Could There Be Another Bombshell in Huma Abedin’s Emails?

When  Trump speaks, I like to read the tea leaves.  He uses coded language a lot. he said this today:

“We can be sure that what is in those emails is absolutely devastating,” he predicted. “And I think we’re gonna find out, by the way, for the first time. Thank you, Huma. Thank you, Huma. Good job, Huma. Thank you, Anthony Weiner.”

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I suspect one of his Manhattan surrogates knows the contents of the emails and tipped off Trump.  He could be blowing smoke. But they also could have set us up.

Not Impressed With CNN. Brazile Out But Lewandwski In? Plus “Wikileaks”?

What the darn? How is Wikileaks so powerful? Everybody is getting fired over Wikileaks dumps. But they are stealing data! Something is wrong with how we are allowing our society to be run by people illegally stealing our data!

Trump got all these heads ups from the Russians, allegedly and god knows who else.

As for CNN’s sudden attack of conscience over Brazile’s heads up to Clinton? Please. Trump didn’t get any heads ups from Lewandowski who is on CNN’s and Trump’s payroll contemporaneously?

Moreover, with all the hacks that took place, everybody else was doping. Lance Armstrong was right. If all the athletes are taking performance enhancement drugs, then his use of it was a wash.

Trump can’t have all the fun, after all.

So, je m’en fiche!

Go Brazile!

GOP Senator Chuck Grassley Demands that Comey Answer 10 Questions About His Letter

Wow. Exactly as I advised here, a republican senator demands 10 questions of Mr Comey and with a tight deadline of November 4th, says Politico;

In the letter released Monday, Grassley listed 10, multi-part questions to the FBI involving the disclosures. The inquiries include whether any FBI officials have read the new emails, the time frame that the new messages cover, whether there is any information yet to suggest that the emails are duplicates of ones already reviewed by the FBI, and how the bureau learned of the existence of the newly discovered emails.
Grassley is also asking whether FBI requested a search warrant or the impaneling of a grand jury at any point during its investigation into Clinton’s email practices. He is seeking answers by Nov. 4.

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Who Would Have Thunk That Electing a Woman President Would Be an Apocalypse?

Can you guys even believe this election? Boy. If Hillary wins, she is going to make history in more than just a gendered way. This is telling us something about how the country views women. And this is not just about how men view women. It is also about how women view themselves. With regard to ultimate power.

I am truly stunned by this. I think this would have made more sense if we were trying to elect Barack Obama for the first time. I am truly stunned.

What does this say about us?

Pennsylvania NAACP Files Court Case Under the Klu Klux Klan Act and the Voting Rights Act

Lord have mercy.


The rest of the world will have to intervene to help the United States in the aftermath of this election. If feel it in my bones. I am very concerned, actually. I think the law enforcement on the federal, state and local level need to start upping security nationwide at all the polling places but also just in general. This thing is going to be bad before it subsides. It is going to be bad. I hope they are taking this more seriously than the took the Trump candidacy in the beginning. No one took Trump seriously and this was a mistake. I took him seriously and I warned everyone. But no one listened. No one ever does.

This thing with the election is serious. I think a massive plan should have already been put in place and I hope it has. I hope they are not sitting on their laurels thinking they will be able to handle what happens.

And they have to start before the 7th.

30 Former and Current Attorneys General Condemn James Comey

According to Politico, another letter signed by 30 legal professionals – this time attorneys general – has been written and signed condemning the actions of FBI director James Comey.

The only person who apparently thinks he didn’t do this on purpose is President Obama. But I think Bamy is just trying to be cute. He can’t actually be serious.

Did the Trump Camp Know Before Hand that Comey Was Going to Nuke the Democrats With That Letter?

Only god to tell me “no” and convince me that they didn’t know ahead of time. I remember when Trump said a few days before the grenade hit “they should just end the election now and give the win to Trump, right?” And it was queer because at that time, he was massively tanking in the polls because of all the women who said/alleged that he had sexually assaulted them. Indeed, a new one, Miss Finland, had just made a fresh claim and Trump was (at the time, I thought) insanely and preposterously talking about just being handed the win.

