Trump Paris Climate Deal Decision: Macron (and Obama!) Will Lose All Respect for the US President

Could Trump Pull out of the Paris Climate Deal? Or is he Concerned that he will lose the respect of Europe – Especially French President Macron

If Trump Paris Climate Deal Decision is “Withdrawal” Both he and America Will Certainly Lose the Respect of Europe and French President Emmanuel Macron


Obviously, Trump’s Climate Deal Decision will be to stay. The only reason they are making it seem like he is going to withdraw, is for it to seem like a big hooplah when he says “stay.”

Trump is not totally crazy. He does not have the nerve or gumption to pull out. He knows that he is on the bad side of this and with America’s European allies at the moment. On top of that,  that handshake with Macron is still fresh in his mind. Macron made it clear that there will be “no concessions” when dealing with Mr Trump. Trump now respects Macron just for that handshake.

Macron has also made it clear that he is unafraid of the US president. He is the only one who actually stood up to MR Trump in the last few months in fact just by virtue of winning that handshake.

If Trump tries to withdraw the Paris Climate Deal, it will only look like sour grapes. He would be biting off his nose to spite his face. He would be hurting America. Even though this deal was negotiated by the Obama administration, Trump has to look beyond that for the good of America. HE does not have to like Obama (a Macron crony) but he has to admit a smart deal is a smart deal.

It is imperative that Trump puts his personal feelings aside and sign on for the Paris Climate Deal. Climate change is real and will affect all of humanity not just some. Trump has children and grandchildren so he personally has a lot at stake in this as well.

The thing is that leaders in Europe are looking askance at Trump and America right now. Especially French president Macron who is very respected by the French people after his debut on the international stage where he basically humiliated Trump by out-manning him on the handshake.

If America pulls out, it just reflects even worse on Trump than losing that handshake. It will make him look really small. There is no way he can pull out or withdraw America’s commitment to this deal without looking small.

Imagine him withdrawing and making Macron who overwhelmingly supports the deal (and this is right) – smaller guy in stature – look like the big guy in fact because Trump is still smarting over that handshake.

Sure, it is embarrassing what happened at the G7 but Trump needs to get over it and sign the deal already. Man up, Mr President!


Trump not having fun or enjoying his presidency. Not like Macron, Putin and Merkel


President Trump is not having fun and he is not enjoying his presidency like French President Emmanuel Macron and even the Russian President Monsieur Poutine. Heck, even German Chanceller Angela Merkel seems to be having a better go at her run as leader of Germany than Trump is having at “making America Great Again.” It comes as a big surprise to me.

Trump is not having fun because of his own misdeeds, more than likely. How could he have proposed a budget with such deep cuts that affect his own base? Is he crazy?  Why did he make all these outlandish promises during the campaign about the Muslim ban on day one, killing Obamacare on day one and “winning so much you get sick of it”? This was an over sell. He over sold his abilities and oversold his whole platform. There can only be disappointment and that goes downhill fast It just snowballs.

But is that the real reason that Trump is not enjoying his presidency? Is that why Trump is not having fun? Because he oversold his abilities?

I think it is more than just that. Trump is not having fun because he is disappointed with the job. He thought it was more than it is. Plus, it is way stressful and he is not even getting paid cash. He does get a lot of free publicity out of it for his golf course and hotels and other deals. That is priceless and really far outweighs any presidential salary he has foregone. But being president of the Trump Organization was more fun than the president is having at being president of the United States.

For the life of him, though, he cannot understand why he isn’t having more fun. He does not get why he isn’t happier.

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Trump White House Chaos: Mike Dubke. Jared Kushner. Mike Pence. Sean Spicer.

Trump White House Chaos: Was Jeb Bush Right About the Kind of President Trump Would Be?

Trump White House Chaos: Resignations, FBI probes and a Rogue Vice President. Was Jeb Bush Right?


Trump White House chaos: With the president’s Oval Office consumed in unmitigated confusion and chaos, one has to wonder if Jeb Bush was right. Jeb famously called Trump the “chaos candidate” during the presidential campaign.

Based on how things are going in D.C. at the moment, Jeb could have been clairvoyant. Indeed,  if someone suggested that the Trump White House is in chaos, I might have to concur.

What about you? Do you concur that the Trump White House is in chaos? I do not recall a White House with this much comings and goings this early in the game – do you ? The latest is the communications director Mike Dubke. To tell you the truth, I don’t know diddly quat about the guy. I have not been following. I have NO IDEA who he is and what he looks like and what his fatal flaws were. But it sure looks and sounds like everybody tried to make him the heavy and today, reported that the guy has tendered his resignation.

With all that happening, you have the president freshly back from his trip abroad and the European leaders are all agog about this new kid on the block that none of them seem to like. French people are mocking his handshake. German people are unifying around their Chancellor who thinks that America can no longer be counted on or trusted because of Trump. The Brits are basically on the fence because they have their own election and fate, thanks to BREXIT to worry about. Nobody can erase the picture from their mind of Mr Trump shoving the president of Montenegro (it’s all they talk about in Europe!)

Added to that, you have the debacle known as Jared Kushner, the President’s son in law.

Have you heard that the President is giving Jared the shaft behind the scenes?

Reportedly, Mr Trump is not happy with Jared Kushner because Jared’s sister tried to use the Trump name to sell Kushner real estate to Chinese buyers (apparently, it was some kind of real estate for visa deal, or something along those lines – which, if true, is just unbelievable as far as the speed and everything else besides).

Not to mention the whole scandal involving the secret Russian communications channel Jared allegedly tried to set up. To be fair, this may not be true because Mr Trump says the whole thing is FAKE NEWS.

Finally, Trump’s embattled press secretary Sean Spicer may not be on the chopping block quite yet because the red-eyed soldier gave a press briefing today to everybody’s surprise. But his days could definitely be numbered, nevertheless.

Meanwhile, the Vice President is keeping his distance and some say it looks like he is already campaigning for a post-Trump presidency of his own.

All in all, there is a lot of chaos that seems to have consumed the Trump White House. Trump White House Chaos may even be a hashtag.

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French President Emmanuel Macron Admits Handshake With Trump Was Intentional

French President Emmanuel Macron out-manned US President Donald Trump at chess  a handshake and France is very proud.  The French people have largely been anti-Trump for one thing and were happy to see him get his comeuppance. But more than that, they are happy that their newly elected leader is no pushover for America or for Trump.

So they are rejoicing that Macron forced Trump to let go first (for the handshake) and then after, the perceived slight of Trump by Macron when he ditched Trump to shake the hand of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was a symbolic win and they loved it.

