Pundits Trying to Turn Hillary’s Win into a Trump Win

It is amazing how Trump gets all these free passes from the media. Even when he clearly loses, they find a way to turn it into a win for him. Poor Robby Mook (who I have yelled at mercilessly on occassion) sent this email which I found in my inbox this morning and which reads in part:

The criticism of our campaign and our candidate won’t stop anytime soon — The New York Times has suggested that one of Hillary’s vulnerabilities, for instance, is that she packs too many facts into her answers. I did an interview with NPR on Tuesday where the host asked if Hillary cared too much about policy at the debate.

I was just incredulous but then again, I read some of the other adjectives, like Newt who said Hillary was “disgusting.” And so, I just considered the source and let it pass.

Hillary was amazing and she took everyone by surprise – even me. I thought she would be weak and frail and coughing and she was just amazing. If she were president, the country should be proud to be represented by such a poised, level-headed woman.

Trump meanwhile said the former Ms Universe gained a “massive amount of weight.” And he also alluded to a “400 pound guy sitting in his bedroom doing cyber attacks.”

What does this guy have against fat Americans and fat people generally?  He is not all that skinny himself.

So anyways he is going for the jugular with Bill Clinton’s affairs.

Hillary should say to him “Bill Clinton is not on the ballot this year. You should have brought it up in the 1990s. But if you insist on going back to the past, and since you are on the ballot for president this year and will be the moral compass of this country, why don’t you explain to the American people why you cheated on your then wife in the 1990s? Why don’t you put this in some context for us?

And when he says “I was not president when I cheated” Hills should say “Well you want to president now. And your past conduct matters as we can see when you insist on going back to the past conduct of my husband.”


I just licked the brown envelope shut. It is a done deal. I have voted for Hillary for President. The sole thing that has to be done is to drop it in the mail chute on my way to work and to make sure I don’t forget I am going to put it next to the door so i can’t get out of the apartment without picking it up. Hang on…………………………………………………………………………

So this puppy is going to 345 Adams Street in Brooklyn…

So now what? What’s next? Well, I am just watching and listening. I want Hillary to stay focused. Don’t get excited. Be confident. She keeps wowing us, eh?

But stay calm, Hillary. Don’t get overconfident.

I think she needs to massively lower expectations for the next debate. I don’t think it will be easy after her performance in the first one, but she has to find a way to keep these people’s expectations in check or else the momentum she gets from debate number one will be gobbled up in debate number 2.

I know she is working on answers to her FOUNDATION and BILL’S INFIDELITY.

On the latter, I would just turn to Donald and say, “That’s so 90’s, Donald. It’s so old. My husband has reformed and everybody has moved on. Let us move on to things that matter to Americans today and look to the future, shall we?”

Or something like that.

And maybe remind Donald, “look, I am not here to discuss my marriage with you, Donald. Frankly, it is none of your business. I am here to talk about how I am going to make America even better than it already is today.”

As for the foundation, I don’t know what the beef is there. Surely, they have achieved some good with it? Perhaps even a lot? I know Hills will highlight specifics. Give a few bits of specific data and numbers on what the foundation actually did and juxtapose that with Trump’s foundation or his university. I think that is how you handle that.

But don’t get mind effed that the next debate is going to be just that. They could be just distracting you, Hills, from focusing on other things so be thoroughly prepared, like you were, on other topics.

I still think Hills needs to speak more regularly to Bernie Sanders’ supporters. DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED THEY WILL SHOW UP TO VOTE.

And Bernie also needs to get out there a little bit more and be a little bit more vocal and aggressive and earnest to get his people to the polls.

Who WON the 2016 Presidential Debate?

So i woke up and I was afraid to power up my computer. I did not know what would be in my inbox from the New York Post, what Politico would say as a headline, what Yahoo would be highlighting. I didn’t wanna know.

But I powered up anyways and the first thing I see on Politico is this still shot of Hillary with a big smile, looking powerful and poised over at Donald. And home girl is wearing RED.

