Who is Attorney Ted Olsen and Why Did He Turn Down President Trump’s Request for Representation?

Mr Trump is having trouble finding a lawyer to represent him in this Russia probe. His long time lawyer, a guy named Dowd, quit in protest the other day. Then a bunch of lawyers declined to represent the president and a couple of septuagenarians who the president wanted to hire were deemed “too disheveled” for the job.

Now, I hear another big shot lawyer who was solicitor general under President Bush, as has also declined the president’s offer for a job on the president’s legal team. This guy’s name is Ted Olsen. On TV, he can be heard citing the chaos, confusion and turmoil in the White House as his reason for keeping his distance from that gig.

Dommage. I do wonder about this whole thing on a whole other level because why does the President need all these lawyers?? He already has very competent legal counsel on his team and it is just a chat with the special counsel Robert Mueller and then this whole thing will be over, right? Cause there is no collusion as the President has repeatedly said. So what is going on? It is almost as if this thing is getting more and not less serious and the way the president is trying to desperately to find lawyers, it makes me start to think that maybe he thinks he is really in legal jeopardy in this situation and then I start wondering why? What jeopardy could he be in if there is no collusion?

Is he worried about the obstruction of justice charge? Has he committed perjury? Are there bombshells as far as finances that involved not just his son in law but the president as well? Why does it seems like he is so worried? Why does it seem like he is taking this thing way too seriously for a guy who has said from the outset that he has not done anything wrong?

Is it that he is covering his ass just in case?

I don’t get it.

Why doesn’t he just let the team he currently has do their job and focus on doing his job as president and talk with Mueller, be truthful and frank and move on from this circus as quickly as possible? Why go on this desperate search for lawyers who keep  turning him down making it look like there is fire behind all the smoke?

I don’t get it.

Maybe he is afraid not for himself but for members of his family? It sure does sound like Jared Kushner, his son in law, could be in trouble by the end of all this. I wouldn’t be surprised by an indictment for something in his case.

But is the President himself compromised? Is that why he seems to be in panic mode?

I feel bad for the president. He is a complex personality and I certainly do not agree with everything he says and does but this situation has got to be causing him a tremendous amount of stress. It makes me feel bad for him.

Does Mr Trump Ever Sit on His Toilet Feeling Like Crap for the Things He Says and Does?

I know Mr Trump is a horrible boy/man but on  a certain level, his fearlessness is an inspiration. In weak moments, like now, I tell myself “be like Trump.” Then I wonder if he ever sits on his toilet feeling like shit? Or feeling weak or bad for the things he has had to say or to do. I bet he has those moments where  he is in there by himself and he’s got his face in his hands and he doesn’t feel so great or so confident.

But then he gets up, zips his pants, washes his hands and goes back out there and faces the music. He fights his war, his way, no apologies.

I love him for that. I can almost forgive all his sins, just because he is such an inspiration when it comes to being fearless and fighting his own way.

Because people are not innocent. People are not nice. People don’t mean well a lot of the time and it is going to be them, or you. Mr Trump makes sure its gonna be them. Me? I cry and let them make me the heavy.

But not today. Today, I am gonna fight like Mr Trump.


Hey Trumpy, if you read this, have a good day Today.

Give em hell on my behalf.


Giggle 🙂

With All Due Respect, Should Trump Fire Sessions and Replace him with Pruitt and Show Mueller the Door? Mueller has Really Been Taking a Heck of a Long Time With this and its gotta stop

Maybe Trump is not totally wrong to suggest that this Russia probe is going on and on. I mean, is there collusion or not? Don’t get me wrong, they did the same with Hillary’s emails so maybe this is standard procedure. But With all due respect, Mueller has gone off on a few tangents, hasn’t he? Yes, he has wide authority to go where the trail leads but on a certain level and to a certain point, it starts to look like….a fishing expedition. Doesn’t it? And it is so distracting. If he has something on the president and the president’s aides and family, he should come right out with it. Otherwise, this is constipation which is not fun.

I mean, Trump sweating is a little bit delicious. Don’t get me wrong.  But. I am not sure that this probe hasn’t gone on too long nor over-reached insofar as the original mandate and charges.

