Maybe Rudy is Right. On Second Thought I can Prove the Mueller Probe illegitimate Tainted Fruits of Poisonous Tree!


 “poisonous bait = irreparable taint…” Marion TD Lewis

The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution protects criminal defendants from self-incrimination in a criminal probe.  As a result, criminal defendants can suppress evidence from a police interrogation if the police fail to read them their “Miranda Rights” which includes informing the suspect that he or she has the right to an attorney and even more importantly, that they have the right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves.

Can an argument be made, how ever specious, that the Trump campaign, as an entity, (and all the individuals working on it at Trump Tower)  was entitled to Miranda type rights at the outset of the FBI investigation? Indeed, could one argue that the commencement of an FBI probe into the Campaign’s relationship with Russia, rendered  the campaign and the individuals working on it, for all effects and purposes “criminal defendants”? 

It is widely known that the FBI probe ultimately led to the appointment of a Special Counsel which continued to “interrogate” and “investigate” and “monitor” the campaign for several months beyond the FBI probe, for criminal wrongdoing. Did they owe the defendants or potential defendants Fifth Amendment deference?

Further, having failed to provide the campaign with these warnings are law enforcement officials – including the FBI, DOJ and Office of the Special Counsel – barred from introducing any evidence gathered as “fruits of the poisonous tree”?

Under normal criminal procedure rules, six requirements must be met in order for Miranda to apply to a criminal defendant. Could these very rules be applied to the Trump campaign? Let us examine each rule in turn.

First, for Miranda to apply to a criminal defendant, he or she must have made a statement from which evidence is gathered. Did the Trump campaign, as an entity make any such statements from which evidence was gathered? Arguably, yes.

The campaign both individually and collectively made statements everyday in Trump Tower completely unaware that evidence was being gathered against them that would potentially be used in a criminal probe later on. They could not “remain silent” and not “incriminate” themselves because they did not know they were being investigated or monitored.

This is in contrast to former secretary of State Hillary Clinton who knew she was being monitored with regard to the investigation into her emails.

Arguably, not knowing they were under FBI watch left all members of the campaign vulnerable to self-incrimination in violation of their Fifth Amendment Rights.

Second, for Miranda to apply, the evidence gathered must be “testimonial” in nature and must disclose information, facts and beliefs. It can be argued that all communication between campaign staff in Trump Tower was indeed testimonial in nature. The only problem is that the defendants did not know that their testimony was being observed or would be observed at a later date by the Special Counsel.

Third, for Miranda to apply the evidence must be obtained when the suspect is in custody. Was the campaign “in custody” at the time of the FBI monitoring or during the period of the Special Counsel’s investigation? It depends on what it means “to be in custody.” A person is in custody if they are under arrest. That is the usual understanding of this word. However, the word custody has many different synonyms that include “scrutiny” “observation” “watch” “inspection” and “monitoring.”

Could the Trump campaign and its staff make the argument that the FBI probe was a type of “observation” or “scrutiny” that rose to the level of it being placed under “custody”? It is a debate. One could certainly argue that had the campaign known about the FBI interest in their relationship to Russia, they could reasonably have believed that they were under a type of “surveillance” and that they therefore had the right to be told that they were incriminating themselves on a daily basis with the interviews and meetings they were holding, as well as their social media and digital interactions.

Fourth, the evidence gathered must be the product of an interrogation. Was the Trump campaign under interrogation either during the FBI probe into the campaign or during the Special Counsel’s investigation? Of the latter prong, clearly the answer is yes. The Special Counsel spent many months “interrogating” people from the campaign. With few exceptions, no one on the campaign “volunteered” any information. They were subpoenaed or compelled to speak. But indeed, the interrogation can be argued to have started even before the appointment of the special counsel. During the FBI probe, an informant was sent in to “interrogate” campaign staff in a manner that was not transparent and may have even been surreptitious. Thus any evidence gathered during this time should be subject to Miranda types of warnings or rules.

Fifth, the interrogation must have been conducted by state agents. In this case, clearly, the interrogators including the FBI, the informant and even the special counsel were all state agents. Thus, the Trump campaign arguably had a right to know that their Fifth Amendment rights could be implicated and they should have received a warning from the outset of the FBI probe that they were potentially being or going to be monitored or “watched” and/ interrogated by state agents

Finally, the evidence in question must be brought up in a criminal proceeding. Normally, if a defendant in a criminal proceeding did not receive Miranda rights, he or she can suppress any evidence as “fruits of the poisonous tree.”

