Hillary Goes on a Cross Country Bus Tour

I like the way that Hillary scheduled to leave town in a bus right after the convention. you would have expected her to go home and take a nap and relax for a week and rejuvenate herself. After all, Trump says she has no energy! But she did the opposite. She put on her pantsuit and she left the very next day for Ohio and a bunch of other states in between like Pennsylvania and others. Her husband Bill and her Vice President Mr Kaine (Sugar Daddy Kaine) went along with her. Nice. Big ENERGY. Go Hills!

Be careful though. You can’t be too careful, ya hear? Watch out for yourself on this bus tour, girlfriend.

Trump Trapped in an Elevator, Escapes by Ladder

This story is a little bit funny and a little bit not. I just have this visual of Donald Trump climbing up a ladder in his business suit, being pulled out of a stuck elevator and it just gives me the chuckles. That must have been a hairy moment. And how convenient?! Is he sure they didn’t do this on purpose? Luckily it was not exactly on a high floor, it was between the first and second floor, not the 10th and 11th, but still. That must have been a little bit disconcerting and apparently it made him late for his rally.

It could have been a problem but in the end he just chewed out the fire marshall.

I still think it was a little bit funny, I gotta say. Trump is not the skinniest sporty guy in the world. he is a big, heavy guy. And he always wears his cufflinks. I just can’t imagine the chaos of him climbing out of that elevator on a ladder. And was he the first one out or the last one out? Cause if he was the first one out, nine people are down there looking up at this heavy set guy going up the ladder in his spit-shined shoes and cufflinks. And he probably had to be pushed up and pulled out part of the way. It is a little bit funny. Sorry Mr Trump. This makes me giggle.

When Trump Wakes Up, Huff Post Owner Ariana Huffington Will Be Toast

The Huffington Post published an article today suggesting that not only is Trump NOT rich, but he is broke and he is actually living on a revolving arsenal of debt. Read what the article said in part:

In short, Donald Trump isn’t funding his campaign. Whatever bank (or banks) loaned him money is funding his campaign, and he’s going to have to pay himself back, to pay that bank back.
Trump is like a Presidential real life version of Wimpy from the old Popeye cartoons: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a Presidential campaign, today.”
You can see where this all goes, if or when this is revealed in his taxes. The image of Donald Trump, independent, uncontrolled swashbuckler becomes #BrokeDonald, the cheap fraud who is so deep in debt that he’s wholly owned by the banks, to the point that (for lack of a better term) he’s their bitch.
That’s likely what Trump’s hiding.

Trump is not going to be happy. And Ariana is going to get a piece of his Tweet. And you know, years ago in 2010, I was not very happy with Ariana Huffington because she came out with this section of her paper called HuffPost Divorce that was such a rip off of my friend’s blog Divorce Saloon. And everybody gave Ariana and Huffpost such credit for being so genius and my friend was completely helpless and distraught about it. But she got over it and Huffpost linked to her blog and the rest is history and if she can forgive Ariana then surely I can too. But I am not so sure about Trump. He doesn’t forgive and he doesn’t forget.

OMG The NY Post Publishes Naked Photos of Trump’s Wife Melania!

Mamma mia!
Well, it’s more like mama melania!
These are some racy shots, girlfriend!

Boy. First the plagiarism. Then the falsified claims of being a college graduate. Now these nude photos. This is three strikes. Is Melania out? Time will tell. I feel bad for her because she has tried very hard to stay out of the spotlight and it is beginning to make sense why. She did not want all this stuff to come out and to be embarassed and to embarass her husband. That is why Ivanka has been playing this First Daughter/First lady role despite Mr Trump having such a beautiful and ample young wife to show off. Trump has not been showing off Melania and this did strike me as very, very strange for a guy like him. This is a guy who likes to show off. It should have been a red flag that he has gone to such lengths to hide his beautiful wife.

I can tell you this much: If this were Michelle Obama or someone packaged in humanity like that, this would be game over for Barack Obama. He would have lost his credibility completely just on the basis of his judgment of having married a woman like that. But there is a double standard and we all know it. For one thing, the nudity issue is not a real issue if you think about it. White women appear nude in most museums in the world and it is held out as high art. Black female nudity, well, that is another matter. There is a double standard and if we are honest, we will admit it.