I immediately started to giggle. I thought “ok. She showed last night. She was no shrinking violet.”

I did not have time but I laid down on my couch and watched the whole thing on YouTube.

What did I think?

Well, I thought that both of them fought like hell to get an edge over the other. But they had decidedly different styles.

Hillary was extremely composed. She rehearsed well and prepared well and she kept her cool throughout. There were a few moments when Trump was rudely talking over her that I thought she needed to be more assertive. She probably should have stopped speaking immediately, let him rant, take notes and when he was finished she should have turned to the moderator and said something snarky about this rude interruption. Then she should have continued exactly at the point she left off before Trump rudely interrupted her.

Trump came off as rude.

He not only interrupted Hillary several times but he also interrupted and I think disrespected the moderator. He clearly had very little respect for the moderator, the guy Lester Holt. I think it is ok not to respect someone with a good reason or reasons. But in this context, I think you can’t be this obvious about it. You have to be polite. You have to be a gentleman. You have to be classy.

Hillary came off as being very prepared.

She was the most likely of the two to cite actual data and stats. She stayed on point more than Trump who tended to go off on his own tangent.

I did not like Trump’s answers in the “race” segment but nothing he said was a big newsflash. I have always sort of idolized him, as I have said and were it not for the fact that I don’t think he likes people who are black and the fact that he was so disrespectful of President Obama, this would have been a very different story. I would have been a Trump girl. But he fundamentally has a very distorted view of blackness and he does not know this about himself. He has a blind spot. And it is a scary one.  And he keeps pushing this “stop and frisk” policy and, I mean, ugh. I did not like anything he said in this segment.

Trump made some points that I agree with as well. I am in agreement on this idea of how we are defending countries like Japan and Saudi Arabia and they are not paying their share. If this is true, it has to stop. And he does come off as being very “strong” maybe even to the point of  overbearing. I can see how that appeals to some people.

I think the night clearly belonged to Hillary. She was coming off this health crisis and some people had her in her deathbed already. I have heard so many scary things about her health including that she had parkinsons. I did not know what to believe. But she stood effortlessly. And she had no incidences. She did not cough even once. She stood up to Trump and she went toe to toe and she never once lost her cool, even while he gesticulated wildly and even while he raised his voice and even while he got these very scary facial expressions.

If the test tonight was “who was the most presidential” I think the winner, clearly, was Hillary.

But, you know, I am a Hillary girl so I could be totally biased and I am sure the rest of the country and world had their own opinion and that some will even claim that Trump won in a landslide. So…

But yea. I think the night belonged to the lady in RED.

Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You did great!
I love you, darling.

You are going to win this thing. You are going to win. Just stay calm. Stay focused and don’t blink.

Get Mad, Hillary.

Enough has happened in this election, that is unfair, that should have you hopping mad, Hills. But you have to get mad in a very controlled way. There is getting mad and there is getting mad. One is in your throat and the other is in your gut.

You need the one in your gut. This one is controlled. This one is articulate, powerful and devastating. It gets results. Strong, measurable, powerful results.

The one in your throat has you screaming like a fucking crazy woman which will only make you look and sound like a fuckingcrazywoman.  Clearly, that won’t get you the presidency.

Trump Deflects From His Lack of Response to Charlotte Police Shooting By Calling Hillary “Dumb.”

I have not been keeping up with all the police shootings in America because it is utterly exhausting, first of all and second of all, I have braced myself that this is what it is going to be until I die whether from natural causes or not. If I get to an old age without being one of those black people who is killed by the police or having a family member who is, I would just see it as a stroke of luck. Because I have come to expect anything at any time. And it is exactly for that reason that I refuse to bring into this world any other human being who will serve as bait for those on this planet who hate us. They will absolutely have to find other victims than anything I spill from my womb. When I die – by whatever means – that is it. Find somebody else to provide ya’all with your much needed victims.