This round definitely went to France. Will Macron live to regret this, however? Donald Trump seems like the type of guy to hold a grudge. He does not forget easily the people who humiliate him and by all accounts, Macron definitely humiliated Trump.

To be fair, Trump supported Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate over the centrist Macron. (And Barack Obama endorsed Macron). So there is no love lost there.

But what about the broader implications for France going forward? In this age of terrorism, for example, at any moment, countries can be attacked. The US and France are NATO allies and the US is bound by treaty to assist France if France is attacked by an enemy state.  At the same time, Terrorism is kind of a different animaL.

When the terrorist attacked France, in 2015 and 2016 the sitting French President  Francois Hollande jumped on a plane and high-tailed it to the United States to talk with the US President and to get assurances that the US would aid France if necessary.

Presumably, that will still happen. But it is a question mark how a Trump administration will treat cries for help from Macron’s government if that situation were to arise, given their less than opportune start.

Because Trump can be a very, very petty guy.

So you have to wonder if Macron bit of his nose to spite his face by trying to make Trump look silly on an international stage like that.

Macron, obviously, is inexperienced and he is young. Trump is inexperienced as a president of a country too but not as inexperienced as Macron is, I don’t think. So Macron could have put himself at a disadvantage by pulling that move.

At the same time, Macron was right in the sense that, he wanted some respect – for himself and for France. And he is the first world leader to have done that to Trump so at a minimum he has Trump’s attention (albeit for all the wrong reasons).  He was right not to take the route of a coward and to cower from Trump. But time will tell if this is the right strategy and the right way to deal with a man like Donald. Time will tell.

Can Trump Trust Jared Kushner? What About Ivanka?

Can Trump Trust Jared Kushner? What About Kushner’s Wife Ivanka? Does She Really Know Her Husband?

Can Trump Trust his son in law and Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner?


Question: Can Donald Trump Trust Jared Kushner, his son in law? Everyone credits Jared with his data analytics that delivered the White House to Trump. Jared expounded upon this process in a Forbes exposé where he discussed ROI and other metrics they used to “scale up” and win.

Trump did win and arguably rewarded Jared even more handsomely than he did his own sons. Indeed, it seems that Mr Trump rewarded Jared Kushner more than he did his won sons Don Jr. and Eric Trump who also worked tirelessly to get their father elected.

From the looks of it, the President seems to have valued Jared’s contribution more than he did his own sons because they are nowhere near the White House. Jared on the other hand, has become the President’s right hand man.

But can Trump trust Jared Kushner? Really?

Jared is a young, ambitious opportunist who married the President’s daughter. He is not chopped liver himself as his own family seems to be loaded in their own right, albeit not nearly as loaded as the Trumps.

That is not why I raise the question about Trust. It is Jared’s face. Maybe it is the photographers that always take him at certain angles. But there is something about his expressions in many of those photos that makes me raise this question of trust.

He is a secretive guy.

He seems the type who would go to great lengths to cover his tracks.

But from his expression, he is always looking over his shoulder. Like a guy who always has to make sure that nobody is watching.

And his eyes. There is something about his eyes.

Did Trump know that Kushner was meeting with the Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin? Was Trump privy to all the conversations or is Trump as surprised as everyone else by the recent revelations about Jared’s contacts with Russian bankers who worked for Russian banks that were the subject of U.S. sanctions?

Did Trump approve the secret communications channel idea Jared is alleged to have tried to set up with the Kremlin or was this something Jared was arranging for himself?

It wouldn’t officially be a spy, but these maneuverings are kind of like a double agent spy. Was Jared trying to set up a situation where he could broker deals between both Moscow and Washington during pillow talk with Ivanka (who would then lobby her dad) unknowing to Trump?

The question is not just “Can Trump trust Jared”. Now you have to ask if Ivanka can trust her husband. Does she know him as well as she thinks she does?

Secretive guys can hide a lot of things about themselves and their lives from those even closest to them.

Does Jared have any secrets he is hiding from Ivanka? Can Ivanka trust Jared Kushner?

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Sicily: Melania Trump’s Dolce and Gabbana Jacket is Speech. But What is She Saying?

Melania Trump’s Dolce and Gabbana jacket that she wore in Sicily was a hit for fashion experts.

Melania Trump’s Dolce and Gabbana jacket she wore in Sicily was a hit for Fashion experts but I did not like it.

Why? Well, I thought it was slightly ridiculous and it is an awfully high price for ridiculousness but I am not a fashion critic. I don’t know what looks good. It was entertaining, not a classic. I like classic more than entertaining. So it wasn’t my goût.

But I do like Melania generally. She seems a nice girl. So this is not a rebuke of the person. The jacket itself cost roughly $70,000 so clearly I should not be talking about something I cannot afford. Still, I wonder, what did she mean to say when she wore it? What is the speech behind it? Every piece of fabric is speech in these circumstances.

It was a Dolce and Gabbana jacket. Why them? First question. Cause the are Italian?  But then it was bedecked with all these roses or flowers. A flowered jacket in the middle of the summer heat wave in Europe. What is she saying? What is the metaphor? And the price. Ridiculous when you consider the rank and file of her husband’s supporters who are Middle America Americans who claimed to be under-employed under  Barack Obama. And ironically it came at a time when Michelle Obama was photographed in Italy wearing something – a white over the shoulder top she could have bought at Forever 21 for $19.99.

So what is the takeaway with Melania’s Dolce & Gabbana jacket?

What is she saying? Well, there are myriad possibilities. Probably she is saying….nothing. It is just a coat. Probably she is asking “do you want one? You can get it at Dolce & Gabban for $70,000 if you can afford it.” (and she is probably getting paid handsomely under the table by the designers if this is so).

Maybe she is saying, “I’m rich, deal with it.” Maybe she is saying “my husband doesn’t know anything about poverty and neither do I and fuck all of you poor people, I don’t care that you don’t make that much in a year. Who do you think I am Michelle fucking Obama?” Maybe she is saying “this is horrible but to cope, I just imagine a garden.” Maybe she is saying “all gardens started with a big bang.”

What do you want me to say? I don’t know what Melania is saying with her Dolce and Gabbana jacket she wore in Sicily! I do know that it is not my cup of tea. Not price wise. The style. The busyness of it drives me crazy. The design. It drives me crazy.

But with that said, what is your opinion of Melania Trump’s Dolce and Gabbana jacket? Is this cool or is this ugly?


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Jared Kushner, Russia: Will Jared Kushner Have to Resign His Job as Senior White House Adviser?

