Trump Unearths the Oak Sapling Tree Given to Him By French President Macron and Puts it in Quarantine (“Devil Dog” connection cited)

Why did Trump unplug Macron’s oak and throw it into quarantine after making such a big thing about planting it on the White House South Lawn with the French president?

This guy, the President, is totally not predictable, is he? I was stunned to see the empty spot on this morning. I thought it was fake news because the yellowing grass that they showed looked nothing like a spot where a hole and oak had been. I thought, “no he didn’t.”

Then you consider the history as per Reuters and the “devil dog” connection and you also consider how it even looked so bare and bizarre and then you wonder a) was this tongue in cheek by president Macron? b) was pulling it up pay back by Trump? Or c) is this all normal? That is, they all planned to plant and pull up a day after? For quarantine? I really don’t get it.

I ended up laughing hysterically, que même.

I mean, Trump made such a big to do about the planting. For chrissakes, why do that if you are going to secretly dig it back up and quarantine it and then not respond when the press asked what the fuck happened to the tree? They had to call Paris! They called the Elysée Palace to find out what did Trump do with the tree and President Macron explained that it had been put in quarantine.

But how does he know this? Unless Trump and he planned to do it, how does he know? Could he be just guessing? Could he be wondering “wtf”?

It made me laugh.  It seemed such a clandestine thing to do in the middle of the night when nobody was watching. When the cameras were  gone, you know? Trump called up his gardener (or maybe he did it himself cause he likes to do things himself) and he goes “Yo. Imma dig up that oak my homie Macron put in down there and imma put that movva in quarantine!” This is at 3:00 a.m.

The visual, the optics, too much for my little mind. I fell to pieces.

Trump and Kim Jung Un Prove That Crazy Badass Renegade is the Road to Honor, Glory and Respect

Donald Trump called Kim Jung Un an “honorable man” the other day. I almost thought I had hallucinated but then I remembered we are talking about Trump whom, I was one of the first to point out way back at the beginning of all this, is totally UNPREDICTABLE. Circa July 2015. Trump was reading the blog back then and he to actually took the word and turned it around to a strength and positive as only he could. He started to brag about being unpredictable.

But that’s ancient history. 2015. Here we are in 2018 and Trump called Kim “honorable.” Incredible but hey, you gotta let bygones be bygones. I always thought those two bad boys would become BFFs. They just had to posture a bit to say “look, I am badder.”  Those two understand that in order to get anywhere in the current world order, you have to defy norms. You have to be crazy, unpredictable, bad ass mofo. Yes, of course it’s a bluff. But you can’t let them know it. This is how you get respect and get ahead in this world. (So long as you have a little something to back it up, like your nukes or your money).

I called it way back. Trump heard me. He listened. Trump always listens to me. See, Trumpy, I was right. Why don’t you tell them it was me.

It is me, the Trump Whisperer, who is responsible for peace in the Asia Pacific. OK?

But Trumpy, lemme ask you this: You trust Kim?

If Obama Had Paid a Porn Star $130,000 To Hush Her Up Before the Election, Would he Have to Step Down?

I am playing devil’s advocate with myself. Because I want to be sure I am not one of those double standard people. I don’t want to be that person who has one set of rules for some and another set for others. I love both Obama and Trump for different reasons. So I ask this question only to search my own gut to see what I would have been thinking if it were Obama who had been accused of this inappropriate behavior, and I also am trying to imagine the reaction of the American and international press….

I think its clear that Obama would have had to step down immediately.


There would have been an international outcry.

Why is it different or Trump? Is it because its Trump or is it because he is white? Or is it that more is expected of Obama and less of Trump?  Why is it that even I am less perturbed by this scandal with Trump than I would have been if it were Obama?

Why the double standard? Am I brainwashed to think in a racist way? Is it just that Trump is an anomaly that has nothing to do with race? In other words, are there some black presidents who could have gotten away with something like this but that one like Obama could not because of, say, his personality and character and not his race?