With that said. Trump called Hillary “dumb” for having planned to go down to Charlotte in the circumstances. He said she was grandstanding. Did he not recently go down to Louisiana when there was an emergency involving other Americans? Why did he do that? To grand stand? OR because he is someone who cares about what happens to every day Americans? Was it a sign of his leadership when he went to Louisiana? Or was it just “grand-standing”?

And if it was leadership when he did it, why is Hillary dumb when she does it?

The fact that the “victims” are just more black people getting shot?

What, that means it is not important? That means it is a “dumb” expenditure of his time?

It is very interesting how he characterized Hillary’s attempt to visit Charlotte. It is like he is saying that going down there is just a waste of time.

And this is the “law and order” candidate who is calling for a national stop and frisk policy.

But hey. Maybe if they had stopped and frisked this poor black dead man, and found he did not have a gun, maybe he wouldda been alive.

So maybe Trump is right.

Stop and Frisk all black people as a matter of national policy. (poor guy apparently had his hands up and was just sitting in his car reading a book (or do i have the wrong case? There have been so many!!!)

Then shoot.

How Can Hillary Win the Debate?

Hillary needs to understand something: No matter what happens during the debate with Trump, the conclusion has already been made and drawn: HE WON.

Trump has won the debate. Hillary does not even have to bother to show up. The media and a certain segment of the social media community will see to it that he won. Just be saying so. Frankly, they did the same thing during the primaries. Do you really agree that Trump won all those debates?  I don’t honestly believe that Trump won all those debates during the primaries and even Trump knows this. Especially that first debate with Megyn Kelly (just pulled a senior moment and cannot remember how to spell her name, sorry!) But all were handed to him as soon as he said the word “unfairly.”

Anyway, Hillary has to ancipate this outcome. Even if she debates her heart out and wins, they are going to give it to Trump. God forbid she does not do well or has a coughing fit or something, it will be game over.

What does she do? If I were her, frankly, I would already be giving it to Trump. I would be saying constantly in interview, social media etc, “look, we already know how this is going to play out. No matter what happens, they are going to say that Trump won. And god forbid I cough. It will be game over for some people. But look, I plan to focus on the issues and the things I want to do for the American people; There is much more at stake than a two hour debate where we already know that no matter what happens they are going to say Trump ‘won.'”

She has to lower expectations for this debate and she has not been doing that. But it is not to say she tells people she is afraid or nervous. She has to say that the media will say that Trump won no matter what but she is going to focus on stating her position on the issues, notwithstanding and that if she coughs she asks America to excuse her in advance.

Another thing is, she is letting them turn this debate into a referendum on whether she can stand for the duration of the debate (because ostensibly she is so “weak.”)

Why did they not pre-empt that by turning it around such that they sit from the beginning? In other words, if she has a temporary “disability” due to the fact that she is recovering from a temporary bout of whatever, and she needs to sit, they needed to request that in advance and make it that to refuse and to judge her is to discriminate against her and other Americans like her who want to work but whose “bosses” are making it a hostile environment due to her condition.

Trump already mocked a disabled reporter and Hillary’s camp could have used this fact to get her the option to sit if necessary due to her temporary health issue.

Because if god forbid during the debates there is any incident even if she needs to go to the bathroom or something, they are just going to spin that out of control and make her look sick and weak. And it is so obvious what they are doing with the help of the media. They want her to look sick and weak.

But America has had a president who had to sit all the time in a wheel chair and it did not affect his judgment or his ability to lead. Push comes to shove, Hillary should already have been talking about this guy (was it Roosevelt) and showing all the great things he achieved even if he was not a “gladiator” and even if he could not stand up for 2 hours at a time.

I just think that Hillary is not doing a good enough job countering Trump’s little manipulative gemini moves. He has totally manipulated the media the public and as a result is getting into a better and better position to beat Hillary.

Come on, Hillary. Think like Trump. It is all about knowing how to turn your “chokes” into “wins.”

Trump: “Black race is in worse shape ever ever ever”

Poor Trump. He is so out of touch with what “blackness” is and what it means that he has formed this very distorted campaign strategy as a result that makes him look and sound like a man who does not know any black people, except insofar as they are this “bad” monolithic group of sufferers. He really does not know the first thing about how to go about interacting with people in this demographic.

