Kim Jong Un De-nuclearization Pledge is VERY nice. But is he a Damn Fool for doing it?

I betta stop.

I know.

I betta stop.

But. However.

Is it just me or does anybody else thing that Kim Jong Un must have drunk the cool aid? I am sitting here thinking that somebody must have spiked the effing cool aid cause, I mean, wtf is this guy thinking? Wtf is this guy doing? Know what I mean?  Think about it.

This is a primal scream. Am just not sure who it is that is screaming. Is it Kim? Is it Donald? Is it Pompeo? Is it Xi? Is is Khaddafi???

I mean, look. Très, très sérieusement, I think it’s right. I think it’s good. For us. That he throws down is weapons and puts his hands up. We can now easily capture him and put him in the paddy wagon. And if Trump has his way, don’t even care if his head hits the door as you are shoving him in. Just handcuff this badboy and toss his misbehaving such and such into the paddy. Right? Then we put him before the International Criminal Court and we just constructively effectuate a regime change. Life. He gets life.


I mean, I am sitting here looking out my sunny window, typing away and sipping my coffee. And sometimes, I confess, a little giggle, a little fart, escapes.

And am just thinkin’. And am thinkin’. And am thinkin’.

Is Kim Jong Un just another damn fool?

What you think? (sic intended)?

Kim Jung Un Backs Down From Guam Threat. Wow!

Kim Jung Un Backs Down From Trump. He will not Hit Guam Unless Trump Provokes Him Further.

So, in the end, it was Kim Jung Un, the North Korean leader, who backed down from his threat to start a nuke war with America under the helm of Donald Trump. It is a sane decision on his part although slightly anti-climactic on the other hand.

So this whole thing was probably just one big bluff. And Trump out-bluffed him.


Will the Trump Administration Use India to Instigate Headaches and Problems for China?


India and China are in a little dispute over border territory according to a recent Reuters report. The timing is rather interesting. Is it possible that the Trump administration is planning to use India as a point of aggravation and irritation for China? It appears that right now Washington and New Delhi have tepid if not warm relations as compared to Beijing and Washington. Could that relationship get hotter if Washington incentivizes India to produce “nuff ton a headaches and problems” for China?

And how could that result in Policy changes concerning North Korea, if at all? I mean, India is not “on the peninsula” so to speak as far as I understand it from looking at the map. So it has nothing at all to do with the geopolitics involving North Korea and its neighbors in the Asia Pacific.

But its proximity to China and the fact that they share a border could make India very useful for the Americans – if the US President can manage not to antagonize the India leaders.

But what could India do to China that would make China more amenable to helping out the West with regard to Pyongyang? Or is China just too powerful for India to handle? I mean, does India have nukes?

China Flexes Its Foreign Policy Muscles in Venezuela and the Philippines

China is on the prowl to expand its influence and carve out new friendships. In Venezuela, where civil unrest erupted following food shortages and hyper inflation, Chinese citizens and business owners in Venezuela were being targeted by looters and protesters. They appealed to their government through the Chinese embassy and the government has instructed the Venezuelan regime to ascertain that no harm comes to Chinese citizens during the revolts.

In the Philippines, the Chinese government has reportedly gifted strongman Duterte $14 million in arms and boats – no strings attached – to help Duterte fight an virulent drug crisis in his country. In exchange, Duterte’s regime will pull back a case the country lanced against China at the Hague concerning China’s shenanigans in the South China sea.

Read more here.

Pyongyang, North Korea: President Kim Jong Un Hints He Will Be Testing More Nukes Shortly

President Kim Jong Un of North Korea gives leaders of the more powerful nations constant headaches. Nobody seems to know what to do with, and/or about, the recalcitrant thirty-something leader in the Korean Peninsula. He is just wild; off the rails; and not even China seems to be able to rein him in. Will Donald Trump? At his annual New Years address this year he apparently hinted, though did not expressly say, that he will be testing an inter-ballistic missile soon. Cause basically he is fed up. According to a CNBC report:

Kim threatened in the address to boost his country’s military capabilities further unless the U.S. ends war games with rival South Korea. But he also said efforts must be made to defuse the possibility of another Korean war and stressed the importance of building the economy under a five-year plan announced in May.

