Omarosa Fired.



Wow. Omarosa fired.  It’s the biggest headline to end the year. Can’t say it is a big surprise. It was foreseeable. Totally. But. Wow!

What can I say about this?  So much. But can I articulate it? It is difficult sometimes to get onto the page that which is in the head. This is such a complicated, nuanced issue. Omarosa is an “issue.”

Omarosa represents something that makes people on many sides of the aisle very uncomfortable. She is not a woman who has sat in her box very well and this is trouble. You have to sit in your box. And you have to shut up. And you can’t talk back. And you can’t fight back. And you can’t give it and dish it the way it is given and dished to you. Or else. So she turned off a lot of people with her performance on the Apprentice. And she made a lot of people secretly proud too.

But then she turned coat. And then she turned off her base, the group that was secretly thrilled by her gumption and moxie. She burned both ends of the candle and…you see, “the box” is a very, very well enforced thing. The box for “black” women? My god. So many enforcers! And the main, most vicious and unyielding enforcers are probably…well, not probably.  For the black woman, it is other black women, followed very closely by black men. Then everybody else is in line. And I do mean everyone.

With that said. She dug her own grave, that Omarosa. She did not look at the big picture when she accepted to be Trump’s mouthpiece – especially the mouthpiece for so called “black” people. What was she thinking?! You get yourself into a situation like this and you don’t do your calculus and your geometry? And your architecture? You don’t ask “what if” and “if so” and “how” and “why”?

Now. It is not that she should have said “no” when Trump came in his limousine in 2015 offering her god only knows what to be a liaison between his campaign and black people.  On principle, perhaps she should have said no. But from a more pragmatic standpoint, it was an opportunity that many in her position would have found hard to resist. Certainly, the Hillary campaign was not offering her anything comparable as far as finance or stature or anything. And this opportunity with Trump must have come with fiscal perks as well as more opportunities for celebrity, notoriety and brand awareness. She is a businesswoman. This was business. She signed on.

OK. What can anyone say? Trump is a businessman and an opportunist. Omarosa is a businesswoman and an opportunist. Who shall cast the first stone?


The problem is that she had tunnel vision. Know what I mean? She could have worked for Trump and also gave the appearance that she gave a damn about black people at the same time – that this was not all about her and her agenda. She failed miserably at that. At no time she did she seem genuinely concerned about “black” people as far as I can tell, in the last two years. If she was working behind the scenes with this community, this was a mistake. She should have been open and notorious with all she was doing for “black” people.

Because, really, taking the job with Trump made her look like a sell out and a traitor. Let’s just be honest and call it as it is. She looked like a sell out and a traitor to the group that secretly had thought she was strong and admirable and fierce and…whatever. But she could have turned it around to show that, no, she did not take the job to sell out and line her own pockets. She took the job because even if she knows that Trump does not think very highly of the black race and the black community, she is there to help him see this group from a different perspective and she is there to change his heart and mind.

One way she could have done that or should have done that  was to be more vocal about those incidences involving “blacks” such as, for example, the Chartlottesville situation, or various incidences with police brutality.

She could have written op eds about race issues in the country in papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. She could have visited more schools (with press in tow) to talk to youth about issues affecting their community. She could have invited community leaders to the White House for luncheons and for panel discussions. She could have cultural events and festivals. She could have used art as a way to bring communities together.

There was so much she could have done to, for lack of a better word, “appease” the black community while she furthered her own agenda in the Trump White House.

But. This is a convoluted mess really because the real problem is she should not have been given this job as “Director of Public Liaison” in the first place.  The girl was set up for failure from the get go with that job. I mean, was this a joke? This job was a trap! It was a hot seat from the get go and Trump knew it. Omarosa did not stand a prayer of succeeding at it. If he really wanted her in his administration and he wanted her to be a director, fine. Go for it. But don’t give her a job working for and with the public when you darn well know or should have known that her chances of success in this role are so slim.

Why? Well, her reputation preceded her. People love to hate her. And perhaps with good reason.  But wherever she does, they throw bombs just to get the drama. People set her up for the drama and she always takes the bait. And everybody knows it. If he really wanted her to succeed, the President could have given her another job but not one that dealt so directly with the public. This is obvious. Even to the blind. That Omarosa was the absolute wrong person for this position and for a guy who promised to “pick good people” it is really astounding that he would have put Omarosa in this particular soup. Did he ever really like Omarosa? Was he ever really a “friend”? Would a friend do that to a friend? Put them in the line of fire like this?

She was a set up for failure.

With that said. Again. She dug her own grave. OK? Notwithstanding that, yes, there are people who are jealous of her (including some of those very “black” women brought on to trash her on national television) there is no question that Omarosa was overkill in trying to prove her loyalty to Trump. And that she did so at the cost of her credibility with the black community. And really, this is probably  a permanent detriment she did to herself. She is finished in this community. She cannot redeem herself. Not ever.  Yes, she wanted to persuade Trump that she was fully on board and that he had her loyalty. But she just went too far with a lot of things she said. One in particular that comes to mind “they will bow down.” Excuse you, Omarosa. She just left herself without any friends and allies with this stance she took since taking the gig with the Trump campaign.

With that said. I, as a “black” woman, find it more than just a little bit embarrassing, how the powers that be in media and politics can use “black” people to lash other black people in public – especially black women against black women. OMG.  It is embarrassing. How they lined up all these “black” women on TV to trash Omarosa is, is, is….OMG!

So many other people were fired from the Trump White House. At no time was this racial and racist stance taken where “white” people were called upon to go to town on this person on the basis of their race and gender. But with the “blacks” it is like pulling puppets on a string. So easy. So predictable. So embarrassing.


But yea. Omarosa fired.

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