I mean, okay, he knows Don King and they have been friends for a long time.
He is friends with Ben Carson and he hired Omarosa.

And you are known by the friends you keep. And Trump does have “black” friends.


But Trump has a very common ailment that, perhaps, a majority of people on the Earth today have. He really thinks that “blackness” is a sub-group of the human race. He really does. Black is “other.” Black is less. You see black and your opinion and mood and predisposition changes. Black is a different category that is out there and removed. Black is DIFFERENT.

Trump, like a lot of people (it is not just Trump!) lumps everybody with “black exterior” into a meta mass of sub-ness. Blackness has its equivalences and those are set in rock and stone. For example:

black = poverty
black = crime
black = uneducated
black = no job
black = people looking for handouts
black = bad neighborhood
black = people who refer to themselves a “nigger”
black = a certain type of religious worshipper
black = problems the police need deal with
black = people you don’t want in your neighborhood and in your establishment


(There are people who hold these views in their DNA, in their deep tissue and nothing in the world allows them to see any individual whose humanity is packaged in dark skin any other way. They completely don’t get that everybody has the same color liver and heart and blood and platelets and kidneys and bones – but that is another story.)

So Trump has this ailment as I said. I don’t want to call it “racist” because this is over-used and has lost meaning. It is beyond “racism.” It is a human problem. A disease. It is a disease of the mind, really. A lot of people – including black people I hate to admit – have this disease. It is a disease.

But so Trump goes campaigning trying to win the black vote and his view of the black community is an an even bigger, grosser distortion of these equivalences. Because he does not know any black people. He only knows what he has been taught since he was born. And it does not make him a bad person. So many other people share these perceptions. It is a sickness of the mind as I said.

But this guy is running for president.

He has to think more broadly, I think, about his potential supporters and constituencies. First of all, this notion of “blackness” and “whiteness” is a racist construct and this is something that modern humanity needs to rethink. This screen, for example, is “white.” I don’t think I have ever seen a human being who is the color of this screen. I have literally never seen a “white” person in my entire life (except for that woman I once saw on the streets of London)! So what does that even mean? But that is another story. Future-Modern humanity will have to figure that out.

What does being “white” and being “black” mean? What the hell does this mean?!

Until then, Trump needs to recall that here are “black” teachers, Mr Trump. There are “black” lawyers. There are “black” financial analysts. There are “blacks” with nice homes living in nice neighborhoods. There are “blacks” who are successful owners of their own business. There are “blacks” who have never been in trouble with the law. There are “blacks” who are Catholics. There are “blacks” who do not subscribe to any religious affiliation. There are “blacks” to are rich.  There are just all kinds of “black” people! “Black” people are not a monolith – except that their intestines are the same color as everybody else!

I mean, Trump has a very Don King definition of “blackness” that is not very erudite.

“I told Michael Jackson, I said if you’re poor, you’re a poor Negro — I would use the N-word — but if you rich, you are a rich Negro; if you are intelligent, intellectual, you’re an intellectual Negro; if you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding n—–, I mean, Negro,” King said.

I mean, I guess I get what King is saying between the lines. I get it. But by having him on at a campaign event saying this stuff in 2016? It is saying something about Trump that I find very off-putting. I can excuse King cause he seems not to know any better way to describe his life experience – and, as I said, I get why he would so conclude. I do! And I excuse him. I excuse Don King.

But I cannot excuse Trump. Because Trump is running for president of the United States – the “greatest” country in the world or certainly the most influential. If he wins he will be my president too. And I want and need a president whose perceptions about people walking this earth in skin of a hue similar to mine to have a more modern, sophisticated, open view of what that means. I don’t want someone like Don King safe for the hue of skin that that someone happens to walk the Earth in who just reduces millions of human people to one blob, one word.

This is unacceptable to me.