The man is a gemini and very cunning. I should have known he doesn’t say things lightly. I should have realized something big was up.

Check out Daily Kos (this is a cool website!)

they also suspect advance warning was given to team Trump.

They Loved Her As Secretary of State But Hate Her For President. Is It because she is a Woman? Or Because She is White? Or Both?

The level of hatred directed to former first lady Hillary Clinton does not make sense to me. This is a woman who was the most admired and respected woman in the world until she declared her candidacy for president. What the heck happened.

If she were black or another ethnic group, I would be tempted to say this is racism.

This is putrid hatred from some corridors and it is more commonly associated with racial animus in my experience.

But Hillary is a white woman!

Some of the people who seem to hate her the most look exactly like she does! They themselves are white and women. I mean, there are others. But on TV it appears that the people who hate her the most are white women. They are the once chanting in unison “lock her up.”

 Followed by white men. And then the others.

I am puzzled by this. Really puzzled.

Why do ya’all hate Hillary so much? What did she do to you?

If she were black I think you would actually be kinder to her. If she were Asian, if she were Hispanic. I think you feel license to treat her this way because she is white and you think you can get away with it because nobody can say it is racism.

But it is. Even if you hate someone of your own race, you can still be acting in a “racist” way. And this goes for all races. I have always said that everybody hates black people but nobody hates black people more than other black people hate black people.

This syndrome is at play here, I think. There are too many white women who are too hateful and vengeful and venomous towards Hillary. I feel I have to speak up about it. I don’t like this.

She is not a perfect human being but she is a human being just like you and just like me and we don’t have to go this far. We are all women and she is our sister. She represents all of us, the first of our gender to break an important barrier. History will frown on our behavior if this is the best send off we can give her.

What is wrong with all of you?

Stop it. Stop hating on Hillary. In a way, it is just as if you are hating on yourselves.

Please stop. Enough with the hazing. Enough.

Hillary, Your Ground Game is Much Better Than Trump. Build Momentum Based on Passion.Then Seduce…

Encourage more bussing of voters to the polls like they are doing in Cuyahoga county in Ohio. But others too. Build on momentum leading to a steady crescendo. Get them out en masse. Consolidate all your firepower and, I mean, act like its New Years Eve fireworks on display. Build to the final climatic finale, Hillary.

Never look frantic, angry or scared. Again, wind down by Thursday. Do a sit down with Oprah. A Special. From your home in Chappaqua. With your entire family. Nicely choreographed.

It must be your final act of seduction. You must seduce the entire electorate and they will vote for you in droves – democrats, republicans and independents.

Are you reading this? Do you copy?

Keep the Heat on Comey for a Few Days Hillary

Hills, are you reading this thing? Sometimes I secretly think so.

If you are, start to wind down campaigning by Wednesday, Thursday the latest.

Do an exclusive sit down with Oprah or someone friendly at home where you look happy and relaxed.

If you can fit in a historic speech I think you should.

Most of the hardball pushback against Comey should be done by your surrogates. Especially males.

Yes, you have to think of elements like that. This is war. Strategy matters.   The objective is to convince voters that you are being ambushed and the men are protecting you and the voters will too because they need to get mad about this and passions will drive them to the polls

Yea, Hillary. Send out the big guns and preferably men on the airwaves talking about Comey. They look “muscular” are not “shrill” like us women. That’s what you need at this interval. The male soldiers.

You, start to wind down. Do not show panic or desperation. If they are going to vote for you, they are going to vote for you. If they are not; they are not. Not much more left you can do.

Start to look fresh, happy and relaxed like a rose.

Stay calm.

Do the sit down interview with a friendly journalist. At home in Chappaqua.

And you will win.

Trust me.

