North Korea Bomb Test: Why is it so Unacceptable for Kim Jong Un to Test?


Don’t other countries with nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs test them out to make sure they work? Isn’t the whole point of having these weapons is that you want to make sure they work?

This is not to condone any of this but maybe the problem is ownership of these weapons by EVERYONE.

It is unfair to say some countries can have and test their weapons but some countries cannot. Would we be looking at Putin the same way if he tested out his arsenal?

The problem is not Kim Jong Un. The problem is the proliferation of these weapons in the international community and the problem is the hubris of powerful countries who want to have as many weapons as they choose and to test and do what they want when they want, only to turn around and demonize smaller countries when they do the same.

Every country wants to feel secure and should be secure. Look at what happened to the poor guy in Libya. Had he had nuclear weapons he probably would be alive today.

Kim Jong Un is obviously a frightening individual. But if you think about it, any country with nuclear capabilities are equally as frightening.

It is unfair and unreasonable in this day and age to expect smaller countries to be subjugated to larger ones. Either everybody has the right to these weapons or nobody does. As far as I’m concerned.

What is DACA Dreamers Program? Trump’s Executive Order/Latest Immigration Ban Creates Firestorm

What is DACA

So DACA (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) is an acronym for an Obama Era law that protects youngsters who arrived in the US with their parents prior to the 16th birthday (illegally, or legally and then overstayed their visas) to remain in the US and obtain work permits, and conceivably work towards some kind of permanent legal status.

DACA was affectionately called the “Dreamers” program. It was a humane, well meaning initiative by the Obama Administration and though it was established by executive order and not by congressional legislation, most people, including many high ranking Republicans were in favor of keeping the law in place.

DACA was really useful for students and other young people.

Trump has decided to get rid of DACA. He has explained he loves the Dreamers but clearly, they are dreaming if they think he is going to allow “humanity” to get in the way of his agenda. He promised his base he was going to get rid of certain people, allow only certain types in (“good people”) and build a wall. And that is what he intends to do.

You can’t fault him for following through on what he said he was going to do. Everybody knew what he was going to do, including those high ranking Republicans like Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House, because Trump was never a hypocrite about it. He did not keep his intentions secret. He said he would do this and 60 million people voted on – including those very high ranking Republicans who are now begging him not to do it.

Cry us a river, everyone.

America has the president it deserves because that is what they signed up for. Everyone knew what Trump was all about. No one can say he lied about his intentions. He was clear and direct and open and notorious and we all loved it. We serenaded him and dedicated entire front pages of our newspapers and blogs and other media to him. Even I am guilty.

DACA was a humane, ethically principled law. Barack Obama was a good man to do what he did. History will show this. But he is no longer president and the people selected a man for president who told us before his selection exactly what he intended to do. Please, everyone, don’t act like you are surprised.

And some of you crying those crocodile tears of objection? Remember what Bob Marley said: “You can’t fool all the people all of the time.”

Kim Jung Un Test Drives a Hydrogen Bomb. Trump Convenes the National Security Council to Talk it Over.


Where oh where is Kim Jung Un getting all this money to test drive all these nuclear bombs?! And what is he planning to do with them?

Is he getting help from others in the Peninsula other than China? Is he getting help from other countries in proximity to the Peninusula? Or is all the help coming from Africa as one writer on Politico(?) or wherever it was opined?

Are they planning a pay back for Hiroshima? Do they see it as karma? What if anything can the United States, and more specifically President Trump do about this issue?

Xi is meeting with the Russians and Brazil, India (and South Africa?) to discuss trade this week. Are these people on America’s side or North Korea.

I get a bad feeling about this whole thing. Nothing is as it seems. Some people might be allies but others are double agents.

America could get its butt kicked if war breaks out with North Korea. Plus, they could be even further along with this stuff than it even appears. And the danger is sitting down analyzing how long it will be before Kim perfects these bombs. Kim is not as stupid and crazy as it appears. This is all a much bigger, much wider pre-planned operation. In the end, history will probably read it as karma. For what Truman did.

And you know what? Our Japanese allies probably won’t cry a river.

The AirForce One Sky High Club: Are the Trumps Patrons?



The President and Mrs Trump are once again in Texas. For Hurricane Harvey relief.