The Trump campaign can argue that because they were not given any Miranda warnings at the beginning of the FBI probe which later led to the appointment of the Special Counsel, that all evidence obtained from this probe and ultimately by the special counsel should be suppressed.

So …Maybe Rudy is right. Maybe this “fruits of poisonous tree” defense does make sense after all. But actually, it was my idea from the start so I think he reads my blog, or my mind. 



The six rules for Miranda came from an article on Wikipedia.

OMG. Have You Visited Trump’s Twitter Feed? No Wonder He Tried to Block People!

OMG. I just visited President Trump’s Twitter Feed. Wow. Have I been under my rock or what? I am not sure how to even describe it. I mean, wow.

I had read that he had tried to block certain people and the courts ruled that his Twitter feed is a “public forum” and people have a first amendment right to say what they want on it – even hate speech.

There is a lot of hate on that feed. My goodness.

If I had a Twitter feed like that, I would delete my account. Seriously. Or at least block some of these people. But because he is a public figure he can’t block.

Woww. My God.

There is so much hatred in the world. It is the root of all the problems. It is the root of war and conflict. It is the root of gun violence (it is why guns even were invented – to kill! Because there is hatred), it is the root of racism, sexism, xenophobia, I mean…when you can’t sit in Starbucks and have a cup of coffee in peace without someone calling the cops on you, this is hatred. When you have to live in fear that someone will push a button and unleash nuclear fire on your country and home, this is hatred. Its just…there is so much hate! Everybody hates everybody. Black people hate black people. Emirates hate Qataris. North Koreans hate South Koreans. Americans hate Mexicans. Jews hate Sunnis. Klu Klux Klan hates…god, who don’t they hate?

So much hate.  Why do you think the first and second World Wars happened? What was at the root? Hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred.

And then you read Trump’s Twitter feed. And then you just feel like, what is the point of being so aghast that so much hatred is so openly on display? Get over your Lalaland. Reality is what reality is. At least he’s getting retweets which is much more than I can say for my sorry such and such. At least people care enough to visit his Twitter feed and take the time to leave a sentiment. Maybe this is as good as it gets on this Earth and maybe I just need to face it and accept it.

Hate is a human thing. It’s what we know. It is wrong-headed to think we “learn” to hate. This is not true. Hate is innate. It inures in man (and maybe other species hence the violence). I mean, it is love that man needs to learn. Hate is his natural reset button. Love is the thing that must be attained.

But guess what? It ain’t never gonna happen. It ain’t never gonna change. It is an ideal that is not possible unless the structure of man’s DNA itself changes and that cannot happen. It was this way in the beginning and will be this way for all time.

Man is a hateful beast. This is his nature. Social media just gives man a platform with which to vent it and Trump’s Twitter feed is the perfect receptacle.

Could Trump Move to Revise the Constitution to Allow a President to Serve Indefinitely?

Trump is a different kind of a president, let’s face it. I don’t think the country has every seen such a president as this. He functions more like a dictator but not just of the country. Of the world. The rest of the world would like to think they are not controlled by the US but this is wrongheaded. Just look at the sanctions regime as a starting point…

With that said, domestically, Trump is just wrecking havoc. All the norms and precedents have been thrown out the window. He not only challenges these norms, he rips them up and throws them out. It is a new day. Trump is the “new day” president.

What is to stop him from trying to change the constitution to allow presidents to stay in power longer? He could totally do it and he would totally get away with it and it totally might even work!

But what incentive would he have to do that other than to create havoc or to distract from the scandal of the day? It is not like he is as young as Obama was so Obama could have done a third or fourth term. Trump will be 74 or 75 at the end of his first term and near 80 at the end of his second. He doesn’t want to spend his retirement years doing this, I don’t think. But he would still propose a change in term limits for the president just for kicks, I think. Just because he would be the only one who could get away with it.

Michael Avenatti Uses Paula Jones Case as Precedent to Depose Donald Trump. Can it Work?

Michael Avenatti tweeted out the Supreme Court decision in Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton and it reads like a wow! It is the exact same scenario that Trump is in now! So if Bill Clinton had to submit to the process and if he did not get immunity and if the case was not “stayed” how can Trump get away with staying Stormy Daniels’ case?

My guess is he can’t. But then again, this is Trump we are talking about. The rules that apply to him do not apply to everybody else. He is singular in the sense that there is everybody and then there is Trump. So the fact that Bill Clinton had to answer the Paula Jones suit does not mean Trump will have to answer Stormy Daniels.

