Clinton – Trump Rematch 2020: Could it Be a Thing? Yes. And Hillary Would WIN.

Is a Clinton- Trump rematch 2020 Possible?

A Clinton – Trump rematch 2020 is probably going to happen. And you know what? If Hillary actually ran again in 2020? She would WIN. She really, really would. It is her third and final strike and it would be a home run. She would knock Trump right out of the WH park, like a golf ball.

But is she brave enough to try it? Is Hillary brave enough to succumb to the utter hell of a 2020 rematch against Trump?

Admittedly, the pony is getting up there in age. She will be heavy into her seventies in 2020. She is about 70 now. So she will be 74. This is mature. But it would be younger than Trump. If Trump is not too old, why are people saying Hillary will be too old? Even Bernie Sanders who could be heavy into his 80s could run again. But nobody is saying he is too old. These sexist pricks are not dismissing these old men as old. But the woman who is younger, there is all this talk about her age.

Hillary looked very presidential lately in London promoting her book and then of course, she broke her toe. Bloody hell. Why did she allow this to happen? I was distraught. It is so old-ladyish to be falling and breaking your toe. Young women usually don’t fall as much as old women. I was very upset that she let herself fall.

But then I thought, you know what? This woman has been a bit of a trainwreck for the longest while and yet, she keeps going. She gets up and she picks herself up and she tries again. If at first you don’t succeed, Hillary proves that you have to try again.

She is due one from the universe for her stick-to-it-ness. The only thing I worry about is what will be a nickname for Trump because I hope she is not going to go into this running this “I am a classy angel” campaign again. She can’t go full ghetto but she betta come up with a name for Trump.

This would be a heck of a rematch and if you think about it, other than Hillary, who else do the Democrats have to put up against Trump? There are no big names with an interesting enough story to trump Trump in 2020. Hillary may not have had a story before but after this epic loss to Trump in 2016, this is her story. The woman who stuck to it and never gave up and came roaring back and winning. She has to turn 2016 into her story and she will win. It will be exciting to have a rematch and watch Hillary finally make it to the WH as president of the United States.

If the Democrats are smart, they will put their money and support behind her candidacy and bet the bank on her in 202o for this rematch. It is the only ticket in town that anybody is going to want to see and participate it. Any other candidate is anti-climatic, boring, and utterly unable to compete with Trump.

The only candidate that will make 2020 an exciting election is Hillary. And it will only be worth it if she wins. And she can. And she will.

But she has to hire me. No, I am very serious. I have to be a consultant for her otherwise, I worry.  OK.

But yea. The Clinton Trump Rematch 2020 will be a sellout event. She just gotta stop breaking her bloody toes! For phock’s sakes!


Hillary Clinton is NOT Harvey Weinstein’s Keeper and She Did Not Offer Gwyneth Paltrow a Massage So Stop Projecting this Filth Onto Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is not Harvey Weinsten’s keeper or his wife or his girlfriend or his daughter or one of his starlets. She was not in his office when he offered these women a back rub and massage. She does not have a penis. Harvey Weinstein is an adult and if he choses to grope, harass, or molest women or otherwise use his power to get them to do as he wants, this is on Harvey Weinstein and only on Harvey Weinstein. This is not Hillary Clinton’s fault. Hillary never slept with Harvey. Hillary is not his wife.

This fingerpointing and making this Hillary’s problem is bloody diabolical and evil. What about his wife? When Bill did what Bill did, it was all his wife’s fault, wuddn’t it? No man could possibly be responsibly for his own behavior when it comes to sexual matters, god forbid. It is always the woman’s fault. So blame Hillary when Bill propositioned Monica and ejaculated on her velvet dress.


I can understand. Hillary was a bad wife and Bill strayed and he harassed women.

But what the Eff Does Harvey Weinstein’s sexual choices have to do with this woman?? Hillary is not effing Harvey!!!!! Stop blaming Hillary for every effing thing!!!! I am sick of it!!!!!

You hear me everyone???


And just shut up, Everyone.

Next, what? It is Hillary’s fault that Trump threatened to grab women by their crotches????

Seriously, I am sick of it. Sick of it, I tell you.



