Once the Dust settles, What is the long term solution with Immigrants from Central America? Summit Needed for Starters.



A summit is needed with the countries in Latin America and the United States. Cause something is horribly wrong somewhere that all of these people are displaced from this region due to violence, drugs, poverty and the like.

Clearly, America cannot take people’s children away from them just because the parents enter the United States without a visa or greencard. At the same time, America obviously does not have the financial capacity to take in the entire population of Central America – even if Trump were not President – and neither should America be expected to do that.

This is the definition of a crisis.

I am not sure a wall is the solution. In fact, like I said a few nights back, I am against the border wall. I think it is a royal waste of time and money and it is also mean.

But what is the solution? The leaders all need to convene and have a serious talk. Money is one part of the equation. Trump talks about the aid the US gives these countries. I am not privy to how much and what it is for. But the aid needs to be allocated differently and it needs to be based on certain metrics. It has to be incentivized on a certain level. For starters. Countries get more aid if they do a better job of taking care of their populations and if they can demonstrate good results.

But they need more. Education, for one thing. Central and South Americans (they are AMERICANS! btw!) perhaps could benefit from an exchange of training, education and technology with the US and Canada. The countries all have to work together. Cuba too. This was dumb how Trump just decided to dump Cuba all over again. I can’t figure out why he did that.

The problem is that you can’t solve the illegal immigration problem just by looking at the illegal immigration problem. This is a multi-tiered problem, obviously, and I don’t know the details cause I am not in the region. I only have my common sense but it can’t be rocket science for policy makers in the ground in these respective countries – including America – that this problem has many levels.

When you have a disease, you have to look at a lot of tests and see what is going on and then you diagnose and then you treat. Right? Right?! They have to look at the whole problem!!

Drugs. OK. Big problem. Cause now, they have Americans on opioids. But you can’t just blame Central and South Americans. The demand is coming from America so you have to address that prong as well. You have to cut supply and you have to cut demand. But when you cut supply, do  you have jobs for these young men? Training?  How do they make the money they will lose when you cut the supply of the drugs they are using to drug up the American heartland?

That is one aspect.

There probably are at least 100 aspects to this problem which leads to the illegal immigration. A wall is not going to achieve a damn thing. It is a temporary measure.

The optics will still be bad when they come to the wall on the Mexico side and sit there and die or starve or whatever.

The countries first have to convene. Money has to talk, but intelligently, and with incentives. Lots of training. Etcetera.

And ultimately, open borders.

Open borders is the thing that is going to change this problem and save/make America a lot of money.

This has to be done with all the countries and Canada too.

If I were president, this would be my way of thinking and approaching this problem. But of course, I will never be president cause I am just a girl.