I advised Michael Avenatti to amend his complaint to include a “intentional infliction of emotional distress” tort. And to ask for $20 million. This is not because I think he will get $20 million. It is an insurance policy that trump will not just ignore the lawsuit and he gets just $75K for the defamation and the scrapping of the NDA because I think he wants to settle for more than that. Which means he has to really force Trump to defend this and Trump has to feel there is a lot to lose and he won’t just ignore the case if there is $20 million on the line. Notably, in Paula’s case, there was an “emotional distress” component.

If Avenatti does not amend, in Trump’s place I would not even answer this suit. Even if the judge finds me in contempt, I would take the risk (unless jail time is involved, of course). If it is just a fine, I would just not answer the suit. And let him win by default. But if Avenatti does amend and throws in the ridiculous $20 million emotional distress claim, believe me, Trump will settle really quick for seven figures, I wager.

But then again…this is Trump we are talking about, isn’t it? He is just the type who would call the bluff.

Trump & Rudy’s SPYGATE Fruits of poisonous tree defense: Can it Work?


If a spy was implanted in Trump’s campaign is Mueller’s investigation “fruits? of the poisonous tree”?

Well, did the FBI need a “warrant” in order to put an informant in Trump’s campaign?

They would have if there was a wiretap.

But an informant? Do they need a warrant? Not sure.

Even assuming they had a warrant, how is the spy/informant tied to Mueller in terms of the poisonous tree analysis? Normally, this poisonous fruit idea is used in a police arrest where there was no warrant and no reading of Miranda rights.

The first question is whether the law enforcement needed a warrant before they placed an informant on Trump’s campaign. The answer is probably.

The other question is were law enforcement personnel duty bound to inform Mr Trump of the surveillance prior to conducting the surveillance? This obviously would have been counter productive had they done that. Trump had no “right” to know what law enforcement was doing in this circumstance and indeed had they informed him it would have undermined the investigation.

The other question is whether based on the spy’s reporting, anyone was arrested.

Clearly, no arrest was made of anyone in the Trump campaign based on anything the informant said. Nor did the informant provide any documents to law enforcement which was then used to try or convict anyone on the campaign. The only thing that happened is a special counsel was appointed to INVESTIGATE what happened. This is not a “fruit.” Nor is it a poisonous tree. It is not even a “poison burger” in my view, despite what I said here. Do you think he still reads the blog? There is no way! But sometimes….

Anyway, nice try. Clever. The whole investigation is tainted because the bait used to catch the evidence was tainted.

Therefore, poisoned bait = Meuller irrevocable taint….gloves don’t fit you must acquit….(am good, right? shudda been a phocking defense attorney!!!)

It’s clever. A clever argument. But no, Rudy. It won’t fly…although, check out this argument. I think there could be some wiggle room.

So is Trump Going to Send in Navy Seals to North Korea and Regime Change Kim (like Obama Did With Osama Bin Laden?)



So I am reading all this stuff and it sounds like the president and his boys had discussed a military option in North Korea, maybe even regime change if necessary. I wondered how they would pull that off, and if?

Is this a navy seal type of gig?  Do they sort of like, send in navy seals to cross the borders through South Korea and infiltrate and penetrate to the North and then take out Kim? And do they do this at night when he is sleeping? Or in broad daylight when he least expects they would try something as suicidal as that?

Actually? I think Kim is genuinely scared now. Because he blew up his nuclear site yesterday just as Trump was dictating the love break up letter to his secretary which was then sent off to Kim.  He blew it up just a few seconds too soon and Trump probably had intel so he knew exactly when Kim planned to pop the lid off the site and he timed it so he would read the love letter right after. For drama and full impact and effect.

Even while he was sitting there smiling with Moon that day, Trump, as I noted, was very angry. I could tell. His head was spinning. If you wanna know the truth, he didn’t even trust Moon for one second. He felt like he was being set up. And he deliberately told everyone that he would decide next week what the next move will be but he already knew that first thing the next morning, he was going to drop his nuke and take everybody off guard.

As far as poker, this definitely was an interesting move by Trump. No one saw it coming. But what’s next? Is Kim done? Are the navy seals going in?

Avenatti vs Guiliani: A TV Show to Début in 2019


Now, this is a good show. Forget Scarramuci. He’s tame compared to the fireworks that Avenatti and Guiliani could create on cable.

