Trump Said Whaaat About Police Needing to Throw Suspects into Paddy Wagons?

I seem to have missed this whole story about a comment Trump made last week at the Suffolk Community College in New York. Apparently, once again, he encouraged police and law enforcement to basically brutalize suspects – at least it sounds like what he is doing if this quote is not fake news from Politico:

“When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in. Rough, I said. Please don’t be too nice,” Trump said. “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know? The way you put their hand over. Like, don’t hit their head, and they’ve just killed somebody? Don’t hit their head? I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK?’”


Oh No! Trump Sacked Moochie! Anthony Scaramucci is FIRED!!! Say it Isn’t So!!!

Oh. My-god.

Are you serious? Trump sacked Mochie??? Say it isn’t so! Moochie was fun. Moochie was one week of fun and now he’s gone! No!!!! No!!!

What will I blog about???

……………………………………I mean…………….of course……………..I mean……….as I said here………………Moochie was gonna be a disaster on wheels. Let’s be serious. He really was and that was clear on day one before he even said what he said in the New Yorker. The handwriting was on the wall and I gave it six months. Instead it was 6 days!!!

Oh, expletive! I was just starting to appreciate the Mooch!…………………………………………………………………………………

Thunder just went off outside. But you know what? Seriously? It was the right decision for the White House and for the President and for the country. This hire was a clear signal that the presidency had gone off the rails. No offense to the Mooch but this was way over the top and he was mis-hired. He is not the right guy for any president to be Communications Director.

But still. I am shocked. 


The rain is now pelting down outside my window. I am sitting here in blue bathroom, my laptop on my lap, completely shocked.


North Korea: Why Doesn’t Trump Deal Directly With Kim Jung On?

Trump keeps blaming China for North Korea’s behavior. No doubt there probably is some complicity there. But wouldn’t it be quicker and better to cut to the source? This rigamorole (?) way of dealing with this issue is going to be slow and ineffective. They are going to get no where with this.

And guess what? Even if China is facilitating this behavior, North Korea is getting  assistance from other countries as well. It is not just China. I don’t think so. And this is not to say he should not also deal with China and try to get more out of them on this issue.


I think he has to take it straight to Kim.

He has to go straight to Kim. What can he do? I don’t know. The question is what does Kim want? Why is he doing this? Is he just crazy? What is his MO? Why is he doing this? He is speaking but what is he saying?

If he is just crazy, obviously talking and reasoning is pointless. I don’t know. The military option should be the last and I have always feared Trump getting his finger on the button and he should not press the button.

But he does have to take it straight to Kim somehow. Who are the experts who are advising him on this? Don’t they have any ideas other than throw all the blame at China?

Lemme ask you this: If Kim was an African strongman what would Trump do?

If he were Khaddaffi what would Trump do?

What about the international criminal court? Have they issued any summonses or subpoenas? They are trigger happy with those when it comes to African strongmen. Why no movement at all in this situation? Is Kim that tough and strong?

Where are the other leaders in the international community? Why is everyone silent about this? Are we as a world community going to wait for another Nagasaki before we do something?

What if this guy was in Haiti or Grenada?

I just don’t understand the double standard and I don’t understand why all the blame is being hurled at China – who, admittedly, is not that innocent.

Is Trump’s Focus too Small and Petty for a President?

Trump may be too petty and small in his focus to succeed as president. When he was running his campaign, this worked because he had to win the election and he was appealing to his base and they enjoyed the little cat fights because it was great TV.

I think that fundamentally, Trump is mistaken if he thinks the same strategies that produced a successful campaign will produce a successful presidency. And this is very good advice. He should heed.

He has to change his fundamental strategy if he wants to succeed as president. The chaos strategy does not translate as geniusly from political candidate to president. It is still interesting as heck but it won’t lead to a win.

Trump has more than his base to win over now. He has the majority of voters who actually voted for another candidate and then he has the global population who don’t actually vote in the ballot box but do have a “vote” in the court of public opinion – which does matter.