How to fix this mess quickly? Show Sessions the door (with thanks, praise and love, of course). Install the guy Pruitt (is there an “r” in that?)  and have Pruitt respectfully met Mueller a la porte.

This whole thing can be over in, like, 4 weeks tops.

The key is Sessions. He is the one that set this whole thing in motion whether wittingly or unwittingly and he is the one who should rightfully be removed.

On the other hand, maybe this investigation needs to be properly played out to its denouement and we should not mess with it. Just let the chips fall where they may and if Trump is innocent anyway, it really doesn’t matter if Mueller takes 4 years to get this done (he must be racking up some nice legal fees for his firm!) it duddn’t matter.


Where is Hillary? I love Hillary.

Poor Jared Kushner, OMG. Now They are Claiming He falsified Records to Obtain Building Permits on the Same Day his Helicopter from DC to New York Nearly Went Down

Poor Jared Kushner. When it rains fecal matter, it really pours in Sewer town. In addition to the scrutiny he has been under about his financial dealings, his underwater building on 666 Fifth Avenue, and his downgraded security clearance (the humiliation is unbearable even for me) now word on the street and in a number of respected publications is that he “falsified” building permits a few years ago so that he could “harass” rent stabilized tenants and get them to leave so he could install higher paying tenants in the buildings his company owned.

I mean, I don’t know if this is factual or hyperbole or fake news or what? But that is what is being reported today just as he and Ivanka nearly had a helicopter crash on the way to New York when one of the engines in their two engine helicopter basically died.


I am starting to get the feeling that this is not going to end well for Jared Kushner and by extension his lovely wife who some call the “princess royale” Ivanka Trump.

Speaking of that, where the heck is Kellyanne Conway? Is it me who is out of the loop or is she like Vice President Pence in a self-imposed hiding?


What’s the out?

Like I said, Poor Jared Kushner.

Putin Re-elected for Six More Years in Russia: What Will Happen to the Pussy Riot Member Who is in Jail?

It is bad enough that Trump cannot stand up to Putin for fear of whatever, but now that Putin has  won another six years of rule as President of Russia, I just wonder what will happen to the Pussy Riot crew. Last I heard another of the girls was thrown back into prison.

Can Trump issue an ultimatum for her release? This good deed could actually help him dis-activate the Stormy Daniels tornado trying to happen, am thinking. Eh? How about it, Mr Trump.

Trump is Gonna Fire Mueller and Call Everybody’s Bluff. Watch.

I think Trump is fixing to fire Mueller very, very soon. He is fixing to do it. He has been itching to do it. He hasn’t done it because he is afraid it will really be one step too far. But now he is gambling that those senators who have been threatening retribution if he crosses the red line? That they are nothing but a bunch of big, hot air balloons.

And on top of that, he really doesn’t care what the heck they do at this point. But he can’t have Mueller digging into his personal family financial files and stressing out Ivanka. Not gonna happen. OK?

This is just what’s gonna happen. Trump is now angry and he is gonna fire Mueller. And all those congressmen who promise a big brouhaha? They are not gonna do a darn thing in the end. Hot air. Oh, they will have a bunch of hearings and stuff because this stuff is exciting to them. Trump is giving them a work out and they love it. They have never had anything like this before and everyday is exciting on Capital Hill and sickly, they are enjoying Trump’s off the wall behavior and all his shenanigans.

And they are not going to do a darn thing in the end. They will investigate and pingestigate and then guess what? Zilch. Nada. They will let Trump continue to run havoc in that White House. Cause everybody loves it and it sells. It sells almost as much as sex.

And now with the Stormy Daniels thingy thrown in for good measure? These congressmen are having more fun than they can handle!

By the way, where the heck is Mitch McConnell?

And Vice President Mike Pence?

Is it me or have those two gone into hiding?


