Is it a Little Bit Sexist to Call Rudy Giuliani a “Dirty Old Man” For Flaunting His Swinging Sex Life at 74 – Fresh Off his 3rd Divorce?


You have gotta hand it to Rudy Giuliani. The guy seems to be swinging from the chandeliers (whatever does this idiom mean, I’ve always wondered?!) at the ripe old age of 74.

Homeboy is not even yet divorced from wife #3 Judith Nathan who famously stole him away from wife #2 Donna Hanover back in the aughts. Giggle. (All of this is alleged, btw. I don’t know that Judith stole Rudy. I just know that he was not yet divorced when they hooked up and I remember her and Donna having a thing over Gracie Mansion because Donna felt Gracie Mansion was her home and that Judith had no right to come into her home while cavorting with Rudy because Donna felt it was disrespectful and I think the courts agreed at the time although, first chance she got, Judith married Rudy at Gracie Mansion).

But I digress.

This post is about President Trump’s aging attorney’s swinging sex life and whether it is sexist to call him a “dirty old man” just because he is over the age of 50 and ostensibly, still taking women on carnal voyages in his apartment and hotel rooms (and wherever else) to boot.

We don’t call women “dirty old women” for having sex into their 80s and 90s. (Apparently, gasp!, this happens!). For that matter, we don’t call Donald Trump a “dirty old man” and he is the same age as Rudy pretty much. And, I mean, look at his antics and shenanigans!

So why are we calling Rudy a dirty old man?

Say what you want about Rudy. He is a very sharp dresser. A lot of details go into his outfits. Check it out: cufflinks, colorful tie, two statement rings on both hands, a handkerchief, a bracelet, bright colored socks (often red), a brooch/pin on his lapel, a statement watch…

This is what is shown on the outside. We have no idea what he delivers as far as lingerie.

The man is a peacock! He rules the party.

And so what? Should he just roll up and die just cause he is old when there are all these women out there tripping over themselves to come over?