What if Trump is Right About the Paris Climate Change Agreement? Could Such a Scenario be Possible?

What if Trump is Right About the Paris Climate Change Agreement?


Is Trump right about Paris Climate Agreement? What if Trump is right? Could this even remotely be possible? I  can’t even believe I am even posing such an unthinkable question. Why did I even think this thought never mind mention it? It is outrageous.  It is heresy. I should be ex communicated.

But. What if he is right?

I mean, look, I have not seen any of the data as I have indicated. I do know that EVERYBODY is so sure that the reports from some scientists are right. And worse, I don’t have a handle on the financial repercussions. For example, how much money does each country have to pay to be “in.”

This is very important information and I don’t have either bit and so I don’t know if he is wrong or if in fact Trump is right.

Do I recognize that the weather has been insane around the world lately? ABSOLUTELY. But what is the explanation? Is it “Climate change”? Or is it something else?

If this is a natural occurrence that has not been seen in, say, the last several hundred years but which has already occurred, then why should the United States spend all this money to belong to this accord? Wouldn’t it be a waste of money since this is just a natural occurrence?

I mean, I don’t know.

I hear the hearsay and I hear the opinions but I don’t know that I have heard any facts. And guess what? The fact that all the other countries in the world are in agreement on this agreement does not make it an agreement that is based on FACT. They could all just be following along like sheep – which is very normal human behavior.

The majority is not always right. I don’t think I have to dig deep into history to find examples of when the majority were DEAD WRONG in fact.

That is not to say they are wrong in this instance about the Paris Climate Change accord. But it is to question whether it is possible that Trump could be right even though he is a lone wolf on this issue.

Because around the world, there is a perception that America has all this money and it is easy to spend, spend spend and pay, pay, pay. But this is why most of us are poor and guys like Trump are rich. They don’t just keep paying and making stupid financial decisions based on hearsay and opinions. They get the facts before they spend their money.

Again, maybe the facts are already known but I don’t know these facts. I am not privy to anything at all except everybody keeps telling me that the weather phenomenon is “global warming” and that failure to stop it will result in all this migration and countries submerging under water.

Maybe this is true. Maybe it is hyperbole, I don’t have the data at my disposal. I am not privy to the science. I have not cross examined the scientists.

All I am doing right now is playing devil’s advocate and asking: What if Trump is right?



FIG: France, Italy and Germany Tell Trump Paris Climate Agreement Cannot be Re-negotiated

FIG: France, Italy and Germany Tell Trump “No”: They are not open to re-negotiating the Paris Climate Agreement

France, Italy and Germany (FIG) Tell Trump to Go Fly a Kite With Re-negotiating Paris Climate Agreement

France, Italy and Germany (FIG)  stand up to Donald Trump. The leaders of the 3 European powerhouses issued a joint statement today indicating that neither of the three countries nor the other members of the European Union are open to re-negotiating the Paris Climate Agreement.

President Trump infamously deep-sixed the Paris Climate Agreement on June 1 2017, stating in part that the deal was entered into out of “desperation” by President Obama’s administration.  President Trump indicated, however, that he was open to “re-negotiate” the deal (he has said similar things about the Iran deal).

But FIG – France, Italy and Germany, told him to go fly a kite. They did not say this in so many words but the joint communiqué that they issued basically amounts to telling him to go fly a kite.

With Great Britain sidelined by BREXIT, FIG is now the center of power in the European Union. The leaders of FIG – Emmanuel Macron, Paolo Gentiloni and Angela Merkel – appear resolute in their stance against Trump and pro the Paris Climate Accord.

Although, it is early yet. FIG  – France, Italy and Germany could yet turn around and change their minds. Doubtful if Trump will change his but FIG could change theirs.

You do have to give President Trump and A+ about knowing how to change the headlines. Nobody but nobody is interested in Jared Kushner after this bombshell on Climate Change.

Brilliant, Mr Trump!