I always remember the thing with Rudy Guiliani and Tyra Banks and the cleavage.

So while I don’t find the photos becoming of a first lady necessarily (I mean, some things should be just between you and your lover; OK!) I don’t think it will necessarily be a deal breaker for Trump on its own. Look, even in France, the former first lady Carla Bruni was also a model and also did some nude shots – or at least some panty-less shots and she was held up as a “lady” by the French people and the world once she married Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy. I remember one time discussing this with a French woman and then I said “Michelle Obama would never have gotten away with that!” and the woman said to me “well, yea, that would have been different.” And I said “why would it be different.” and she said “It just is.”

So it is not the photos. Not on their own. I think what it is threatening to turn out to be is the proverbial “totality of circumstances” situation. It is the photos taken with everything else that is making Melania’s first ladyship increasingly questionable. I mean, hopefully this is all they have and there are no more bombshells. I mean, Jeeze, you never know. Sometimes they film you unknowingly, even. You never know. So I hope for Melania’s sake there isn’t much else out there to make us gasp. Because it is not just that her husband could lose the election it is also that Melania could lose her husband. I bet you he is finding out things about his sweetheart for the very first time. This kind of thing can just destroy a marriage. I tell ya.

The October Surprise: Will it be Trump’s or Hillary’s?

When Trump promises to take off his gloves and then cozies up to Vladmir Putin and Hillary starts getting hacked left and right, I start to worry.

Something big is going to happen in this election.

The thing I have come to understand, though, is that the Clintons are not a bunch of damn fools. They know what they are doing. They have done this many times before. They know what to look out for. They have summits in private jets.

I mean, I don’t know if they have ever had to deal with Vladimir Putin and/or his ilk hacking into their campaigns. I don’t know. These folks, on this level, are full of intrigue. How did Obama ever get elected in a universe like this?? This guy is very, very, smart. He is very, very intelligent. He outsmarted them all!

But I digress.

So Trump is really playing this game in a way nobody’s ever seen before. And it is a horror but it is exciting; Let’s all admit it. No presidential election in history has been this exciting. It is very interesting. And interesting can be a “bad” thing but nevertheless, interesting.

Trump is a gemini and they thrive on this type of stuff. The excitement part. He is a young Angeline Jolie on testosterone, steroids and uppers. No, I am not saying the guy takes drugs but it is as if he does and when he takes it, he becomes this reckless machine that takes it to the brink. This is brinkmanship at its most gobsmacking and slack-jawing. I mean, who among us is not gobsmacked and slack-jawed?

And you know what? It is just beginning. He is going to up the ante and something big is going to go down. Hillary has to really become a mind-reader to anticipate any surprise moves he pulls in October and like an action hero, she has to be able to block!

Otherwise, he wins.

Tangled Web of Deep Connections Between Trump and Vladimir Putin Revealed

The British paper the UK Guardian did an in depth report about Donald Trump and his tangled web of connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. I don’t know what they are getting at with this and what I am supposed to take away from it, precisely. But there is this tangled web it seems that also involves his campaign chairman. The American press has picked up on the story and Newsmax did a summarization. You can read the report here.

What are your thoughts on this?

Obama is Wrong About Having Fought his Last Campaign. 2016 is as much about him as it is about Hillary.

President Obama thought that in 2012, he fought and won his last presidential campaign. But I have come to see this differently. I think that 2016 is his third and last campaign. He needs to win this as much as Hillary. This is about him, his legacy, his record, his 8 year presidency. The presidential election of 2016 is as much Bamy’s fight as Hill’s. Because if Hillary loses, everything that he has achieved will be thrown into the garbage by Donald Trump and the Republicans – especially in the Congress. And this has been their agenda from day one. This is why they cooperated on ZERO for eight years and continue to stall and block him, even with his judicial appointments – a situation that is unprecedented in the nation’s history. To be honest when I hear people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and the rest of them criticize Donald Trump, it does leave me with an acute case of indigestion. The hypocrisy really is too much to absorb.

