So The Trump Foundation Was a Fraud? Is this True? Or is it Just “Verbal Diarrhrea”?

Diarrhea. Verbal diarrhea. This is what a lot of this amounts to.

What constitutes “verbal diarrhea”? Profuse talk edged with hysteria that leads to nowhere in a jiffy. That is what verbal diarrhea is and it describes almost anything having to do with Trump that is talked about in the media – especially when it has to do with potential illegal activity and conduct and consequences thereto.

So this new news bite about the Trump Foundation and the civil violations as well as the potential criminal ones that could be levelled against not just Trump but his three adult children Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric Trump? Verbal Diarrhea.

No matter what he or anyone says or thinks: TRUMP IS THE LAW. It is Trump who owns the law and he interprets it and he creates it he employs it for his own benefit. He is NOT subject to it like regular people and no matter how gleeful the media seems to be that they have finally “gotcha!” Trump will easily wiggle out of their grasp.

And in a sick way, they want him to. They enjoy the theatre of grabbing this guy around his waist from the back and watch as he slithers right out of their grasp. It is a game. Like sumo wrestling. It is entertaining. They are hugely entertained by it. It gets them up in the morning. They look forward to the drama. They can’t get enough. (am talking about the media and consumers of the news)

So all these talks and media stories including this latest about his family foundation being sued by the attorney general in New York? It’s all just talk. Verbal Diarrhea.

Don’t even listen to these people anymore.