4 People Trump Needs to Fire Immediately Now That He Has Issued Executive Order to Keep Families Together


  1.  The guy who shall remain nameless who apparently he  was the mastermind and who has had pow wows on CNN with Jake Tapper. You know exactly who I mean.  He goes, stat.
  2. Kirsten whatever her last name is. She just got the gig but honestly? She is bad PR and fruits of the rotten tree. She goes, stat.
  3. Jeff Sessions the buck stopped with him and this was a disaster he got the president into with this “zero tolerance” nonsense. Bad advice that could cost Trump in 2020 if he keeps this guy around. He goes, stat.
  4. Nikki Haley because he needs to get America back into the Human Rights Council immediately and since Nikki took us out yesterday, she disqualified herself and he (Trump) needs to save face so he needs to hire someone else and have that person make the decision to get us back in. She goes, stat.

But other than that, thank you, Mr President, for the executive order leaving children with their moms and dads and guardians. This is the right thing. Brace for the class action suit that is coming (can they sue the feds in a class action?) and let’s see how quickly the country can turn the page….Did you hear Michael Cohen resigned from RNC due to the border mess? Very interesting development, if I may say so myself.