Chaos is the wrong strategy and petty smallness is also wrong. For example, Trumpcare imploded. I was relieved and obviously he is aggrieved. Quite understandable on a certain level. But his continuing to waste time on this issue on Twitter and continuing to goad those senators down a dead end road has now become “small” behavior. Rather than move on to something big that he can win, he instead whips up chaos and stays marooned in smallville.

What a waste of precious time.

And he still has no clue how to behave like a president. He should change this and start acting like the commander in chief. He should stop all these tweets immediately. He should grow up and get serious about his presidency. He should, if he wants to, have a televised speech to the American people on two issues:

  • Failed repeal and replace
  • Russia

He should just talk in a calm and rational way about it. Just say “Look, we did not succeed in repealing the Affordable Care Act. I understand that many Americans were not in favor of appeal. The Senate has spoken on this issue and it is time for us to move on as a nation.”

Then he makes out his case about the sanctions whether he will veto and why or why not.

He needs to get serious. This guy is not serious. He is a jester. This is a very, very dangerous thing at this time.

Get serious, Mr Trump. Stop being so small and petty. And stay the heck off of Twitter. This is an order.

Putin Expels Nearly 800 US Diplomats from Russia and Seizes Diplomatic Property

Oh la la.

The fireworks have begun between Putin and Trump and Trump hasn’t even signed the sanctions into law. If Trump backs off now and doesn’t sign, he looks weak and scared. If he does sign, so much for his pre-campaign promise about him and Putin.

Remember how he bragged during the campaign that Putin does not respect Obama while “I will get along with him!”?

Well, it is going to depend on what Trump does with this crisis on the sanctions. I kinda think the timing on these new sanctions is the worse. I advised against Trump signing in an earlier post.

The thing is, now that Putin has expelled the diplomats, he has pushed Trump against the wall. Trump is going to look like he is running scared from Putin. The entire world is watching to see who wins this stand off.


So now, I am not sure what to advise. Don’t veto but don’t sign? Just leave it hanging? That is not a solution but it is buying time. For what? I don’t know.

The thing is, Putin has an economic crisis in Russia and probably could not afford a fight with the US.  Although, they can help rogue states. My sense is that it is not in Putin’s interest right now to have a long standing fight with America. He really wanted to be friends.  Which is probably why they meddled, because they felt they stood a better chance with Trump than Hillary.

The thing is, if you want to be friends, Mr Putin, there are some things that need to change. Under your watch, Mr Putin several very un-American things occurred and it scares the livingbejesus out of us over here. Plus, the Ukraine situation.

If you really want to be friends, why don’t you agree to get out of the Ukraine or Crimea? It’s called negotiation. Then Mr Trump can go to his congress and say that yes, Putin has been bad in the past but he is remorseful and he promises to change and we should try to work with him going forward if he gets out of Ukraine.

Then, problem solved. World peace just a few short jumps away.

How about it Putin?

How about it Trump?

Jeeze. I need popcorn.


Trump Needs to Lead on the North Korea Issue and Stop Shifting the Blame to China

Mr Trump, imagine if Obama was president and he kept turning to China to solve the North Korea issue or kept tweeting “I am very disappointed in China for not solving the North Korea issue”?

How would you react? You would ridicule him as being “weak.”

This is a very important opportunity to assert your (America’s) power in the world and frankly, to put some muscle behind all your words during the campaign.

You keep referring to former leaders of the United States as having been foolish for allowing China all these trade privileges to the tune of billions of dollars.

Your point is well taken.

But the past is gone, Mr Trump. They may have been foolish but you are president now. Take action! Do something! Be strong and tough! This is why you were elected. Tweeting about the matter is making the Chinese (and others) laugh at you and at America.

Come on!

Moreover, the billions of dollars in trade that the former leaders paid to China, was that to curb North Korea? Was that some kind of payment in kind for curbing the behavior of North Korea or was it earmarked for something else? Stop mixing up the issues on Twitter, Mr Trump. Get SERIOUS.

