No Border Wall, Mr Trump. Change Your Mind and Do this Instead…



Mr Trump, the border wall is a mistake. It is a very expensive mistake that will only get toppled in a few generations by a president who will win the election by promising to “tear down that wall!”

I understand why you think it is the solution, Mr President. But I think you are wrong. It is not the solution. Instead of spending $25 billion on a wall, spend it on people.

Invest in people on the American continent. This is the long term solution, Mr President.

Listen to me: be counterintuitive in solving the problem of illegal immigration. There is a reason why this problem has bedeviled so many presidents before you. Because they are not thinking counterintuitively‚Ķ. You are a radical thinker. It is what I like about you – sometimes ūüôā

Think radically, Mr President, about this problem of illegal immigration and then do this: Create an American manufacturing superhub in Central America – with the collaboration of several governments in this region, obviously –¬† where everybody (including US Citizens) flocks to find work! This superhub will rival and surpass Asia’s manufacturing dominance. Make everything in this superhub. From cell phones to airplanes, from batteries to prefab highrises, from plastic cups to Michael Kors handbags.

This superhub will come with many conditions and spread over several countries in the region. For one thing, it would be owned and operated by the government of the United States (because, yea, we gotta recoup the $25 billion investment). But there are huge financial incentives for each of the participating countries. Job creating is the obvious starting point (which means that people will want to stay there and not migrate) but to the extent that these countries keep a lid on their populations such that they do not infiltrate the United States illegally, they get a bonus and to the extent they don’t, they suffer a HUGE financial penalty.

These superhubs would mean that both Americans and Central/South Americans (and Maybe even Canadians) can work legally in any country in the network. There is no such thing as an “illegal American” because the entire continent is American, don’t forget, Mr President. So you are really building the American Manufacturing superhub – based in Central America – but it serves and services the entire continent and it is financed by the entire continent.

Do you understand what I mean, Mr President? I am not an economist, I am not a politician, I am not anything. I live under a rock. So the specific nuances of how this could work, and the nitty gritties of it, I will tell you right off the bat, I don’t know how it would work. What I have is the big idea. And you need to form a committee of creative 21st Century thinking technocrats and make this idea a reality. And I don’t want to hear it can’t work cause instinctively, I know it can.

This idea is going to solve the problem, not just of illegal immigration into the United States, but also, among other problems, the opioid epidemic because guess what? You are going to also incentivize these countries to literally raze and blow up their drug plantations. I am assuming these drugs are grown on plantations? Or are they made in factories or what? Whatever the case may be, you have to use part of the $25 billion to incentivize these leaders down in Central America and South America to blow up the drug factories and networks the way you convinced Kim Jong Un to blow up his nukes. Cause I have news for you: the situation on our continent is more of a threat to our national security right now that Kim Jong Un’s nukes. AND YOU HAVE TO INCENTIVIZE AMERICANS TO STOP BUYING AND TAKING THESE DRUGS. We are sitting on a nuke all of our own and people are just scrambling, grasping at straws and not addressing the problem at its root.

The root of the problem is poverty and desperation. Make people rich (or at least raise their standard of living from dire poverty to manageable) and they will not need to gun their kin down in the streets. They will not need to sell drugs. But everyone has to be included in this. Everyone has to have a stake. That way everyone will want it to work and succeed.

Do you understand where I am going with this, Donald? Take the $25 billion and create/invest in a manufacturing superhub on the Continent. Put all these people to work. It will be so successful that next thing you know, the governments of Central America will be trying to get Americans out of Central America (so many of them will move there to live and work) rather than America trying to get the Central Americans out of the United States.

But it won’t even matter because when everybody is rich, or at least doing well financially, the problem of illegal immigration will be moot cause people won’t need to come to America if they have everything they need right at home in their own countries.

It is a kind of Marshall Plan. But it is one for the whole continent. And it would be a counter to China’s manufacturing dominance, this continental manufacturing superhub, where we just make everything and its mother.

And I don’t mean everything in one big building. It is a network. Spread across countries.

Ya get me?



