Trump has the PERFECT Excuse to Fire Jeff Sessions! OMG!



Mr Trump, I suspect you read this blog from time to time. I could be totally delusional. But I suspect. And in this instance, I actually hope that you do. Because I have the answer.! I have the answer!

You have been wanting to fire Jeff Sessions for a while, correct?

You have been looking for an out, and excuse that will not get you in trouble for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in this unending probe by Mueller and his goons. (I use “goons” just for artistic reasons, not to disrespect the special prosecutor, ok?)

Mr Trump, you have the perfect opportunity!

How? Why?

This debacle about immigration and those kids at the border!!!

This was Jeff Sessions’ doing!

And he is making you look bad, to boot!

And even if you secretly agree with him in the bottom of your heart, I know you. You are gemini. You can switch in a nano second and go in a totally different direction with your thoughts and actions.

You can just turn on Jeff!

All a sudden, you can say “look, Jeff Sessions is the attorney general and I respect him and his work but I fundamentally disagree about how he has handled this issue with separating children at the borders. I am a father and grandfather and I also want a tough solution on this illegal immigration problem and so yes, I understand why Jeff resorted to that. But we disagree on some things, like I disagreed with Rex Tillerson. And I also think him quoting a bible verse that justified slavery in this country was totally inappropriate….”

Etcetera. Etectera, Mr Trump.

And with this one move, you save your ass on the Mueller fiasco (cause your ass be needing to be saved in this situation, you know it and it is all Jeff’s fault you are in this mess) AND you save face with the country and world with this inhumane policy that you probably do agree with, but which, just between us, darling, is really, really bad PR.

Mr Trump, you know I am a brilliant whisperer. You are one of the only people who ever listens to me and each time you do, you have won. Admit it.

And it can be our secret. Cause nobody ever reads this blog except for you. So they won’t know where you got this idea.

Fire Sessions TONIGHT. And say it is because of the kids at the border. Who will be able to cast stones if you did that?


Trust me. It is the opening you have been wanting and waiting for. Take it. Run with it. You may not get another chance to get rid of him, and still look like a hero, AND disentangle yourself from Mueller’s tentacles.