Now. Nobody is telling you to drop a nuke on North Korea. This would be a mistake and if such a move was ever insinuated, take it off the table.

But I am telling you to stop talking, stop bluffing and do something about North Korea before the situation reaches a dire strait. China is not going to do it. It is not clear that they can do it even if they wanted to and no matter how much money you pay them.

Sanctions have not worked.

Threats on twitter have not worked either and big newsflash, they won’t.

But one thing is very clear: You need to get this guy to stop. Fast. He is fixing to drop a nuke on the United States. This is not a joke and the solution is not to sit there blaming past administrations.

You did that during the campaign and people agreed that something had to be done and you promised to do something. Now you are president. Mr President, get Kim Jong Un to behave!

Respectfully, sir, this is your job. You seem to think its all about tweeting and the rest of it and its funny and all but lets get SERIOUS. You need to get Kim Jong Un to behave.

Is the Collapse of the American Empire Imminent?

Could the American Empire Collapse in our Lifetime?

Everyday, more and more, it seems that America is becoming less and less influential in the world. Just this morning I read a headline about French President Emmanuel Macron having ambitions of being the “leader of the free world.” There was a time, not long ago, that that notion would have been laughable.

Today, however, it does give one pause. With the UK sidelined by BREXIT and internal civil & political uncertainty, and Germany basically being a non-military state (albeit a rich one) it does look like France has emerged as the de facto leader of the European Union – at a minimum. But it is more than that. Because China has been courting the EU and is closer aligned with the region that it is with the US on the issue of trade.

Then you have the Paris Climate Deal that has been signed by all countries in the world except for the US and Syria.

It is not just Macron’s ascendance that signals America could be losing its grip. You have all the military exercises that are taking place in the East and that signal a heightened cooperation between Russia, Iran and China (and North Korea).

This is not the point though about the fall of the American Empire. Really, it is more about America’s soft power and its influence in the world that is worrisome. Who is going to listen to America nowadays? Europe? Doubtful. They don’t need America anymore. Except maybe for military aid but even then, with the NATO alliance in question, they are turning within and reaching out to other potential allies.

But it’s worse because Mr Trump’s behavior in office so far is highly problematic. His tweeting habit alone is very, very bizarre for a world leader. He is the only world leader who is doing this. He thinks it keeps him in touch with his base but I think it weakens the mystique of the American presidency. Like, it dilutes it enormously and almost reduces it to nothing. He has turned the American presidency into a very funny, entertaining and trivial thing.

Not just the tweets, though. The things he says and the people he associates with in the White House are very funny and entertaining but do nothing to bolster and augment the sense of “power” that the American presidency once held.

This is bad.

And four years is a long time for this to go on. The damage could be irreversible by the time he is done. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy reading about politics because of Mr Trump. I enjoy some of his tweets. But as days go and I start to really think about things, I have to admit that maybe it is a mistake to indulge so much in the funny side of this story because there will be dire consequences for the United States long after Trump retires and returns to his tycoon life in Palm Beach.

The thing is, and what he doesn’t realize is that with each passing day, fewer world leaders are listening to him and taking him and America seriously, all because of how things are playing out in the Oval Office. Putin, for example, has given him 6 months and he has drawn his conclusions – Trump is not a serious man.  And America is not a serious country or even a serious threat. Except if they resort to the nuclear option which, everyone is betting, they won’t.

When America loses face and friends and influence and mystique it loses all of its power and when it loses its power, the empire can no longer exist – it will collapse.

Just like the Roman Empire did in the First Millenium.


Russia Vows Retaliation For US Sanctions. But is any of this RATIONAL?

Russia vows retaliation for US Sanctions. Where will this all lead?

Russia on Sunday, has vowed to retaliate in kind against the United States for increased sanctions which were approved overwhelming in the US Senate by a vote of 98 to 2. What are the sanctions for? I am guessing the interference into the American elections – which the president of the United States insists could have been done by others besides Russia.