4 People Trump Needs to Fire Immediately Now That He Has Issued Executive Order to Keep Families Together


  1.  The guy who shall remain nameless who apparently he  was the mastermind and who has had pow wows on CNN with Jake Tapper. You know exactly who I mean.  He goes, stat.
  2. Kirsten whatever her last name is. She just got the gig but honestly? She is bad PR and fruits of the rotten tree. She goes, stat.
  3. Jeff Sessions the buck stopped with him and this was a disaster he got the president into with this “zero tolerance” nonsense. Bad advice that could cost Trump in 2020 if he keeps this guy around. He goes, stat.
  4. Nikki Haley because he needs to get America back into the Human Rights Council immediately and since Nikki took us out yesterday, she disqualified herself and he (Trump) needs to save face so he needs to hire someone else and have that person make the decision to get us back in. She goes, stat.

But other than that, thank you, Mr President, for the executive order leaving children with their moms and dads and guardians. This is the right thing. Brace for the class action suit that is coming (can they sue the feds in a class action?) and let’s see how quickly the country can turn the page‚Ķ.Did you hear Michael Cohen resigned from RNC due to the border mess? Very interesting development, if I may say so myself.

Once the Dust settles, What is the long term solution with Immigrants from Central America? Summit Needed for Starters.



A summit is needed with the countries in Latin America and the United States. Cause something is horribly wrong somewhere that all of these people are displaced from this region due to violence, drugs, poverty and the like.

Clearly, America cannot take people’s children away from them just because the parents enter the United States without a visa or greencard. At the same time, America obviously does not have the financial capacity to take in the entire population of Central America – even if Trump were not President – and neither should America be expected to do that.

This is the definition of a crisis.

I am not sure a wall is the solution. In fact, like I said a few nights back, I am against the border wall. I think it is a royal waste of time and money and it is also mean.

But what is the solution? The leaders all need to convene and have a serious talk. Money is one part of the equation. Trump talks about the aid the US gives these countries. I am not privy to how much and what it is for. But the aid needs to be allocated differently and it needs to be based on certain metrics. It has to be incentivized on a certain level. For starters. Countries get more aid if they do a better job of taking care of their populations and if they can demonstrate good results.

But they need more. Education, for one thing. Central and South Americans (they are AMERICANS! btw!) perhaps could benefit from an exchange of training, education and technology with the US and Canada. The countries all have to work together. Cuba too. This was dumb how Trump just decided to dump Cuba all over again. I can’t figure out why he did that.

The problem is that you can’t solve the illegal immigration problem just by looking at the illegal immigration problem. This is a multi-tiered problem, obviously, and I don’t know the details cause I am not in the region. I only have my common sense but it can’t be rocket science for policy makers in the ground in these respective countries – including America – that this problem has many levels.

When you have a disease, you have to look at a lot of tests and see what is going on and then you diagnose and then you treat. Right? Right?! They have to look at the whole problem!!

Drugs. OK. Big problem. Cause now, they have Americans on opioids. But you can’t just blame Central and South Americans. The demand is coming from America so you have to address that prong as well. You have to cut supply and you have to cut demand. But when you cut supply, do¬† you have jobs for these young men? Training?¬† How do they make the money they will lose when you cut the supply of the drugs they are using to drug up the American heartland?

That is one aspect.

There probably are at least 100 aspects to this problem which leads to the illegal immigration. A wall is not going to achieve a damn thing. It is a temporary measure.

The optics will still be bad when they come to the wall on the Mexico side and sit there and die or starve or whatever.

The countries first have to convene. Money has to talk, but intelligently, and with incentives. Lots of training. Etcetera.

And ultimately, open borders.

Open borders is the thing that is going to change this problem and save/make America a lot of money.

This has to be done with all the countries and Canada too.

If I were president, this would be my way of thinking and approaching this problem. But of course, I will never be president cause I am just a girl.

No, it is not sufficient that Ivanka told her dad in private that the optics on the Family separations are bad. This needs at least a tweet.



Sorry, Ivanka. I am not impressed that you told your dad the optics on the child separations are not good. This is way to huge what has happened and you don’t have the luxury of hiding in your mansion and having your dad give the country third party accounts of how sad you are. All it takes is one tweet. This situation deserves at least a tweet, Ivanka. Come on, I wanna respect you.

The US Quit the UN Human Rights Council Now? Embarrassing! Nikki Haley Should Be Ashamed of Herself!


