What Will Putin Do Now That Trump Shut Down Russia’s Consulates in San Francisco?


TRUMP SHUT DOWN RUSSIA’S CONSULATES AND Putin is speechless. He thought he was the baddest of the bad when he told 755 American diplomats that they had to go home. It was a huge shock what Pute did. So much so that Trump needed nearly 8 weeks to come up with an answer.

Is Trump’s answer adequate? Personally, I thought it was weak. Because he left the Russian embassy in Washington and he shut down the consulate in San Francisco but he refused to expel any diplomats even though Russia expelled hundreds of American diplomats. So as far as tit for tat goes, I think Trump chickened out here.

I liked when he told Pute “thanks for helping me out by sacking all those people because we needed to down staff anyways” I thought that was very tongue in cheek and very clever.

But then, he turned out to be a big chicken because who cares about the San Francisco consulate when he left the juicy embassy across from the White House alone?

I want fireworks!

He just boring up my evening with that weak retort.

I expect more force, Mr Trump.

Maybe you need to take some steroids!

Giggle. That was probably inappropriate. I can be very, very inappropriate on this darn blog!

I think this is enough for today. Am going to sleep now, ya’ll. Goodnight!

But yea. Imagine if the president was popping steroids?

Jared Kushner Secretary of State: Is President Trump Planning to Fire Rex Tillerson and Hire His Son in Law?

Jared Kushner Secretary of State? Could this happen??


As Crazy as the idea of Jared Kushner Secretary of State may sound to you, don’t be surprised if Trump does it. The more you study the tea leaves and observe the shenanigans of the president and all his acolytes, you can clearly see the intentions of this mercurial mad man.

We are not going to delve into the president’s mental state as that is precarious on even the best of days and occasions. We are going to stick to this question of Jared Kushner Secretary of State. It is an interesting question, and during the campaign, I may even have jested about Jared being Secretary of State. But I was only joking. I was not serious.

Could Trump actually go this far with his nepotism?? It would be unseemly, I think, to put Jared in this job for which the boy is woefully unqualified. But if he could dispatch Jared to broker peace in the Middle East, why couldn’t he give him the Secretary of State gig?

It doesn’t seem that Trump and Rex Tillerson are hitting it off so hot and so Rex will either resign soon or be forced to resign and it will leave a gaping hole in the president’s cabinet. But there are laws and rules against Trump giving Jared this job, right? It’s not like Congress would stand for it, right?

Admittedly, Jared has a whole lot on his plate at the moment. By all accounts, he is practically the president’s chief of staff! And he also heads the Office of Presidential Innovation and a whole bunch of other initiatives – in addition to the world peace gig. So it is not like he has time to run the State Department. But he could find the time for a gig like that because imagine how that is going to look on his CV long after Trump stops being presdient. I meant president.

The last two persons to hold that Job before Trump became president were presidential candidates themselves! If for no other reason, Jared would run for president so he can be the first Jewish American president and also so Ivanka can wear the FLOTUS cap (I think Ivanka is really galled by the fact that Melania wore that hat to the Hurricane Harvey Film Festivals in August and she can’t wait till she can womanly put it on herself.) In other words, Jared Kushner Secretary of State is really just a test run. One that has been their intention all along.

But would Trump really go that far with the nepotism? And if so, would Jared accept? Or gracefully decline?

Melania’s FLOTUS Hat and Four Inch Stilettos Speak


What is the First Lady saying with her Hurricane Harvey get up that consists of 4 inch black snakeskin pumps and a black hat emblazoned with FLOTUS (“The FLOTUS hat”) in the front?

With the pumps, maybe she is just more comfortable in heels. Or maybe she is saying “hey look at me! Even in a hurricane I can do my catwalk.”

The FLOTUS hat? Well, the FLOTUS hat is a not so subtle dig & message. To whom? Someone who thinks she is the first lady. I wonder who that could be?

So Exactly How Much Does Trump Spend on Make-up, Self-Tanner and Bronzer Each Month?