But. Where is this all going to take us when you have a deteriorated relationship with the Kremlin at this particular moment in world history? It this a moment to move towards more aggression, or a moment to cool it? Where is this all heading?

Of course, it is bad precedent to let Russia’s interference go unanswered and unpunished. I am just afraid that this whole thing is the start of much bigger problems for the world.

America’s position in the world is not that strong either. First of all the Europeans did not like these sanctions and raised objections if I properly understood the story. Second of all, even if the Europeans were thrilled about these sanctions, we have the problem of NATO and Trump’s position thereto. So how much support are we going to get from Europe if this thing explodes?

Worse, our relations with the Asia continent are not that fantastic. China has been courting Russia and Europe lately (trade, military) and they him. The Middle East has been rogue for some time and Iran, certainly will back China over America. Africa, continentally speaking, also seems to have more invested in China (which is more invested with Russia) than it is to the United States.

What is my point? My point is that since Trump became President, the balance of power in the world has shifted. But it did so imperceptibly. It is like Reince Preibus’ firing. The latter, like the former was a 7 on the Richter scale. But it happened so matter of factly, that nobody took notice.

For this reason, I think that a confrontation with Russia right now is not rational.

I think the Senate had all this information before Trump was sworn in and should have and could have taken action then. In fact, before Trump even won the presidency, this information about Russia was out there and everybody glossed over it as though it was a routine Sunday morning at Mass.

Had they taken action then, it would have been messy, but a different person (maybe even a Republican) would be president today) and the need to save face with Russia would not be so urgent.

And don’t even try to blame the former president Obama. Notice that the Congress is taking action without the consent of the current president Trump. So the blame is on the Congress not the former president.

Now they are putting Russia in a bad position of having to save their face at America’s expense. They are pushing Russia to the wall. This is not rational.

It is a big mistake.

I am really concerned that it is a mistake that will be indelible. A year from today…

If I were Trump, I would veto the measure. I would not let this slide by completely. I would publicly acknowledge that Russia did meddle and that their meddling probably helped me. But I would also emphasize the folly of getting into diplomatic spats with the Kremlin at this time.

Because in fact, it is not totally stupid for the US and Russia to try to turn the page and cooperate more on trade and military issues. Indeed, this is rational. It is a question of how it is done so America still maintains the upper hand (or at least appears to).

I don’t know. This obviously is not my area of expertise. But quite seriously and quite simply, I am concerned about this direction we are taking with Russia.

The timing is wrong for something like this.

Who is Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska?

She sounds like such a reasonable lady. She is Republican (no fault her own) and she talks about governance and cooperation in the government between both sides of the aisle in the interest of the American people.

I just read this quote being attributed to her on Newsmax:

Every day shouldn’t be about winning elections,” she said. “How about just doing a little bit of governing around here? That’s what I’m here for.”

Wow. What a concept.

It’s Trump’s Fault Trumpcare Imploded Says Several Republicans – bad leadership, WH Dysfunction, Weird Personnel

According to a recent article on it is Trump’s fault that Trumpcare went over the cliff and in fact, the whole mess the Republicans are in at the moment, is all the fault of Donald Trump!

Do you agree with Mark Sanford,

“There’s a level of conversation coming out of the White House of the likes of which nobody has ever seen before,” said Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), who seconded Trott’s comments during the closed-door GOP conference meeting. “And so, as a consequence, not only do you have the normal impediments to legislative change, but you’ve got additional impediments that are self-created within the White House that impedes the president’s ability to lead.”


Dave Trott and others who say that the President is no help to their legislative agenda?

Apparently, it was Trump’s job to go out and sell Trumpcare to the American people and explain to people exactly what it is and who it would work and why it is better for them than Obamacare.

