrous. I hope Hills is very clear about this. She CANNOT pick Elizabeth Warren for the veep. This is a job that has Bernie Sanders’ name all over it.

And it it is nothing personal against Elizabeth. She has spunk and she is brave and she doesn’t give a crap what she says and I do like that. I do.

But I can see her as a Supreme Court justice. Look at her. This woman is a supreme court judge. Her haircut and everything screams judge, not president. And this is an honorable, lifelong appointment. I would campaign for that for Elizabeth.

But not as Vice president. I will not be happy if she is the Veep pick.

What do you think?

Clinton Delivers Bruising Critique of Donald Trump

What more can anyone add to this?:

“We need leaders … who understand how to work with other leaders to manage risks, who understand that bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence and who put the interests of the American people ahead of their personal business interests,” Clinton said in Indianapolis. “We have got to be clear about this: No one should be confused about America’s commitment to Europe — not an autocrat in the Kremlin, not a presidential candidate on a Scottish golf course.”

Wait a Second: Did Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch Conspire on BREXIT???

So this British guy informed me today that Trump and Murdoch are in cohoots on BREXIT.
What does that mean, I asked.
Well, he said, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump are BFFs
Yea, I said. So?
Rupert Murdoch owns the Sun.
What is that?
A British paper.
And that paper really did a number on selling BREXIT to unsuspecting Britons.
But didn’t he time that visit to Scotland incredibly perfectly?
Yes, it was perfect, I replied. I could not believe the timing.
And they had lunch while he was there, he said.
Yes, I read that in the press.
So, they planned this, he said.
No, I said. Trump does not have that kind of power.
These are a bunch of billionaires who think they are going to rule the world, he said.
You think?
Well, what do you think, he asked.

I could not find an answer.

BREXIT Should Be a Wake Up Call For America’s Young People

British youth overwhelmingly wanted the UK to stay in the European Union. But guess what? Only about 20 percent of them got off their tushes to go and vote. And guess what? The old people voted to leave! This is not what the youth wanted! They are mad as hell but they only have themselves to blame.

America’s youth better wake up and smell the coffee. If they want Hillary and Bernie to win in November (and of course Hillary is going to pick Bernie the woman is sane!) then they have to get off their tushes and go and vote.

It really is as simple as that.

Hillary Attend Pride Parade in New York. Where Was Trump??

A couple of weeks after the massacre in Orlando and New York held its annual LGBT Pride parade. It was a massive crowd according to reports and in attendance was none other than Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton. Good move on her part. She should cement her image as someone who cares about the LGBT community. She put her actions where her mouth is. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Good Move. Apparently it was a surprise. Nobody expected her to come. Good move, Hillary. This will definitely be remembered in November, I think.

As for Trump who says he is a friend of the LGBT community, he was AWOL. Perhaps he is still in Scotland at his golf course opening and obviously nobody expects him to be in two places at once. But still. It doesn’t look good when he misses stuff like this. He can’t just say he is a friend. He also has to show he is a friend, methinks.

UK’s Nigel Farage and Donald Trump Want a kind of Immigration Apartheid

Never heard of this guy Nigel Farage before BREXIT. But now he is internationally famous soon to be infamous, probably.

But it just came to me that maybe this policy he and Trump espouses can be compared to “apartheid.” Is it where we are heading? Is the new nationalism that is welling up in Western countries like UK and America a new kind of apartheid?

Cause my sense is that not all immigrants are unwelcome. Only some. Trump talks about letting “good people” in. I just wonder if we are in danger of defining “good people” in a very narrow way that excludes those who are “other.” And it won’t stop at “people from high terrorist countries.” No. “Other” could be race, as well as ethnicity, as well as religion, as well as region of the world that you come from.

It’s like an immigration apartheid.

And obviously, I don’t think I have to explain why this trend could be dangerous.

Maybe BREXIT is the new Y2K

Remember Y2K? It was gonna be the devil. We all held our collective breaths. For the end of time. And guess what? Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I mean, do you even understand “nothing”?