Saying the black race is in the “worse shape ever, ever, every” is also unspeakably insulting and dismissive. Too many people in this demographic have achieved too many great and laudable things for me to sit back and allow Trump and his ilk to throw dirty water on it and then turn around and try to tell me that it is raining.

Excuse me, Mr Trump. But you lie.

Trump Wants National “Stop and Frisk” Policy

Giggle, giggle.

If Trump becomes president, Black Americans are going to be more phockt than they have ever been in the history of this country. Like, ever.

And you can’t accuse him of lying to anybody about where he is heading and how he is gonna do it. He has billed himself as the “law and order” candidate. And now he is expanding on what he means by that.

A national stop and frisk for starters. This is for starters. National stop and frisk.

I get bet you money that the police will not be stopping and frisking white people as a general rule. They don’t now and they won’t when Trump becomes president. It is the people who the police are already mistreating in the country who will be subject to harsher federal standards under color of law.

It doesn’t matter if they commit a crime or not. All they will have to be is black and moving or standing or driving or shopping in America and they are going to be in some very, very deep shit in this country under a Trump presidency.

And they deserve it. Frankly, if black people vote for Trump, they DESERVE what is coming cause he told us who he is and what he stands for and what he is going to do. He told us in words, deeds, omissions and innuendos. He told us by the friends he keeps and the things he finds amusing (Don King???).

The stop and frisk is only the tip of the iceberg and if Black people go ahead and believe Trump when he says he will “fix it” then they deserve 100 percent what they get.

I am just giggling.

If Black People Vote for Trump He Will Give them Shock & Awe and Law & Order. They Would Deserve it!

I am in such a bad mood. OMG. There is danger in me getting on my laptop when I am in this state of mind. But I gotta tell you: I can’t believe that black people are falling for Donald Trump’s crap. And I don’t hate Donald Trump. He is horrible but on a certain level, every time I think about him, it cracks me up a little bit. Sometimes, I think he is what everybody deserves. And why? Because people are not innocent. They are phocking horrible, in fact. And a guy like Trump? He just trumps them by being more horrible. Does this make him a bad person? Only if they are good people. Nobody is good. People are phocking horrible.

BUT. It is one thing to be horrible and another thing to be a damn fool. I think if you are a damn fool, you deserve exactly what you get. We are all charged for being what we are. Damn fools suffer greatly. Sometimes, they even find themselves enslaved. Slavery comes when people are foolish. It comes from foolish behavior and foolish thinking and foolish acting and foolish planning and foolish failure to plan.

No, of course Trump will not condemn black America to involuntary servitude all over again.

But he might as well when he gets through with them with his promises of shock and awe and law and order.

Can’t people read between the lines? Can’t they read the tea leaves? What do these folks some of whom he referred to as those “thugs in Baltimore” think this man means by “law & order”?

And on top of that he is gonna have Guiliani at the helm?


I almost hope they are so damn foolish they vote for him. Cause I am just gonna sit right here and think: YOU ALL BLOODY WELL DESERVE IT.


Now I am gonna eat. I probably shoudda ate before I blogged that but I. DON’T. CARE.


The Quicksand of Hillary’s Health Reports

I can’t believe Hillary’s handlers are letting her release explanations of her health history to the press. I mean, I am not an expert but if I were handling this woman’s campaign, there is no way in hell anybody was gonna be getting anything but the very tersest of explanations about this. I would pull a Trump. See how he has stalled with his taxes? Cause he is tough and he sticks to his guns and people learn to let it go. At the same time, he is the devil. He is able to haunt people and harass them till they do what he wants. Look how he got Obama to release his birth certificate! This man is satan. He’s lucifer, alors.