The time to quit th UN Human Rights Council was not this week, Nikki Haley. You ought to be ashamed of yourself and your timing. As far as I’m concerned, this act was disqualifying and you should step down. If Trump told you to do it, you should have said “no.” It is the thing he needs to hear more than anything else right now. “NO.”

Shame on you, Nikki.

Now, I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say for the duration of time you sit on the UN. I have no respect for your lack of integrity.

It’s 3:00 in the Morning. Can’t Sleep. Keep Thinking Trump Has to Forget Border Wall


Am a mess. I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about America. And those kids at the border and Trump and everything. And I had another epiphany. The Congress should not approve the border wall.

Trump will have a kinipfit when I say this. But it’s a royal waste of money. It is not going to work and on top of that, it is the wrong move.

For a radical thinker, Trump is playing it safe and this is disappointing and boring.  What he has to do is that which is counterintuitive. The same kind of thinking that got him to meet Kim Jong Un.

Instead of a wall, he has to open the borders with Mexico and Canada. I am convinced this is a long term solution and a short term one too.

No visa or papers needed. Free movement. It does not mean no enforcement of laws and letting criminals in. There still has to be customs and law enforcement. But there should be no wall. Get rid of the concept of the border.

How is this good economically? I don’t know. This is for the economists to figure out. But trust me, this is the solution. Not a wall. The opposite. A non-wall.

Somehow, this is going to solve the problem with illegal immigration. And this is going to be better for the whole entire region.


Actually, This Just Came to Me in an Epiphany: The Solution to the US/Mexico Border is…



OMG. Yes, don’t giggle because I did just have a glass of wine and I am crying like one of those wackadoodles Giuliani said belonged in Bellevue for crying when Clinton lost the election. I am very, very upset about those children on the US/Mexico border. Very upset.

But I think  I just had an epiphany in the middle of my tears!

The solution to the problem is NO BORDERS.

Do like Europe and the Schengen. But not to form a “Union.” A free travel zone between America, Canada and South America. No passport or visa needed!

It is not a citizenship thing. The parties all remain citizens of their own country. But they can work legally and they can travel easily.

The three countries would have a database so that all criminals are known by each country in the database.

So at the border, a check is done and if the person is a criminal, they can’t enter the country.

They can work and they pay taxes where they live and they can buy real estate and they travel freely. There should be controls. Mandatory renewal of their travel pass every year. Pay a fee to keep it valid or lose it, for example. (good for the economy.) Others so that there is a good spread out of people and they don’t all accumulate in Texas. Americans should also be able to come and go as they please to South America and work etc.

This is totally counterintuitive. But I bet it could work. I bet it would be a solution.

Cause I don’t think the government will ever stop illegal immigration.

What do you think? Am I just drunk?

OMG. Trump Doubles Down on Separating Children at the Border. Solution: Give Him a Way to Pivot Without Losing Face.



OMG America.

OMG World.

OMG Human race.

We are in trouble.  All over the world. It is not just Trump. It is not just America. It is not just the children on the US/Mexico border.

We are in trouble. Everywhere.

Trump thinks he has the solution. Just wall himself and America off. Does this make him a bad person? No. Not really. He is just trying to solve a big, big problem and he thinks he is right. He thinks his way is the right way.

He has many blind spots.

For one thing, he sees the world in color.  There is only one that matters. In his worldview.

There are many people like Trump in the world who rightly or wrongly are absolutely terrified. They see or sense a sea change coming and it is unfamiliar and they are uncomfortable and their instinct is to react and to exclude and to wall themselves off.

It is, maybe, forgivable. On a certain level.

On another level, it is not. The change must happen and it is way, way overdue.

But that is not the point. Trump equates taking people’s children away with protecting America from M-13 Gangs. (Is it M-13? I forgot.) And the videos on CNN and MSNBC of the boys in the holding centers getting lunch, and exercising, you know the ones they keep playing? It is to scare the shit out of everyone subliminally, to say, “look, today, a 13 year old eating a burger. Tomorrow a gang member who will terrorize the living bejesus out of your and your children. They are not like us. One day, they will shoot us and kill us and rape our daughters. Let us keep them the “F” out.” Those videos are subliminal programing.