Obama has to win this election just as much as Hillary does. And he knows it. I saw his speech just now when he spoke with her in North Carolina earlier in July and this is a man fighting for his life and his legacy. This is a man unleashed. He is an unprecedented president in more than just his racial packaging. He is the first who had to win somebody else’s presidential fight. The first who had to win a presidency that wasn’t even his.

Comme ça.

But when will it change for us?

Hillary Clinton Campaign Hacked by Russia

Latest news reports are that the Hillary campaign has been hacked by the Russians. Just this week, GOP nominee Donald Trump encouraged/invited the Russians to hack the former Secretary of State. He said he was being sarcastic but if these reports are accurate about a hack just days later, it would seem that the Russians took him very seriously. What is in it for the Russians? Well, Trump has promised Putin that he will lift sanctions against Russia pertaining to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and he will kosherize the annexation by looking the other way. This contravenes decades of US foreign policy under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Many experts, including high level republican defectors have been saying that Trump is “disloyal” to the United States for this buddy buddy relationship with Russia and with Vladimir Putin.

All this comes in the wake of numerous statements Trump has made indicating that with regard to US allies, example the European Union, a lot will change under his administration. He has openly said he would subject French and German nationals (and other countries compromised by terrorism) to extreme vetting before entering the United States. European leaders by and large are increasingly weighing in on the notion of a Trump presidency and most are pulling alarm bells. This obsession Trump seems to have for Vladimir Putin is making everybody all the more nervous.

Now that Russia is being accused of Hacking Clinton, some might interpret it as a quid quo pro for Trump’s promises on Crimea. The Clinton campaign has said that this hack is intended to derail her campaign and, très franchement, get Trump into the White House. That may well be true. The question is how can they prevent these types of intrusions? And even if they prove that Russia is behind this, is there really anything that the US can do to Russia?  And the third thing is that if Russia is able to penetrate the cyber wall this easily, what else have they got on the United States? Do they have everything? Can they penetrate everything?

Trump has said in the last couple of days “I am taking off the gloves.” This sounds like a veiled threat. This sounds like he has some big stuff to hit us with in October.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Circumcizes Mr Trump

Jeeze. I thought Bloomberg and Trump were friends but apparently not anymore. Bloomberg, an independent, spoke on behalf of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention and boy, he spared no mercy for Mr Trump. He just took Big Don down. And for his troubles? Mr Trump has dubbed him “Little Michael.”

Speaking of these monikers, Trump’s VP has criticized Obama’s Convention speech with an interesting critique. Mr Pence said Mr Obama engaged in “name calling” of Donald Trump and he said that there is no place like that on the campaign trail.

As soon as he said that, someone let out a big fart.

It was not at all very ladylike, I gotta say.

Hillary vows to keep pressure on Trump to Release his Tax Returns

Trump has pretty much said he is not going to release his tax returns. This is very curious. At first he said it is because it is being audited but I heard somewhere in the grapevine that the audit is finished. Still, in spite of this, he is saying he won’t release them.

But I heard Hillary say she is going to keep the pressure up on that. How she will do that is left to be seen.

Why does Trump keep refusing to release the tax returns? He should just release them. It seems suspect for him to continue to stall. Something seems off.

Ivanka v Chelsea: Which First Daughter to be wore the “winning” dress?

I did not get to listen to Ivanka’s speech but I just listened to Chelsea’s. I did see clips of Ivanka on the night she introduced her dad. She wore a pinkish dress with a little slit on the side and right after the convention, she advertised the dress on social media and it apparently sold out in one day! I am not sure what I think about her using the campaign to advertise her dresses but on the other hand, she is a businesswoman and she makes money and it is in her blood, so what can I say?

But I digress.

Which one wore the “winning” dress?

Hmmm….I think hands down, I have to say Chelsea Clinton. Why? The color first of all. Red is for champions. It represents victory, strength, fight. (Oh, and I love the Katy Perry “Fight Song” it was the first time I had heard it and I think it is perfect.)

So yes. I think Chelsea’s dress was more of a “winning” omen because of the color alone. Ivanka is pretty in pink but a little bit washed out in pink as well. I have seen her look more commanding actually. Even her hair. Once I saw her in an interview on YouTube with red red lipstick and it was striking. Her hair was better in that video than the night of the convention with this middle part and the pale look. I did not like so much.