Jared Kushner, Russia: The President’s son in law gets deeper into the Russia Abyss. Will He Have to Resign?

Jared Kushner, Russia is a very popular search term in Google. Why? Because the jury is coming in on his tenure as senior White House Advisor and the news may not be good for Jared Kushner.

The president’s son in law is going to return to the US soon following a trip he took with the president and the presidential entourage that includes Kushner’s wife (and the president’s daughter) Ivanka Trump, and the President’s wife Melania. When Kushner arrives in Washington, the vultures will be waiting to devour him without doubt. By the time they are done, the popular search terms could be “Jared Kushner resigns” rather than “Jared Kushner, Russia.”  This is all but guaranteed.

Just this morning when I googled Jared Kushner, Russia, I read on the NY Post that Mr Kushner was heard on intel Russian intercepts talking to the Russian ambassador about setting up “secret communication” channels between Russia and, I guess the president and his inner circle. This, if true, is at a minium an appearance of impropriety. It is not just the impropriety of something, it is the appearance of. If Michael Flynn lost his job then it seems Jared should also lose his, if these rumors are not fake news. Because Flynn and Kushner reportedly met with the Russians on at least one occassion, allegedly.

Is Jared Going to Be Able to Wiggle Out of This?

Having a senior white house official who is freshly installed on the job and who received “security clearance” from the American government make these suggestions to the Russian ambassador about having “secret communication channels to be handled by the Russians” would definitely be IMPROPER – if true. And could not be ignored by governmental authorities. At least, I don’t think so.

Jared Kushner is in trouble.

According to the New York Post and other media including Vox, CNN and WP, it is the Russian Ambassador who told the Kremlin that Jared wanted to set up the secret communications channel says CNN citing the WP:

Russia’s ambassador Sergei Kislyak, The Washington Post reported Friday, citing US officials briefed on intelligence reports.

The claim comes from intercepts of conversations between Russia’s ambassador and Moscow.
Kislyak reportedly told higher-ups in Moscow that Kushner suggested the proposal in a meeting at Trump Tower — which former national security adviser Michael Flynn also attended — in December. Kushner “suggested using Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States for the communications,” the Post reported.
Can the Russians be Trusted? Or Was Jared Just Naive and Stupid?
Some are suggesting that the Russian ambassador exaggerated and maybe this is true because otherwise, Jared’s indiscretion would be stunningly stupid. No offense to Jared but what reasoning would he have used to suggest something like that to the Russians and so quickly after gaining power? If he can do that so quickly what will happen over the next four or eight years? I don’t think a guy who went to Harvard would have been so naive and so stupid.
He knew that, reasonably speaking, that on that level everything is under surveillance, right? I mean, on that level, I don’t even think that you can have sex with your spouse in the privacy of your private jet and not be under some type of surveillance never mind what Jared is accused of having did. Mindboggling if true.
I imagine this story will keep evolving and by tomorrow or Monday, when I google “Jared Kushner, Russia”, it will be new bombshells that make today’s bombshell look like childish gossip.
But where will this all lead?
The thing is that Jared is becoming a distraction for the president, from this perspective.  He is beginning to taint the president because it is too close.  The story is tainting. Because Kushner is connected to a whole bunch of people who were deemed unfit to serve including Michael Flynn the ousted National Security Adviser and Paul Manafort the ousted campaign chairman. And of course he is Ivanka’s husband. He is too close.
This is not a small issue for the president. How do these other people get booted but Jared stays if Jared is this close to the pulse of impropriety – whether actual or merely the appearance of?
Even hardcore & heartless people in the president’s circle that include Steve Bannon and Chris Christie were wary of these Russia connections, allegedly. At least, some of the return links for the search “Jared Kushner, Russia” lead to stories about these individuals’ disdain for the Russia posse. Christie flat out said that Flynn was not someone he would have let in the White House and Flynn allegedly was present when Jared spoke to the Russian ambassador about secret communications – if one can believe these media reports.
The question now is who is leaking all these details? Because someone must have been privy to it before Trump got sworn in as president and certainly before Jared Kushner received security clearance to be Trump’s senior advisor. And this person or persons sat on this information. So why is this information coming out now? Is it because of the special prosecutor Mueller? Is he the one who is letting all these details out? Or is it the former FBI director? Is it those memos he wrote that contains all these details? But how does the press get these details? There is still a mole in the White House. Even when the president is away, the mole or moles can play.
Could Trump Throw Jared Under the Bus?
All this is beside the point. What is really concerning is what will happen to Jared and Ivanka if this thing blows up? Because Trump has proven that he has no qualms whatsoever about throwing ANYBODY under the bus if he needs to. He will not hesitate to heave ho Jared if needed. Even if Jared is his son in law, still, Jared is not blood. Jared is married to Ivanka for now, but marriages can be broken. Everybody knows that. Ivanka could have 3 or more husbands in her lifetime. Jared was just her first.
But if Trump has to sacrifice Jared to save his presidency, he will do exactly that and “this is the type of thing that can just destroy families.” (Ivanka once used this very sentence on Live with Regis and Kelly years back).
If she has to choose between her father and her husband, Ivanka is going to choose her father. Before you know it, searches for “Jared Kushner, Russia” will now be “Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump divorce.”
A divorce is the least of it for Kushner though.
What if this thing really blows up and criminal charges are filed against this young man?  Then it would be like father like son because his father also had legal problems that led to criminal conviction and none other than NJ Governor Chris Christie did the job of exiling Jared’s dad which is why in the first place Christie did not get a job in Trump’s administration, if you believe the gossip mills.
The thing is that Jared gave up A LOT to go to Washington with the president and with his wife Ivanka who is also working at the White House in an unpaid advisory role. And maybe both he and Ivanka were a little bit too ambitious and too impulsive with that move but Jared sold a lot of his assets and he removed himself from a lot of deals to go to Washington. Moreover, some of his real estate deals are not doing all that great and if he loses the White House gig, he could lose his influence and thus he would not have the same access to investors and money that he now has due to his proximity to the president.
It is possible, I think, that this could lead to sever financial difficulties for Kushner if this senior White House Advisor gig doesn’t work out.
I really think this thing is going to be very serious and very consequential for the Trumps.
read this twitter feed. oye.

Trump a Disaster Says Former GOP Senate Leader John Boehner

Trump a Disaster says John Boehner. Do you agree?


Is Trump a disaster? Trump will not enjoy hearing that former Speaker of the House John Boehner has called him a “disaster.” But Mr Boehner allegedly has dubbed the president as such recently, while the president was traveling abroad in the Middle East and Europe.