But that is not the point.

Trump wants to protect his “people” from the “other.” He is a tribal guy. What can anyone say or do? It is what it is.

But it is too late.  He cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Fear will not solve this problem. Fear will not stop change.

What he has to do is: stop leading from a position of fear.

What we have to do is try to understand where he is coming from.¬† And not give up on reason. He has to be made to understand that some things are just wrong. They just can’t work. They just cannot be sustained. Perhaps in the past, yes. But change has occurred and they can’t anymore.

We are not the same country, people or world. We are an integrated species sharing a planet, and finite resources. And what happens to some of us affects the rest of us. And we cannot escape by reverting back to our tribes. It’s just not an option. We have to find a way to help each other or we all perish.

People are coming to America and to Europe and to Germany and France and Italy and Malta and Spain because they are desperate, they need help. Of course, these populations feel burdened and imposed upon and its damn hard, maybe unfair. I mean, fuck, they are struggling themselves.¬† And here is all of humanity descending. It’s like, “go away, we can’t help you! We need help ourselves! We worked hard to build this. Go build your own shit and leave us alone!”

Unfortunately, this is where we are as a species. It is no longer an option to isolate and turn our backs. I don’t know why. Maybe its the Internet. Maybe this was a mistake. But whatever it is, it unleashed the genie. And now, we are connected and now, we HAVE to help each other and now, we have to give a shit.

Does it mean no border? No, not yet. Eventually, yes. But not yet. Right now, what it means is you can’t take people’s children, Mr Trump. It is just that simple. You gotta draw lines. You can’t open up those borders quite yet. Believe me, there will come a time when this madness will be real. NO BORDERS. ANYWHERE. Incredible, isn’t it? But very much the future of humanity.

We are not there yet, thought. But we certainly are not at a point, where taking people’s children is okay. This cannot happen. That is the past. And it is over, Mr Trump. YOU CANNOT TAKE PEOPLE’S CHILDREN AWAY.¬† It’s just that simple.

….And he knows this. It is just that he is too proud to back down.

Let’s help him. Let’s find a way to let him not lose face, and still be able to do the right thing.

Beto O’Rourke, You Go, Boy! US Congressman from Texas Ready to Fight for Immigrant Children on Mexico/US Border



I am watching Jake Tapper interview Beto O’Rourke about the situation in Texas. I never even heard of this man till this moment. But I think he gets what is so horrible about this policy. Shame on everyone who remains silent about this.

This zero tolerance policy was put in place by attorney general Jeff Sessions while he quoted the Bible. How can Mr Trump accept this being a father himself, and a grandfather? He agrees with Mr Sessions on this?  As I said in my previous post, this would be a basis for Mr Sessions to be fired, if I were president. This policy is unAmerican. It is unethical. It is immoral. It is illegal. And it is wrong.

Even if the Democrats enacted a law that said it is “illegal to enter the US without the proper papers” nowhere does it say it is legal to take people’s children away. Moreover, again, at the risk of repeating myself, these immigrants are not criminals per se. They have to first go through a judicial process. All criminals have due process and equal protection under the laws and in America you are innocent until proven guilty. Stepping on American soil without a visa or papers does not automatically make you a criminal who should lose custody to your children. Even hard core murderers, rapist and white collar thieves like, for example, Bernie Madoff got due process. They received hearings. Lots of hearings before they were taken from their families. They were not treated as “criminals per se.”

These people, these mothers are fleeing difficult and dangerous situations in their countries of habitual residence and they are asking for asylum in the United States. They are seeking refugee status. This is not a criminal per se. IT is a false equivalence to compare this person to a “criminal” who shoots and kills someone: steals billions from investors; or rapes a teenage girl. You are criminalizing someone who may themselves be the victims of crimes and are seeking refuge and equating this person with “criminals” who go on crime sprees for the heck of it.

This is wrong.

I can’t repeat myself enough on this. I am not going to have these people’s blood on my hands by remaining silent.

My hat is off to Beto O’Rourke in Texas. I hope more people join him, quickly.

If I were president Trump, I would just switch. I would go down to the border, cause I am the leader no matter what laws the Democrats enacted. I would void that law by executive action. I would apologize to these families. I would continue to seek stronger immigration reforms and devise methodologies to assist these countries from where these migrations are occurring to solve the problem on a macro level – before these people reach American borders.