What about the question posed in the title of this post?

Are presidents and their wives members of the Airforce One Sky High Club?



The thought just popped into my head for no particular reason and I had to ask.



Oh wait. The expression is actually the Mile High Club not sky high club.



But the question stands. Do they or don’t they?

Trump Got Rid of Obama’s “Federal Flood Risk Management Standard” Law But After Hurricane Harvey, He Admits Obama Was Right.

Hurricane Harvey’s Hard Lessons to Trump:  President Obama is Right about the Need for a Flood Risk Standard and Trump was at Best Naive to Roll Back the Legislation

Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding in Texas, has taught Donald Trump a very painful lesson: he is not always right about his disdain for Obama era policies and about climate change and about the need for special rules and standards to protect Americans and taxpayers against the changing climate and its potentially deadly and devastating impacts.

Evidently, Mr Trump as recently as August 15 2017, signed an executive order rolling back the law that President Obama had put in place (the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard) which was intended to force builders of infrastructure like roads, bridges and buildings to take climate change into account when building such that these structures would have a better chance of withstanding the impact of climate change and rising sea levels which increasingly results in devastating floods in the country and elsewhere in the world.

Trump has said that climate change is a hoax instigated by the Chinese. And of course, we all know what he thinks about Obama. He has stopped short of calling Obama a “flaming idiot” and takes great pride in rolling back ALL of Obama’s policies including recently a law geared at closing the pay gap for women and minorities which his daughter Ivanka agreed was an unnecessary law that did not work. It seems to the Trumps, everything President Obama did was stupid: from healthcare, to closing the pay gap to climate change, and now this flood standard, the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard which, according to the experts, will save American taxpayers trillions over time in having to pay every time it floods due to natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey.

For the Trumps, the emphasis is on killing all of Obama’s policies and also, getting things done easily and quickly. Who the heck needs time wasters like the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, they seemed to say? According to Newsweek:


But Trump believed the rule would slow down the permitting process. The president favored a faster route for infrastructure building, which he announced with an executive order signed several weeks ago—the latest in a series of Obama-era climate change policies to get the boot.

Speaking from New York when he announced the rule rollback August 15, Trump said, “We’re going to get infrastructure built quickly, inexpensively, relatively speaking, and the permitting process will go very, very quickly.”

Yea, well, Mr Trump is a business guy and he likes to get things done fast. But I think as president, he has to shift his analysis a bit to think things all the way through a bit more beyond this business man’s schtick of getting the process to go fast. Yes, bureaucratic red tape is maddening and time consuming for all of us. But you know what? Sometimes, you have to just hold your nose and suck it up and deal. And you have to take your time. And it can’t just be about getting it done fast. These types of disasters have been happening more and more and maybe its climate change maybe it isn’t but they are happening more and more. This is a fact. And so it is common sense to put some standards in place, even if it takes a little bit longer for the business guys looking to make a profit with their infrastructure projects. Because at the end of the day, it is not just about the business guys and their pockets. We’re talking about people’s lives here. For chisssakes.

So, I just read on Newsweek and a bunch of other publications that Trump is having second thoughts about the need for a new set of standards for builders like the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. That is tantamount to him admitting that Obama was right and he is wrong.

And I, for one, just smiled a Mona Lisa smile.

Will John Kelly Fire Omarosa?

Will John Kelly Fire Omarosa?

The question “will John Kelly fire Omarosa” has been swirling these last few weeks in the WH. It was recently reported that he is not “thrilled” with her (sounds like Trumpese to me the word “thrilled”) and that he has demoted her ability to get direct access to the president, which has unnerved the former Apprentice contestant.

Will John Kelly fire Omarosa? It is only a matter of time. One more mishap where she gets into a verbal altercation with someone while defending Trump? And yes, surely, she is done. The question “will John Kelly Fire Omarosa” will become redundant because he is going to make her redundant.