Chelsea was a lady in red. And the color sends a message of power and victory.

I think she wore the winning dress.

Do you agree or disagree?

What’s Next For Hillary and Bernie Sanders’ Supporters?

Hills better have a specific strategy for these young people who supported Bernie. She needs them to be fired up to vote and to actually vote in November. I don’t get to see any of her TV ads where I am but I hope she knows she is going to have to spend millions on ads targeted specifically to that demographic group and she has to repeat, ad nauseum, what she said at the convention about “hearing” them and them being a part of the coalition. She has to kiss their you-know-whats a little bit. She has to drill it home. Take no chances, Hills. There needs to be ads, soothing ads on TV and online every single day between now and November.

I am so worried about my absentee ballot. What if it doesn’t get here in time??

Slovenian Journalists Accuse Melania Trump of Lying About Having a College Degree

I just read this on NEWSMAX and was quite astonished to tell you the truth. I have sort of followed the Trumps for years and so I definitely was of the impression that Melania had a college diploma in Architecture. I thought it was very spiffy, actually, to have a diploma in architecture and I thought it was a good match with what Donald does and I often mused that it was strange that she did not play a bigger role in his companies with a background in architecture.

Come to find out that maybe this was made up? Maybe she stretched the truth a little bit with regard to actually having completed college? Apparently, two Slovenian journalists have exposed Ms Trump by reporting that she only ever finished a year in college and left after her freshman year. Obviously, I cannot corroborate this so I can’t say it is true or not. But Melania has been silent on the issue and the Trump campaign has not revealed her college transcripts to refute this.

This is all kinds of ironic, if it is true. Talk about living in glass houses and throwing stones! I remember how Trump made a big thing about Obama’s grades in law school and he tried to imply that Obama was not a good student and has since said that Obama is the most “ignorant president in history.” And he made a big stink about Obama’s birth certificate as everyone in the world knows by now.

But now here is this story with Melania and the architecture degree, and silence from camp Trump. And nobody in the media is even pushing for the transcripts and in this situation, following so closely on the heels of the plagiarism scandal, you would think there would be greater demand for her to produce those transcripts or outright admit that she lied.

And then, you have to wonder why would somebody lie about something like that? Especially someone in her position? She has nothing to prove – she is singularly beautiful. She is a supermodel. Nobody expects her to have a brain (no offense but this is what it is) so if she doesn’t have a diploma, nobody cares. So many successful people don’t have college degrees example: Bill Gates, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc. Why lie about something so ridiculous knowing that the veracity of it can be fact-checked in two clicks? It is almost a little bit…stupid. No offense but this strikes me as stupid if indeed Mrs Trump is a college drop out and lied about having a degree. She had nothing to lose by simply stating the truth.

Hillary Nails it at the DNC Convention 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Win this…

She was beautiful, poised and articulate and she delivered a speech befitting a president. She was not there to entertain, that was clear. She is a serious woman who takes the job she is applying for very seriously. I am sobered just listening to her. It makes me want to be more of a grown up and not this giggling girl/woman I tend to be. Hillary is serious. She was very specific in terms of telling people what she is going to do and how she is going to pay for it. She definitely has very specific plans and very specific ideas. She is about all of America not just some of America. She is the unifier in this race. Her rhetoric definitely is about unity whereas Trump’s definitely sounds more divisive. He swears up and down he is a great unifier but his words are not unifying.

This nomination is historic in more than one way but the fact that she is the first woman presidential nominee cannot be overstated. Nancy Pelosi made some ridiculous statement the other day about Hillary needing to lay off the “woman thing” and I was just aghast. Talk about someone who needs to close their mouth if they don’t know what to say. And I say this with all due respect to Nancy. That was just a stupid comment. It is important, very important, for Hillary to stress the fact that she is the first female nominee.

Hills, you were beautiful and inspiring. You mean well. I see that. You are going to do your best to keep your promises. I know that. And you have me. I am with you, Hillary.

Now go and WIN.

Stronger together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a QUITTER

I think I can safely say now that Hillary sticks to it no matter what. The woman is not a quitter. Hey, her marriage to Bill should tell us everything about this woman. But after 40 years in public service, taking all those gut punches, then Benghazi and the emails and all the rest of it, this woman is not a quitter. I think she should be elected just on that point alone. She sticks with it till she solves it. I like that.