What is it about Trump that makes us all give him such wide latitude where other less resilient beings would have long self-destructed? Because I think even some white presidents would have had to resign after something like the Stormy Daniels reveal. So it is partly his race that saves him but it is not all. There is something about Trump that is almost untouchable.

Have you any idea what it could be?!

Now that Kim Jung Un Has Made Friends with South Korea, Is Trump and the West Screwed?

What are those Asians up to? I’m talking all of them: China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, the whole lot on that Peninsula over there. Are they on the up and up? Or are they mamaguying Trump?

I mean, look, last year, I gave Trump some good advice and he followed it as he always does (which is why I love him. Cause he is the only person who understands the genius behind this nose. He knows my instincts are just on point.) Yea. Just call me the Trump whisperer, ok? Giggle 🙂

But. In all seriousness. Not so fast, everybody. This feels too good to be true. Trump has to be careful he is not being snared. Um….hme…why do I say this? I don’t know. It’s just my gut.

The leaders in Asia are not stupid men and women. These are very smart, very intelligent people. They know that deep down, guys like Trump are out to dominate, not share power – especially when you look different, or are different. And you can’t blame the Asians for not wanting to be overpowered by the West and by the United States. That can only lead to trouble in the future (look at poor Khadaffi). The Asians are better off as friends with each other than they are warring with each other and having the Western powers come in to play judge and jury- and they know it. They realize that they must band together, stand together,  fight together and the win or fall together, as a unit, as a bloc.

This summit between the two Koreas in advance of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jung Un? It just basically results in Trump’s premeditated political castration à la Asia. He now has no real power over the Asia Pacific now.  He, the West, America, will not tell Asia what to do and how to run its business. He will not divide Asia with sanctions, war and strategic alliances either. Asia will be in charge of Asia.

This will have implications in trade, in diplomacy, in military conflict, etc.

Without the Koreas fighting each other (and the rest of their neighbors too), Trump has no bargaining chip.

You can’t blame the Asians for wising up. It’s called self-preservation. But how should Trump play this? What should he do? Hme…I don’t know. I don’t know. Obviously, he should not cancel the summit with Kim.

But he has to take another look at his cards.  This  is high stakes poker with these Asian bad boys. They are very cunning, Mr Trump. Whatever you do, don’t forget that.

Stormy Daniel’s Attorney Loses Bid to Depose Cohen and Trump Before Mueller

It did strike me as either naive, delusional or downright silly that Stormy Daniels’ attorney thought that the judge in his client’s civil case would allow him to depose the president of the United States (who is under probe by the federal government and is likely to be deposed by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller) and the President’s former attorney Michael Cohen (who is under probe for various federal crimes including campaign finance violations for paying a porn star $130 grand to hush up about a one night stand the porn star had had with the president) before Mueller deposes the President and his former counsel.

I thought this was a brazen brag on the part of the attorney Mr Avenatti (who frankly seems to me to talk way too much about this case and his every move in this case which can only result in detriment to his client  who probably will fire him and get a new attorney because of his propensity to blab like that) but one that did not make a huge amount of sense. Of course, because I know so little about these procedures (both civil procedure and criminal procedure and law, for that matter) I thought it was me. I thought that I did not have a clue.

It is true I do not have a clue but I think it is also true that the attorney for the porn star, Mr  Michael Avenatti does not have a clue. Because he could not have seriously believed that in the middle of one of the biggest federal investigations of the history of the United States involving a sitting president of the United States (who some think could be impeached because of all of this) that he really believed a state judge in California would allow him to depose the President about a payment he made to a porn star to hush her up for an extra-marital one night stand he had had with her several years prior to his tenure in the Oval Office.

As it stands, the judge stayed the case for 90 days pending the outcome of the criminal matter that the President’s former attorney is involved in and for which said attorney could receive an indictment any day now.