What do you think?

Law Pimps WITH Rudy Giuliani and Michael Avenatti.

Well, maybe not.

Maybe that would be inappropriate.


Has Trump Endangered the Lives of CNN Reporters Like Will Ripley Who is Currently in North Korea?

Can you imagine being an American reporter in North Korea today of all days when the American president just cancelled the Singapore summit with the North Korean President?

It is exactly the situation with CNN reporters like Will Ripley who went to North Korea to watch Kim blow up some of his nuclear testing sites. That is all well and good but what if Kim doesn’t let them out of there and throws them into a prison for a few years and force them to do hard labor?

I joke about Kim but it would be terrifying being caught after dark in his country, I’m thinking. They like to just jail people and subject them to abuse and some don’t make it out alive! And Kim is predictably unpredictable and who knows if those reporters will make it out alive?

Do you think President Trump feels responsible for the plight of these journalists?

…..on another note, I was reading that Kim had misgivings about doing the summit in Singapore because he has very old aircrafts and he is not sure it can make the long journey to Singapore. Which, if you wanna know the truth, the optics of that? Not very funny but I kinda couldn’t help giggling a little bit.

I mean, this is a guy that has spent billions on his nukes and he can’t afford a nice;, sleek, modern aircraft to jet set around the world? Hilarious.

QUESTION FOR MICHAEL AVENATTI: What if Trump Let’s this Stormy Case Default?

Michael, have you thought about what would happen if Trump just ignores the judge’s orders in this case, or even a subpoena?

I don’t remember the procedural stuff but I am a logical thinker, an analyst. OK? Actually, if you wanna know the truth, I’m a fucking genius, OK? People just don’t realize it cause they take one look at my nose…


I mean, think about it. I’m Trump. Right? I got this situation where you are my nerves with this Stormy thing and I know all you want is money. Right? Let’s just keep this real.


So…we are in civil court. This is not a criminal case. OK? A couple of different things can happen. I could settle the case for nuisance value. Right? How much? A million? Two? Five? Whatever.

Or, I can litigate the case.

But what about if I do nothing at all? I don’t answer. I don’t talk about you and the case. I don’t respond to court summonses and subpoenas. Um…nothing, ok? D’accord?

Now. What happens? You get what you asked for by default. And it ain’t much. You want to set aside the whole NDA. That’s all. It is possible that she keeps the $130,000 under this scenario because he would have to go to court to get it back and if he is in default…

See where I am heading here?

If I am Trump. And I do that, Michael, you are royally screwed, buddy. Cause even with the defamation action, you are coming in under a million bucks on this case. There is no “emotional distress” component to this case to my knowledge, is there? Where you asked for, like, $20 million bucks?

If not, you may want to think about amending your complaint!

That way, if Trump lets the clock run out on you, and DEFAULTS you come out of this with some cash for your client, and obviously, for yourself.

There is a fatal flaw in your strategy in other words. You missed this point. Again, I am not a lawyer, I don’t know anything about this stuff. I am just a brilliant effing thinker and an analyst who is under utilized in the world. OK?

And look. Maybe my reasoning is pure and total bullshit. I don’t care!

But if I were Trump? I would just let the clock run out on you and I wouldn’t answer any of your demands or that of the court with respect to this Stormy Daniels case.

Am serious.

You gotta rethink something here, buddy. You missed this little spot. AMEND YOUR COMPLAINT to hedge against Trump letting this clock run out. Cause you know what? He is just too darn quiet on this case. Rudy has already advised him to do just that!

Stormy Daniels’s attorney Hottie Avenatti Moves to Get Back in the Game. He Moves to Lift 90 Day Stay


Michael Avenatti is not going to be a shrinking violet, thank you very much. He is going to stay focused and he is going to keep fighting and he is going to keep his case in the news media.

He might as well. He invested a lot in this strategy and the death of this case will be the day he is no longer the hottest thing in the 24 hour news cycle. And it did look like for a minute, his 15 minutes of fame were up because I have not seen him on any of the channels, have you?

He has offered the court to depose Trump and to leave Cohen for a later time.

Will his motion be granted?

I doubt it. I don’t think he expects it to.

But he does have a point. I have heard Giuliani say that Michael Cohen and his case “has nothing to do with us. We are in involved in that.” So, why should what happens to Cohen affect Trump? Cohen himself has not even been indicted and may never be.

Trump has called off the summit. He is not going to Singapore on June 12th so he has a lot more free time to do a 3 hour deposition (and probably even to meet with Mueller!)