And, I would fire Jess Sessions for this.

After, I focus on getting a good attorney general and resolving the Mueller probe….

Melania came out and said she would like to see more “heart” through her spokeswoman. That was nice of the first lady.

But go, Beto! I am with you, Mr O’Rourke.¬† I still believe in America, and for the Republic for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Trump has the PERFECT Excuse to Fire Jeff Sessions! OMG!



Mr Trump, I suspect you read this blog from time to time. I could be totally delusional. But I suspect. And in this instance, I actually hope that you do. Because I have the answer.! I have the answer!

You have been wanting to fire Jeff Sessions for a while, correct?

You have been looking for an out, and excuse that will not get you in trouble for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in this unending probe by Mueller and his goons. (I use “goons” just for artistic reasons, not to disrespect the special prosecutor, ok?)

Mr Trump, you have the perfect opportunity!

How? Why?

This debacle about immigration and those kids at the border!!!

This was Jeff Sessions’ doing!

And he is making you look bad, to boot!

And even if you secretly agree with him in the bottom of your heart, I know you. You are gemini. You can switch in a nano second and go in a totally different direction with your thoughts and actions.

You can just turn on Jeff!

All a sudden, you can say “look, Jeff Sessions is the attorney general and I respect him and his work but I fundamentally disagree about how he has handled this issue with separating children at the borders. I am a father and grandfather and I also want a tough solution on this illegal immigration problem and so yes, I understand why Jeff resorted to that. But we disagree on some things, like I disagreed with Rex Tillerson. And I also think him quoting a bible verse that justified slavery in this country was totally inappropriate‚Ķ.”

Etcetera. Etectera, Mr Trump.

And with this one move, you save your ass on the Mueller fiasco (cause your ass be needing to be saved in this situation, you know it and it is all Jeff’s fault you are in this mess) AND you save face with the country and world with this inhumane policy that you probably do agree with, but which, just between us, darling, is really, really bad PR.

Mr Trump, you know I am a brilliant whisperer. You are one of the only people who ever listens to me and each time you do, you have won. Admit it.

And it can be our secret. Cause nobody ever reads this blog except for you. So they won’t know where you got this idea.

Fire Sessions TONIGHT. And say it is because of the kids at the border. Who will be able to cast stones if you did that?


Trust me. It is the opening you have been wanting and waiting for. Take it. Run with it. You may not get another chance to get rid of him, and still look like a hero, AND disentangle yourself from Mueller’s tentacles.




Is it a Little Bit Sexist to Call Rudy Giuliani a “Dirty Old Man” For Flaunting His Swinging Sex Life at 74 – Fresh Off his 3rd Divorce?


You have gotta hand it to Rudy Giuliani. The guy seems to be swinging from the chandeliers (whatever does this idiom mean, I’ve always wondered?!) at the ripe old age of 74.

Homeboy is not even yet divorced from wife #3 Judith Nathan who famously stole him away from wife #2 Donna Hanover back in the aughts. Giggle. (All of this is alleged, btw. I don’t know that Judith stole Rudy. I just know that he was not yet divorced when they hooked up and I remember her and Donna having a thing over Gracie Mansion because Donna felt Gracie Mansion was her home and that Judith had no right to come into her home while cavorting with Rudy because Donna felt it was disrespectful and I think the courts agreed at the time although, first chance she got, Judith married Rudy at Gracie Mansion).

But I digress.

This post is about President Trump’s aging attorney’s swinging sex life and whether it is sexist to call him a “dirty old man” just because he is over the age of 50 and ostensibly, still taking women on carnal voyages in his apartment and hotel rooms (and wherever else) to boot.

We don’t call women “dirty old women” for having sex into their 80s and 90s. (Apparently, gasp!, this happens!). For that matter, we don’t call Donald Trump a “dirty old man” and he is the same age as Rudy pretty much. And, I mean, look at his antics and shenanigans!

So why are we calling Rudy a dirty old man?

Say what you want about Rudy. He is a very sharp dresser. A lot of details go into his outfits. Check it out: cufflinks, colorful tie, two statement rings on both hands, a handkerchief, a bracelet, bright colored socks (often red), a brooch/pin on his lapel, a statement watch…

This is what is shown on the outside. We have no idea what he delivers as far as lingerie.