Interestingly, I have not seen the porn star’s attorney on all the chat shows since this decision, though he did send out a tweet:

“While we certainly respect Judge Otero’s 90 day stay order based on Mr. Cohen’s pleading of the 5th, we do not agree with it, we will likely be filing an immediate appeal to the Ninth Circuit early next week. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Justice delayed is justice denied? What is this guy talking about? With all due respect, this woman’s civil rights have not been violated in any way by this development? How is her “justice” denied? This is the most bewildering thing I think I have heard him say so far and he has said a lot that I find bewildering. I mean, his client accepted $130,000 from a billionaire who was running for president in exchange for her silence about an extra marital affair they had had in a hotel room a few years prior to his bid for the presidency. They were adults. This is her career, what she does for her livelihood (no judgment there, but its her job), she knew he was married, she knew who he was. She took the money. She blabbed. On international television in spite of the agreement. He got angry and asked for the money back in spades. And she offered to send the portion she received back though she has so far not gotten around to doing so. Meanwhile, he wants $20,000,000 for the breach (not sure how he thinks he can get this) and has filed a countersuit while he endures the public humiliation of everybody knowing not only what he did as a husband but also what he did to wrestle the presidency away from his opponent.

OK. You know, it’s mess. It is dirty. It is gross.

But how is this “justice denied” for Stormy Daniels? Excuse me?

And this guy continues the buffoonery by insisting that he is going to the Ninth Circuit to appeal this 90-day stay! I am in shock. Is his client paying money for this representation or his this case pro bono to get his name out there and do advertising for his law firm? I just don’t see or understand what he is hoping to win or achieve with this case. This is a non-case from his client’s perspective. It is a circus that is totally without merit.

Megyn Kelly was partly right about that when she talked to this guy on her show, except Megyn, you are wrong about the part where you say the contract could have been oral and I was stunned that Stormy’s lawyer did not pick up on this. And these two are lawyers making big bucks! I got a D- in Contracts law! And why could it not have been Oral, Megyn? Michael? I invite you both to go back and do some research on the STATUTE OF FRAUDS.

And I think the judge knows. Which is why she stayed the case and why the case is going to remain stayed into perpetuity.

Giggle. For a second, I felt like I was actually a lawyer. 🙂

Does Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels’ Attorney) Need a Gag Order Imposed by a Judge?

Step one in this case is  a gag order needs to be imposed on Michael Avenatti, the attorney in the Civil case involving president Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen. This guy is on 26 TV shows per day! When does he do legal work other than his 15 minute court appearances from which he gleans gossip that he divulges at night on ALL the shows? It is a lot of talking, a lot of gossip, and it seems indiscreet.

If I were representing Trump or even Cohen (I would not represent Cohen, he is scary) I would seek to have a gag order imposed. That is step one. The judge needs to stop this guy from his 24/7 blab fest on TV.

Like, immediately. No more play by plays, Mr Avenatti. You are a loose lips sinks ships!

Trump Throws Michael Cohen Under the Bus – But Was it On Purpose?

Oh la la la la.

President Trump turned up the heat a few notches on an already roasting Michael Cohen (his former attorney) and the poor guy who once called for a journalist (Megyn Kelly) to be gutted, is now charred.

Fox and Friends did an interview live with the President who called into the talk/TV show and in it, Mr Trump really let lose on a whole bunch of things, to the bewilderment of most people who watched and listened.

One of the most interesting, if not the most climactic lines was “Michael Cohen did a tiny, tiny amount of legal work for me.” This is the same guy who declared “Attorney client privilege is dead” on Twitter, the day the FBI raided Mr Cohen in New York and took all his stuff out of his house, office and hotel room.

The case was supposed to proceed on “attorney client privilege” grounds meaning Mr Cohen’s lawyers initially claimed that most of the documents seized were privileged based on the attorney/client relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Cohen.

Trump essentially blew that whole line of defense up, like, with a grenade, with his declaration on Fox that Cohen did a fraction of legal work, a tiny fraction for him.

WTF? So, I am sitting here and I am thinking to myself, why did he do that? Course, I am no expert at these things so I don’t really have a clue. My sense though, is that Trump is not a fool. He is a very smart guy. He is conniving, he is two-faced and he is determined to win. He knows how to win. So he ought to know or have known that if he got on TV and said that Michael Cohen only does a small amount of legal work for him, that it would have a negative impact on Michael Cohen’s legal case.