So Avenatti is right to file the motion but I don’t think he will get it. He also should put his client to more use, I think. He does not use that resource enough, just from a strategic perspective if he wants to settle this case. Because I have news for him. So far, Trump is winning – without saying a word.

In my view, from the standpoint of lawyering, Avenatti needs to give Trump a reason to want to settle this case and he  is not giving Trump enough incentive to settle this case. He has to put some pressure on Trump, I think. I would if I were handling this case (luckily for everyone, that would never happen)

Stormy is an embarrassment to the President and understandably so. He doesn’t want her out there on TV reminding everyone in flesh and bone what he did when his wife was a young mom in Trump Tower. He wants to be left alone to do his job as President. But he has this guy Avenatti out there with his bull horn talking about what Cohen did with Essential Consultants – itself a source of embarrassment, indeed, a much bigger one.

The last thing Trump wants to deal with his a porn star on TV talking about their relationship on every TV channel.

So, to move this case to its conclusion,  Avenatti needs to get his client out there more and reduce his air time a little bit, right? If he wants to settle this case. And I think this case needs to get settled. He says he won’t settle but I think this is wrongheaded. He should settle.  But he has to give the President an incentive to settle.  And him outing Cohen every night with a new scandalous financial scoop is not the way to do it. I don’t think.

Stormy is the way to do it.  He has to get her booked on all the shows.


Trump Disinvites China’s Xi to a Naval Drill Military Event

Trump is really miffed at Xi Jinping of China. He has disinvited China to a US hosted naval drill according to reports and US Warships have been dispatched in the South China Sea instead.

The stated reason that China has been disinvited is China’s militarization of disputed territory in the South China sea.

I suspect it has to do with the North Korea debacle though. Trump blames Xi for North Korea. Trump has always blamed Xi for North Korea as if he thinks China is the parent and North Korea is the child.

But knowing Trump as well as I do (giggle) I worry about this shift in his rhetoric with respect to China and the dispatching of warships. The mood he seems to be in these days he is capable of anything. Anything at all.

I am so glad at least that his son in law Jared got his security clearance back. This bodes well for Trump and the Mueller investigation. He is going to get off. So at least, soon, he will start to be happy and I won’t have to worry about war breaking out.

Trump Cancels Summit With Kim Jong Un in Singapore Just as Kim Blows up a Nuke Pasture. Hilarious.


Is this something that should be making me giggle? Or is this a sign of my immaturity? Or am I insane? Or what? This makes me big time giggle!

Trump just told Kim to take his whole entire summit and shove it where the sun don’t shine. And it cracks me up.

So if they had something planned for Trump, their pétard just went up in flames in their own faces. Whoever “they” are.


The fact that he timed it to coincide with Kim blowing up one of his sites in front of American journalists is the best.  I mean, it makes Kim look silly and sad. It should be a hashtag #sillyandsad.

ooh la la.

I just had a glass of wine maybe that is why this whole thing cracks me up. By the way, this whole thing was my idea. It is all my fault. But I am not going to cop to it because I wasn’t gonna get the praise if it had worked out and I sure as heck ain’t gonna take the blame because it went up in smoke.

Nicky Haley.

What is Trump going to do about her? I read him like a book you know. Literally. I read him. I pick up on his frequencies. He is my exact opposite and I pick up on his frequencies.

He thinks about Nicky a lot. He wants to get rid of her. He is biding his time and trying to figure out who he wants to put in there. He is annoyed by Nicky and he thinks she is getting too big for her britches.


What else is going on in our crazy world? Lemme hit up CNN or MSNBC and see if there is anything else I can cook up.

Peace, y’all!

Jared Kushner Security Clearance Restored by FBI??? This Means the Cloud Has Lifted, I think. Trump is Going to Win.


The fact that Jared Kushner got his security clearance back says that this investigation is going to be resolved in Trump’s favor, I think. There is no way they would restore his security clearance if there was imminent threat of him being hauled into federal court on criminal charges stemming from the Mueller investigation.

So why do they keep up with this in the media and even with the probe? Is this about money? Is it about clicks and advertising?

I mean, Cohen has not been arrested. Jared got his security clearance back. Trump is getting a probe on the Dems and FBI for Spygate. Ivanka has not even been interviewed. Ivana says she is not worked worried because Don Jr didn’t do anything wrong….

I think there is no there there.

I think it is a nothing burger.