And it is not John Kelly. It is Trump behind John Kelly. Trump wants Omarosa gone because he is not happy with her work on behalf of the White House. During the campaign, it was a different thing. He needed her to appeal to African Americans but it is not trying to appeal to African Americans from the Oval Office. Right now, frankly, African Americans are not his top priority. They are not his base. Sure, he got about 13 percent of the African American vote, according to Omarosa. In hard numbers what amount of people are we talking about? Millions? Cause if he got millions of African American votes, he did good! And maybe Omarosa had something to do with that, but she has served her purpose. He does not need her now. And yea, maybe she is a bit of a distraction. It’s like, wherever she goes, there is this circus that follows. No, it is not her fault, but it is what it is.

So to answer the question “will John Kelly fire Omarosa” the answer is yes he will. It is only a matter of time. And yes, it probably will be a little bit of a mess.


John McCain Rebukes Trump: “We Senators Do Not Answer to Trump!”

Senator John McCain Rebukes Trump

Senator John McCain joins many, including, recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in rebuking President Trump.

An article from Politico, from which I found the following quote, is, in my view, a stinging rebuke by John McCain of President Donald Trump:

Congress must govern with a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct,” the Arizona senator wrote.

“We must be diligent in discharging our responsibility to serve as a check on his power,” he wrote. “And we should value our identity as members of Congress more than our partisan affiliation.”

showcases a rather stinging rebuke of President Trump by long time senator (“he is not a war hero, he is only a war hero because he got caught”) John McCain.

This rebuke came on the same day that Vladimir Putin referred to Trump’s “bellicose and offensive language.”

Mr McCain said that the US President is “inexperienced, uninformed, and impulsive.”


Whose rebuke will be next?

Putin Rebukes Trump: “Provocations, Pressure, Belicose and Offensive Rhetoric the Road to Nowhere.” Ouch.

Putin Rebukes Trump for Using “Bellicose and Offensive” language. Wow!

Is Vladimir Putin suggesting that Trump uses “offensive” language? Is he “offended” by the things Trump says to others? Because Trump has never – at least not so far – used any offensive language against Putin. So for Putin to make that statement, he must be admitting that Trump’s language in general is offensive.

It’s like, wow!

According to Reuters:

[Putin’s] foreign minister, said Washington not Pyongyang should take the initiative on that [talks].

“It is essential to resolve the region’s problems through direct dialogue involving all sides without advancing any preconditions (for such talks),” Putin, whose country shares a border with North Korea, wrote on the Kremlin’s web site.

“Provocations, pressure, and bellicose and offensive rhetoric is the road to nowhere.”

Maybe Bannon is right and North Korea has “got us”? Trump really does not seem to have the answer. He tried standing up to Kim Jong Un but Kim is NOT afraid of Trump or for that matter any other American president. They are not going to stop their nuclear proliferation just because American says so. Sanctions are not going to make a dent in their program, either. Their money and resources are almost unlimited right now and they probably have help from unexpected places. Some people are suggesting that it is the Africans that are financing Pyongyang. It is almost laughable on a certain level that a continent that has no nuclear power of its own, conceivably because it cannot afford it, is being given credit for financing North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. On the one hand, you can understand how Africa is to blame for certain things that have befallen the world but the nuclear proliferation in North Korea? It seems a little bit of a stretch.

But what do I know? Right?

But yea. “Offensive rhetoric.” Putin said that offensive rhetoric is the “road to nowhere.”

Go figure.

Russian Consulate in San Francisco on Fire? Smoke Seen Pouring Out the Chimneys

Is the Russian Consulate in San Francisco on Fire?

Apparently, there was smoke seen coming out of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco. The fire department was called according to a Politico report but the consulate guards turned the fire department away. They said it was a controlled situation, they were burning some documents and papers.

Wow. I would imagine if the Russians decided to burn down the building, could the US intervene and stop the fire since the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, like other consulates and embassies is really the property of the Russians? It is sovereign property, is it not? So they can dispose of it any way they want. I am not even sure if they would need a permit. Maybe they would, but I would not be surprised if they could just burn it down if they wish.

Course, the fact that you own property does not give you carte blanche to go starting fires in other people’s countries, does it? What if the fire starts to rage out of control and wipe out land and property that belongs to the host country? I would think that even if the property is sovereign that the American fire brigade would have jurisdiction over the fire.

I mean, who knows? This thing just gets more and more interesting.

