Actually, This Just Came to Me in an Epiphany: The Solution to the US/Mexico Border is…



OMG. Yes, don’t giggle because I did just have a glass of wine and I am crying like one of those wackadoodles Giuliani said belonged in Bellevue for crying when Clinton lost the election. I am very, very upset about those children on the US/Mexico border. Very upset.

But I think  I just had an epiphany in the middle of my tears!

The solution to the problem is NO BORDERS.

Do like Europe and the Schengen. But not to form a “Union.” A free travel zone between America, Canada and South America. No passport or visa needed!

It is not a citizenship thing. The parties all remain citizens of their own country. But they can work legally and they can travel easily.

The three countries would have a database so that all criminals are known by each country in the database.

So at the border, a check is done and if the person is a criminal, they can’t enter the country.

They can work and they pay taxes where they live and they can buy real estate and they travel freely. There should be controls. Mandatory renewal of their travel pass every year. Pay a fee to keep it valid or lose it, for example. (good for the economy.) Others so that there is a good spread out of people and they don’t all accumulate in Texas. Americans should also be able to come and go as they please to South America and work etc.

This is totally counterintuitive. But I bet it could work. I bet it would be a solution.

Cause I don’t think the government will ever stop illegal immigration.

What do you think? Am I just drunk?