They are giving the public a kinipfit for nothing and just stirring up chaos and drama because it is money. It is advertising. They all know this will amount to nothing and they give me all these head aches and heart palpitations and poor Michael Avenatti will probably hang because Trump is not gonna settle the Stormy thing and he doesn’t have any money to pay the $10 million judgment and…

I feel like they wasted my time and exploited my emotions. If Jared has his security clearance back, it means this whole entire thing was nothing but a glorified and grandiose dump of  horse manure.

Poor Hottie Avenatti. And Hillary and Obama. We have to be scared for them now that Trump has been released.

Mr Trump: So They Spied on Your Campaign. And?


And so what if they spied on your campaign, Mr Trump? Excuse me, this just came to me in an epiphany. So what if they spied on your campaign?

This is supposed to be some sort of tort?  What, you were injured by this?

This caused you injury??

This is ridiculous, Mr President.

You have no standing here and no cause of action because you were not injured. You won the presidency! And even while you were so called being spied on, not one person in the country knew you were under FBI and law enforcement surveillance. So you didn’t even suffer reputational harm.

Per the Supreme Court:  standing consists of three elements.” “The plaintiff must have (1) suffered
an injury in fact, (2) that is fairly traceable to the challenged
conduct of the defendant, and (3) that is likely to be redressed
by a favorable judicial decision.”

So, this is whole thing is BS.

I just came to this grande conclusion. You are baffling us with your BS, Mr President.

Giggle… ever heard that saying: “if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit,” Mr Trump? Well; that is what you are doing to the country (and oh, how gullible they are where you are concerned!)

I am not the one, darling. I see through you. Spygate is bullshit. You were not injured. No harm no foul, Mr Trump. You know it. This new red herring is only for distraction.

On top of that, which law was broken, in your view, due to this surveillance? Is it against the law for the FBI to conduct an investigation when they believe a crime has probably occurred or is about to occur?

Even if they spied on you (and that is a big “if”) it is not against the law.

You are blowing your proverbial gemini hot air and once again, Mr President and I say this with all due respect.  This has nothing to do with any “criminal deep state.” I don’t even know what that means.?!

And you have persuaded a lot of people about this. They believe  SPYGATE is a thing.

People are so gullible and so under your spell. You could sell them your own feces as facial exfoliate and they would buy it, I think.


Is Trump Getting Out-played by his Asian Counterparts: Xi, Moon, Abe & Kim?

All of a sudden, I am starting to wonder if maybe Trump is being out-played and not even know it. At first when Kim Jong Un was blowing up rumored to be thinking about blowing up his nukes without conditions and when he released the prisoners in the dead of night (Trump threw a press conference and bragged about his ratings) I was awed. I  thought “this is skill!” And I gave Trump kudos. I listened to all the talks of the Nobel Peace Prize and watched as Trump was barely able to conceal his grin at his success easy successes with Kim Jong Un. He said “frankly, this should have been done a long time ago” and yes, it cut a little bit cause you knew he was talking about Obama and how ineffective he was on this issue.

Now, I am not so sure what’s going on. Maybe there will be a summit, maybe not. Trump has suddenly started to downplay expectations. And he said after a meeting with the South Korean leader Moon Jai-in, that the summit may not happen at all.

I watched the body language closely of the two leaders and I noticed for the most part that Moon had a smiling face but for the most part, Trump did not. Of course, Trump is not a smiling kind of a guy. So it may not mean anything. But I read him so well, that I can’t ignore the sense I get that he is deeply vexed and angry with Moon. He feels that Moon set him up to look ridiculous and to be a laughingstock in the international community. Because it was Moon who apparently told Trump that Kim was ready to blow his entire GDP and GNP to smithereens (in front of international journalists!) by giving up his nuclear arsenal in exchange for dialogues with Trump and his teams – and, I guess, some money to help out his economy.

It seems that without much homework on the part of his team, to find out the true motives and intentions of Kim and Moon, Trump jumped at the chance for a chat (and several experts have opined that this may have been a bit rash). And Trump openly reveled in all the talk about the Nobel Peace Prize which, also, according to rumors, was instigated by Moon to entice Trump to meet Kim. Well, now that it looks like the talks won’t happen, it is Trump who looks foolish, not Moon. So Moon can afford to smile and smile. Trump on the other hand knows that everybody is snickering behind his back about the whole thing and he is not amused. He is not amused at all because this is a guy who has proven time and again that he absolutely cannot laugh at himself.