The president of France is the butt of jokes because it appears he spends an annual salary for the average entry level candidate on his make up needs. It is a lot of money. Not sure if it is per month or per year but it could be per month which is really astonishing.

How about Trump? He wears make up it looks like because the color around his eyes are hugely different from the rest of his face which is different from his neck and hands. So he is wearing something.

Who pays for that and how much is it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Trump Eclipse Obama? That Would Be a Disaster!

Trump Eclipse Obama?


Dear Mr Trump,

You know I love me some Trump. Sometimes. But a word of caution about eclipsing Obama:

That which eclipses the Sun fades everything… TO BLACK….



Don’t try to eclipse the sun, darling. No matter how much you think you hate it, without it, there is no life, only darkness. And the Lord said:

Let there be light! 🙂

Tillerson Shows Up Trump With a Speech About National Reconcilation After Charlottesville


Wow. I just saw a portion of the speech the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson gave a few days ago, where he condemned racism and referenced America’s racist/slave owning/confederate past. He vowed to try to make the State Department more diverse by hiring more minorities.

It was classy of him and well meaning. Let’s see if it translates into more than just words. Let’s see what he actually does.

In the meantime, you have to wonder if he had alerted Trump of this press conference and if Trump pre-approved the message? I doubt it. In that press conference, Tillerson actually sounded more like the President! This is what Donald Trump should have said whether he believed it or not. This is what he should have said. By giving this speech, Tillerson is really speaking to Trump! He is essentially saying to Trump: “this is what you should have said, you bozo!” He wanted to show Trump up and I think he succeeded, although he did not get as much press as he probably should have.


I am guessing that Tillerson and Sessions are not best buds. And after this, he could very well be on Trump’s short list to be fired.

But you know what? It was the right thing to say. And if he is brave and above board, it is also the right thing to do.

So, bravo, Mr Tillerson!

Bannon: “Trump Presidency is Over.” Threat? Promise? Sour Grapes?


According to recently sacked presidential adviser Stephen Bannon (Steven?)  Donald Trump’s presidency as we know it is “over.” He said as much, allegedly, in an interview: “The Trump Presidency is over,” right after he was put to the door by the president’s resident Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Apparently, there is widespread concurrence in the West Wing that Mr Bannon was a bad influence on the President.

I am not buying this bad influence nonsense. The president is a big boy and his views and ideas and policies are his own. He has always been an unapologetic opinionist, the President, and this has nothing to do with Bannon or anybody else. Love him, hate him, agree or disagree but don’t put the blame for Donald Trump on anyone else. Not even wise guys like Bannon.

With that said, what did Bannon mean when he said “the Trump Presidency is over?” Is this a threat? Or a promise? Or just sour grapes? It could just be a parting shot sour grapes situation. He may just want Trump to be scared that he is going to divulge secrets in Breitbart. And they are bound to be some that Bannon can leak because I am sure there was no confidentiality agreement. Well, leaking classified information is a federal crime, actually. What am I talking about? So that is the ultimate confidentiality agreement. But there are bound to be non-classified tit bits that Bannon can disclose and I am sure, at some point, he will.

Whatever the case may be, we are in for a next few months of very interesting headlines at Breitbart. This whole thing is good publicity for the website. People who normally wouldn’t even bother to read, like moi, might even stop by to see what’s up.



And the President’s daughter Ivanka, who is getting her own criticism for certain international trademarks for her brand being a conflict of interest with her White House job, is said to be happy that Bannon has been sacked.

She is also rumored to be a “closet democrat” along with her husband Jared Kushner who wants are more globalist stance than Bannon advocated.

Well, I mean, whatever. But how many people does this make that has left a position in the Trump Administration so far? Based on my informal tally, it’s a lot.


No Way! Carl Icahn Dissed Trump?!


Wow! I don’t believe it. Carl Icahn Dissed Trump?! Carl Ichan was on of the first and few people Trump praised during the campaign. Trump seemed to respect and revere Carl Icahn. And Carl turned around and dissed Trump and threw Trump under the bus? Wow.