The man is a peacock! He rules the party.

And so what? Should he just roll up and die just cause he is old when there are all these women out there tripping over themselves to come over?


So The Trump Foundation Was a Fraud? Is this True? Or is it Just “Verbal Diarrhrea”?

Diarrhea. Verbal diarrhea. This is what a lot of this amounts to.

What constitutes “verbal diarrhea”? Profuse talk edged with hysteria that leads to nowhere in a jiffy. That is what verbal diarrhea is and it describes almost anything having to do with Trump that is talked about in the media – especially when it has to do with potential illegal activity and conduct and consequences thereto.

So this new news bite about the Trump Foundation and the civil violations as well as the potential criminal ones that could be levelled against not just Trump but his three adult children Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric Trump? Verbal Diarrhea.

No matter what he or anyone says or thinks: TRUMP IS THE LAW. It is Trump who owns the law and he interprets it and he creates it he employs it for his own benefit. He is NOT subject to it like regular people and no matter how gleeful the media seems to be that they have finally “gotcha!” Trump will easily wiggle out of their grasp.

And in a sick way, they want him to. They enjoy the theatre of grabbing this guy around his waist from the back and watch as he slithers right out of their grasp. It is a game. Like sumo wrestling. It is entertaining. They are hugely entertained by it. It gets them up in the morning. They look forward to the drama. They can’t get enough. (am talking about the media and consumers of the news)

So all these talks and media stories including this latest about his family foundation being sued by the attorney general in New York? It’s all just talk. Verbal Diarrhea.

Don’t even listen to these people anymore.

Yes, I think Bill Clinton Should Have Personally Apologized to Monica Lewinsky and Yes I did Lose Respect for Him When He Bragged that He Hadn’t



This one has been in my head for a few days or weeks. It seemed not to be so important as to warrant a post. But I read something yesterday. Maybe on CNN or MSNBC and this author took the former president to task and I think she nailed it. She really got what was wrong with him not personally apologizing to his former intern and lover.

Now. I don’t think that at 22, Monica did not understand that what she was doing was wrong. She knew Bill Clinton was a married man.¬† As far as I am concerned, a woman as young as age 16 has enough reason to distinguish her sexual choices. Certainly, by 22, if they can bust up a marriage and get the man to marry them instead and have his babies, many a 22 year old would go for it full throttle and the poor 40 something wife would not be able to do a darn thing about it but cry.¬† Because how is she going to compete with the firmness and suppleness of a woman half her age hell bent on seducing her husband?

With that being said. I don’t think husbands and men are helpless creatures who are seduced by 20 something temptresses. These men are often the aggressors who seduce knowing full well what the bleep they are doing, and the 20 something eventually becomes their willing accomplis who sometimes (like in the case of the Buttafuccos in Long Island) actually lose their minds and try to take out the wife. It usually is the man who is evil first, who has a long eye and an insatiable greed for more and more and more sexual pleasure and what have you. Eventually, the woman goes along. Sometimes she could be a victim of this libertine. But other times, like I said, she went along willingly. I mean, it’s crazy. It is complex. It is a mess. It is¬† a story as old as humanity. But there you have it. This stuff happens.

With that being said, Bill Clinton should still have apologized to Monica personally.  Not because I think she was a victim. I think she was old enough to know exactly what she was doing. I think if he had left Hillary to marry her, she would not have objected. She was a woman, and adult. She was a willing accomplis.

However. This was no Stormy Daniels affair. This was on ongoing relationship between the President of the United States (in his capacity as president) and a much younger intern who worked for him in the capacity of a subordinate and intern and was in her impressionable years and who rightly or wrongly imagined herself¬† “in love” with him.

There was a power differential in this situation that was just breathtaking. Not only was he her boss and the president of the United States (the most powerful man in the world!) but he was the one who was married. Monica was single. He was married. And he was much older than she was to boot. And yea, sure, as I said, she was a “willing” accomplice and I am sure that when she was selecting sexy lingerie with which she hoped to execute her most seductive techniques, being 22 in her mind was an asset, not a hindrance or liability.