He also made a point of telling everybody that Michael Cohen has a bunch of businesses and that the FBI was looking into Michael’s businesses and that none of that had to do with him – Trump.

Hme…clearly, this TV interview resulted in Michael Cohen getting a concussion after his head hit the tire on the bus under which he was thrown.

But was this intentional? Or did Trump just have a meltdown on national television? His voice sounded a little bit out of control. I prefer that the president of the United States sounds more in control. Mr Trump sounded like he had not gotten and is not getting a lot of sleep. He sounded wild. He sounded highly caffeinated, or something. He did not sound measured, like a president.

That being said, I just wonder if he intentionally did that? Is this a part of a broader strategy that he has been advised to distance himself from Cohen? And can it work?

Hme…well, there aren’t a lot of emails because Trump does not do a lot of emails. So the issue will be phone calls. If they can get Trump on the phone saying anything illegal to Michael Cohen, or colluding, aiding or abetting Michael Cohen in any illegality. That is the risk really with the raid.

If he is pretty confident there is nothing there as far as phone calls, then yea, maybe it is better to cut Michael lose and to let him fight his own battles because obviously, this looks and sounds bad and could potentially bring down the presidency.

Of course, there is the other little problem of Trump declaring “he represented me on the crazy Stormy Daniels case.” I thought, “whaaat? But you said there was no connection between you and the case, Mr Trump. You said you knew nothing about it. You said you have to ask Michael. And Michael said he paid Stormy without you knowing anything!”

So if this was some sort of strategy, I don’t see how this helps you, Mr Trump, when you come out and make these unprovoked confessions!

I mean, where are your lawyers and why are allowing you to continue to Tweet and give interviews about this? You are incriminating yourself.

And I am not even a criminal defense attorney, but it’s clear. This can’t be a well thought out strategy, Mr Trump. You are out of control!

You should have hired me.  I would have given you better advice even during your campaign that would have avoided all these headaches you are now having.

What is the solution? What’s the out? I don’t know! I would need a retainer of $50,000 to put on my thinking caps on this one.

Cause Donald, you in trouble boy!


OMG. Macron is going to be ridiculed mercilessly in the French press. Oh la la. Why did you have to humiliate the guy like that in front of the world? Doesn’t he want to make friends and have allies in the international community? At least Macron is trying to be a friend but you humiliate the guy on a public stage and I don’t know. Trump did not have to do that to the poor guy.

Can Trump Fire Mueller for Cause? Yes

So, it is not that Trump can’t fire Mueller. If you listen closer to what everyone is saying, it is that he cannot fire Mueller without cause.

But what does that mean? What “cause” could Trump drum up as the basis of a canning of the Special prosecutor?

  1. Conflict of interest
  2. Evidence of lack of candor and truthfulness
  3. Drug & alcohol abuse
  4. Failure to re-register for the Bar to which he is admitted for more than two years
  5. Drunk driving
  6. Admission that there is no case to someone on tape
  7. Abusive billing
  8. Conduct unbecoming a special prosecutor (example he hit his wife)
  9. Susceptibility to bribes or bribery
  10. Involvement with Russia (including back channel communications of his own)
  11. etcetera

It will be all but impossible to find any of these infractions because Robert Mueller seems to be a majorly stand up guy in the legal community. He is a Republican and does not have a beef against Trump. So he is probably stuck with Mueller.


If this were a game and I were in a jam in this game, I would fire Sessions and give the job to Rosenstein. Why? I’m not even sure. It just feels like the right move. It is just how I would just strategize this thing. I would fire Sessions and hire Rosenstein for the top job at the justice department because frankly, Rosenstein is doing the job of the AG anyways so give him the title. Right? Yea, sure, it is counterintuitive and it just introduces a bit more chaos but this is the strategy that seems to work best for Trump. Didn’t work for Nixon but Trump is not Nixon.

