OMG. Trump Doubles Down on Separating Children at the Border. Solution: Give Him a Way to Pivot Without Losing Face.



OMG America.

OMG World.

OMG Human race.

We are in trouble.  All over the world. It is not just Trump. It is not just America. It is not just the children on the US/Mexico border.

We are in trouble. Everywhere.

Trump thinks he has the solution. Just wall himself and America off. Does this make him a bad person? No. Not really. He is just trying to solve a big, big problem and he thinks he is right. He thinks his way is the right way.

He has many blind spots.

For one thing, he sees the world in color.  There is only one that matters. In his worldview.

There are many people like Trump in the world who rightly or wrongly are absolutely terrified. They see or sense a sea change coming and it is unfamiliar and they are uncomfortable and their instinct is to react and to exclude and to wall themselves off.

It is, maybe, forgivable. On a certain level.

On another level, it is not. The change must happen and it is way, way overdue.

But that is not the point. Trump equates taking people’s children away with protecting America from M-13 Gangs. (Is it M-13? I forgot.) And the videos on CNN and MSNBC of the boys in the holding centers getting lunch, and exercising, you know the ones they keep playing? It is to scare the shit out of everyone subliminally, to say, “look, today, a 13 year old eating a burger. Tomorrow a gang member who will terrorize the living bejesus out of your and your children. They are not like us. One day, they will shoot us and kill us and rape our daughters. Let us keep them the “F” out.” Those videos are subliminal programing.

But that is not the point.

Trump wants to protect his “people” from the “other.” He is a tribal guy. What can anyone say or do? It is what it is.

But it is too late.  He cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Fear will not solve this problem. Fear will not stop change.

What he has to do is: stop leading from a position of fear.

What we have to do is try to understand where he is coming from.  And not give up on reason. He has to be made to understand that some things are just wrong. They just can’t work. They just cannot be sustained. Perhaps in the past, yes. But change has occurred and they can’t anymore.

We are not the same country, people or world. We are an integrated species sharing a planet, and finite resources. And what happens to some of us affects the rest of us. And we cannot escape by reverting back to our tribes. It’s just not an option. We have to find a way to help each other or we all perish.

People are coming to America and to Europe and to Germany and France and Italy and Malta and Spain because they are desperate, they need help. Of course, these populations feel burdened and imposed upon and its damn hard, maybe unfair. I mean, fuck, they are struggling themselves.  And here is all of humanity descending. It’s like, “go away, we can’t help you! We need help ourselves! We worked hard to build this. Go build your own shit and leave us alone!”

Unfortunately, this is where we are as a species. It is no longer an option to isolate and turn our backs. I don’t know why. Maybe its the Internet. Maybe this was a mistake. But whatever it is, it unleashed the genie. And now, we are connected and now, we HAVE to help each other and now, we have to give a shit.

Does it mean no border? No, not yet. Eventually, yes. But not yet. Right now, what it means is you can’t take people’s children, Mr Trump. It is just that simple. You gotta draw lines. You can’t open up those borders quite yet. Believe me, there will come a time when this madness will be real. NO BORDERS. ANYWHERE. Incredible, isn’t it? But very much the future of humanity.

We are not there yet, thought. But we certainly are not at a point, where taking people’s children is okay. This cannot happen. That is the past. And it is over, Mr Trump. YOU CANNOT TAKE PEOPLE’S CHILDREN AWAY.  It’s just that simple.

….And he knows this. It is just that he is too proud to back down.

Let’s help him. Let’s find a way to let him not lose face, and still be able to do the right thing.