Mar-a-Lago Boycott. A Ton of Businesses Pull Out of Trump’s Winter Season in Protest

Mar-a-Lago Boycott heats up

So far, about 8 companies, businesses and organizations have pulled their fundraisers from Mar-a-Lago’s winter schedule according to published reports. It has been dubbed “The Mar-a-Lago Boycott.” These businesses which include the American Red Cross and others, pulled out in protest over the president’s stance on Charlottesville.

I don’t think this Mar-a-Lago boycott will amount to much. It never does with Trump. I always remember how they tried to boycott Ivanka’s brand and other Trump properties during the campaign and then when you see the financials, the Trumps have actually made even more money than the same period in previous years. So this is a farce. I am not buying this boycott news. I will believe it when I see the financials.

The more interesting question for me is whether these boycotters were regulars from previous years or whether they signed up because Trump is president? Obviously, he has been running a business down there for years and he has always had a winter schedule. So maybe these are regulars. But he sure does bet a lot of big names on his roster.

Speaking of this Mar-a-Lago boycott, I wonder if he is planning to be at Mar-a-Lago for Christmas or whether he will be spending his first Christmas as president at the White House?

Steve Bannon Fired. Poor Mr Bannon.

Steve Bannon Fired: What does this Mean for the Trump White House?


Steve Bannon fired. Poor Mr Bannon. You know, I never really followed  Steve Bannon’s tenure at the White House and I never did get around to reading anything on Breitbart. I have heard of him and his expertise in whatever he is an expert at. Hate? Whatever.

And now I have learned that on the heel of Charlottesville, he has been fired. So are we saying that Charlottesville was Mr Bannon’s fault? Is the President’s response Bannon’s fault? Is that what we are saying?

I don’t know.

Steve Bannon fired. So what? What does this actually mean in the grand scheme of things?

I think the president’s response is the president’s response. Whether you agree or disagree with his response, fine. But you can’t just keep blaming other people. The president says and does what the president does and says because, frankly, he can. You know? You can’t impose that on anyone else whether its Bannon or Omarosa or Sean Spicer or whomever. Soon there will be nobody left to blame because after every crisis, someone else gets fired as the heavy and that is not fair.

At this rate, next in line is KellyAnne Conway. Is it her fault next? Or, wait, maybe its John Kelly! He is the Chief of Staff. Isn’t it his job to make sure the President stays on message?! Isn’t that why Priebus is gone because he failed to keep the president on message?

I don’t know. I am not defending any of these folks. I am just saying that whoever this guy Bannon is, it is not his fault. Him being gone is not going to change a darn thing.

But yea. For now, Steve Bannon fired. That is the big headline for today.

Trump resign? Biographer and Ghostwriter Tony Schwarz latest to Predict President Trump Will Call it Quits

Trump Resign? Tony Scwharz predicts it will be this Fall. But these were the Same People Who Swore Up and Down That Trump Could Not Win.

Trump resign? I would not bet on it. But a lot of people have been calling for him to resign lately. The only time I suggested he ought to resign was when news dropped that he said the White House is  a dump. I said if he felt that way about it, then obviously, it would be better for him to cut his losses and resign.

But a lot of other people have other reasons for calling on his resignation. One prominent person is former Vice President Al Gore. To me, that carries a lot of weight only because Mr Gore has been so silent for so many years. So when he finally speaks and he says something like this, then I sit up and take notice – and I think a lot of other people do too.

This morning, I read that some members of the Congress are calling for President Trump to be censured and apparently, only one other president, Andrew Jackson, has ever been censured in US history. What is a censure? Good question. It is like an official rebuke/ condemnation and statement of disapproval. For people in congress it can get them tossed from committees and stuff. For the president? There probably is no impact so I am not even sure why they are wasting time on this.

But I digress. This is about the calls for Trump to resign. This will probably crescendo over the next few days then die down when the next crisis occurs. And there will be many more crises to come.