I haven’t heard Trump do that once. Of course, I get all my news from Politico so maybe I just missed the press conferences and rallies where he explained in detail how his plan would work. Maybe he did it on TV on a special program I missed?

I seem to remember Obama did some PR for Obamacre.

Why didn’t Trump, the ultimate sales guy go out and sell this plan to Americans in clear, simple, vivid details and give us some visual aids to demonstrate how this new health plan is superior to the one currently in place?

To me, it is indeed a glaring failure on the president’s part. He needed to put his own muscle behind his own plan and explain it.

Unless there really was no plan? I mean, how could he explain something that was just etched sort of haphazardly in the wind?

Trump Fired Reince Priebus???

Are you serious? Priebus is out? Reince’s been canned?? Are you serious? I would have thunk that it was Scaramucci who would have been in trouble and it is Scaramucci I was trying to save his job! They fired Reince??

Holy Macaroni, Holy Macaroni.


…I am sipping some ginger tea for my gas at the moment….I am unusually ballooned up. I think it is the politics in Washington. It is too much….hang on while I sip….


OK. So. Reince.  Iam trying to put this all into context. So it is not so surprising actually because there had been all this talk and Kellyanne and the others did the pile on and so obviously, his days were numbered and they all knew it.

But I was so focused on the firing of Sessions which did not happen that I really thought Reince had some more time. Not that I care. I don’t know the guy and frankly, during the campaign? I had to search really hard to see any integrity. So. No skin off my back that he was walked to the door.

It’s really the whole thing with all the exits from the White House recently. I guess they want to get all of it done in a big swoop and then settle things once and for all. No point firing people throughout the year and having unending chaos. Just fire them all in bulk.

Moochie said that was what he was going to do but I had kind of dismissed Moochie as hysterical. But no. He was serious. He meant it. Who else will be fired? Kellyanne? Omarosa?

Whatever became of Omarosa? I don’t hear anything  at all about her. isn’t she working at the White House? Is her job on the line in Moochie’s firing squad?

And now that Reince is gone, obviously there will be no more leaks, right?

Do you think Trump has got the memo that he cannot fire Sessions? It sounds like he has. His presidency will just implode if he did and he knows it.


Lemme slip some more ginger tea. Oye!

On Second Thought, Trump ABSOLUTELY Has to Keep Scaramucci as Communications Director. The Man is HYSTERICAL!

OMG. I think I live in the wrong capital. All roads lead to Washington D.C.. It is where all the fun is. I just cannot believe it. It is too much drama and if I was (were?) there, I would probably need help to keep up. How can anyone keep up??

But so I just read the Anthony Scaramucci article in the New Yorker.

And I just thought, “wow….this stuff is riveting! This guy is even MORE entertaining that Trump! Like, holy, holy, holy lord!”

I mean, the profanity aside (and it is incredible, not even I curse like that and I curse a lot!) but the profanity aside, if you really listen to this guy, he is definitely a character in a movie. I think its a comedy. This guy is a comedian! He is hilarious! He thinks this whole thing is a joke! Look at him in the sunglasses. Look at the body language, listen to what he says.

This guy was ready to fire his entire communications teams because somebody told Politico that he was having dinner with the president. Dinner. He was having dinner and someone divulged that and he went ape about it and threatened to fire them all. At least, this is alleged. The reporter who wrote it said that he said these things. I was not there. I should be very clear on this point. I do not know if any of this is factual. But listen to this bit from the New Yorker article as being what Mr Scaramucci said in response to the leak of the dinner and imagine how he looked and sounded at the time:

They’ll all be fired by me,” he said. “I fired one guy the other day. I have three to four people I’ll fire tomorrow. I’ll get to the person who leaked that to you. Reince Priebus—if you want to leak something—he’ll be asked to resign very shortly.” The issue, he said, was that he believed Priebus had been worried about the dinner because he hadn’t been invited. “Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” Scaramucci said. He channelled Priebus as he spoke: “ ‘Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock-block these people the way I cock-blocked Scaramucci for six months.’ ” (Priebus did not respond to a request for comment.)