(I am giggling. Please excuse me. It is so inappropriate for me to be giggling at a time like this. None of this is funny. But everytime Trump pulls one of his classics, I just can’t help it, it makes me giggle. But yea. Mueller gone and by the end of April so is the attorney general Sessions. Cause he stressed Mr Trump. Kelly? Originally, as I said he is a bacteriologist who kills off both good and bad bacteria and I had given him till April to get shown the door. But with all and all going on over there in the White House, Trump will keep him till summer when things cool a bit and then, oopsie daisie, there goes Mr Kelly)


Dear Mr President, Chaos Theory is Not a Good Approach for the Presidency of the United States

Dear President Trump,

It sure looks like your chaos theory for running the White House, country and world is not working out all that great. It did work well during the campaign and was incredibly entertaining. I think the word used often was “epic.” It was an epic campaign and I for one enjoyed it immensely and I saluted your ability to use chaos to achieve the ends you sought. It worked great.

I am not so sure that the same strategy is working as president though and I thought I ought to bring this to your attention. I am alarmed, Mr President.  But not in a way that leaves me amused. Don’t get me wrong: sometimes, you still crack me up. Can you believe this? That I still find you funny on occasion despite the many horrors you have uttered and done? This is not something I can admit in company but I tell you only because I know you are one of the only people who reads this blog.

Actually, now, I am not so sure. You used to read it during the campaign. Now I think (or almost hope) that you don’t have time for my version of crap.

However. I hope you do read from time to time because what is going on in Washington is just ridiculous. This revolving door quicksand chaos thingy is not funny, not cute and I would bet, could be a national security disaster waiting to happen.

It is too much drama, Mr President. It is almost like you are running a so called “third world country” and I say that with reservation because what even does that mean? But I mean, you know, a country where lawlessness prevails and there is a dictator. And no rule of law and people don’t have rights and the president has been in power for decades and decades and does not care what anyone thinks until America comes in and does a regime change.

This is how America is starting to seem to the onlookers and there are people out there in the international community who can and will capitalize on this instability. And that is exactly what this is: INSTABILITY. IT is not good, Mr President.

I mean, just in the last four weeks you have all this!:

  • Porn Star Scandal
  • Firing Andrew McCabe
  • Firing Rex Tillerson
  • Firing Rex Tillerson’s Deputy
  • Hope Hicks Quitting
  • Manafort facing life behind bars
  • Donald Trump Jr Divorce
  • Jared Kushner under Mueller probe
  • Ivanka Trump soon to be under Mueller probe
  • Jared Kushner’s financial mess
  • You starting a trade war with America’s allies
  • You meeting Kim Jung un
  • Your total silence with the UK spy poisoning

This is just the last couple of weeks. If I dare go further back I will never finish this blog post.

This is not the Apprentice, Mr President. This is really too much. You may think it is good and entertaining but look at all the political fall out that is already occurring. To wit, Pennsylvania. People are not amused. People are starting to be really concerned – even your supporters.

 The country is less secure with a president who thinks using chaos theory is a good strategy for handling the presidency. No one can take the White House seriously with this much confusion. Not to mention that it looks like you have BAD JUDGMENT because you keep picking people that you turn around and have to fire less than a year on the job! And these are serious jobs that require an appearance of stability.

What are you trying to accomplish, Mr President? Is it that you want to leave behind a legacy for your children and grand children that reads even worse in history than Richard Nixon? And I say this with all due respect. But you are not on track to having a very good record as president. And that is really, really too bad.

Sad, Mr President.





What is the Story with this Porn Star & the President? Excuse Me?

OK. So I have been living under a rock and I have not been following the Stormy Daniels story too closely but why is Trump suing her for $20 million dollars? She doesn’t have any money! Shouldn’t she be suing Trump instead?? I don’t get it. What did she do to him that is worth $20 million bucks?

But wow. So how did this story get exposed like this? Did his legal counsel mess up on purpose? Was this sour grapes?

Could Russia Attack the US With Trump WH in Disarray?

Putin and Russia appear to be getting bolder and bolder in their aggressive behavior around the world. Not just in Syria but look at the story coming out of UK with the nerve gas. Added to that, the animation Putin did with the cruise missile.

What is concerning is Trump’s reaction or lack thereof. Normally, a US President would be on television condemning this Russian aggression but Trump has been silent. Which is curious.