Is this a fair assessment? Is Trump a disaster? Well, that is a bit harsh and it is a bit premature to say that, I think. Things are a bit rocky at the moment at home and abroad, there have been some hiccups.

Domestically, for example, the Russia probe is not going away; it is only getting hotter. Now, it turns out that the president’s son in law and senior White House official Jared Kushner, who is traveling with the president as we speak, is really being investigated heavily by the FBI about his involvement with Russia.

While Jared is not officially being accused of wrongdoing, the authorities want to know what are his connections to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and banker Sergei Gorkov.  According to an abcnews report:

Separately, the White House confirmed that in December, Kushner met with Sergei Gorkov of Russian bank Vnesheconombank, or VEB, at the suggestion of the Russian ambassador.

A senior White House official said the conversation was “general and inconsequential” and that Kushner took the meeting as part of his campaign role of interfacing with foreign dignitaries. But the bank described the discussion to ABC News as a “negotiation” in which “the parties discussed the business practices applied by foreign development banks, as well as most promising business lines and sectors.”

The December meeting, which like Kushner’s meeting with Kislyak came to light in March, happened as Kushner Companies, the real estate firm of Jared Kushner’s family, was engaged in what has been described in public statements as “active, advanced negotiations … with a number of potential investors” about the redevelopment of a skyscraper the company owns at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Plus, Kushner has all these separate  “disclosure” issues that have nothing to do with Russia. reports for example, that he and Ivanka did not disclose millions of dollars worth of art as required by federal law.

Trump’s son in law’s omissions are said to be a matter of importance to the president and to the presidency. In other words, as the investigation unfolds, if it does, the president himself, and his tenure as president, could be implicated and tainted by this story.

In addition to the domestic problems, Trump’s first foreign trip has not gone all that smoothly.  This according to various media that includes CNN, the New Yorker, Politico, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Artnews.

What else could possibly go wrong for this president?

First, his wife Melania humiliated him by swatting his hand away when he attempted to hold her hand on the red carpet in Israel.  At no time did she look happy like a wife in love during the entire trip, in fact. At times, she appeared to be in mourning and other times, downright pissed OFF. It left everybody speculating about the state of their marital union.

Then the European leaders at the NATO summit did not readily let Trump occupy the front and central position to the point that he had to forcibly shove one of them – the president of Montenegro – out of his way. Literally, he shoved the guy out of his way! It was unbelievable. The move went viral on social media and they created all these humiliating gifs showing Trump as a little, tiny man. He is not going to be happy with that at all and when he gets home, all hell is probably going to break lose on Twitter.

Added to that, the prime minister of Great Britain allegedly scolded Trump for the handling of intelligence about the Manchester terrorist attacks (the intel was widely dispersed in the media and allegedly it was somehow Trump’s fault).  This is following closely on the heels of allegations that just before his trip abroad, Trump let slip intel he had received from the Israelis about ISIS, to the Russians. For the latter slip, people in his own party were whispering that he is “incompetent.”

Added to that, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, a 39 year old,  beat Trump at the “tough guy handshake.” Trump has been known to crush other leaders with his handshake including the prime ministers of Japan and Canada. But the French president, Monsieur Macron, seemed to have outlasted Trump and made himself look more virile than the American president! It was unbelievable.

On top of all that, the president of Germany Angela Merkel did her best to make Trump look insipid with that speech she gave about the Berlin Wall. This speech was given not long after Merkel had a private visit with former US president and Trump nemesis Barack Obama who is in Berlin to discuss climate change.

Not only that, as far as the question whether Trump is a disaster, or not, but the rest of the allies through their eyes, snickered at Trump for lecturing them about “paying their fair share” for NATO defense while at the same time he praised the King of Saudi Arabia with whom he recently signed, on behalf of the US, a multi-billion dollar cash for arms/weapons trade deal. At the same time, he did not re-affirm America’s commitment to Article 5 of the NATO agreement.

Many of the pictures of Trump from the European leg of his trip showed him looking like a petulant child. It could just be the narrative they tried to set up, but there were all these pictures that showed the US president in a very negative light.

While all that was going on, China reportedly intercepted some American planes that were flying over its waters.

Is all this why Boehner called Trump a disaster?

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Melania Slapped Trump’s Hand Away in Israel: Is She Trying to Humiliate Him?

Melania Trump slapped President Trump’s Hand Away: How Humiliating for Him!


Melania Trump slapped President Trump’s hand away in Israel and the Internet just broke with all the gifs going around.

How humiliating for President Trump! Why did she do that knowing the whole world was watching? Did she want people to laugh at him? She ought to have known that people would laugh when they saw that move.

Something is definitely off with that marriage. Everybody is gleeful that Melania slapped Trump’s hand away, and maybe he deserved it, who knows what is going on behind the scenes. But it is embarrassing as heck, I gotta say. Michelle Obama never did that with Barack to my knowledge, neither to Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton or Jackie O ever do that to their husband. Or Barbara Bush or anybody. It was a little bit…tacky.


Melania slapped Trump’s hand away on a red carpet on his first trip abroad…

Melania slapped Trump’s hand away…

What do you make of this?

This is very interesting from a perspective of body language and time and place. This is very public rebuke. She rebuked her husband in public in front of the world.

Why does he put up with that? Is it that he loves her so much that he will take this type of treatment or is it that they have an arrangement? Or is it that he treats her badly in private and so she takes it out on him in public?

Something is off with those two.

They lack romance, it seems. There does not seem to be any romance in that relationship. At least, not to the naked eye.

And at first, when someone asked me if I had seen the footage when “Melania slapped Trump’s hand away” I just thought, “please. I am sure you are exaggerating.” But then I saw it in all its slow motion glory and I thought, “ouch.” They seem like a couple on the verge of divorce.


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Why Did Hillary Lose the 2016 Elections? Don’t Listen to John Podesta

Why Did Hillary Lose the 2016 Elections? John Podesta Has a Theory. He is SO wrong

So, why did Hillary lose the 2016 elections? I just read on Politico that her former campaign chairman John Podesta explained that it was about advertising in Wisconsin, Comey’s letter, the Russians and a whole bunch of gook.

Mr Podesta is in denial. Here is an excerpt from an interview Politico did with him recently:

But he insists Comey did matter. “We had a lead, and that lead really substantially narrowed after Comey’s letter,” he says, though he acknowledges the criticism that the campaign had not campaigned aggressively enough in the three states that ultimately swung the election and appeared to confirm accounts he had disagreed with campaign manager Robby Mook about the distribution of resources to one of those states, Wisconsin. “We probably should have done more in Wisconsin; we didn’t advertise there until the very end. But you know, at the end of the day, we lost Pennsylvania anyway, and we had thrown everything we could at Pennsylvania. So, it is what it is.”