I have never heard that particular curse he used in the last part, have you? About the block etc? Is this a thing or is this his thing? That is my first question. My next question is do you think he is paranoid about Reince? Third question is how come Reince never says a word about ANYTHNG? Has he been giving interviews to the media since January? He really has kept a weirdly low profile. Fourth question: do you think Trump is thinking of firing Moochie already?

I think Trump should NOT fire this guy. This guy has a lot of interesting melt downs in him that are going to be more epic and more memorable than any twitter storm Trump has ever had. To fire Moochie would be contrary to the interests of the American people. Really, we need to see this. We need it. And on top of that who is Trump going to put in Moochie’s place? Corey Lewandowski?

John McCain Socks it to Trump and Casts the Deciding Vote Killing Trumpcare

OMG. I am stunned that John McCain voted against the Skinny Obamacare Repeal. I mean, I thought the whole thing was pretty desperate on the part of the Republican senators and Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence in particular – and Trump of course. He especially pushed his party to produce ANYTHING AT ALL with the word “repeal” on it so that he could have the satisfaction he needed that he had obliterated EVERYTHING that former president Barack Obama had done.

Sometimes, when your motivations are not pure, you cannot succeed.

You have to have a pure heart.

If he really was doing this out of concern for the American people, if that was the driving force behind this desperate attempt to undo and upend Obama’s signature on the Affordable Care Act, maybe it would have worked out better. But I don’t think his main goal or main concern was the American people in this particular case. This is about Obama. And wanting to just destroy his legacy as if he had never been president.

This is an impure intention.

And it is a wrong intention. The universe does not, ultimately, reward things like this.

But to think that of all people, it was John McCain, the war hero, that delivered the deciding vote that sealed the karma to the President? Wow. High drama. High, high, high.

The guy came back from a brain cancer diagnosis to serve up some karma to Mr Trump and it’s like a reality tv show. It really is. And I was honestly surprised. I did not think John had it in him. I mean, you listen to what he said and it wasn’t because he was doing Obama’s legacy any favors. He is still taking repeal and replace. But I suspect it is all posturing. He really does not believe it should be repealed and replaced and he wanted to sock it to Trump as a final, climactic act.


I wonder what will happen to Mitch? My sense is that Mitch, too, is a person with intentions that are not very pure. He, too, will receive his karma – maybe even from Trump.

Lindsey Graham to Trump: If you Think You are Bad, Fire Sessions and Watch All Hell Break Loose in Washington!

Giggle, giggle.

Trump is in deep you know what. Can he get out?

The very last straw was that Lindsey Graham drew a red line over which he has warned President Trump not to cross. He basically told Trump (I am not sure if it was in person or on social media I am only repeating gossip) that if he fires the attorney general Jeff Sessions, it would be the beginning of the end of his presidency.

Very uncharacteristically, Trump did not respond nor did he bully Sessions today.


Trump is afraid for the first time I think. He knows the GOP is serious about moving to end his presidency and he worries that they have grounds to do it otherwise he would get on Twitter and give Lindsey Graham his comeuppance and he would turn right around and fire Sessions in dramatic fashion the way he did with the FBI director.


I can’t believe it. They have him by the balls, I think with this Russia thing. Then they issued these sanctions on Russia and sent it over to his office for a signature or veto.

Will he dare veto it? He might to try to play bad. But they can override the veto. Meanwhile his homeboy Putin is getting angry and has issued a statement that the US has to get some of its diplomats out of Russia.

This thing is a mess.

Trump is becoming increasingly unraveled and is losing his mojo and his mystique and his power not only in America, but when the other leaders around the world see how his presidency is just going off the rails; and when they see he really does not have the power to do any of the things he swore he would do on day one such as repeal and replace Obamacare; and when they see that the Congress can circumvent his buddy buddy relationship with Russia; and when they see the whole mess? They too will lose their fear of Trump and see him as entertainment.

