Trump Campaign CEO Accused of Wife Battery in Divorce Papers?

What is new and exciting in Election 2016? Well, it seems that Mr Trump has a new CEO who, according to the Post, did not handle his wife with the softest of gloves. Indeed, he is accused of roughing her up and calling her really choice names. To learn more, check out the NY Post.

I wonder, if battery on your wife is as bad as adultery on your wife?

My friend just finished a book about Infidelity

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and we were debating which is worse: Beating your wife or cheating on your wife?

I think battery is worse.

What about you?

Has Trump been Hood-winked?

Now that Trump has reshuffled his campaign staff – and the speed with which he did it – one can be excused for wondering if the wool had been pulled over the titan’s eyes? Was he hood-winked by men infinitely more cunning than he is? True, he came to his senses eventually. But in the high stakes game of global politics and intrigue, do you think Trump could be naive? Like a virgin? If so, if he were to win the presidency, how will he ever handle Vladmir Putin?

Message for Mr Trump.

Dear Mr Trump, I am not comfortable with the explosion of pageviews I am getting from Russia. I think I have pissed you off. You do not find my blog very amusing. And I think I am being “thoroughly vetted.”

I always remember when you said that he would be thoroughly vetting people from France and Germany and I wondered if it was code for something at the time.

Well, look, I am not saying you have anything to do with it but I am saying that I am not comfortable with these recent activities on my blog from Russia. It strikes me as strange.

I want you to know, Mr Trump that  I am really sorry for everything I ever said about you on my blog!  Please forgive me! I will shut up. I will stfu!!! Just tell them to stop surveying my blog if you know who it is. Thank you!

Did Trump Extend Coded Language at His Rally Aimed At Encouraging Hilllary Clinton’s Assassination?

I just read/saw this at Politico and I just didn’t know what to say. I mean, is he trying to send a coded message? Or was he really just joking as he said? I just don’t know what to say about this guy anymore. What do you think he meant by the quip about the second amendment people in the context of “stopping” Hillary from being able to select Supreme Court judges?

Is Ivanka Trump a bad enabler for Donald Trump?

Ivanka Trump recently stated in an interview “my father just beat 17 people in the primaries. It is not my place to tell him to change his campaign style.” She has also said she is very proud of how her father has run his campaign.

And, I mean, he’s her father. On a certain level, you can forgive her. But she is also 34 years old and was seriously considered to be Vice President of this country. She runs a multi-million dollar company that employs people and that courts consumers in this country. She is not “innocent” so to speak. She is an adult. She has children. She has friends. She has people at her synagogue. She has Neighbors. She has fellow citizens of this country.

Everybody knows she has her father’s ear. Is she totally unaccountable in this circumstance? Or does her stance amount to enabling her father to not only destroy their brand (Foursquare recently did some graphics about how their brand sales in their hotels and casinos have tanked since her father’s campaign was launched last year) but also, frankly, to destroy the presidency, the country, and ultimately himself.

First of all, he is tanking in the polls. Several reputable polls show him to have dropped precipitously in fact, to the extent that some are calling a “landslide” victory for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So clearly something he is doing is not working and SOMEBODY has got to tell him. Ivanka seems to be the one closest to him. Out of love for him alone, I would think she has a responsibility.

But it is more than that. She as an American, she should also have a talk with him because he has expressed some views out loud that simply are un-american by any standards. For example, inviting a foreign state to hack into the Secretary of State of the United States’ emails. This is just one example. There are many. I think any rational person – especially a daughter and citizen like Ivanka Trump – would have a sit down with their father at this point and say “hey, dad, you really, really have crossed the line and you need to stop. You need to pull back.”

I think she enables him. And it is going to be not just to his detriment but also to hers and to a lot of other people.

Trump Will be the Most “Reckless President in US History” Warns 50 TOP GOP Officials

Well, heck, that is not exactly a ringing endorsement, is it?


The Reckless Mr Trump.

It’s like going on a roller coaster, isn’t it?

I don’t do roller coasters. I marvel at people who go to Six Flags and basically get turned on by going on the “scream machine.”

And they throw their hands up in the air as if this shit is fun!

I am just on the ground looking up at these people and I can’t even believe it. I can’t believe that people find this fun.

And then sometimes somebody tumbles out. To their demise on occassion.

And everybody is looking on saying “how could that have happened??”