This just makes me want to tear my hair out. I know why Hillary lost. Because guys like Podesta and Robby Mook led her off a cliff with bad advice, that’s why. They misread the electorate 100 percent. And not the Trump side. They MISREAD the DEMOCRATS.

That is why Hillary  lost, John Podesta. The rest is bullshit. It’s historic bullshit.

Now. What exactly was the misread?


The Clinton campaign not only failed to treat Bernie Sanders right, but they also ignored his supporters.

Frankly, this mistake was so huge and so obvious, it is almost criminal.

And I am a novice. I don’t know anything. But the blind, deaf, dumb and mute can figure this out. I tried to stop her but as usual nobody listened to me! Read all my posts. Like this one and this one and this one and this one. Plus others!!!


2016 was a popularity contest. PERIOD. John Podesta!

All Hillary had to do, as I said ad nauseum, was hold her nose and PICK BERNIE for Vice President.

Had she done that, even with Comey’s letter and the Russians and Podesta getting hacked and not advertising in Wisconsin. HILLARY WOULD HAVE WON!

Because she had her supporters and Bernie’s people would have voted for the ticket cause the loved Bernie.

He was popular. Like Trump. He and Hillary would have pulled it off in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and wherever else.

No offense, but who voted for Hillary because she had TIM KAINE??? No one.

But at least one million more would have voted for her because she had Bernie Sanders. and this would have made up the deficit in places like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

This is not bloody Rocket science John Podesta!

Ya’all screwed up and misadvised Hillary and that’s why she lost! Just admit it already and stop with your crap about whatever the bleep you are talking about.


That is why Hillary lost!

And I say that with all due respect cause I got nothing against the guy. Poor guy.

But 2016 was about the Kaine.

Hillary made a mistake by picking Kaine and not Bernie.

For phock’s sakes everyone, just admit it and stop working my nerves already. John Podesta!

And now look at what has happened!!!!!!!

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Jared and Ivanka: The New Bill and Hillary?

Are Jared and Ivanka the New Bill and Hillary. Wannabes?

Jared and Ivanka seem like they are grooming themselves to be the next Bill and Hillary Clinton. Is it just me who sees through that thin cotton mesh of their intentions?
Why do I say that these two are Bill and Hillary wannabes? It is just a feeling I get.

First of all, the sudden way they both dropped everything and headed to Washington suggests this couple consciously, but maybe impulsively, decided to groom themselves into a political power duo, fast.  They gave up a lot to bolt to Washington – one of the most adultery prone cities in America according to Divorce Saloon.

Jared practically sold his entire portfolio of newspapers and real estate to get close to the seat of power. Just snap of a finger. It was very surprising.

Ivanka did the same. She left not just on her business empire that includes jewelry, clothing, real estate and hotels but also on the only life she ever knew in posh New York to live in a relatively drab town in D.C.  For what?

It is different from Bill and Hillary, though.

The  Clintons left drab Arkansas for exciting Washington. They did a bolt but after being governor and working in politics for a long while. Bill and Hillary were not “impulsive.”

They are power hungry those two – Ivanka and Jared. These trust fund kids see big things in their future. Their intention is to run the world. They imagine themselves already doing that.

However, they want more.

Someone of them, or both, has presidential ambitions. Believe me when I say this. Trump probably has filled Ivanka’s head with the idea that indeed she could be the first woman president of the United States. Actually, I understand why he would do this. I was the first one to suggest Ivanka for Vice President and the next day, he joked about it on Live with Kelly and Michael. He really bought into the idea of Ivanka in this role of power and leadership and he is trying to groom her for exactly that.

Trump always said the America deserved to have a woman president but that it should not be Hillary Clinton. Who then? Ivanka of course.

Ivanka is trying to do with her platform given to her by her father, what Hillary has done all her career: appeal to and look out for women all over the world. As we speak, Ivanka is in the Middle East speaking to women there about female empowerment.

Jared on the other hand has a more official government job and has security clearance to get his hands on classified stuff from his father in law. Is it he who wants to be president and Ivanka first lady. Perhaps, like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jared and Ivanka will do it that way. Jared first with Ivanka as First Lady and then Ivanka after.

But that would be a lot of years in Washington. Four years of her father (possibly 8) plus 4 years for Jared or possibly 8, then Ivanka. We are talking about 16 years! Ivanka will be 50 years old by then. The perfect age to run.

They are definitely grooming her for that role. But her husband wants the job too. So she will probably let him go first.

Are Jared and Ivanka enough like Bill and Hillary though?  There is only one Bill and Hillary I think.  Their marriage could withstand a lot of pressure. Not everybody’s marriage can withstand that much pressure. Ivanka once famously said that she and her husband have their own thing they do, their own career. She did not want to go the same road as her mother and father did. Her parents famously divorce because her father felt that, because all they did was work together, her mother had stopped being a wife and had lost her softness. Mr Trump has refused to let his wives work in the business for this reason.

But Jared and Ivanka seem to have forgotten this lesson.

They seem to want power more than they want to protect their marriage. Did Bill and Hillary similarly want power more than they wanted to protect their marriage?

Well, the Clintons were always in this line of work. It is their work that brought them together and took them to Washington. Jared and Ivanka are making this their line of work in a more opportunistic way and this could have dire repercussions for their marriage down the road.

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President Pence: Would Trump Let That Happen in This Lifetime?

President Pence: Could Trump Really Get Booted From the White House and Mike Pence Installed as President?

President Pence. Could this Actually Happen? Are things really that bad in the White House? Is Trump really in such serious trouble?


President Pence. This sound is reverberating. People are whispering it  everywhere you go on the Internet.  The open secret is that folks think Vice President Mike Pence  will soon become”President Pence.”

Indeed, the keywords “President Pence” are rather popular in Google’s keyword search for political terms. That’s probably because all the power brokers in the nation’s capital are whispering this  catch phrase over tequila and whisky in smoky D.C.  hotel bars. And a lot of them are excited about the prospect.

Why do these people suddenly believe that Vice President Mike Pence will assume the presidential mantle and become President Pence? Probably  in light of the chaotic and tumultuous week in Washington, where the sitting president Donald Trump has been having some troubles.

What troubles exactly? Well, some lawmakers allege that President Trump may have committed obstruction of justice in the firing of FBI director James Comey because he did so, they claim, in order to cover up his campaign’s involvement with Russia.