As for Xi, Trump sees him as complicit in this worldwide humiliation he now faces if Kim bows out of the summit. Because they had Trump agree to go to Asia, to Singapore to be on their turf in the first instance. And then they just reneged on him. Or, they are making him sweat because they know he really wants a meeting. He wants the praise and accolades that come with the summit – especially if it is a successful one. Moon set him up with the Nobel Prize fantasy and then Xi made him think they were on the same side in more ways than one.

First, with trade. Look at how Xi got Trump to go out there in front of America and the world and defend ZTE. He literally asked the commerce department to bend the rules for this Chinese company which is accused of violating US trade laws with regard to sanctions on Iran and North Korea. Trump ran on this whole platform that China is raping America and that under his watch it would stop. Then he turns around and becomes China’s lap dog and begs his guys to bend over for China’s conglomerate so that they can make money on America even though they don’t follow the rules.

Why would Trump do that? He thought they were friends and he thought Xi would have his back and help him with North Korea. That is another reason he keeps inviting Xi to Mar a Lago. To build a personal friendship that Trump thinks will last well past his presidency so they can continue to do business.

Now, poor Trump is left acknowledging that Xi is a “good poker player.” Because he realizes Xi outplayed him. And he now accuses Xi of influencing Kim Jong Un to back out of the talks and make him look stupid on the international stage and he’s like “I don’t like that.”

Well, too bad, Mr Trump if you don’t like it. It’s called poker.

Speaking of which: Moon’s poker face is the cherry on top of the deception. You have to wonder if these Asian bad boys are working in tandem. What incentives to they have to work together against Trump? What incentives do they have to risk angering Trump? And is Abe in on it with them?


Hottie Avenatti is Bankrupt??? No!!!

So I read on my way to bed last night that a judge in California, a bankruptcy judge, slapped Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti with a $10 million dollar judgment? Is this correct? Or is it a misquote? I saw a tweet or something where he pulled a Donald Trump and said “I am not bankrupt my old law firm is. This is nonsense. Who cares?”

Who cares??

I care! What the-!

Shit. This looks bad, Michael. Damage control is needed. And this notion that you are being treated unfairly because no other lawyer’s personal business is delved into like you is just lame. You are not like other lawyers. You are Michael Avenatti. You are building your brand and right now,your credibility is on the line. Whether or not the $10 million judgment against your firm or your old firm or whatever is relevant to Stormy Daniels or not… I have news for you, darling, it looks and sounds bad! Trump is laughing! I hate Trump! He always fucking wins!!! This time he won without saying a word. That must be a first. He never even said “Avenatti” and he still won.

Michael, save your brand, boyfriend!

What are you gonna do? I have no idea!!!

Look, focus. FOCUS. This is about Stormy Daniels and deposing Trump, etc. But there is this other side show with that judgment and all. How do you deal with it? Just ignore it? It is one way to do it. I don’t know if it is the best way though.


OK. Michael, how serious is this? Can you be disbarred? I mean these tax liens for unpaid payroll taxes??? Are you insane???


OK. I’m guessing you don’t have that kind of cheese lying around? You got insurance? Michael? Insurance? You can cover this or not? And if not, what? Can they pierce the corporate veil and take your personal wealth?

You have to pull a Donald Trump. Turn your negatives into a positive. Do not run from this. Face it head on. Admit there was a colossal phock up but be careful about casting blame (thought that is a Trump specialty.) I think to save your credibility, you do a statement on the website or something. Nothing too long. Hire a communications specialist to craft it. Don’t craft it yourself, you are too close to this.


And do it once, properly and make it clear you are not going to keep talking about it. But then you have to also resolve this issue. Financially. Where are you gonna get that kind of cheese? I don’t know if Trump is gonna settle with you now? He wants to watch you squirm. He is gleeful in the WH right now. I know it.

Leverage your fame and now infamy Michael. Turn it into money. The bank will lend you cash on that, I guess, to pay this off and make it go away.


Forget everything I just said. I have no idea what I am talking about. I’m just in shock. I gotta go. I gotta run to Gare de Lyon.


Where is Michael Avenatti? Is He Out of Ammo? Trump Sure Isn’t!

Remember when I wrote this talking about how Trump was out of ammo? How little I knew of his will to survive. Now he has demanded the FBI investigate itself and they are doing it and all everybody is talking about is this new investigation, a rumored new special counsel who will probe god only knows who and for how long, and the fact that a “spy” was allegedly implanted into Trump’s campaign.