And it is not funny.
Now here comes poor Hillary. If she is not careful she is gonna let this guy and his media get the better of her. I could not believe it this morning when I powered up my Internet and saw on YouTube a clip from a major news organization analyzing the rise in Hillary’s triglicerides! Or how ever the heck you spell it.
I thought, “whaaaat?”
So she tries to explain and now they are digging into her triglicerides and analyzing her triglicerides and Trump won’t release his tax returns? And her handlers are allowing this? They are continuing to be played by a media that secretly wants Trump to win???
The media wants Trump to win. It would be big money. Everyday a new headline. Clicks, clicks and clicks for the entire global media if Trump wins. He would be a more interesting story than Hillary and it would make their jobs very exciting. They want that excitement because it will be good for their careers, businesses and bottom lines. So they want Trump to win even though they overtly claim to be appalled by this guy. NO. THEY. ARE. NOT.
And fine. Even I am fascinated by this nut case of a guy. And make no mistake about it. Trump is fucking nuts. And this is his appeal cause he does not care and he is an outrage and he knows it and he knows it sells.
But for heaven’s sakes why didn’t Hillary hire me to run her campaign? I would have done a better job. She would have picked Bernie Sanders as her running mate, first of all.
And by the way, why isn’t her campaign manager doing a better job of having Hillary speak DIRECTLY TO BERNIE SANDERS’ SUPPORTERS? This demographic is being taken for granted and just like the “black vote” they are gonna desert Hills for Trump;
Flawed strategy, Robby Mook. Narrow thinking, Robby Mook!!!
But the triglicerides. Are you focking serious that you are letting Hillary fall into this pit of quicksand?????????

Now that Trump Has Declared Barack Obama an AMERICAN Will He Win 90% of the Black Vote?

Trump has said that he will win 90 percent of the Black vote. From the get go he was pretty cocky about it. He is convinced that he can wrap black people around his pinky.

I was always skeptical. I did not see how he could seriously think he could pull that off. I did not see what possible strategy he could employ to convince “black people” to vote for him.

Well, evidently he does have a strategy and it has been unfolding with furious thunder:

  • First, hire Omarosa Manigault as his apprentice.
  • Second, ask “black people” while speaking to “white people” “what the hell you have to lose”?
  • Third, go to a black church, sway back and forth, and sing some gospel music
  • Finally, declare that Barack Obama is an American once and for all.

And voilà. The “black vote” is his for the taking. Easy as pie.

I wish I could just be sarcastic about this and be able to laugh up my sleeve that this guy has the temerity to think so little of black people, to think black people are so easy. But I can’t. Because this guy’s numbers have been going up in the black community since he performed these simple little acts. He did not even have to use powers of persuasion. He persuaded with no effort, no power. Just easy. As pie.

He is laughing at us.

And, I mean, look. The “black vote” is not a monolith. I have said that from the beginning. I find it offensive, in fact, that people expect all black people to vote the same way. It is a derivative of slavery, this kind of thinking. It takes away individuality and lump all black people into one unthinking blob of inconsequentialities – except in so far as a needed voting bloc. I resent that.

At the same time, the idea that a candidate like Trump with his history in this community as not being a very positive one – to say the least –  that he can come in and wink and twiddle is little pinky and just get individuals in the community to do his bidding, en masse, (monolithically!) I mean, damn.


Les Deplorables

Trump apparently has owned this strange moniker for his supporters, putting up it on a digital banner behind him as he delivered a speech in Miami. According to media reports, during the “fracas” speech he called on the Secret Service protecting Hillary to disarm just to “see what happens” to the former Secretary of State.

Considering the context, this was a “deplorable” statement by any standard and fit right in with his theme for the day as evidenced by his banner.

He vowed to be the guns president during the same speech. His supporters really appreciate that, evidently.

Michelle Obama Toots Hillary’s Resilience After Hills Returns to Campaign Trail

I think that is a good word for Hillary Clinton “Resilent.” I remember how Elizabeth Edwards once wrote a book called “Resilience” after her husband John Edwards left her for Rielle Hunter and had that baby. And shortly thereafter, poor Elizabeth who was battling cancer, died.

Hillary has had to contend with a lot of craziness during not only this campaign, but during her 40 years in politics and certainly during her more than 3 decade marriage to Bill Clinton.

Yes, I think I would agree that she is a woman who exemplifies the word “resilient.”