Elon Musk Quits as Trump Advisor. He also Quit economic advisory board and Manufacturing Jobs Initiative.

Elon Musk Quits as Trump advisor and also councils for the Trump White House relating to the economy and manufacturing jobs initiatives.

On Twitter, he said simply “climate change is real.”


Well, first of all, like everybody else, I admire Elon Musk for his entrepreneurial successes. He is a guru. His personal life has also been interesting and I read up on all the Elon Musk Divorce Gossip I can find. But when I read that Elon Musk had quit, I was a bit surprised.

With that said, I think he made an entrepreneurial mistake in reacting this way to the White House’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate deal. Sure, President Trump is probably making a mistake. But Elon’s decision is too emotional.

He will have to deal with the White House and other governmental agencies for his grants and monies he will need for his various projects. He cannot finance those alone and has often fallen back on the government for assistance through grants, loans or incentive programs.

Why pick this public fight with Trump?  And over an issue like Climate change?

Sure, it is an important issue. But is it that important that Elon Musk should have jeopardized his business reputation with the White House?

I don’t know.  Having a gig on the inside as an advisor to the president is a big business advantage – especially with a guy like Trump who is also a business guy. I don’t see how this is a win for Musk from a business perspective. But girlfriend Amber Heard probably admires that he stands up for his principles.

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Trump Pulls Out of the Paris Climate Deal. Is this Pay Back for Macron’s Handshake?

Trump Pulls Out of Paris climate deal. Wow!

Is this a joke or a distraction from the Russia Probe?

Trump pulls out of Paris climate deal! Unbelievable! I did not think he would have the nerve and gumption to do it, especially since even his daughter Ivanka Trump and son in law Jared were in favor of staying in the deal. Only two other countries, Nicaragua and Syria have refused to sign the deal. What interesting company to be in.

The withdrawal will take up to four years apparently, and bring us to November 2020 when Hillary will become the new president of the United States.

The thing with the Paris climate deal is that I cannot speak to it because I have not read the science and I have  cannot therefore analyze the science for myself to come to a conclusion. I only know what other people’s opinions are. Opinions are not facts necessarily, however. So it is hard for me to draw a solid conclusion without hard facts.

Hillary Clinton said it was “incomprehensible.” According to Politico.com she said:

“What’s really stupid about it is they’re throwing out the economic opportunities that being part of the Paris agreement provide for the United States,” Hillary Clinton said Wednesday in an appearance at a tech industry conference. “That is what I find totally incomprehensible.”


As I said, I cannot reach a full conclusion on this issue. And this is my specialty, by the way: drawing logical conclusions. I am a conclusionist, but I have to first listen to the facts on both sides. I would have been an amazing judge, I think. Just because of this quality of being able to listen to both sides. And no, I am not tooting my own horn. It just is what it is. D’accord?

So. Now.  I have not heard both sides. I know what has been written in the media about climate change. I know most people are of the opinion that climate change is this or that or the other.

I take it as dogma but not necessarily gospel because, I don’t have all the information about climate change at my disposal. I am not one of those people who believes everything I read or everything I am told so even if I did have all the data, who knows what conclusions I would ultimately draw?

I can only hope that  the fact that Trump pulled out of the Paris accord means that he has read and analyzed the data on both sides and that his decision is based on objective reasoning and not his emotions.

For example according to Politico.com, Trump said in part about his decision to withdraw:

“The Paris Accord is a BAD deal for Americans, and the President’s action today is keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first,” the talking points say. “The Accord was negotiated poorly by the Obama Administration and signed out of desperation.”

Wow. Really?

Trump has always struck me as a very emotional guy with a very fragile ego.

*I think the fact that the French president Emmanuel Macron won that handshake was a disaster for this accord. Trump now, in my opinion, views the climate pact as a pact with Macron who is on record as saying there will be no “concessions” when dealing with Trump.