President Trump admitted in a televised interview that he fired Comey, in part due to Comey’s grandstanding on the Russia probe.

But he has denied any cover up. As it turns out, several media outlets reported that the president also called the FBI director  “a real nut job,” a pejorative he used to the Russian Ambassador in describing this American official.

These news sources also said that the Commander in Chief boasted “the pressure is off,” now that Comey is out of the picture.

Interestingly, Vice President Pence, has not said a single word about these developments.  Nor to my knowledge, has he given any interviews or issued any statements in defense of the President who is in the Middle East signing multi billion dollar deals with the Saudis to sell them planes, arms and god knows what else as we speak.

President Pence. Is Mike Pence secretly hedging his bets? Is he hoping that the president will get impeached or quit? Does Mike Pence want to be PRESIDENT? I always did have misgivings about Mike Pence.

However, I have to admit that  Mike’s wife Karen Pence does look like a traditional first lady.  So she will fit right in if he is ushered in as the new president.

But if he does become President who will Mike Pence pick as a vice president? John McCain?

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Jared Kushner is Person of Interest in Russia Probe

Jared Kushner is Person of Interest in Russia Probe: Is Trump’s son in law in Trouble?

Jared Kushner: Is he in Trouble?

Jared Kushner person of interest in the FBI probe into Trump’s dealings with Russia.  The Washington Post and a few other papers came out with the story overnight that Jared Kushner is a person of interest.

What does it actually mean? The allegations are that the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia during the election to bring down Hillary Clinton and install Trump into the White House. Trump has denied there was any collusion and he said he is being treated unfairly, more unfairly than any other president in history. Now that Jared Kushner is person of interest, is this all Jared’s fault?

During the campaign and right after, officials in Trump’s inner circle and now in his administration are accused of having had at least 18 contacts with Russia, none of which had been disclosed to the public or to officials investigating the matter.

Indeed, Trump’s original pick for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn lost his job for that very reason. He had had all these contact with the Russians and he denied it under oath.

However, now that Jared Kushner is person of interest in the ongoing probe which has gotten infinitely more heated with the firing of FBI director James Comey and the appointment of a special prosecutor, one has to wonder if there will be serious trouble here for Trump’s son in law and whether there will be grand juries convened and criminal charges levelled, or whether this is all just drama for the cameras?

The fact that Jared Kushner is person of interest for the FBI has not dampened his spirits one iota. He and his wife Ivanka, daughter of the president accompanied the president and Mrs Trump on their first trip abroad as Commander in Chief. They went to the Middle East to talk with the Saudis and a few others and everybody flew on Airforce One.

Despite the fact that Jared Kushner is person of interest for the expanding FBI probe, it is highly unlikely that Jared Kushner will be in any real trouble.

The question is whether President Trump will ultimately resign under pressure or fear of impeachment.

Well, speaking of “where are Ivanka and Jared”….

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Corey Lewandowski Visits White House: Is Trump Going to Hire Him?

Corey Lewandowski Was At the White House Yesterday. Some Wonder if President Trump Will Hire His Former Campaign Manager


Corey Lewandowski is back in Trump’s orbit. The ousted campaign manager and the Manhattan real estate titan have had a long relationship beginning when Corey acted as then Candidate Trump’s campaign manager in the early months of his presidential campaign. But once the president began to enjoy some success, his inside circle grew increasingly displeased with Corey and wanted someone bigger and more competent to take the campaign national.

Shockingly, at the time, Trump sacked Corey Lewandowski and hired Paul Manafort.

It was a stunning display of disloyalty and at the time, I personally thought, “wow.” I strongly defended Corey Lewandowski then. After, based on things I heard Corey Lewandowski say during interviews, I became less staunch in my support. But nevertheless, it was stunning the way that Trump heave ho’d Corey Lewandowski off the boat in favor of Manafort. Absolutely stunning.

Of course, Manafort did not work out. He had all sorts of questionable ties to questionable people and Trump had to throw him overboard as well. He finally brought on Kelley Anne Conway as his campaign manager and things settled down considerably and he won the presidency and the rest is history.

Come to find out a couple of things recently. The first is an allegation by Morning Joe and Mika over at…is it CNBC?…that Kelly Anne does not like the president. There was  a report that she said she wanted to “shower” every time she said something within the capacity of her job, to defend the president. She allegedly also said she did it for the money, for her holidays in Europe or something like that – according to that duo Mika and Morning Joe. (I heard a preposterous rumor they are getting married, btw. IS this true??)

So anyways, I digress. This is about Corey Lewandowski. But now it seems that President Trump is in a lot of trouble and things are spiralling on account of all these leaks coming out of the White House and so he is having to fall back on old, trusted associates like Corey Lewandowski who had moved to Washington after the president won to work for a…what do you call those groups again? I forgot. But he was accused of selling access to the White House allegedly, and so Corey quit the group, according to sources at Politico. So he is basically out of a job at the moment.

Come to find out from Politico a toute à l’heure that Corey Lewandowski went to see the president at the White House yesterday. People are speculating that he will either be taking over Sean Spicer’s job as press secretary or maybe even Reince Priebus’s job as  White House chief of staff.

The whole thing is a soap opera.

Trump long time ally Roger Stone (a scary guy, I gotta say) was quoted as saying something to the effect that he has known Trump for over 40 years and he only knows two people on Trump’s staff. So he is suggesting that Trump surrounded himself with strangers who are all “leaking like sieves.”

But the fact that Trump has now tapped Corey Lewandowski or is thinking about tapping Corey is, to my way of thinking, the triggering of an alarm and panic button by the president. There is serious trouble there at the White House. Things are not going well. He is concerned and scared about his presidency and he is beginning to flounder.

Was he set up to fail by the very people he hired for top posts?

Why  didn’t he hire his loyalists from the beginning? Where are the Newt Gingriches, Rudy Giuillianis, Chris Christies and people like that in his cabinet? I don’t have a lot of respect for these people’s politics but at least they were “loyal” to this President and the first chance he got, he threw each and everyone of them under the bus and hired a bunch of people who have zero loyalty to him. This was bloody foolish! Opportunistic but foolish. And now at the eleventh hour he is out there grasping at straws calling guys like Corey Lewandowski?

Whose idea was it for him to surround himself with all these Iscariots in the first place? Cause the person who advised him to do that, misadvised him BADLY.

Moreover, where are Ivanka and Jared? They have also grown strangely quiet and have not been getting a whole lot of press.

…But yea. Corey Lewandowski is back in town.