Ivana Trump’s Book: The Book Interview That Brought Out First Lady Melania Trump’s Fangs

Ivana Trump’s Book Has Melania Trump Seeing Red, Girl!

Ivana Trump’s book seems to have enraged Melania Trump and now President Trump’s wives are at each other’s throats, OMG. The proof is in this week’s exchange between ex wife Ivana Trump and current wife Melania Trump.

MEOW! Hiss. Hiss. Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

It is actually a little bit hilarious if you think about it. All these months these two have behaved so well, so civilized towards each other that you almost can be forgiven to have thought they were friends. But not. They are not friends. There is rivalry and maybe even enmity. Assuming the whole thing is not “fake news.”

Ivana Trump’s book is real, right? She did do a series of interviews about it, right? She did say that “I am the first lady”, right? She did pity Melania for having to live in Washington, right? I think this is my understanding of the video clips I saw. This was not fake news, right?

Well, maybe Ivana Trump’s book is not fake and maybe the interviews and what she said about being the first lady are not fake. But could the statement from Melania Trump be fake? Melania really seemed to take the ex Mrs Trump to task saying something to the effect of “my husband and I and our son are happy in Washington and I am trying to help children not sell books and get attention drawn to myself. And I am the first lady! If you have any doubts, check out the archives showing me wearing the FLOTUS hat!”

Well, girl, what can I tell you. This is Dynasty in the making. This is the most epic of presidencies and the games have not really begun because I doubt Ivana and Ivanka are going to take Melania’s diss lying down. (Melania is a Scorpio, I think. And she just lanced Ivana with her fang).

I wanna tell you, the president Trump is gonna have to pick a side!

It’s hilarious, OMG.


What do I think about this whole thing? Well, look, “Ivana is a spectacular woman and Marla is a spectacular woman” but only one wife could be first lady and that is Melania. Remember how Trump said that Ivana and Marla were “spectacular women” in the 1980s? This is a verbatim quote. This was uttered in the midst of the drames when he and Ivana divorced because of Marla.

Of course Ivana has a right to write her book. This was her husband and these are her children running the country, the world. She can monetize that puppy and she is, big time. That is what she excels at. Monetization of her personal commodities. So what?

Well, monetization of your commodities is one thing but you cannot step out of your lane, Ivana. You can’t provoke this man’s wife by declaring yourself the First Lady and then try to pretend you pity her when in truth, envy is a more honest emotion. If you feel envious, Ivana, just say so. Everybody would understand.

What is not to be jealous of? This is your handy work. This man, you are the one who shaped and molded him since back in the 1980s when you suggested he run for president. It is you who deserves to be and would have been the first lady had that “Show Girl” not sashayed in and mucked everything up. Admit you are angry that you let the Show Girl win. You let her win, Ivana. You were hotter than Marla. Look back at your photos from that time and see how astonishingly beautiful you were. And charming and fascinating. You should have fought for your husband a little bit harder. You handed him over to Marla and as a result, you handed the First Ladyship to Melania.

Now look. You cannot compete with Melania, let’s face it. You are a woman in your 60s and that is just a brutal decade for women in general. Very few women in their 60s are “hot.” It is just fucking brutal what that decade does to a woman. Well, 40-60. Those decades. Something untoward happens and life is never the same after that. Don’t get me wrong, Ivana, it is worse for some than for others. For you? It was horrifying. And I say that with all due respect. I don’t know if you had injections in your lips and cheeks, or a “bleeding face lift” or what, but you do not resemble the same beautiful princess you once did. On top of that, you gained all this weight! My god, you used to clock in at 114 pounds when you were married to Donald. Now how much do you weigh and how in heaven’s name did it come to this??  I mean, you are just enormous!

And you walk very funny with your feet very wide apart. As if…

On the contrary side, there is Melania. She is 46. She has just started to morph but she is not in your league by any stretch of the imagination. She still has a good few years where she doesn’t imperatively need injections and face lifts and botox. Oh, she probably already has it but it hasn’t yet begun to implode.

Plus, she is still skinny, flat-bellied and big-boobed and not as much cellulite. She has the cute accent and she knows how to keep a low profile with herself. And she can handle 7 inch Manolo Blahniks. You can barely handle a 3/4 incher. So she looks more elegant when she walks, not like she is wearing Depends.