This has got to be the very worse thing for American foreign policy. The very worse.

So basically you have a domestic situation that is in rubble and now you have a foreign affairs calamity.

It really is as bad as I have seen it.

And you can just blame Lindsey Graham who brought to bare the fact that Trump has lost a lot of his power and is utterly unable to touch his attorney general except for making lame comments on Twitter.

So…Is Reince Priebus the Big Leaker at 1600 Leaktopia Boulevard, aka, the White House?


Sounds like they are piling on on Reince Priebus at the White House. They are insinuating that he is the big leaker. He probably has leaked a few things. But I have news for Trump. He is not the only one.

I mean, Kellyanne Conway and Anthony Scaramucci apparently hinted that Reince may be the leaker without coming right out and saying so.

Mr Trump, they are all leaking. Who does not leak to the press leaks to their spouses and the spouses leak.

Mr Trump, the only person that you can be ABSOLUTELY SURE is not leaking is yourself. You really don’t know what anyone else is doing or saying, and to whom and what those people in turn do with the information.

Judas was VERY close to Christ.

I have news for you: the very biggest of the biggest leakers at 1600 Leaktopia Boulevard? Are the people who are CLOSEST to you.

Reince PROBABLY does his share of leaking but compared to others? I think what he has done is child’s play.

Judas is still at the table.

Anthony Scaramucci is Another Disaster Hire For Trump.

Anthony Scaramucci is another disaster hire for President Trump. Honestly, What is the President Doing and Thinking?

OK. I have decided Scaramucci is overkill and he is not going to last. He is toooooooooo much. Too much energy too fast, just too much and he talks too much. He talks first and thinks after. This is a disaster. I mean, he came out and said that his financial documents were leaked and that this is a felony. This is quick talking that makes a person look ridiculous. Not just himself. But the president for hiring him.




Here is what I think. Anthony Scaramuchi is a “loose lips sinks ships.”

Just watch.

The ship was going down before he got there but maybe it could have been saved. With him on it? It is going to sink absolutely.

Plus, just read this from on Moochie:

Scaramucci also suggested that Trump had been poorly served by some in his West Wing, telling CNN that those working for the administration should stop seeking to rein in the president and instead seek to amplify his message across the country.
He said that in his business-world experience, “paranoia and backstabbing” is the result of “underconfidence plus insecurity,” and that he would seek to plug the leaks either by bolstering those doing the leaking such that they stop the practice or by removing the staffer altogether.
“There are people inside the administration that think it is their job to save America from this president. That is not their job,” he said. “Their job is to inject this president into America so that he can explain his views properly and his policies so that we can transform America and drain the swamp and make the system fairer for the middle and lower income people.”

Aren’t you scared?

So… Is Trumpcare Dead Once and For All?

Is Trumpcare dead?

I read in a few publications that the Senate was unable to get its “Skinny” Obamacare repeal passed yesterday. Poor Mitch. Poor, poor, poor beleaguered Mitch. And Trump too. Poor Trump. Cause it’s his name that goes on the fail. For history. The Trumpcare failure. The failure of Trumpcare.

Obamacare is too tough a nut to crack for them. They tried hard.

Keep trying boys. Nothing beats more trials except for more failures.

Am I glad that Trumpcare failed?

Put it this way: I am glad that 20 million Americans can hold on to their healthcare plans imperfect though it might be. I hope they can make Obamacare better. Strengthen it somehow. Don’t repeal and don’t replace unless you have something better. It is buffoonery. It is biting off your nose to spite your face.

So for now, yes. I am glad Trumpcare failed.

But they are determined, aren’t they? I have never seen a more determined group of people to do something that is just wrong. But they have a much stronger opponent. They have an unbeatable opponent.

It is one they cannot see.

As for Mitch. Can Trump fire Mitch? If so, I think Mitch is good as canned.

Hey Mitchy. You are fired! Respectfully Sir!