And it really makes me so angry.

Cause these things should not be legal anymore than Trump should be president.

Trump: I was only kidding about those babies

Trump has come out in defense of himself. Last week he booted a crying baby and its mother from a rally and the media ate him alive. So this week, he found his voice and said he was only kidding. Do you believe him? Me? I think it is complex. He meant it while at the same time he was kidding. This guy is dual with everything.

Wait a Second. I just Figured Something Out. Trump Really Just Wants to Be Friends With Obama.

This is twisted.
You know how Trump challenged Obama to a golf duel recently? And I balked?
You know what? I think this is the explanation. For his hate all these years.
He just wanted to be friends and he didn’t know how to do it or say it or admit it.

So instead he created this hatred and animosity and disrespect when all he really wanted was to say “hey, I admire you.”

This whole thing is a sick form of admiration!

And then, this president thing? Do you know why all this mess occurred? Cause he wanted the job but he didn’t know how to just say so and just do it like Obama did. He feels inadequate and insecure like he is not good enough. And it comes out in this bile that appals the entire world.

This is a little kid not knowing how to fit in so therefore just acting out and being this horrible behavior problem.
and an infant horrible.

But didn’t I say this from the start?

And that is why he keeps reading. He knows that I have him pegged 100%.

Is Trump a liar? Or is he Crazy? Or is he Delusional?

There is this Iran Tape Affair that Trump keeps talking about at his rallies. Can I say something first of all? I think Trump is a very good story-teller. When he is in his 80s and 90s and he starts telling his great grand children stories, and starts making up stuff, like literally pull stuff out of his you-know-what? It is gonna be very, very inneresting.

Sometimes, I enjoy listening to his story-telling. This is a confession. Don’t tell anybody – especially not Hills and Bamy – that I enjoy listening to his guy’s stories. I mean, it is completely riveting and sometimes hysterical. And I am totally gullible. Embarrassingly gullible. So a lot of times, I take what he says at face value and to me, he is very “honest” and straight forward.

Is this a mistake?

Is he really a liar? Does he lie barefacedly? Or what? I should have known cause he is gemini and they don’t know the truth from fiction if they tripped over it after stubbing their big toe. But they don’t lie straight out like, say, Aquarius and Libra. No. Gemini mostly lies by omission and by being deliberately vague and glossing over things with a jumble of words, spoken very quickly and very glibly.

Read any transcript from Trump and see all the fillers he puts in and then when you analyze it, three quarters of the time, you realize he took the interviewer for a ride. He never answered the original question. He goes off on several tangents in one sentence and by the time he is done with you, or the interviewer, you are so lost, so confused, that you just agree with him Cause it is easier. It is a technique all geminis use. I figured this out from an old boyfriend. And then I was up to him and he couldn’t  fool me anymore. I would literally stop this guy midsentence and make him elucidate the gibberish he said seconds before before he could go to the next point. I would go: “STOP!”Once he knew I was up to him, we broke up.

Trump. How is it that knowing what I know about guys like Trump I still find myself thinking Trump is at least “honest”? What the heck is wrong with my head? This man is the KING of deception! The KING. He deceives with the truth! This is a speciality of guys like that!
So is he a liar or is he crazy or just delusional with this Iran thing? I don’t know but I love the way he tells the story. It is so detailed! It cracks me up:

“How stupid are we to allow this to continue to go on? To see what’s happening. And you know, it was interesting, because a tape was made. Right? You saw that, with the airplane coming in?” Trump said, without acknowledging that his own campaign had contradicted his story a day earlier. “And the airplane coming in and the money coming off, I guess. That was given to us, has to be, by the Iranians. And you know why the tape was given to us? Because they want to embarrass our country.
“And they want to embarrass our president, because we have a president who’s incompetent,” he continued. “They want to embarrass our president. I mean, who would ever think that they would be taking all of this money off the plane and then providing us with the tape? It’s only for one reason, and it’s very, very sad.”

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Apparently, there was no fucking plane. Trump is a liar!

I’ve Decided; The NY Post Was Wrong to “Slut-Shame” Melania Trump

Would you believe that I have never uttered this expression till now? Slut-shame. I have heard it countless times. I think it was coined by Kanye West’s ex girlfriend Amber Rose, who used to be a stripper. And he really said some things about her that hurt her and she came up with this expression “slut-shame” and she even had a rally about it! Can you imagine?

