Is the Trump Administration Immigration Policy of Taking Children at US Borders the New Holocaust in the Making?


Are we in the beginning stages of a holocaust in 21st Century America? The reason I ask is when I see these pictures of the US Mexico border and read about the taking of children away from their parents by border police, I get uncomfortable in the pit of my gut. I feel something is on the cusp of happening that is really, really bad. I feel like we are heading in a bad direction, to a bad place with this. It may not be intentional. It may even be well-intentioned. But the road to hell was, after, all, paved with what? A whole lot of good intentions.

I think the danger is that too many Americans agree with this policy to effectuate the immediate STOP that is needed. Or put another way, not enough Americans disagree. At least, not yet.

It is like Germany during the 1940s. I imagine that some Germans disagreed with rounding up Jews and shipping them off to camps but not enough of them did. Most were silent and their silence meant acquiescence and empowered Hitler to take further and further actions that ultimately led not just to the holocaust, but his own destruction.

Had more Germans spoken up sooner maybe not only the holocaust could have been avoided, but Hitler may even have survived or gasp, been a “good” leader.

The thing with guys like Trump and like Hitler is that they have ideas that are radical and a lot of people soak that up. People are always looking for escape from the status quo. It is human nature. They (Germans) could not get enough of this rogue, radical leader they had elected because he was so different, so extreme and daring. He epitomized their own deepest and darkest thoughts and desires and gave it wings.

Trump strikes me as similar. I, like everyone else, am fascinated by him. But the thing I see that I am not sure a lot of people see, is that this is a man who wants to be stopped. He is almost daring someone to “please, stop me. Stop me and save me from myself. Because I can’t stop on my own. I have no brakes. You have to stop me. Please, somebody stop me. Say no.

To the extent that nobody is willing to stand up to this man and say no to him is the extent to which we all will end up in hell right there with him still at the helm!

This really should be a tipping point for everyone, this idea of taking children from their parents and this extra-judicial termination of parental custody on American soil. The silence of the majority of Americans on this is unacceptable. Their crocodile tears 20 years from now about how sorry they were that this thing spiraled out of control after many lives are lost will fall on the deaf ears of angels. Because they ought to have known better and done better because we have history as an illustration of what can happen in these types of circumstances.

As I have said repeatedly, I don’t hate Donald Trump in spite of all his shortcomings. I even agree with some of his ideas and policies. But with this one, this taking of children from their parents I RESOUNDINGLY disagree. I condemn it VOCIFEROUSLY.

And I condemn every American who sits on their ass and remains silent and refuses to get on the streets and vocalize their objections to this and to tell our President, Mr Donald Trump to PLEASE STOP THIS POLICY NOW.

Stop it, Donald!

You. Do. Not. Have. The. Right. To. Do. This.

Do you hear me, Mr Trump? Do you fucking hear me?

Leave these children with their parents. Send them back if you must. But you do not have the right to take people’s children away from them. You don’t.