The thing is, Melania probably did the least to get Donald elected. She kept her distance and she let everybody else do all the heavy lifting and he clearly resented her for this for quite some time (he is only now warming up towards her in public) but it doesn’t matter. She is still his wife and she is still the first lady and not you, not Marla, not Ivanka can do anything to change that. And yes, it is a tough pill to swallow because Melania did stay on her laurels quite a bit. But it is the privilege of being the one he takes to bed at night, under color of law.

Giggle. 🙂

I just love this shit.

More please!

Trump Will Fire John Kelly Within Six Months

President Trump will fire John Kelly Within Six Months, Prognosticates the “Sorcerer with the Copper Pot.”


Trump will fire John Kelly very soon. The Chief of Staff will be put to the door by President Trump within the next six months. That would mean by April next year. Why? Well, it is not incompetence. It is over-competence – which is just as bad as not being competent enough. Kelly kills bacteria. The problem is, he does not distinguish between good bacteria and bad bacteria. He just kills off all the bacteria and this is creating WH culture that is just as toxic and dysfunctional as the one former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus left.

To besides, the guy does make a lot of strange faces when his boss speaks, as if he is ashamed or embarrassed or something. He covers his face a lot when Trump speaks. He is not proud of Trump. He feels shame. Not sure if the shame is on himself for taking the job or on Trump. But he covers his face a lot, like a man who feels shame. Trump does not like that and he will fire John.

The other problem, and maybe the main reason that Trump will fire John Kelly, is Jared and Ivanka. Kelly is over-stepping his bounds with those two and walking on landmines without even knowing it. Sure, he thinks he has them under control as he tries to reduce their access to the president.

But this is the woman’s father, John. You really think she is going to be happy for long with having to ask you permission to speak to her dad? Ditto for Kushner, who, by the way, is already salivating at the idea of being either Chief of Staff or Secretary of State. Mark my words, he will get one of those positions thrown at him before the four years is up.

Trump is going to use a scandal to scapegoat, and then fire John Kelly. One like the airplane travel. This time obviously it was not John’s fault. But there will be other scandals and John will take the fall. Or he will clash with the ambitious presidential son in law over a policy issue or something like that and he will be put to the door.


What Does Trump Have Against Puerto Ricans?

Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Caribbean island Puerto Rico has been submerged in water and lots of people have died in the disaster. Unlike other Caribbean islands in the region, Puerto Rico is actually a US territory which gives it a special status, including American citizenship to all its citizens.

But according to media reports Trump has pretty much been treating the Puerto Ricans as is they are Mexicans, Cubans or North Koreans, or even Venezuelans. What is next, he is going to ban the islanders from coming to America? Or worse, will he build a wall or annex the territory? Can he do that? Can he annex the island and say it is no longer a part of the United States?

From this vantage point, he does appear to have been very slow to visit the ravaged island or even offer federal assistance.

For days, former presidential candidate Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton has been calling for Trump to send in the Navy as has one of Trump’s presidential challengers Marco Rubio. Trump meanwhile has been saying that everything is fine in Puerto Rico but I did read somewhere where he allegedly called the Puerto Ricans “ingrates” and he also said “they want everything done for them.”

If indeed he said that, (obviously, I did not hear him myself but if he did) clearly he makes a huge distinction between, say, victims of Irma in Texas and victims of Maria in Puerto Rico. He would never have dared to call the Texans “ingrates” during a time like this nor would he have said “they” want everything done for them. It clearly would have been political suicide. Instead, he took his stiletto clad wife Melania to hand out lunches to the people and made a lot of promises of what he would do to help. I think he even went there twice.

Why the disparate treatment of the people of Puerto Rico? It seems very strange to say the least that he seems to lack empathy for them?

Does he have something against Puerto Ricans? Does he just straight up dislike Hispanics (Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba)? Really, is this a racial thing? Or does he just not think of Puerto Rico as part of the United States? What does he mean “they” want “everything handed to them”? Is he saying they are “lazy”? I have heard of that adjective used to disdain other groups but never Hispanics. Does Trump fundamentally disdain Hispanics?