Still. We now have the benefit of hindsight. And clearly, the consequences for this “young” woman were so enormous as compared to this man – who was anything but innocent in this situation. She could never find a job after that for god’s sake! He went on to earn millions! His wife almost became president!

And just from the standpoint of human sensitivity alone, I thought a personal apology to this woman whose life went on this trajectory when she was so young because of a joint decision they both made to have an extra-marital affair (and this is not a judgment, it just is to say this is what happened) would have been the least Bill Clinton would think he owed her. Or, at a bare minimum, to have remained silent, rather than brag, that he had “never apologized to her personally.”

I heard him in the interview and all I could think was “ugh. What an asshole!”

And it was too bad. Because up until he said that, I was one of the 3/4 of the people in the country who had been on his side.

The Trump Administration Policy of Taking Children From Migrants at the Border is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Where are Melania and Ivanka?


Ivanka Trump Needs to Tell her Father (and Melania Trump needs to tell her husband!) to STOP taking the children of migrants away from their parents at the US border.

The parent-child relationship is a special, protected relationship under both American domestic law (state and federal) and international law such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child which has been signed by just about every country in the world (and ratified by all except for the United States, which, frankly, is inexplicable, inexcusable and bizarre.)

Be that as it may (that America is the only country in the world never to have ratified this convention) under American federal and state law, the courts have been consistent that absent a showing that a parent is unfit, has abandoned the child or has neglected their child, that there is a recognized and protected and fundamental right that parents have to custody of their children.

There have been countless cases on both the state and federal level where this fundamental notion has been upheld in American courts. Under the 5th, and 14th amendments to the Constitution of the United States, this notion is firmly supported. It is also supported under the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” clause of the Declaration of Independence.

See cases like Griswold vs Connecticut, Franz v U.S., and Stanley v Illinois which held in part the following:

‚Äúthe parent-child relationship is an important interest that undeniably warrants deference and, absent a powerful countervailing interest, protection‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ A parent‚Äôs interest in the companionship, care, custody and management of his or her children rises to a constitutionally secured right, given the centrality of family life as the focus for personal meaning and responsibility. Stanley v. Illinois, 405 US 645, 651; 92 S Ct 1208, (1972).

Refugee migrants, per the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, (the United States has only ratified a couple of protocols of this international treaty apparently, and not the treaty itself) are entitled to the same deference as anyone else on American soil and the laws apply equally to them with respect to their parental rights. The Due Process Clause, as well as the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment apply to these individuals.

The Trump Administration policy of taking children away from parents at the border and incarcerating parents in federal prisons while they await being “processed” seems to violate both domestic and international law. A refugee migrant is not a criminal per se under either domestic or international law yet the Trump Administration is treating these persons as criminals per se.

What is a refugee? According to the Convention relating to the status of refugees, a refugee is:

A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.

Are these South American migrants “refugees” or are they trespassers? It is a debate.¬† These persons would obviously have to be processed in a court of law, or an immigration tribunal and their individual cases should be heard to determine if they are, because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, etc., being “persecuted” in their country of habitual residence.

During this period of time, there ought NOT be a presumption that this person is a “criminal” who should be divested of his or her parental custodial rights! Instead, this person should be given the deference of an asylum seeker and refugee; and even assuming the court ultimately denies asylum for this individual (and thus deems that this person is NOT a refugee), criminalizing the entry into the United States and condoning the extra judicial taking of children from their parents is itself a form of “persecution” that is intolerable to the letter and spirt of both American law and international law – and this needs to stop immediately. The most that should happen is this person is asked to leave with his or her child or children in their custody. This his the right outcome under both American law and international law.

Moreover, as the United States Supreme Court held in Troxel v Granville “the interest of parents in the care, custody and control of their children‚ÄĒis perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Court.” The parent child relationship is about “liberty” in other words. The notion of “liberty” is the very bedrock of American constitutional jurisprudence – the rock bottom of it. America is nothing and nowhere without this.

Taking children away from their parents when these parents have not yet been adjudicated “criminals” by the courts is to violate this very basic and fundamental liberty right and liberty interest that are clearly recognized under American law, and international law. In short, this Trump Administration policy is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Somebody needs to tell Mr Trump to STOP. Immediately.