I just think, if I you have to be a villain anyway, with this kind of situation, you just have to do full crazy. But of course. Get them to the brink. Brinksmanship. They love it. Fire Sessions, Mr Trump. Offer the job to Rosenstein. Rosenstein will probably decline (but even if he doesn’t, it is ok). But it would be too late for Sessions if Rosenstein suddenly has too much self respect to continue working for the administration. Sessions would be out and now so would Rosenstein! It’s like, OMG, it can’t be this easy (I think I need to stop, what do you think? I need to stop!)  So now you have two vacant spots in the DOJ!! Sweet!! Then offer the jobs to Giuliani and somebody. What’s the problem? They will not fire Mueller, obviously, but they will not give him as much money as he is getting under Rosenstein. So this thing starts to wind down because Mueller can no longer bill – and this is about billable hours. Right? So reduce the resources.

Does this probe to go away? I think it would quickly be on its last leg and then it would just fizzle.

….I should have been a defense attorney even though I got a C- in law school. My instincts have always been right on the spot. Giggle.

On Melania Trump’s Ridiculous White Hat Next to Brigette Macron of France

Generally, I like Melania’s style. She is pretty. She looks nice. But that white hat she wore for the state visit with Emmanuel and Brigette Macron? I don’t know. She didn’t need that hat and she turned a perfect white dress into this silly costume. Melania!

I mean, I am a hat girl. I love hats. But it is April, it is not the most sunny day.  Your guest is not wearing a hat. This is not a high society wedding. You are not Meghan Markle. Etcetera, etcetera. It was over the top for the occassion. I could easily make a faux pas like that because I love hats and I am inclined to be over the top even in my small, insignificant world. But I don’t have advisors. Don’t you have advisers who tell you “no”? Melania?

I did like the white dress and the black dress you wore was also very nice. But that hat will go down with the same historical gaffe as the stilettos to the hurricane zone. They will never let you live it down, girlfriend. Ever.

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti Says Trump Will Not Be Able to Serve Out His Term. Really?

Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti appear to have the US President Donald Trump by his proverbial balls. And they be squeezing. (Excuse my Ebonics).

Now. I am not going to lie. I don’t understand the Stormy Daniels lawsuit. At all. I am not even sure who is the plaintiff. Is it Stormy? Or is she the defendant? I think it is Stormy because her lawyer says she will NEVER settle this case till they get EVERYTHING they want. If she were the defendant, Trump could just drop the case and that would be the end of that. So Stormy is the plaintiff.

OK. Where does that leave me as far as clarity? Not very far. Because I don’t get what Stormy wants. He paid her $130,000 to shut her mouth about their debauched encounter a few years back. She took the money and she shut up till he won the presidency. That much is clear. Then she suddenly decides that she no longer wants to remain shutted up. That is also clear. And she offered to give back the cash. Correct? OK. Clear. So far, clear.

Now. He, President Trump, and his attorney Michael Cohen, both denied there had been any affair in the first place and the President never even signed this agreement but both became unhinged when Stormy squealed. Correct? .Now, for perfect clarification, it was Michael who dealt with the whole thing and it was Michael who paid for the whole thing with a home equity line of credit from his bank. Correct? Which is why he is up on bank fraud charges, correct?

OK. Now. So. Come to find out, Michael and the president sued Stormy for millions on account of her squealing about the affair even though the president did not have an agreement with Stormy. Correct? And then shortly thereafter, the FBI busted Michael for a bunch of legal improprieties to numerous and confusing and well beyond the scope of this post….


So, now what? Where are we? So now Stormy wants to depose Trump and Michael Cohen? And he wants to stay this “discovery”? What does she want to depose him about and why does he want a stay?? I mean, this is a contract. She breached by squealing. He wants his money back and arguably is entitled to get his money back. She has already offered to give him his money back. What is the problem? Take the money and run for the hills!  What are you “staying”? And what is she deposing about?? And why will this lead to Trump’s presidential resignation???