“The political and military position of socialism should be further cemented as an invincible fortress,” Kim said, according to an outline of the speech carried by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency. “We should resolutely smash the enemies’ despicable and vicious moves to dampen the pure and ardent desire of the people for the party and estrange the people from it.”

A lot of experts think that Kim is crazy. Maybe that is why nobody dares to mess with him.

South Korea’s President Park Guen-Hye Fights Back Against Corruption Charges

Impeached South Korean president Park Guen Hye is not going to go without a fight. Holed up in the presidential palace, the Blue House, since early December, the beleaguered leader has been working on devising a strategy for her own defense despite the fact that, for months, hundreds of thousands of South Koreans have been marching in the streets demanding her ouster.

According to a recent Reuters report, Ms Guen Hye has come out of the starting block punching. She has been quoted as saying that the charges are all “fabrications and falsehoods.”

The convoluted case against Ms Guen Hye involve her relationship with longtime friend Choi Soon Sil, who Ms Guen Hye is accused of giving inappropriate access to state affairs. It also involved the country’s pension funds and a merger between two Samsung groups. Guen Hye is accused of colluding with Choi to pressure certain conglomerates to “make contributions to certain non-profit foundations backing presidential initiatives.” There is also some talk about “negligence” in her handling of a sinking of a ferry in which 300 people perished.

How all these dovetail, is not easily understood but suffice to say is that the net result is that Guen Hye’s job is on the line and she is now put in the uncomfortable position of fighting for her political life.

A Visit to Pearl Harbor by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

President Obama did it first by visiting memorial sites in Hiroshima, Japan (he was the first US President to do so) commemorating the death by nuclear bombing of Japanese men, women and children during World War II. Now, it was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s turn. Along with president Obama, Mr Abe visited the USS Arizona Memorial.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a historic visit Tuesday to the USS Arizona Memorial. “I offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls who lost their lives here,” said Abe, who was accompanied by President Obama, at the site of the deadly Japanese attack that prompted the U.S. entry into World War II. The visit would have been unthinkable even last year when Abe visited the U.S. because the issue is a sensitive one in Japan where the legacy of the nation’s wartime actions remain a divisive issue. But earlier this year, Obama became the first U.S. president in office to visit Hiroshima, the Japanese city whose bombing with a nuclear weapon by the U.S. led to Japan’s surrender in the war, easing some of the domestic opposition to Abe’s visit to Pearl Harbor.


Philippines Rodrigo Duterte: “Bye Bye America. I have China”

First, he is alleged to have called President Obama an SOB. Now he appears to be cursing all of America. As reported on

While calling Americans “sons of bitches” and “hypocrites,” Duterte praised China as having “the kindest soul of all” for offering what he said was significant financial assistance. “So, what do I need America for?” he asked. He also said Russia can be a very important ally. “They do not insult people, they do not interfere,” he said.

According to recent reports, the U.S. government aid agency, the Millennium Challenge Corporation; is reviewing whether to renew several hundred million dollars in poverty aid to the Philippines following Mr Duterte’s alleged claim that he has killed drug dealers/drug users when he was mayor in a Philippine province – prior to being elected President.

If true, these murders would be extra-judicial and would violate perhaps Philippine law as well as international human rights laws and treaties to which the Philippines could be members. This and other claims and outbursts have reportedly given agency officials pause and they are taking a wait and see attitude about giving more money to Duterte’s regime. Monsieur Duterte has promised to strike back at America by annulling or abrogating their Visiting Forces Agreement, a pact between the US and the Philippines to have joint combat exercises between the two militaries.

Duterte continued to express disdain for sitting president Barack Obama. For example, according to a recent article on

Duterte, who has had a difficult relationship with President Barack Obama, said he would change his mindset if President-elect Donald Trump appeals to him. “I have talked to Trump, he was very nice, very courteous,” he said. “I could not sense any hostile drift, or even the manner he was saying it, so, in deference, I’ll just wait.”

“I will let Obama fade away and if he disappears, then I will begin to reassess.”