But Trump resign on his own? I doubt it strongly. I think if he thinks he will be impeached because of the Russia scandal (is that still a thing?) then maybe he will preempt the process and quit but I doubt it. He is the type who will just pardon everyone, including himself rather than quit and people will kick up their heels but there will be nothing they can do.

This guy is Teflon Don.

Ultimately they did catch the Don but I am not sure they will ever catch Trump. Message to Tony Scwharz: “good luck with that.”

Trump is Right: There are “Many Sides” to “White Supremacy”, Racial Hate & Animus and



When you look at the world map, you get a sense of what could possibly happen if so called “white supremacists” in America under the leadership of President Trump, have their way and then begin to influence others in the international community.

Already, all of the northern countries in the world have an almost unfair advantage over the southern countries in terms of financial resources, nuclear and military power, natural resources, educational resources, technological resources, institutional resources and more.

Think about it: Canada, the United States, all of Europe, Scandinavia, Russia. These are the northern countries. If Trump has his way, yes, definitely, Russia, which is now considered as the “black sheep” of the group, will join this exclusive club.

By contrast you have central and south America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia (including India and China) to the South with Australia being a wild card. If Trump has his way, he will cripple China and then that will be the end of any possible hit back from the South.

But you only have to look at the world map to see how this kind of thinking and strategy on the part of governments and voters, in America and other countries (Marine LE Penn was this close to becoming President of France!)  how if it spreads, what can happen in a few short years.

The problem with the “white supremacists” is not the white supremacists. On a certain level, Trump was accidentally right about that. He was honest about it. The problem is not the “white supremacists” who get on the streets with their torches.  These people are fringe elements at the extreme end of the spectrum. They are not the key to a racist system in America and around the world.

There are “many other sides” to this but nobody wants to admit it. Instead, just point the finger at “white supremacists” they are the bad guys, not us. The “white supremacists” have mercifully taken the others off the hook.

How disingenuous to pretend that we are a world and country that values “racial equality.” No, we do not. On the contrary, we are a country and world that has fought and continues to fight tooth and nail to keep a distinction between people based on the color of their skin.

The problem with racism in America and in the world is the “good people” in the majority, the “silent majority” as Trump likes to call them, who tacitly agree with the fringe, who publicly decry the fringe but in their everyday dealings and actions and choices, make a totally different statement – and this is not just “white” people. There are other groups and individuals whose “racist” proclivities can be even more virulent and more damaging.

This is the everyday people who in their daily dealings with others, transmit this message of one race being superior over the other, who breed this hierarchical ideology and spreads it so far down the chain that you find that even at the bottom of the hierarchy, you have people of the same group discriminating against others in the group on the basis of skin shade, hair length, etc. and people in other groups who may be below the group that is considered to be “at the top” also discriminate (sometimes more viciously than those at the very top) against others they consider to be beneath them.

It’s true. And everybody knows it so stop pretending, everyone. Stop pretending! The difference with “white” racists is by and large, as a group they have the power to make the lives of those lower on the hierarchy more than just a little bit uncomfortable. You don’t have to go too far into history to see what is possible. It is not the fringe who does this. It is the majority through their tacit agreement.

It is those people who could shift the human politics and the human experience in the not so distant future.

Because, for example, how does a guy like Paul Ryan condemn Trump when you look at the photograph of interns in the House of Representatives of the United States under Paul Ryan’s watch? While he outwardly condemns “white supremacy” his actions behind the scenes are saying something totally different.

When Jeff Sessions, the sitting attorney general announced he would investigate discrimination against “white students” in American elite institutions of higher learning, the majority was totally SILENT. Not a word of objection from the good people in this country. And the focus is on one group of minorities: “black” Americans. As if, by banning every single student of African ancestry from every single freshman class in these elite schools (14 percent on average per class) that it will somehow by osmosis result in every “white” student getting a spot.