But me? I have never said the expression. Not for any particular reason. I just have not had any opportunity to use it till now.

I have been thinking about Melania Trump’s situation and then I woke up this morning and then I thought “Oh, that is what Amber Rose is talking about. The New York Post just slut shamed Melania Trump!”

Cause, let’s face it, if it were any one of us, in this context, we would feel shame. I mean, look, it was her job and she took the photos in the context of her work – just like Amber Rose stripped for work, btw. And if she was ashamed of her work, I am certain she would not have had those photographs taken and diffused. And she claims it was for free. She diffused them for free so she is or was proud of her work at the time. And she was young, 25 when this happened so it was her best. This was the best she probably have ever looked in the buff.

So what is so wrong with it? I think it is the how and the when of it that creates the shame. It is like they disclosed a dirty little secret from her past and they disclosed it at a time that these photogaphs are just not appropriate. She is trying to be a “first lady” for heaven’s sakes. I mean, is it that ladies don’t walk around in the nude? Don’t we all get nude, like, everyday? Yes we do. But. It’s like Amber Rose. We all do strip in a certain sense every day just to shower, even. Does this mean we are not ladies? Does it make us a “slut”? What is it? Why does this thing the Post thing rise to slut shaming?

I don’t know. But I think it clearly does rise to that level. I mean, nothing is ipso facto wrong with nudity as I said. Even for us prudish Americans. But I think when you appear nude for a third party who is not your partner, to be photographed (when you strip!) it’s like…I don’t know. I am scratching my head here trying to sort it out for myself. Is there something intrinsically wrong with being photographed nude? If so what is it? Why is it “shameful”? Why does it make a person a “slut?”

Women like Amber Rose and Melania Trump are extremely beautiful and they trade on their beauty. They sell the fantasy, mostly to men, of what it would be like to be with them. Not all women have this option. Not all women are beautiful like Amber and Melania So what? Why is this bad that they are beautiful and people pay them for their beauty? Why should they feel ashamed of this? Why are they being “slut-shamed” just because they take their clothes off.

I am judgmental. Cause I do think, honestly you wanna know what I think?…I don’t know. I don’t think Amber Rose would make a compelling First Lady, OK? And why? Sheesh. Yes, it is partly due to her image. I’m sorry. But that’s it. She is free to do whatever she wants and I don’t have the right to slut shame her because she is proud of her work and she makes a lot of money doing it. But as first lady, I mean, I would balk. I totally and completely would balk. But it could be that I am just jealous. I could just be jealous! Amber, I am just jealous!!!

Is this what this is you think? Is it jealousy that makes society do this to these types of women?

And what about Melania? If Amber would make me balk, what about Melania as first lady given the snapshots?  Is she better than Amber Rose? Different?

I don’t know. I think maybe it is the same. But it is not about slut-shaming. It is that I think there should be a certain amount of “dignity” to which we can all aspire when we look at the president and the first lady of our country.

Imagine Jackie O like this. Or Laura Bush. Or Michelle Obama. It is distracting! I mean, how can you take someone seriously in this type of scenario? I just don’t see how you can. Let me put it to you this way: I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE FIRST LADY NAKED. PERIOD.  But this is not Melania’s fault.It is the New York Post’s fault for digging this filth up!

I am going to make some coffee now. This was a difficult post.

A Clinton Landslide? Can We Trust the Polls? Or Should We Remain Cautious?

I’m a capricorn. Caution is my middle name. I think we need to remain very, very cautiously optimistic here.

This is how how Hillary will win this. If she stays calm and steady.

Never get into self-congratulatory mode till November 9th.

Never lose Focus.

Never declare victory till its over.

It ain’t over till its over. Trump has 10 Lives.

Stay focused.

This is how she wins.

Yes the polls are good but Hillary knows that you can’t trust the polls 100 percent. Trump has said that polls are not wrong. But in a few recent elections in Europe polls were dead wrong.

Plus, its only August. We still have the October surprise. And with Hills so far ahead in the polls, the surprise could be on her.

Careful, Hillary. Act as if you are down in the polls.

Turn over every stone. Go for every vote. And don’t show your excitement too much. Just enough. To encourage the people.

But the focus has to be on voter turn  out.

Keep your head down and focus on turning out your people.

Steady. Focus. Calm.