So I am sitting here thinking that maybe BREXIT is the exact same thing. We expect all sorts of things to happen and the EU to come to an end and life to disintegrate and the markets to crash and the pound to become as valuable as the argentine peso (is that the currency down there?)

But maybe this is much ado about nothing!

So UK wanted a divorce. So what? They never really committed if you think about it. They always had one foot out the door cause they, I mean frankly they, they think they are better than the EU! The EU was always a little bit beneath the UK’s dignity.  They  always felt like they were doing he EU a big favor. And now they are out. So what?

It is no big thing.

It is the new Y2K.

Everybody exhale.

Hillary-the-Terminator Clinton: What’s in a name?

I have just dubbed Hills “Hillary the Terminator Clinton.” I think she should watch terminator movies and get into that mindset when she approaches this contest. She is the new terminator and she will vanquish Donald Trump. Easy, baby.  What is the punch line for that movie anyways? It is not “make my day” that was Clint Eastwood, wasn’t it? Or am I having a senior moment?

Whatever. Hillary the Terminator Clinton. That is her new name.

Giggle, giggle.

Trump Wins if economy, terrorism, change & “strength” are key issues

The worse thing that could happen from Hillary’s perspective, is an economic emergency brought on by BREXIT or some other force. Polls conducted by CNN show that when it comes to voters, Trump is getting higher points on the economy. So any movement in the wrong direction there and she could be in serious trouble. She may have to pre-empt here by adding a little hidden disclaimer in her messages and ads. That is, she has to acknowledge that some economic hiccups could be on the horizon, blame it on BREXIT and say it is normal and temporary. She has to prepare the voter in advance of what could happen, while not necessarily guaranteeing that it will happen.
And she has to send the message, that, “don’t worry, even if it does happen, I will fix it.”

But yeah, the polls have some “positives” for Trump even if he is down by double digits at this point against Hillary, “the Terminator “Clinton. Politico on the matter:

Still, there were some positive numbers for Trump in the CNN/ORC poll. Respondents said Trump would better handle a number of key issues, like the economy and terrorism. (Clinton was rated higher on foreign policy and immigration.)
“Does Hillary have a small but significant lead? Yeah, she probably does,” said Newhouse. “What I find really interesting in the surveys, [Trump] wins on strength, he wins on protecting us, he wins on the economy, and most importantly, he wins on change.”

Read more:
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So I think her message needs to anticipate and pre-empt Trump on these issues. Terrorism? I mean, sheesh. Trump talks a big talk. He talks muscle. And, I mean, a solution is needed. Hills doesn’t have muscle but she can hire people with muscle. Terrorism is a challenge. We need to think about it counterintuitively and use counterintuitive strategies to resolve the matter. We cannot restart the clock but we can reset the clock. We need to reset using counterintuitive strategies. I don’t think muscle will work. Not by itself. So Trump is partly wrong and partly right with his ideas with this.

As for strength. Is he “stronger” than Mrs Clinton? Physically yes. He is a man and she is a woman. It is no contest. But mentally? Psychologically? Intellectually? Hillary is up there. She is a tough cookie. And she is a smart cookie. And she is a strong cookie. I have to give it to her. I would have been a basket case by now. I would have had to take drugs – which I never have in my entire life to date – in order to have withstood what Hillary has had to withstand. She is strong. Indeed, she has nerves of steel that are way “stronger” than Trump’s nerves. Trump does not have nerves of steel. He gets rattled very easily, I think.

Hillary Opens Up a 12 Point Lead Over Trump in the Polls!

Hills has opened up her biggest lead in the contest against Trump so far. This poll apparently taken by Washington Post was conducted prior to Brexit (which, really, is England’s problem and the EU’s problem when you get right down to it) but after the comments about the judge and Trump’s reaction to the Orlando Shooting.

This should make Trump a little bit nervous. He is a guy who was heavy into the polls during the primaries.