Lost on everyone, is the fact that there are finite spots. Lost on everyone is that it is racist to suggest that the only way “black” students can get into an elite school is a “racial preference.” Lost on everyone are the other minority groups including “white women” who benefit from these so called “affirmative action” policies. Lost on everyone is the fact that many “white” students who get into these schools did not get in due to merit but through family contacts and huge amounts of financial contributions from said families.

No. All the silent majority seem to cares about (and again it is not just the “white” people) are the 14 percent of “black” students who get into these schools and to see to it that none, or almost none, get in.

The culprits are not “white supremacists.” The real culprits to a racist system and a racist world are normal, good people who would never go to a march like that and who outwardly condemn it. But then go into certain Starbucks cafés for a cup of coffee and observe the treatment you get based on where you fall on this hierarchy. Go shopping in an average department store. Drive a car. Go on a job interview. Go buy a loaf of bread at the local boulangerie.

It is not just that and it’s not just affirmative action. Look at the immigration policies that the Trump administration is touting. The silent majority knew and supported the immigration policies of the Trump administration before he came to office – he never made his position on these issues a secret – and so nobody can genuinely claim to be “shocked.” Yet, he received more than 60,000,000 votes in the general election. 60 Million! (and the fact that a person did not vote for Trump does not mean they don’t subscribe to the hierarchy).

I read somewhere that a spoken objective of the Trump administration is to ban people from “third world” countries from entering the United States and immigrating to the United States. Well, I wonder, where are the “third world” countries?

The problem with the “white supremacists” open and notorious stance is that they will easily spread their M.O. and hierarchical ideology to the mainstream because the seed of these ideas is already present and very actively germinated. And it is not just Republicans or “white” people or Americans who have this notion of human hierarchy in the deepest recesses of their hearts and minds.

This is worldwide!

Race and ethnicity and even religion are all intricately connected and always have been. Discrimination, animus, distrust and hatred have also always been there. The only difference is that people are becoming more emboldened to openly say it and live it. It has been pent up and passive and now it is unleashed and increasingly spilling over into the open and becoming “normative” not in the sense that people are becoming supremacists but that people are more comfortable with openly professing disdain for others who they deem “different” from them in some way.

Does Trump have something to do with that? Yes. But he only stoked the fire. The embers were there, flickering all along.

It is not hard for this new “openness” to spread across the globe. And the trends are pointing to this already happening where all over the world (except in those countries that are already largely mono-racial like India, China, Russia and Japan – and this is a whole other issue, a whole other debate) people are fighting to get “different” looking people out of their countries. This is happening in Europe as much as it is happening in America and Canada. More and more people are becoming more open about the fact that they want a country where everybody looks like them, worships like them and have the “same way of life.”

It is not that there is anything so unnatural about this (after all, birds do it) but what you will have is a north south divide in the world where all the countries in the North are dominant and dominate all the countries to the south (and the people who are descendants of these countries)- with the possible exception of China – militarily, and other ways.

And the question is, what is going to happen? How is it all going to play out this time around?

Al Gore Advised Trump to Resign: Trump Will Hit Back Twice as Hard

Al Gore Advised Trump to Resign

Wow. Did you hear that Al Gore advised Trump to resign?  Al Gore has suddenly been risen. For nearly two decades the former Vice President has lived an obscure life of quiet and solitude behind his high, private hedges away from public eyes and scrutiny. The only time he would come up for air is when he would literally come out to promote one of his movies or documentaries about the air and the environment and climate change.

But lately, ,he has had a more public presence. Just the other day, he tweeted that the President’s response to the Charlottesville incident was inadequate and he called on the President to “try again for the sake of his country.”

And astonishingly, the President did try again only to undo the effort by backtracking and saying that many sides are to blame for “white supremacy”, nazis and KKK marching in America’s street and shouting hateful epithets at various groups.

This week, Mr Gore, according to a piece I read in Politico, came right out and allegedly advised the president to RESIGN. He is the first high profile politician to have the moxie and bravery to come out and say it so directly.

I don’t know much, but I doubt the president is going to take this advise with a grain of salt. Mr Gore is all but persona non grata toast.