At the time, I did worry that Macron should probably not have said that and he probably should not have insisted on winning the handshake because a guy like Trump takes something like this, as small as it seems to ordinary people, very seriously.

Trump is angry with Macron.

Now, is this why he nixed the agreement on climate change? Well, he was already leaning away from it even before he took office. I think at one point he even blamed the whole thing on the Chinese and called it a “hoax.” He does not believe the science and this was before Macron came on the scene.

But the cherry on top was Macron’s handshake. Trump is NOT HAPPY with how that went and so by pulling America out, he sees it as socking it to Macron.

Is this wise? I mean, doing anything out of emotions is usually not wise. It usually is a mistake. And if this is about Macron and the handshake, then yes, it is probably going to be a mistake.

But if he is privy to information that I am not and knows something I don’t about this issue (all I have is hearsay, opinions and propaganda) then, what can I do or say on the matter?

History will decide is what I believe.

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Hillary Clinton 2020 Campaign: It’s Begun. Now She has to Shut Up About Why She Lost 2016

Hillary Clinton 2020 Campaign: She Has to Shut up about Why she lost 2016


Hillary Clinton 2020 Campaign has begun. Whether she knows it or not, it has begun. As has Donald Trump’s. He is having a fundraiser this week to raise money for 2020.

Hillary can win in 2020 but she has to be very, very strategic from right now.

First of all, she needs to shut up about 2016 as it relates her her personal issues. The past is gone. It is over. It does not matter why she lost. It does not matter what Comey did and the Russians and Wikileaks and Donald. Time, in fact, will SHOW it all. She does not need to TELL.

Conversely, it does matter what these people did to America and to the American people. There is a difference and it is all about how her team frames the issue.

What  needs to happen for Hillary Clinton 2020 Campaign, starting now, is for Hillary to start talking about the FUTURE. She needs to give the country hope that things can still turn around. Mrs Clinton needs to start using the future tense. Start spreading optimism and hope again. Reach out to her constituents -both the rank and file and the deserters.

Be herself which is, presidential, intelligent, strong and reasonable and globalist, etc. It is okay in her talks to juxtapose her policies from the current administration. But she has to avoid the sour grapes trap at all costs.

Instead, she may even have to compliment Trump. Say “he ran a very cunning campaign.”  And leave it at that. Let people do their own math with this.

To win, Hillary Clinton 2020 campaign needs to be very psychologically astute.

At the same time, Hillary needs to continue to expound on the issues she fought for during the 2016 campaign but she has to rebuild her grassroots. She has to get people excited and outraged and even sobered. Some of the people who voted for Trump need, perhaps a little bit  of sobering up. But she can’t do it by making the loss about her.

What happened did happen to her, the candidate and the individual. But  her comeback as to be all about us. AMERICA and how we go forward in the direction she sees as being the best one for the country and she needs to juxtapose her ideas with that of the current administration without dwelling on the past.

The less she dwells on the past and uses it as some kind of raison d’être, the more people will, for themselves,  go back to it and find their own sympathies with Hillary. But the more she dwells on it and talks about it as being the “reason” or even an “excuse” the more she is going to encounter ands, buts, ifs and “it was all your faults.”

She is back and it is good. But she has to be careful not to spoil it because she has to win over so many people in 4 short years without getting winded and exhausted in the process.

For Hillary Clinton 2020 Campaign to succeed, she must look like a president at all times.  When people see her in interviews and giving speeches, etc., they should think “she looks like a president.” And this is already the case. And it  is critically important. She must still stay in character and LOOK like a president from now till 2020. Do not go out without makeup and this type of nonsense.

And don’t misunderstand. She should critique Trump. And his policies.

If I were her, I may even start a blog. Mostly politics with personal touches. Pictures, videos, gifs, everything. She needs to start a blog that she manages herself that makes her real and relateable and presidential all at the same time.

Hillary Clinton Campaign 2020.

The woman really needs to contact me. I need to be one of her advisers. I can get her to win.


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