I mean, she friggin’ nearly collapsed last week because she was trying to work while sick. Her doctor had ordered her to take some days off and rest and like many workaholics, she defied her doctor’s orders and pushed to work anyway. And then she had that “medical incident” that the Trump campaign and his supporters just revel. And I am going to be honest. It worried me and it made me cry because I wasn’t sure that the heck was going on.

Well, what is going on is that this is a “woman who works.” She works even on her sick days. She works even when she does not feel 100%. She works even when her doctor tells her that it would be better if she stayed home and get some bed rest. This is a resilient woman.

Hashtag #resilienthillary

Hillary should make a point of letting America know this about her. She should keep repeating it in interviews: “I am a woman who believes in working hard for the American people no matter what is going on in my personal life. I put this job above even a little pneumonia diagnosis. Some people may say I am a bad person for working and not crying about it and telling everybody that I wasn’t feeling my best on Sunday. But I didn’t think the details of my illness – which, btw, many Americans are diagnosed with everyday especially hard working Americans –  was something America needed to be burdened with. I wanted simply to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep focusing on what matters for the American people. I think we need that in our president. We need someone who puts our interest as a nation first, and not use every opportunity to turn the national attention to our own self-interest whether that be our hotel openings or our pneumonia diagnosis.”

That is what Hillary needs to do. She needs to frame her illness in a way that shows that she puts her job as president above everything, including even her temporary setbacks due to minor health inconveniences.

Does Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Robby Mook Have the Right FOCUS with his fundraising obsession?

OK. Let’s get serious. Time for hardball. What is this obsession that Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager Robby Mook for breaking fundraising records? I don’t get it. I keep getting emails after emails for funds. I send what I can admittedly it is not much but it is a heck of a lot more than I have sent to Trump which, so far, totals ZERO.

But Robby and his team keeps writing and asking for more. And usually he doesn’t even say “thank you.” This is the first strategic blunder on his part.

But the second and most important is the fundraising strategy itself. I am not a political genius but it seems to me that the key is to win votes not win a fundraising contest. If fundraising is the way to win elections then the polls must all be wrong. Because Hillary has been kicking Trump’s ass with fundraising for a year and even with all the shit that Trump has said and done, he is still competitive and even leading in some states as well as nationally in some polls.

And he is not spending half as much on “ad buys” which is what Robby keeps saying he wants the money for, for “ad buys.”

I am starting to get annoyed with Robby. OK?

He has not fully thought out his strategy because if he did, Hillary would be way ahead because she is spending a lot more on ads and she is raising a lot more money!

Stop fucking around, Robby! And I mean, I say this with all due respect.
Change it!
This is not about ad buys!
You can raise a trillion bucks for Hills and Trump could still win this thing because your strategy is flawed. You keep raising big money and spending even bigger on ads and she is falling behind like a brick!

For phock’s sakes.

I don’t know what the flaw is. I am not an expert. OK? But this does not take a rocket scientist to see that something is not working and it is not fundraising because you have a huge war chest AND YOU STILL LOSING and Trump keeps gaining.


Now I am angry.

Maybe Hillary needs to pull a move like Trump and change campaign managers. I think with all due respect this guy Mook is gonna make a muck of this thing for Hills. I think. He is stuck in his thinking. He has not adjusted for the terrain in which he finds himself. This is a big, big, phocking error in strategy that is gonna cost Hills this election.

If I were Hills I would drop this guy like a brick.

There. I said it. Voilà.

Hillary Diagnosed with Pneumonia…But…

Hills has pneumonia. So says her doctor. Antibiotics have been prescribed….
I get a bad feeling. I think something could be wrong with Hills. It could just be the extreme stress of dealing with very strong forces like Donald Trump. But it could be more. She has a problem. Something is wrong.

What is plan “B”? Do the democrats have a plan B going into November or are you rolling the dice here or what?

I think we need a plan “B” just in case. Something could really be wrong with Hills.

This is why Bernie Sanders would have been a better pick than Kaine. Bernie as VP would have been better and if something happened, then they could have brought in Kaine. I am nervous.