Here is the thing with Hillary’s emails and private server: Maybe she did the right thing!

I get that having a private server at her home in Chappaqua was not permitted. But it is curious how easy it seems to be for hackers to hack the Pentagon and the DNC and even Trump Org and places like that have been hacked, I believe, and it seems so easy for people like Anonymous and Wikileaks, and apparently the Russians to just hack. Cause they know where to look. I think it is because they know where to look.

Isn’t it curious that until someone disclosed Clinton’s private server, no one even knew about her electronic correspondences, never mind to hack her server? To my knowledge until the cat was let out of the bag by busybodies, Hillary had not been hacked!

What am I getting at?

Well, I mean, maybe she was right!?

Maybe hiding her correspondences on a private server was good judgment albeit an act that wasn’t forcement permitted. Cause nobody found it!

Can you dig what I am saying? The private server worked! They can’t find those emails! Think about it, everyone!!!

We live in dangerous times and people can easily hack and maybe the US government needs to disperse its correspondences on private servers in order to avoid being easily hacked!!!

The Russians can easily find the Pentagon. The Chinese can easily find the DNC. Or whatever. WHATEVER.

But they did not find Clinton’s emails in Chappaqua!!! They did not hack Hillary!!!

What does this tell all these bleeping geniuses???

Trump accused of Treason for Inviting Russians to Hack Hillary. He Back peddles

Trump has touched a nerve with a lot of security experts in the country for his call and invitation to Russia and China to hack the former secretary of state and presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Many see it as an act of “disloyalty” and a betrayal to the country.

Trump has come out and said he was being sarcastic and his surrogates such as Newt Gingrich said Trump was only joking while his campaign chairman Paul Manafort said he was NOT joking per se, but…

Wow. I just don’t know what to say or think about this person anymore. I do think he is a reckless individual and he is temperamentally unfit to be president. But he is being intentionally disloyal and treasonous? Someone said he had “criminal intent” to do this. I don’t know.

What I do wonder is, what if this guy becomes president and one of the agencies such as the CIA or the FBI challenges him or annoys her or whatever. Or the Congress. Or the Court or anybody any agency within the country. Could he do something like this. Invite a foreign element into the conflict to expose officials within the United States? Could he invite the Russians to “hack” the Pentagon? Or hack Ruth Ginsburg or Hack the Speaker of the House (if that person happens to be a democrat)? I really don’t see the difference between inviting the Russians to hack Hillary and him inviting the Russians or any other foreign element to hack any other segment of the government. This really is the thing for me that is astonishing about what Mr Trump said. I think, and I fully admit that I don’t know anything, but I think this is beyond the pale for the leader of the free world and the president of the United States. Yes, I think this should be disqualifying as the Washington Post says. This is really beyond inappropriate.

And the danger is that now that he let that cat out of the bag, and put ideas in people’s heads around the world, now it will be open season on the United States from all four corners of the world. That mystique is gone. He crossed the line and the mystique and reverence for America is gone. It won’t just be Russia trying to hack Hillary. It is just everybody trying to hack all Americans and all of America. And this will weaken the country and ultimately destroy the country.

Sadly, I don’t think that Mr Trump has the discernment to understand the implications of what he has done.

President Obama Brings Down the House at the DNC for Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama should definitely never let her husband anywhere near my grasp.  The man, like, I mean, omg, he is too much. I love this guy. I just love him. I. LOVE. HIM.  That’s it.

Giggle, giggle.

What a gentleman!  omg.

So handsome, so articulate, so in control of himself.

I didn’t just get teary eyed. I sobbed. I was like, omg.

What can I say? I don’t know what the critics are saying about this speech but for heaven’s sakes, this one was one for the ages.

I mean, joe my god.

I love all of it and when he said he was passing the baton, this is when I just started sobbing. I am so with him and with Hillary. And poor little Tim.  I love you Tim. Don’t be hurt because I have doubts and have expressed them. I just want us to win and Bernie….well, let’s not rehash it.

Obama Bamy was amazing. He was just amazing.