No Border Wall, Mr Trump. Change Your Mind and Do this Instead…



Mr Trump, the border wall is a mistake. It is a very expensive mistake that will only get toppled in a few generations by a president who will win the election by promising to “tear down that wall!”

I understand why you think it is the solution, Mr President. But I think you are wrong. It is not the solution. Instead of spending $25 billion on a wall, spend it on people.

Invest in people on the American continent. This is the long term solution, Mr President.

Listen to me: be counterintuitive in solving the problem of illegal immigration. There is a reason why this problem has bedeviled so many presidents before you. Because they are not thinking counterintuitively…. You are a radical thinker. It is what I like about you – sometimes 🙂

Think radically, Mr President, about this problem of illegal immigration and then do this: Create an American manufacturing superhub in Central America – with the collaboration of several governments in this region, obviously –  where everybody (including US Citizens) flocks to find work! This superhub will rival and surpass Asia’s manufacturing dominance. Make everything in this superhub. From cell phones to airplanes, from batteries to prefab highrises, from plastic cups to Michael Kors handbags.

This superhub will come with many conditions and spread over several countries in the region. For one thing, it would be owned and operated by the government of the United States (because, yea, we gotta recoup the $25 billion investment). But there are huge financial incentives for each of the participating countries. Job creating is the obvious starting point (which means that people will want to stay there and not migrate) but to the extent that these countries keep a lid on their populations such that they do not infiltrate the United States illegally, they get a bonus and to the extent they don’t, they suffer a HUGE financial penalty.

These superhubs would mean that both Americans and Central/South Americans (and Maybe even Canadians) can work legally in any country in the network. There is no such thing as an “illegal American” because the entire continent is American, don’t forget, Mr President. So you are really building the American Manufacturing superhub – based in Central America – but it serves and services the entire continent and it is financed by the entire continent.

Do you understand what I mean, Mr President? I am not an economist, I am not a politician, I am not anything. I live under a rock. So the specific nuances of how this could work, and the nitty gritties of it, I will tell you right off the bat, I don’t know how it would work. What I have is the big idea. And you need to form a committee of creative 21st Century thinking technocrats and make this idea a reality. And I don’t want to hear it can’t work cause instinctively, I know it can.

This idea is going to solve the problem, not just of illegal immigration into the United States, but also, among other problems, the opioid epidemic because guess what? You are going to also incentivize these countries to literally raze and blow up their drug plantations. I am assuming these drugs are grown on plantations? Or are they made in factories or what? Whatever the case may be, you have to use part of the $25 billion to incentivize these leaders down in Central America and South America to blow up the drug factories and networks the way you convinced Kim Jong Un to blow up his nukes. Cause I have news for you: the situation on our continent is more of a threat to our national security right now that Kim Jong Un’s nukes. AND YOU HAVE TO INCENTIVIZE AMERICANS TO STOP BUYING AND TAKING THESE DRUGS. We are sitting on a nuke all of our own and people are just scrambling, grasping at straws and not addressing the problem at its root.

The root of the problem is poverty and desperation. Make people rich (or at least raise their standard of living from dire poverty to manageable) and they will not need to gun their kin down in the streets. They will not need to sell drugs. But everyone has to be included in this. Everyone has to have a stake. That way everyone will want it to work and succeed.

Do you understand where I am going with this, Donald? Take the $25 billion and create/invest in a manufacturing superhub on the Continent. Put all these people to work. It will be so successful that next thing you know, the governments of Central America will be trying to get Americans out of Central America (so many of them will move there to live and work) rather than America trying to get the Central Americans out of the United States.

But it won’t even matter because when everybody is rich, or at least doing well financially, the problem of illegal immigration will be moot cause people won’t need to come to America if they have everything they need right at home in their own countries.

It is a kind of Marshall Plan. But it is one for the whole continent. And it would be a counter to China’s manufacturing dominance, this continental manufacturing superhub, where we just make everything and its mother.

And I don’t mean everything in one big building. It is a network. Spread across countries.

Ya get me?