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Putin Transcripts: Russian President Offers to Send Proof That Trump Did Not Divulge Classified Info

Putin Transcripts:  Russian Pres Says He has Tapes that Prove Trump Did Not Disclose Classified Info


Putin Transcripts are the latest piece of the White House dramas that have engulfed the Oval Office over the last week or so.

To recap: President Trump fired the FBI Director. Rumor has it that the reason the president fired the FBI director is because the FBI director refused to stop investigations into President Trump and his campaign officials.

The president has been accused of “obstruction of justice,” for asking the FBI director to stop investigating Michael Flynn the former National Security Director.

Trump is also accused of disclosing classified information to the Russian representatives who visited the White House last week.

So this is where Putin comes in. He claims to have transcripts of the discussion his rep had with President Trump.

Is this interesting to anyone else but me?

If Putin can provide transcripts it means the taped the president!

Was the president aware that he was being taped by the Russians??

And even if he knew, can we trust the authenticity of the Putin Transcripts provided by Russia? Don’t they have the ability to doctor these tapes?


Comey Memo About Conversations With Trump Under Scrutiny: Is There a Smoking Gun?

Comey Memo Subpoenaed by Senators: But is There a Smoking Gun?

Big Talk about Comey Memo About Conversations with Trump in the Oval Office, concerning President Trump’s request that Comey “let go” the Michael Flynn investigation.

So all the media outlets are talking about the Comey memo. Or memos. It could be plural.  How many Comey memos are we talking about?

Did this factor into the firing of the FBI Director

Comey does seem to like to write. It was the Comey Letter that brought down Hillary Clinton’s presidency and now it is the Comey memo that could take down Trump.

This guy loves to write!

And his writing sure does get a lot of people into a lot of trouble!

But in the case of the memo and what the former FBI director wrote about his personal and subjective interpretation of what the president allegedly said, doesn’t that need to be corroborated? By some type of independent source? Like a recording or a third party witness?

And where is this guy Reince Priebus? He is rather quiet. Between him and Sean Spicer, they are insiders in the President’s lair. And some  guy said there is weasel in the White House.

I wondered aloud about whether Spicer is totally loyal to the president. But now I also wonder about this guy Reince. He is too quiet.

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Trump Russia Scandal: Can the President Be Impeached?!


Trump Russia Scandal is not going away. It just seems to grow and grow like bacteria. All the major media outlets had headlines today about the Trump Russia scandal.

Is this a real thing or much ado about nothing? I know they want to get the president really badly and they tried everything even during the campaign to bring him down but he has proven to be even more untouchable than the Teflon Don himself.

But, is this thing with Russia the thing that will finally undo the president? And what is really the issue here?

At first, the extent of the Trump Russia scandal as I understood it was that the president and members of his campaign were alleged to have “colluded” with the Russians.  The reason was in order to interfere with the American presidential elections and destroy the opponent, Hillary Clinton.

So they infiltrated the emails (the Russians) and revealed secrets of the campaign that were damaging to Hillary. OK.  And the allegations are what? That Trump knew they were hacking Hillary? If so, so what? Is this impeachable or is the media wasting my time and emotions on dead links? Cause I don’t have time or emotions for dead links related to the president. I want real stuff or please everyone, be quiet.

Now, come to find out, Trump fired Comey as Comey’s investigation into Trump’s connection with the Russians was getting warm. The conventional wisdom is that he did so in order to stop the investigation which would rise to the level of obstruction of justice. That in itself seems a bit hard to prove since the FBI director serves at the will of the president and can be fired for cause or for no reason at all.

Of course, that is all well and good but the timing of the firing, not the firing itself that was the issue. And the point can be appreciated. It is not what he did but when Trump did it that does not pass the smell test.


But then, there is this new bombshell that Trump had asked the FBI director to stop investigation Michael Flynn who had to step down within days of his appointment as National Security Advisor on account of alleged inappropriate contacts Mr Flynn had  with the Russian ambassador – whatever his name is.

Now, even Republican members of congress are saying that if the president of the United States asked the sitting FBI director to quit a legitimate investigation into wrongdoing by a high ranking federal official, and if said president also asked the FBI director to “pledge his loyalty to said president” that this would be a slam dunk impeachment situation we are looking at.

My big question is, are we? Or are they just blowing smoke? And if Trump is impeached, what happens? Does he stay in office like Bill Clinton did? Or is he removed?

I always got the feeling that they set Trump up for a quick removal – the Republican leaders. They could not stop his ascendance to the presidency but they planned all along to quickly move to get him out, and usher in Pence.

Trump knows this and has kept Pence at bay probably for fear that Pence secretly expects to become president prematurely. Trump is not paranoid with that. Pence always expected to become president. Nobody, not one of these seasoned politicians in Washington has, even for a minute, taken Trump’s presidency seriously.

They plan to get him out of there as quickly as possible, by hook or crook.

Do you think the Trump Russia Scandal is the way they will achieve this? And is this hook? Or crook?

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Hillary Clinton 2020: Candidate’s Onward Together Email Sends Clear Message “I Ain’t Giving Up”

Hillary Clinton 2020: Her Onward Together Email Sends Clear Message “I ain’t Giving up”


Hillary Clinton 2020.

She is like France’s Marine Le Pen.  She does not give up. Watch out. Hillary Clinton’s   “Onward Together” is the new catch phrase for Democrats and she is sending us a message.

The former presidential candidate sent out emails this weekend to explain to her supporters that she is moving on and that she is still active and still in the game.

This was a great move.  The Democrats have a void in their leadership and it was puzzling why Hillary was not moving to fill the void. Sure, she lost the elections. But she was steering the ship and to suddenly just disappear, I think, is a strategic mistake.

She doesn’t have to exhaust herself by being out there every week, but she needs to be out there regularly. She has to go to the places where her constituents are, hold talks about their lives and their needs and discuss world and national affairs with them in schools, churches, etc.

Hillary Clinton 2020.

Well, if she plans to run again, she really has to go and hang out with the people in a non stressful way.

She has to show up at block parties, and she can go to a wedding here or there and she can visit a hospital and she can go to a high school and a university.

She needs to evaluate the part of her base that did not show up to vote and she needs to do targeted meet and greets, not as a politician but as a “I am one of you” and I am still here, I am still with you, I am still your leader. We got side-tracked but we are getting back on course and we are Onward Together.

Hillary Clinton 2020. She is SO strong! I can’t believe how stoic she is and I admire her for her dignity in handling this defeat. She was very dignified and very presidential and it makes me support her for president MORE.