Let’s all collectively brace for the impact.


Donald Trump, Lyndon Johnson Unhinged? Has the President Plunged into “Unreason”?

Is President Trump Unhinged?

I was reading on Politico today that aides had once wondered whether President Johnson was unhinged and there is an insinuation that a similar situation is going on with President Trump. From the Politico.com:

“I became convinced that President Johnson’s always large eccentricities had taken a huge leap into unreason. … My conclusion is that President Johnson experienced what I believe to have been paranoid behavior.”

The author then juxtaposed Johnson to Trump writing:

This is in stark contrast to the kind of behavior on blatant display at Tuesday’s news conference, which has convinced many psychiatrists, both professional and armchair, that our current president’s seat back and tray table are not in the fully upright and locked positions. The decades of flatly false, easily refutable claims that have characterized Trump’s business and political life have been multiplied geometrically by what’s at stake when Trump isn’t just talking up a building, but rebranding neo-Nazis and racists as upstanding citizens with legitimate concerns. In the mental-health community, concern has reached the point that there’s a serious debate about whether to abandon the longstanding rule that professionals are not to offer judgments about people they have not personally treated.

Then the author talked a little bit about the 25th Amendment. Has that ever been implemented? I am not a history buff by any stretch of the imagination. And I confess the 25th Amendment is not one I am hugely familiar with. I know of it but I never think about it. Hang on. Am gonna check it now…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….ah……it has been invoked 6 times in US history. Is that correct…………….last time with Nixon when he nominated Ford to replace Agnew………………………….has to do with both president and vice president and replacing and/or removing them from office………………………………….OK.


So, does this mean people are already thinking about that on a serious level of whether they will have to remove Trump from office on the basis of him being allegedly unhinged? These are just allegations. I don’t think the author of the piece said Trump was unhinged but there seems to be a question mark and if somehow it turns out that he is, then you are looking at the 25th Amendment. REMOVAL from office. And the installation of the Vice President as President.

But really, Pence? Pence fully backs, agrees with and supports Trump – he says – so if you remove Trump how can you even think of putting Pence in there? It would seem they would both have to be impeached or removed and then what are you looking at when you do that? Why do you think the president refuses to lambaste the alt right and the white supremacists? Why do you think he keeps having these rallies? What do you think will happen if they tried to take Donald Trump out of the White House/Presidency in this country – even if it is proven beyond doubt that he is not playing with a full deck?

Kim Jung Un Backs Down From Guam Threat. Wow!

Kim Jung Un Backs Down From Trump. He will not Hit Guam Unless Trump Provokes Him Further.

So, in the end, it was Kim Jung Un, the North Korean leader, who backed down from his threat to start a nuke war with America under the helm of Donald Trump. It is a sane decision on his part although slightly anti-climactic on the other hand.

So this whole thing was probably just one big bluff. And Trump out-bluffed him.


Does the President See the Presidency as an Extension of the Trump Organization?

I just read this on Politico.com:

“There’s no legal problem with what office space he uses,” said Richard Painter, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, who served as chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush. “But the failure psychologically to separate himself from his business and his properties, I think that hurts his presidency. Is he running the Trump Organization, or is he running the country? The psychological part of not making a clean break is a problem.”
It is a valid question. I was really surprised he moved into the White House at all. I have always thought that he would have run the country form Trump Tower in New York from his office on the 25th floor but that is totally impractical and would be expensive and disruptive and a lot of New Yorkers seem to despise him. So he probably scrapped the idea.
But he has all these other homes like Mar-a-Lago and the place in Jersey from which he could summon his minions for lavish workations and golfcations and staycations and the like – and they probably would not complain.
No, the bigger question is how does President Trump and his family perceive the job of the presidency itself? Is it separate and distinct from teh Trump Organization or is it merely an extension of?
And if that is in fact how he sees it, as an extension of, so what? Can anybody do anything to stop it? And would it be illegal? Does the Constitution in its infinite wisdom even speak to a scenario such as this?