It’s 3:00 in the Morning. Can’t Sleep. Keep Thinking Trump Has to Forget Border Wall


Am a mess. I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about America. And those kids at the border and Trump and everything. And I had another epiphany. The Congress should not approve the border wall.

Trump will have a kinipfit when I say this. But it’s a royal waste of money. It is not going to work and on top of that, it is the wrong move.

For a radical thinker, Trump is playing it safe and this is disappointing and boring.  What he has to do is that which is counterintuitive. The same kind of thinking that got him to meet Kim Jong Un.

Instead of a wall, he has to open the borders with Mexico and Canada. I am convinced this is a long term solution and a short term one too.

No visa or papers needed. Free movement. It does not mean no enforcement of laws and letting criminals in. There still has to be customs and law enforcement. But there should be no wall. Get rid of the concept of the border.

How is this good economically? I don’t know. This is for the economists to figure out. But trust me, this is the solution. Not a wall. The opposite. A non-wall.

Somehow, this is going to solve the problem with illegal immigration. And this is going to be better for the whole entire region.