But if there is any silver lining about the future US/Philippines relationship, he still seems to respect the idea of Donald Trump as president and has praised the businessman expressing appreciation for their similarities and brash style:

Duterte said, adding that he and Trump acknowledged each other’s similarly brash manners.

“We talk in the same language,” Duterte said. He recalled that when he told Trump in a recent phone call that “I like your mouth, it’s like mine,” he said Trump responded by saying, “Yes, Mr. President, we’re similar.”

“And you know, people with the same feather flock together,” Duterte said.

He certainly is controversial but the good thing about all of this is that Monsieur Duterte has put the Philippines on the map and has drawn attention to himself and his country. He gets an inordinate amount of press now and enjoys international scrutiny because of this very controversial nature.

And so far, while Duterte has  promised to turn his energies and loyalties towards China, which he claims has showered the Philippines with economic incentives, he has not reneged on his agreement to come to the United States in 2017 at the invitation of President elect Trump, who, reportedly has invited Mr Duterte to the White House for tea.


North Korea’s Kim Jung Un Capitalizes on the Chaos Besetting South Korea by Conducting Special Operations Drills/Combat Exercises

Kim Jong Un is sending a message to everyone, including, perhaps, US president Elect Donald Trump. The message? “I am badass and you know it.” In the interim, he is also taking advantage of the constitutional and political crises that have besieged his southerly neighbor – South Korea – after the impeachment of president Park Guen Hye last week.

Though she is still technically living in the presidential palace called the Blue House, Park Guen Hye has been stripped of all her power and the country is being governed temporarily by prime minister Hwang kyo ahn while the country’s constitutional court weighs whether to affirm or deny the impeachment and thus either restore her rule or relegate her to criminal proceedings.

Things are definitely tense in South Korea however the prime minister of South Korea says that despite the uncertainty brought on by the recent impeachment of the president, that South Korea is ready and poised to retaliate if Kim Jong Un should try any theatrics.

According to a Reuters report, Kim Jong Un watched with binoculars as his military personnel performed drills using South Korea’s Blue House as target practice. And Mr Un alleged crowed “well done. Enemy troops have no space to hide.”

Things are definitely tense in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump Begins to Rattle and Perturb Leaders in the Asia Pacific

Trump has begun to game the political system in the Asia Pacific and China is on alert after the president elect placed a call to the president of Taiwan, something, according to the New York Post, that has not happened since 1979.  That is to say, US foreign policy is that there is “one China” and so no US president has bypassed China to speak with the president of Taiwan. She is a girl. Her name is Tsai Ying-wen. Members of the media are dubbing the call a “diplomatic blunder.” Others are not so sure it was a blunder as much as some kind of statement from the putative 45th president of the United States.

Trump has also recently called other leaders that have raised eyebrows:

The call comes just days after Trump raised eyebrows by calling Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and telling him “you are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to see you soon. As I am talking to you, Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long.”
The call alarmed India’s leaders, who have a fraught relationship with their South Asian neighbor.

So he is rattling China, unnerving India and has invited the president of the Philippines to dine at the White House mere weeks after this very individual publically and globally insulted the sitting president of the United States who happens to be Barack Obama at this writing. Remarkable, eh?

But what is he up to? He is up to something machiavellian. He is dividing and conquering. Before he even gets into office he is setting a tone. He is going to bring China to its knees. They are going to come to the White House with their hats in their hands. This is the plan Trump has and he is banking it is going to work. So he is lining up his ducks. Once he has Russia in his bag, China is probably toast. Because Russia was China’s strongest ally in the region but Trump has pretty much made Putin his you know what. I don’t even dare use the word. But this is his game! Trump has played Putin! So he can divide. So now, this leaves China naked and unable to defend itself against Trump and what Trump is going to do.

BRICS. Brazil, Russia. India. China. South Africa. It is an economic alliance not a military one. But even that is probably done after this guy gets done with the region. Just like he created total havoc in America, he thinks he is going to create total havoc in the global community and he is going to blow up all of these alliances one by one till everybody has their hats in their hands. At least, this is what he thinks.

Could he pull it off? I think it depends on Putin. If he is able to keep Putin happy, then yes, this is cake. But if Putin becomes not so happy? I don’t even want to think about what the result could be.