Nobody is talking about Michael Avenetti. It is to the point that I have started to wonder if maybe he is out of ammo. Cause that would be tragic because Trump hasn’t even started yet to fire his own bullets. I think when he does, he may even reduce Michael to tears.

Trump Summit With Kim Jong Un Officially on Ice



Well, like I said, the summit is a non starter because it is not fair to ask this guy to denuclearize completely when the United States and other countries aren’t willing to do the same. Every country has a right to want to protect it itself from possible aggressors and nukes, unfortunately are the way to do it. Kim Jong Un is not the type of person who should probably have nukes but what is the type of person who should have nukes? A person who would not test the nukes? A person who would never think of “decimating” another country? A person who would never strike another country pre-emptively? A person who would never foment unrest in another country? A person who would never be part of an assassination plot of his or her political enemies? A person who is honest and plays fair? A sane person?

I tell you what, show me the person who can be trusted with nukes in the new world order we live in and then I will tell you if I would completely denuclearize were I to ever find myself in Kim Jong Un’s position. (This is an impossibility but the point is, there is nobody who can be trusted with nukes).

And not for nothing, if the world can trust Mr Trump with nukes, I don’t see why we can’t trust Kim Jong Un.

At least Kim is predictable.

And he does not have the kind of temper nor does he hold grudges quite as long as Trump seems to.

So the fact that Kim is unwilling to give up his nukes as demanded by the Trump administration does not surprise me.

Trump should negotiate but more mano a mano. He should not insult the North Korean regime by trying to treat them like they are Somalia or a weak country like that where people just do as they are told because they lack confidence in themselves, they have neither money nor weapons with which to bargain, and they have mentally and psychologically backed themselves into a corner where they have no other choice but to obey.

I don’t get the sense that the North Korean Republic is that kind of a place. So Trump needs to give them more deference and show them a little bit more respect.


Trump is Going to Win. Nobody Can Stand Up to or Keep up With This Guy.

OMG. It is too easy for him. He wins all the fucking time. I mean, it’s too easy. No  one in Washington can handle Donald Trump and now, even in the global community, there is nobody. The press is wasting their time. They are talking to the hands while Trump just reduces everybody to balls of sweat.

It’s almost demonic.

On the one hand, it fascinates me. One the other hand I am appalled. I look at them all and listen to them all and I realize next to Trump they are peons. They can’t handle him.

Nobody can handle Donald Trump.

Mark my words: He will walk away from all these probes unscathed but all the people around him (and not just a few unforseens) will hang.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Begins to Show Fear of Donald Trump

Rod Rosenstein is quaking in his expensive spit-shined black shoes. Cause the President, Donald Trump is mad as hell and fighting for his life like an angry, cornered, have everything to lose if he doesn’t win, “animal.”

I use that word cautiously because Trump got into trouble for calling some gangsters the same name.

We are animals. Let’s be clear. That is what we are. It is just for the most part we opt to act like we are more than that. But other times, like for example, the situation Trump finds himself in at the moment, the animal comes out.

I don’t fault him for fighting dirty and I don’t fault him for fighting like an animal. His  life is on the line. Let’s be clear. His life, ego, reputation, presidency,  face, credibility, everything. And it is just coming at him in an avalanche of hot, molten, lava.

I believe in fighting for your life with everything you’ve got when you’ve got everything on the line. I don’t blame Trump.

What I don’t necessarily respect, is how Rod Rosenstein and the Department of Justice responds. Apparently, the way they have caved in to Trump’s demands is weak, pathetic and girly.

Trump is showing them who is the man and who is the top dog and they are just whimpering and begging for mercy.

It is embarrassing.

Sure, the DOJ and the FBI are executive agencies and the President has full and plenary authority to order them around. But there is also “norms” and “precedence” and things like that. And all the experts and pundits are saying that those two things have been thrown out the window with Trump’s demands to find out if the FBI “implanted” a spy into his campaign at the behest of former President Barack Obama.

Do you think he will end up pinning this whole thing on Obama?

I would not be surprised if the only person charged or  imprisoned at the end of all this is Obama. Trump strikes me as capable of pulling this improbability off.

And the FBI and DOJ and the Congress would do his bidding.

But what if he finds out that the informant is someone he least expects, like, say…Kellyanne or…Jeff Sessions…. (Nah, only kidding. That would be totally out of the realm of possibility but it would be a little bit hilarious nevertheless if it turned out to be true, no?)