Is GLOBALIZATION bad? Do 2016 Candidates Need to Call it Out?

Is globalization bad? I never really stopped to think about it. But all of a sudden, BREXIT exploded and I have been reading all these articles and there is this recurring theme: ordinary people leading ordinary lives in their countries are not hugely impressed with “globalization” because it has resulted in bad trade deals – bad in the sense that it squeezes the little guys out of a job and makes it hard for them to keep pace with their internationalist counterparts.

Is this true. Is globalization bad? Is that why BREXIT happened? Because of bad globalization?  Well, European globalization/integration is special and I don’t know if it can be compared with how America plays the globalization game. First of all, you have these “porous” borders in Europe. So people can drive from Asia to Europe. They can walk from the Middle East to Europe. It may take a minute but they can walk. This creates issues that we don’t have in America. OK so you can walk from Mexico to the United States. Is it that different? No, not really.

What is my point?  Um, I don’t know. I mean, the US has a strong economy and unemployment rates are in a manageable range. There has not been huge levels of unemployment in the last eight years. So we can’t say globalization took American jobs en masse. I imagine it took some. In the manufacturing sector in particular. Trump can’t blame Hillary for this, though. All his stuff is made and manufactured in other countries. I am not sure he has anything that is “Made in America.” He uses the excuse that he is a business man. OK. So globalization worked for him as a businessman so he can’t knock it to hard.

Hills should bring back 5 manufacturing plants in the country within the next 4 years. Big ones. She has to incentivize companies to build their plants here for goods like apparel, food, cars and building and, I don’t know. Whatever. Bring back manufacturing plants. Specify five. In 4 years and deliver starting on day one. This does not have to kills trade deals. But obviously, if the little guys are getting squeezed in all the countries that globalization is practiced, maybe globalization is bad! Or maybe we have to tweak it. Or rethink certain aspects of it. We cannot continue the status quo.

We are stronger together but first, we have to tighten our own seat belt before we can tighten anybody else’s.

It is not a coincidence that in every country, people are complaining about globalization. Maybe the political elites ought to start to listen and come up with some ideas and strategies to counteract the negative impact of this idealized world they think we live it. Cause something’s got to give.

Hillary Should Set Up a Meeting With Angela Merkel to Discuss Brexit

Not only should Hills give a speech (or press conference) about Brexit next week, but she should meet with European leaders as well. Preferably the German Chancellor and the French president. It will look good and it will display her leadership skills on the international stage and it will make her look more presidential. And frankly, that meeting could be with President Obama. I know that Trump and his, for lack of a better word, “goons” are blaming Bamy for this situation. And it is in part Bamy’s fault because what the heck did he get involved for? These people have their problems and their dysfunctions and they were going at it and eating each other up and what does this guy get himself sucked into it for? Of course they are all going to turn their wrath on him and scapegoat him. He let David Cameron suck him into a hole full of you-know-what. And now they are trying to make him the heavy. I am a little bit upset with Bamy. If I could, I would actually give him a slap for this “WTbleep did you get yourself involved in this sh-!è for??”


It is like a family war. They may be absolutely killing each other but let them. Stay the heck out of it! Run in the other direction….!!! Afterwards, you go and you do the burials and you clean up whatever portion of the mess you can. You don’t get involved. You don’t give them a stick with which to beat you!

argggggghhhhh!!! Bamy!!!

OK. I digressed.

The issue is the following: Hillary. What is she gonna do? She has to reassure the American people that Brexit is actually bad and if we do anything like it, we will be screwed. Then she also has to say that she respects the decision of the British people. Then she says America will work with both sides to assure the best outcome for the global community. Then she flies to Europe for one day (like Trump did in Scotland) to meet with these leaders and have a little tête-à-tête. It will look good and it will look like she is in control of this.

Then she flies back home and get back to her core message: Trump is reckless. Country before party. Vote Clinton.


On second thought…maybe she shouldn’t. Maybe she should keep her distance. Say less than more. Do nothing till the very last moment. I mean, I don’t know.