If he takes the money back, they are even Steven. Contract voided. She can tell her story to George Stephanopolous and write a tell all and make millions. This is normal. And Michael puts the money back into his home equity. Case closed. Right? This is a straight breach of contract case. Isn’t it? What else can she get out of this and why is she and her lawyer pushing this further and why do they want to depose?

As it stands, Trump and Michael can end this by just withdrawing their countersuit. Trump in no way would be further implicated in Stormy’s quiet storm once that happens. Cause he says he didn’t even know the chick. Michael Cohen? I don’t know what she thinks she has on him (did he also have an inappropriate relationship with that woman, Ms Daniels?)  but based on what I think I am hearing, I think she doesn’t really have anything beyond her and her lawyer staying in the news and drumming up free publicity for their various business and/or prurient pursuits.

I mean, what am I missing here? What does Stormy want and what is she entitled to get? She breached the non disclosure agreement and now she should be paid? Is that it? She should be paid for her breach? I don’t get get. Are they trying to get more money out of the billionaire?

Can someone please explain this case to me?

Where is Ivanka Trump?! First Lady Melania Trump Has Seemingly Knocked Her Off the Stage!

Where is Ivanka Trump? She was so front and center in the beginning months and year of the Trump administration, sitting in for the president, representing the country, people started to say she was like the acting First Lady. She was doing a lot of the traditional first lady things, as a matter of fact. It was unprecedented. But you are starting to see less and less of Ivanka. Or is it me? Am I not reading the right media? Ditto for Jared Kushner, her husband.

By contrast, Melania Trump, the real first lady, seems to have a rising profile. People seem to want to see her, more than they want to see Ivanka at this time. People look at Melania’s style more than they do Ivanka. They give Melania a higher degree of deference.

Is Ivanka jealous? Maybe a little bit especially because during the campaign, it is Ivanka and everyone else who publicly supported her father to help him win. But it is Melania who gets the love, fame and glory.

Now, Melania is planning the state visit for French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigit. And she just got back from representing the Trump family at the funeral of the late former first lady Barbara Bush.

She does make Trump look good, young and virile, you have to give it to Melania. Ivanka is an asset but she does not let the president look good, young and virile the way that Melania does. Ironic, because it is not even an absolute certainty that they bother to boink these days. Melania seems to be always swatting him away. Though that could be an act. It could be foreplay.

OK. Stop. I have to stop. But yea, where is Ivanka??  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think it is right that Melania should have a much higher profile than Ivanka because she is the wife. But based on how things went down in this experience – including the campaign – is it fair to Ivanka? What do you think about that? Do you find that Ivanka is MIA? Do you think there is any truth to the rumors that her father approached his Chief of Staff John Kelly to help him “get Ivanka an Jared out of the White House”?  Don’t you find that they are both strangely …absent?


Poor James Comey. I Have Hated him and Now I am Sorry

I made myself listen to James Comey on a few different networks including NBC and CNN. I saw his interview with Rachel Maddow and also with Jake Tapper and I felt bad. I felt bad for hating him with all my heart and soul. I think he is a good man who exercised bad judgment (because he honestly thought he was doing the right thing)  when he chose to announce he would re-open the inquiry into the Secretary of State’s emails. I do think this was consequential and I think this could have been the tipping point for a lot of people who either did not show up to vote at all; or went with Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

This was an epic and historical …fuck up, OK? In my opinion. My very humble opinion. But you know what? This guy is only 57 years! He is young compared to Trump and others in the game. I mean, he is also candid, I think. He is a basically honest guy.  He is Saggitarius. They tend to be tall, honest and candid. You know? They don’t mean any harm.

Poor James Comey. I am so sorry for hating you for so long. I kinda forgive you, James. And he is a little bit cute.  I like his smile.

He said Trump is a bully. Do I think Trump is a bully? I think Trump likes to get a reaction out of people and he is mean quite often and he knows this and he doesn’t care. But I have said that people are not innocent. And there are times when I wished I could be as tough as Trump cause otherwise; you become a victim. Which sucks. Trump is not a victim. I like that about him.

But I digress.