It is not going to end well. The world is on a collision course with human destiny. It is not going to end well. Now, come to find out, Putin has said he is going to retaliate, tit for tat against Trump for ordering the embassy closed. This is not going to end well.

And the irony of the whole thing is, Trump ran on this whole platform that Putin does not respect Obama but that he would get along with Putin. They were supposed to come out of this thing BFFs. But the way it looks, the relationship between Moscow and Washington has only deteriorated since Trump took office. And like I said, it is not going to end well. Not. At. All.

What Does Antifa Mean??

What does Antifa Mean?

Jesus. This word “Antifa” is popping up everywhere and I have never heard it before a few weeks ago. This is bad, isn’t it? I never heard this word and all of a sudden it is ubiquitous and it is driving me darn insane! Hang on………………………………………………………………………..ah. OK.

………………………………it means “anti fascist.”………………………..ah, ok. So, what the heck is a fascist? I know they say Trump is a fascist and I just accepted it but exactly what does fascist mean? Do I really, really know? I have an idea. But I could not really honestly say I know exactly what a fascist is.

Hang on…………………………………………………………….ah. OK.

Yikes. Whoa.

Benito Mussolini. Authoritarianism. Radical nationalism. Suppression of the opposition. Control of industry………………………………………………………………………….OMG.

Hitler. OMG.

Antifa is resistance fascism which………………………

…………………………it “spread” to other European countries in the 20th Century……………………………………….


Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarianone-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties.[8] Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society

Oh la la.

Is Trump fascist? OMG I hope not. I really, really hope not……………………and so that is where the whole antifa thing comes into play, huh? There are all these antifa movements and rallies and………………………………………….Jesus.

What is going to happen to us all?

Is Trump Making Fun of Meghan Kelly’s NBC “Disaster” Yet? Any Tweets?

Meghan Kelly’s NBC Disaster

Apparently, Meghan Kelly’s NBC début has gone over like a truckload of splattered eggs. The girl is tanking in the ratings like nobody’s business. There is even a name for the phenomenon: “meghan kelly’s nbc disaster!”

OMG. Poor Meghan.

To be perfectly honest with you, before the 2016 presidential campaign when Trump said Meghan had “blood coming out of her wherever,” I did not know who she was. Obviously, as I have admitted, I live under a rock and I don’t watch television (I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, for example) and even if I did, I surely don’t watch Foxnews. So I did not know about this lady. Until Trump dissed her.

But it all worked out for her because it made her famous (or more famous) after he went into her underwear and extracted blood. Because she got this big contract from NBC as a result. Would she have gotten the contract even without that? Who knows? She seems like she had a good gig at FOX till she outed Roger Ailes who has since croaked. So it is not like NBC was her first big gig. But that controversy with Trump, I think, pushed her through the stratosphere. It made her a household name. And probably did factor into that $17 million pay check NBC offered her. And my understanding is that that gig with NBC meant that another NBC anchor was put to the door which ignited a Twitter rampage.


Come to find out, when I was reading a bunch of websites last night, that Meghan is not doing well at NBC. She is having an epic “Meghan Kelly NBC disaster” month. I mean, I have no idea why not as I have not seen her debut shows but apparently, outside of an interview she did with Russian president Vladimir Putin (she got over 6 million eyeballs for that) her Sunday Night With Meghan Kelly show’s debut bombed. And the network execs are basically about to throw themselves out of high rises because they are afraid that her morning show which debuts September 28(?) will likewise go over like a ton of bricks on a truckload of eggs.

You see, I am a wise woman. And they should have consulted me before signing this lady. Without knowing all the nitty gritty details of this contract between NBC and Meghan, I could have told them from the starting bloc “hold up guys, this is a stupid idea.”

How did I know this was not going to work out?

For heaven’s sakes you can just feel it. I mean…it’s about demographics and it is about the messenger herself and it is about timeslots and it is about who the heck is going to watch a FOXNEWS prime time anchor at 9:00 o’clock on NBC?

This right there is somebody having a midlife crisis and making stupid, stupid, stupid decisions. The persons involved, the lot of them, are in their forties and fifties, I bet. MIDLIFE CRISIS!!!!


Now. What is the solution?

I sure as heck am not wise enough to know.

My big question is, has Trump been tweeting about it? Is he laughing?