Kaine could pick Sanders if Hills has to drop out.

But I do think whatever happens, we need a plan “B.”

Something could really be wrong with Hills. Poor Hills. She is so strong. But even she is human. This could all just be too much for her. All these vicious men on the attack like that. She is just a girl. In the end, she is a girl.

And the videos I have been watching don’t look right all of a sudden. It is like she is under the influence of extreme and unbearable stress and it is causing her to literally collapse.

And when it comes to that, if she were my mom, I would be like “this is not worth it.”

Did Someone Slip Something in Hillary’s Coffee?

What if it is something that Hillary drank that caused her to pass out like that? I keep looking at the video and this is not consistent with someone “fainting.” It does not look like a fainting spell at all. It looks like she passed out cold. I mean, it was kind of stiff. When you faint you fall to the floor at the speed of gravity. You don’t stiffly be unable to move. This was weird. She was catatonic. She was stiff. She seemed like either a stroke or something. And I wondered if she ate or drank something. Did someone slip something to the former First Lady?

Hillary did not faint. Something else is wrong.

Hillary Passed out. So what?

Hills apparently passed out today during the 911 memorial ceremony. Trump, obviously, is gonna be on his back foot. But my big thing is, what is the big deal if someone passes out?

I mean, I saw the buzzfeed video and it upset me because it did not look great.

But who can blame her for passing out due to untoward stress and heat? Don’t we all pass out on occassion when it is too darn hot?? It was hot! She fainted! So what?

I mean, within hours, Hills was up and about taking pics with a little girl outside of Chelsea Clinton’s apartment in New York and she said she is “feeling great.” I mean, I was in tears just to see that she is alright. I want her to be alright no matter how this goes. Obviously, I want her to win but even if she doesn’t, I am still her girl and I want her to be fine.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush Needs to Shut Up and Stop Stressing Out Hillary & Her Supporters

I read this and I am on the verge. I wanna scream, “Shut up Glenn!”
Hillary knows what she is doing. She’s got this. We don’t need guys like you in influential media like Politico putting these negative vibes and ideas in the heads of an uneasy electorate. SHUT UP, Glenn!

This is and always was, a marathon. Hillary knows that and she has been pacing herself. Yes, it is time to start to make her move she knows that. It is time to demolish Trump.

She cannot let his flip flop on immigration or anything like his treatment of African Americans over the years including the Central Park Jogger situation and what he said about Hispanics to go unanswered.

And yes, she needs to say more specifically what she will do for these groups.

But this idea that she is “blowing” it is annoying, Glenn and a dangerous story to peddle right now  when everybody is on edge. Who the bleep’s side are you on?

Trump Pulls Ahead of Hillary in National Poll. How is this Possible?

How is it even remotely possible that Trump has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in national polls? I am not surprised because I have always said he has 10 lives. But I am still shocked. How is this possible?

Hillary needs to start to make her move. This is a marathon and this guy has pulled ahead at a critical point in the race and she needs to step up and keep up the momentum, keep up the pressure.

She has to exert a tremendous amount of force on Trump NOW. She has to make her move NOW. Again, THIS IS A MARATHON. But we are now too near the finish line for her to allow Trump to pull ahead. I am nervous.

She has to unleash everything she has on him NOW. And she has to get a cushion and she has to fling herself across that finish line like a phocking, I mean, I don’t even know what. She has to do SOMETHING RIGHT NOW.

I mean, imagine if she allows Trump to make inroads with African Americans and Hispanics? I am speechless that his antics seems to have worked with this 11th hour move he made with these two groups! I am a little bit embarrassed too. It is just too darn easy and Trump laughs in Trump tower because it is like seducing a woman who is EASY. And then he kisses and tells all his friends and leaves the damn fool crying. Really, it’s embarrassing that he could just go to a black church and take a lunch ride to Mexico and his poll numbers just shoot up like that. EMBARRASSING.

Is Hillary going to let him get away with that?