She should not give up on her dream of being president. But obviously, next time around, she needs to hire me as an adviser because had she listened to me (and everybody knows it) she would now be the president of the United States.

Well, she still has one more shot at this. But it is all going to depend how she plays the next four years.

I say she needs to get out there. At least every couple of months she needs to be out there with her people showing rather than telling that she is with us.

Come on Hills! Hillary Clinton 2020!

Madame Hillary Clinton put on your pantsuit. Trump says you’re a girl and you have no energy and your are exhausted. Prove that he is wrong, go on, hold a press conference. Go and kick Trump’s….bum.

(hahahahaha) Remember that haiku, everyone?

Come on, Hillary!!!

Hillary Clinton 2020!

Sean Spicer: Is the White House Press Secretary Leaking White House Details to the Press? Is he the Mole?

Sean Spicer: Is he the one leaking White House Secrets to the Press?


Sean Spicer is Trump’s press secretary in case you didn’t know it. I have a question: Could he be the one leaking White House secrets?

Donald Trump’s Press Secretary and has been on the job for over 100 days now. Most of that time, I have not really been following the White House soap operas as I have been rather pre-occupied with other pursuits. But I have heard by the wayside that Trump has been complaining that there is a mole in the White House.

This is a question, not a statement. Could he be? It is not possible that the press secretary Sean Spicer is tipping off the press, is it?

Lately, things have been heating up in Washington, it appears, starting with the dramatic firing of FBI director James Comey. At the time of the firing of Mr Comey was not in Washington. (It should be noted, I have no love lost on account of how he handled, or I  should say, mishandled the situation with Hillary Clinton’s emails, a fuck up that ultimately, in my opinion led to her subsequent defeat in the 2016 presidential elections )
Is it Sean? Is Sean Spicer leaking White House secrets?

Sean was reportedly not at the White House. In fact, he was away on reserve military duty and a woman was filling in for him; I forgot her name, please excuse me.

But, so, what I find very curious, is the fact that up until an hour or so before Mr Comey received his walking papers (in a brown manila envelope delivered by Mr Trump’s body guard), Sean Spicer was totally in the dark about the President’s intent to sack the FBI director.

As it turns out, as far as I understand it, the brown manila envelope was delivered to an empty office at the FBI since Mr Comey was away on a business conference somewhere out West. He received word of his firing on the Internet or something outlandish like that.

But what I find utterly intriguing is the fact that everybody has glossed over the fact that for once, the media had not been tipped off in advance of something as dramatic as the president’s intention to fire James Comey. Less important things than this had been leaked to the media in advance and the Trump White House has been calling on the FBI to investigate, a call which appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

But now you have the biggest scandal to date out of the White House and NO LEAK.

Doesn’t anyone find this curious???

Could it be that there was no leak because the leaker was not present and thus was not privy to inside information as he normally would have been?

And if so, who is it that is an insider who is normally privy and who for whatever reason was not present?

The only person I can think of is Sean Spicer! But it is not possible that it is him, is it? Is he the one? Is Sean Spicer leaking White House secrets?

It is not to definitively accuse the guy of being the leaker as I have no proof, and that would not be fair without proof to say that. And I am not accusing him or anybody at this point.

But it is to ask what I think is a legitimate question and I think it is curious. Is the fact that the biggest scandal was not leaked related to the fact that the leaker was not privy to the information before hand? And if so, who is it that was not privy? Who was absent when the decisions were made when normally this person would have been present?

Of course, there could be others. Obviously, I have not been following these characters. But I do find it curious that the media just totally overlooked even asking what I think is the very obvious question here.

I can tell you this much: Trump has not overlooked it. As always, I can read this man like a book. And it is totally bizarre cause he is my direct opposite.

Trust me on this: He suspects its Sean. And very soon? Sean is gonna be fired.



President Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey and All Hell Breaks Loose in Washington!

President Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey and Washington is Burning!

Giggle, giggle.

President Trump fired James Comey the FBI director who single handedly cost Hillary Clinton the election when he chose to diffuse, without proper justification, news that he was re-opening the investigation into her email saga.

As a result, all hell has seemingly broken loose in the nation’s capital.

And all of a sudden, James Comey is the deputy of Jesus Christ himself.

Well, you know, excuse me, everyone. EXCUSE. ME. Cry me a river everyone. I am not going to pretend to be sad about the sacking of James Comey.

This guy, with all due respect, is a bungling….individual. OK? He bungles deals. He bungles presidential elections. OK? He bungles dreams and hopes. He is a BUNGLE. D’accord?

Plus, it is the constipation of the thing. Don’t. Giggle. I am serious.

But it is like constipation.  D’accord? Very, very difficult and unpleasant constipation. Where things come out painfully, in tiny pellets. D’accord?

And this is what worked the President’s nerves to a breaking point. It just worked his nerves!

It is not that Trump is so much afraid of what Comey would have found, I don’t think. But the slow grind and the constant having of a hatchet over his head, the dropping of the pellets on his head was tantamount to a bout of…constipation.

The president is not a guy who handles that very well. Who the hell does this guy think he is dealing with? He did the same to Hillary and nearly drove that poor girl nuts. God knows he drove me nuts. And Trump said, “you know what? YOU’RE FIRED!” I. Am. Not. Dealing. With. Your. Crap.


With that all said. The timing of this firing and the rationale (because of how Comey treated Hillary) does NOT pass the smell test. At all.

Indeed, the notion that Trump gives a crap about how Comey destroyed Ms Clinton’s presidential hopes is, as one commentator put it, “laughably absurd.” Trump cares nothing about Clinton. But he will be damned if he is going to sit there and have Comey give him constipation over Russia.

Still. The notion that attorney General Sessions who had to recuse himself from the Russian probe because HE LIED UNDER OATH is the one to provide the president with the SCARLET LETTER justifying the firing of Comey?

This breaks all sorts of ethical protocols, I’m thinking. This is a conflict of interest smackaroo like I have never seen!

Comey was rightly fired. He should have been fired on day one. Actually, if you want to know the truth, he shouldn’t even have survived Loretta Lynn. It was Loretta who should have sacked this guy because what he did to Hillary was just totally inappropriate and an abuse of discretion and power and Loretta should have recommended his sacking and President Obama should have walked him to the door.

If you wanna know the truth.

But Trump should have either fired him on day one, or just kept him on rather than create this appearance of impropriety after firing the guy just as the Russia probe was heating up.

I still can’t believe it. President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Wow!

Do you think Trump will give the job to Rudy now?

giggle, giggle.

Joe my god.

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