This post is about Comey.  I think I am ready to forgive him.

Melania Trump Beams and Smiles Happily in the Presence of Barrack Obama at the Funeral of Barbara Bush

It is a rare glimpse of First Lady Melania Trump smiling in public and of all places it is at a funeral and with all people it is with former president Barrack Obama! Twitter went nuts. Because the First lady barely seems to be able to conceal what appears to be her boredom, anger or downright disgust on public outings when President Trump is in tow. She has even been photographed to seemingly be squatting the poor guy’s hand away. She hardly ever smiles and it was only after he saved her from tripping one time on the way to a helicopter that they began to hold hands in public on occasion. Normally; there is a chasm between them when walking or standing in public. But with Barrack Obama? She appears to have been charmed by whatever he was saying because she beamed and smiled like a young girl next to him.

I don’t think the president, who skipped the funeral to play golf with the Japanese President at Mar a Lago, will like that. Earlier, he tweeted that his wife was a a funeral and that it would be a “beautiful day” which was slightly bizarre but now with seeing how happy his wife looked with his most hated nemesis (while she always looks so sullen with him), I wonder how he is going to respond behind closed doors. Would give money to be a fly on the wall when Mrs Trump flies back to her home.

Kim Jung Un Agrees to De-nuke? Just like that? And Trump Believes Him?

Ok. I am in favor of talks with North Korea. But what are the terms of engagement?  What is the deal? I remember how Trump disdained the Iran deal. How much did we pay Iran to not develop weapons? Juxtapose that with Kim. How much are we paying? And if he breaks his promises (he seems capable of doing just that) what enforcement measures will we put in place? In other words is he serious? Or is he just messing with Trump?

No, Mr President, DO NOT Speak with Mueller. This is a TRAP!

Mr Trump, decline all talks with Mueller. This is how Bill Clinton got impeached. They found inconsistences in information that didn’t even have to do with Whitewater!!!

Plead the Fifth.

Fire Sessions. Replace him with Rosenstein. Put in the #3 at the DOJ or Pruitt (who the heck is Pruitt anyways) as the Deputy. Later, take out Rosenstein and input Guiliani.

Force Mueller to give a report before he receives any more funding for this investigation.

Meanwhile, Rudy needs to massage Mueller intellectually to get him to soften so a deal can be cut.

Mueller’s report will not have a clear collusion case against you right now; Mr President.

There is the problem of Michael Cohen. This could prove the obstruction or even collusion. But you get him to shut up by…I don’t know. Again, a deal needs to be struck. A settlement. Not sure what terms.

No, this is not a civil case that can be settled. It is a criminal case. However. Deals can be made. I don’t know a darn thing about criminal law. I got a C- in law school cause I hated it. But. There are always deals to be made. I’m sure.

Allowing this case to run its course is a MISTAKE. Everything will be proven then and it just is a mistake. This case CANNOT go to conclusion, as in a trial or impeachment or removal. You have to stop it before that.

So how do you get Mueller to quit? Hme…I don’t know. Someone has to convince him to quit. Who can convince him to just QUIT? Um…his superior. Or his wife. Who is his superior? The attorney general. Or in this case the deputy attorney general. How do you get the attorney general or the deputy attorney general to get Mueller to quit? I don’t know. You certainly can’t bribe him. That would complicate matters. He has to be convinced of a few things:

  1. This whole thing is  a nothing burger
  2. Even if this burger is a juicy burger, it is a poisonous burger that is not worth eating
  3. Even if the burger is worth eating, he is better off having something else, like…I don’t know. What is better than a burger? Um…Pizza. Maybe you can convince him to eat pizza instead.
  4. Better yet, get his wife to talk some sense into him.

Giggle. This is not a funny situation. I am grasping at straws.

How do you get Robert Mueller to quit? On his own accord? That is the question.


Is Trump Going to Accept Sessions’ Threat to Quit??