It’s like he is up against the wall and can’t say anything.

And it’s like Putin knows this is a weak time and is fixing to do something big to show that Trump is a paper tiger.

Jared and Ivanka Should Pack Their Bags and Hightail it back to Manhattan – What Were they Thinking by Going to Washington in the First Place?!

From the start, I was never clear on why Jared and Ivanka so abruptly uprooted their entire lives to go to Washington with Ivanka’s father. They just dropped their lives like hot potatoes and hightailed it to Washington as if the lives they had been living had had no meaning. She just dropped her brand, like, bam!  He sold off his newspaper. They hastily packed up their 3 children and set up shop in a town they knew nothing whatsoever about.

This did not make sense. Now it is looking like it was a strategic though desperate move. It looks like the whole thing was a cover and their cover has been blown – and this makes the president look complicit! Ivanka and Jared are alleged to have serious financial problems (staggering debt) and they apparently thought they  would masquerade as volunteer public servants while they wheeled and dealed with rich states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China and Mexico and hopefully raise the funds they needed to get out from under billions of dollars of debt (for example Jared’s 666 FIFTH AVENUE).

It backfired. As Mueller continues to investigate, they will suffer great embarrassment and the President is going to be implicated.

Jared and Ivanka should leave now. They should come up with an excuse and hightail it back to Manhattan.

Although, it may already be too late.

They were stupid to have done it the way they did. Even if they needed help with debts, they should have stayed in New York and wheeled and dealed from there. They would have still had the same clout because everybody knows who they are and they could have been more discreet without all the “security clearance” issues that makes the wheeling and dealing a potential ethics violation if not outright a crime.

It was just so clumsy the way they did it, running to Washington when they could have accomplished their objectives from their Manhattan penthouses, undetected.

But still. They should go home.

After Rex Tillerson & Andrew McCabe Who is Next to be Fired? Sessions or Mueller?

Here I go again with this speculating!

I erased the post about Rex Tillerson because I decided it was inappropriate. Plus, non of this is a giggling matter and I don’t know what I was thinking. So I hit erase.

Come to find out, Andrew McCabe, the second  in command at the FBI was ousted by Jeff Sessions, attorney general as of this moment, hours before he was due to retire with benefits after 20 years of service as a civil servant of the United States.



I mean, I know nothing about this guy and his career and the nuances of this story, but wow. How does this remotely pass the smell test? Hours before his retirement after 20 years of service you fire a person? Really, Mr Sessions? This timing is astoundingly clumsy, even for an amateur looking in like myself. This smacks of clumsiness and desperation on a level that is, frankly, embarrassing. It makes the president look bad. What is he trying to hide? That is what I start thinking. And I have been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt on this Russia thing.

Is Sessions a dead man walking? Is he out? Will he be next to be fired? Well, let’s face it: had he not recused himself….what more can I say? I agreed with his recusal at the time but in retrospect, this was a quiet storm. Trump’s house of cards began to topple on the day Sessions recused. And Trump knows it. Which is why it is so surprising he never axed the attorney general. Because, really, what does he need this guy for? It is a mess. A big mess and it could have been avoided if the attorney general was a smoother operator. Sessions is not very smooth. Sessions is very sloppy. I mean, look at this firing of McCabe. The timing could not have been more unsmooth. It just makes the whole administration look like on big, fat, mess.

I mean, chaos is one thing. But a mess? That is another.

As for Mueller, he is really closing in, isn’t he? How long is Trump going to let him continue with these Shenanigans before he gets the guillotine?



Jared Kushner, Hope Hicks Out?? This is a new level of chaos!

Wow. I take a short hiatus and all hell breaks loose in Washington. I am stunned to learn that the president’s Communications Director Hope Hicks has quit. What? This is huge. Something major is going on behind the scenes for her to have quit after testifying that she sometimes “tells white lies” for the president.

But then you also have the Jared Kushner fiasco and the downgrading of his security clearance and then you wonder why didn’t or couldn’t the president have stopped either of these grenades from going off?

What don’t we know?