Hillary Clinton 2020: Candidate’s Onward Together Email Sends Clear Message “I Ain’t Giving Up”

Hillary Clinton 2020: Her Onward Together Email Sends Clear Message “I ain’t Giving up”


Hillary Clinton 2020.

She is like France’s Marine Le Pen.  She does not give up. Watch out. Hillary Clinton’s   “Onward Together” is the new catch phrase for Democrats and she is sending us a message.

The former presidential candidate sent out emails this weekend to explain to her supporters that she is moving on and that she is still active and still in the game.

This was a great move.  The Democrats have a void in their leadership and it was puzzling why Hillary was not moving to fill the void. Sure, she lost the elections. But she was steering the ship and to suddenly just disappear, I think, is a strategic mistake.

She doesn’t have to exhaust herself by being out there every week, but she needs to be out there regularly. She has to go to the places where her constituents are, hold talks about their lives and their needs and discuss world and national affairs with them in schools, churches, etc.

Hillary Clinton 2020.

Well, if she plans to run again, she really has to go and hang out with the people in a non stressful way.

She has to show up at block parties, and she can go to a wedding here or there and she can visit a hospital and she can go to a high school and a university.

She needs to evaluate the part of her base that did not show up to vote and she needs to do targeted meet and greets, not as a politician but as a “I am one of you” and I am still here, I am still with you, I am still your leader. We got side-tracked but we are getting back on course and we are Onward Together.

Hillary Clinton 2020. She is SO strong! I can’t believe how stoic she is and I admire her for her dignity in handling this defeat. She was very dignified and very presidential and it makes me support her for president MORE.

She should not give up on her dream of being president. But obviously, next time around, she needs to hire me as an adviser because had she listened to me (and everybody knows it) she would now be the president of the United States.

Well, she still has one more shot at this. But it is all going to depend how she plays the next four years.

I say she needs to get out there. At least every couple of months she needs to be out there with her people showing rather than telling that she is with us.

Come on Hills! Hillary Clinton 2020!

Madame Hillary Clinton put on your pantsuit. Trump says you’re a girl and you have no energy and your are exhausted. Prove that he is wrong, go on, hold a press conference. Go and kick Trump’s….bum.

(hahahahaha) Remember that haiku, everyone?

Come on, Hillary!!!

Hillary Clinton 2020!

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton 2020: Candidate’s Onward Together Email Sends Clear Message “I Ain’t Giving Up””

  1. #imstillwithher and yes I too think she should run again!!!!! We can’t let Russia stop America from electing the leader we want so 2020 will be that election to fix the debacle of 2016.

    1. It is not just about Russia. It is not even about Trump. It is about her: HILLARY. This is her dream to be president like many little boys and girls in America it truly is her dream and she should not give up on her dream. Moreover, she would be a great president. She is a poised, competent, intelligent and tough woman and she can handle a LOT. She is not a crybaby. She is not a girl in that sense of crying when she falls down. She picks herself up. I want to see her re-establish her leadership status though. She is hanging back and giving it time, but time is the one thing she does not have this time around. She has to get back behind the wheel and be very strategic from now in keeping herself in front of the people in a way that is positive. She needs regular interviews, regular sightings, and good deeds. Her third time WILL be her charm. This I believe.

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