Strategically, if I were Trump, I would accept the Attorney General’s resignation retroactively, and install the Deputy attorney General as Attorney General. This is not obstruction of justice because the sitting attorney general is not handling the case at bar. Indeed he has recused himself. Rosenstein is handling the case and will continue to handle it as Attorney General, and frankly, it is better this way. Isn’t it? A case of this magnitude should be handled completely by the attorney general. Rosenstein should have full and plenary authority. The number 3 at the DOJ can be deputy.

This is for starters. I have other solutions but step one is Sessions out. Then, we are closer than ever to starting to clean up this mess.  Enough is enough.

I’m serious Donald. Pussyfooting does not become you.  Break out the sessionsbegone spray and voilà, mettre this guy into the annals of history once and for all. Enough is enough.

Have I made myself clear? Sessions’ resignation MUST be accepted by Monday morning at 9:00, Mr President, or I am gonna give you an obscene nickname. Matter of fact, fire him tonight.

Do you copy?

Trump Allegedly Didn’t Think Michael Cohen was a Roy Cohn. Was Trump Right? Is Cohen More of a Mucker Upper than a Fixer Upper?

Did Michael Cohen muck up? He has called himself the Mr Fix it for Mr Trump and the Trump Organization/family. But what has he fixed? If this mess with Stormy Daniels is any indication, it can be argued that he made more of a muck of the situation than he fixed. So one could call him the Mucker Upper of the Century, in fact. He is a mucker upper not a fixer upper.

His is a modda mucka uppa, in fact. One could argue.

Maybe Trump knew this deep down which is why he did not invite Michael to go with him to Washington DC.

But they did have dinner at Mar a Lago a few weeks back according to published reports. So they are still friends.

Trump: “Sorry, I don’t See Michael Cohen Flipping on Me.” But is Trump Really Worried?

Despite his protestations that he does not “see Michael doing that” in response to a report in the New York Times that his former personal attorney Michael Cohen could be persuaded to “flip” on him (especially because Trump allegedly treated Michael badly all these years), President Trump demurs is President Trump really petrified that Michael won’t stay loyal?

I think the fact that he came out and said “sorry, I don’t see Michael doing that” means that he sees Michael doing exactly that. In the tweet, he accused the New York Times of trying to “destroy my relationship with Michael.” This is very interesting. If he was not worried, he would not even respond to that article. He is the president. He should have bigger, more important things to do than worry about Michael Cohen and what Michael will do (unless he thinks Michael has information on him that could be consequential).

So the way I see it, Trump is sending dog whistle to Michael and it is more like a plea than an order. “Please don’t flip on me, Mike. I will take care of you.”

Yea but what will Michael get out of it? Trump does not seem to have a good track record of having the back of his “friends.” He has thrown them all under the bus when it suited him. To wit, Omarosa,  Rudy (no job offer till now??), Lewandowski, Nunberg, …what is that white-haired guy? He was always there on TV defending Trump and Trump did not even offer him anything once he got elected. I can’t even remember this guy’s name. But he is famous politically….Newt. His name is Newt. Where is Newt?

Whatever. I digress. I just don’t think that Trump is very loyal. It is not a strong point of his character. So why should Michael Cohen (what a scary looking guy, eh?) remain loyal to Trump? If he helps to have this matter go away, how will Trump repay him? According to the New York Times, Trump didn’t even offer Michael a job during the campaign even though Michael was out there on TV talking about how he would take a bullet for Trump. And then Trump went off to Washington and not a word to Michael about joining him or even continuing to work for the Trump Organization.

This is important because, frankly, as I said, Mr Trump needs to do a better job at being loyal to those who has his back. He needs to do a better job of having their backs. He is lucky Rudy Giuliani didn’t tell him what to do, where to go, and how to get there in a jiffy. Rudy must be bored in light of his recent divorce from Judith (an alleged home-wrecker) or otherwise must still be hungry for some fame, or money, or something. Apparently, Rudy thinks he will have this matter resolved in two weeks which is laughable.

But yea. Trump is now publicly kissing Michael Cohen’s you know what. If I was sort of worried before, now, forget it. This thing has entered unchartered territory and I am really, really concerned for Mr Trump.