Huma Abedin’s 650,000 Emails Are Her Business. This Has Nothing to Do With Hillary Clinton

First of all, I personally have, as of this writing 71,195 UNREAD emails in my inbox. I amassed these over a few years of not opening most of the emails that flood my inbox on a daily basis. As for READ emails in my archives, I mean, you are talking about, over the years? I don’t even know how many. Millions. At least 1,000,000.

So what?

Well, I personally think that throwing out this number – 650,000 emails in Huma Abedin’s email archives – makes it sound like an issue when it is not an issue. And everybody knows it.

Every American has millions of emails in their archives. Every. Single. American.

But under the right set of circumstances, you can turn this basic fact into a thing. You can make it sound like a crime to have 650,000 emails in your archives just by the way it is written about. Like in this case.

Suddenly, the insinuation is that Huma Abedin has 650,000 emails in her personal archives on a computer she shares with her husband, so Hillary Clinton, her boss, must be guilty of a criminal act.

This is phocking obtuse.

The thing that frustrates me is that it is so easy to convince people that this is an issue when reasonably and logically, everyone should be able to discern that it is not.

EVERYONE has hundreds of thousands of emails in their archives.

Huma does, I do, you (the reader of this post) does as well.

How in the name of god, without more justification, do we turn this into a federal indictment against Hillary Clinton?

As I said, and, I mean, I know, I am potty mouth. I am big time potty mouth. But this. is. phocking. obtuse.

It’s phocking obtuse. Like, matter of fact, it is so obtuse that….I. just. can’t. take. it. anymore.

Could John Kasich Help Hillary in Ohio’s Cuyahoga County?

How is John Kasich with African Americans in Ohio? Do they believe in him? Cause if so, maybe he could help out Hillary with the low turnout in this demographic where, according to the Washington Post, voter turnout if almost 50 percent below 2012 levels:

But in Iowa and Ohio, turnout levels have been low. Take Cuyahoga County in Ohio, a Democratic stronghold, where in-person and absentee voting is down by more than 50 percent, compared with a similar period in 2012. That is in part because of the state’s cutback in early voting days, but it does not bode well for Democrats’ efforts to capitalize on their historic strength with the early vote.

Trump has recently lambasted Mr Kasich (I had thought during the primaries that they would have been a good team, actually but Kasich, though he was propositioned by the Trump kamp wanted knothing to do with Donald) and maybe Mr Kasich can get the last word by coming out and endorsing Hillary and actually encouraging Ohioans to vote for the former first lady.

I mean, I doubt he will be so generous. But it certainly would be exciting.


This is too much excitement. I can’t handle any more of this. My circuits are overloaded.


American Voters Must Think not just of the Presidency but the House and Senate

We are in trouble in America and only a purge is going to save us.  We need to purge the house and senate. Because even if Hillary wins next week, if we still have a toxic legislature, things could be even worse than they were under the Obama administration as far as GRIDLOCK. Because now they are talking about tying up this country in impeachment hearings.

Meanwhile, while we are busy self-destructing, China is building airports and bridges and turning itself into the greatest world power. Russia is flexing its military might and calling shots in international conflicts. Germany has emerged as the country with a reputation for the best place to live and the highest standard of living in the world. The Middle East is growing more volatile and posing a greater threat to the balance in the region and the rest of the world.

I mean, so much is happening while our leaders are busy turning this country flaccid, indeed rendering it completely impotent and unable to defend itself or compete in basic and fundamental ways both domestically and also in the international arena.

We do not need anymore of this, America. We deserve better. We deserve leaders whose primary focus is to serve the people of our country not secure their life-long political careers and creating a niche for themselves as builders of gridlock.

This has to stop.

And this idea that they could turn the next 4 years of our new president’s tenure into a phocking impeachment mess from day one?

oh my god. Stop it. Stop it, America.

Purge these people out of office. Change the trajectory this country is on. Get rid of those members of the legislature whose sole aim seems to be rendering the United States a fallen empire.

Consider very seriously your down ballot voting, America. We need to change the leadership in the house and senate.