Jeb Bush Compares Donald Trump to Obama: They are divisive, he says

Both Donald Trump and Obama are divisive, says Jeb Bush. The GOP contender who trails Trump in recent polls says Trump is trying to separate Americans by income just like Obama is trying to separate Americans by race. We Americans are one big happy family and a melting pot suggests Mr Bush and neither Mr Trump or Mr Obama are promoting our values of equality and non-segregtion. Mr Bush is color blind and cares nothing about social and economic class status. He cares about ALL Americans, as do all his supporters. For example, he even went to the funerals of some of the nine African Americans who were gunned down in a Church by a confederate flag wearing young man. He would have done so no matter if the victims were black or white. If a black man had shot up nine white people praying in a church he would have gone too. Because he is color blind. This was not a black tragedy it is an American tragedy and he was outraged and ashamed. He showed his love and respect as an American – not as a white American. This was not black or white. Color does not matter. Obama went to at least one of the funerals as well and did the eulogy. Kudos to Obama. Trump did not attend ANY of the funerals. So it seems that Trump is a litle bit more divisive than Obama but both Trump and Obama need to be more inclusive like Jeb Bush. In America, neither race nor income matters gentlemen! We are all equal. Listen to Mr Bush!

Senator Ted Cruz kisses up to Mr Trump

How obvious can you be? Ask Texas Senator Ted Cruz who apparently called up Donald Trump and begged for a meeting with the GOP frontrunner to talk about inane topics no doubt at Trump’s Fifth Avenue digs. Hilariously, not even Mr Trump understands why Senator Cruz wants to meet with him at this juncture. Mr Trump is quoted as saying “I have no idea why I am meeting with Ted Cruz. He called me and asked to meet with me and we are meeting at Trump Tower but I have no idea why we are meeting or what he wants, though I like him. I respect him. He came out in support of my comments about Mexico. He came out early. I like that.” Jeeze, with a name like Cruz you would think the Senator from Texas would be a little less hasty to align himself with someone who would say such unkind things about his kin. Would it be impolite to call Senator Cruz the uncle tom of the hispanic community? Would it be politically incorrect? Clearly, this guy has very high ambitions and he will stop at nothing to fulfill them even if it means selling out his ethnic group. He wants to be the vice president. He knows that with a name like Cruz, he could help Trump overcome his Mexican gaffe and get votes. He figures that Trump is going to need him. So what does he do? He sells out without batting an eye lash. And that’s fine. But did he have to be so hasty? Did he have to look so desperate? He is supposed to be running for president. At least believe in his own campaign and build a base first, then look for strategic allies like Trump if he loses. Give it a year. But to just throw in the towel and go begging Trump at this point is really unforgivable. All Latinos should turn their heads when this guy walks by.

Donald Trump the ten billion dollar presidential contender?

If the American dream is dead as he contends, then it certainly is alive and kicking for billionare entertainer Donald Trump. He just submitted his Financial disclosure forms as required under election laws and it seems he is estimating his networth to be in excess of ten billion dollars!

How much in excess? He did not have a fixed sum. The only thing he could really say for sure on the form is that a certain asset’s value is “over 50 million.” This is very interesting because it seems very vague and ambiguous. How can his claims be substantiated or proven false when it is so wide open? Not very easily. Because the “worth” of an asset is a subjective test in many instances. Nobody can say he lied about his networth. For example, even the worth of the Trump name could differ depending on who was doing the valuation and that is a part of his networth – his name. Just the value of the name is a part of his assets. He could claim it, by itself, is worth 1 billion dollars. And who could dispute that? Reasonable people could argue about it but no one can impeach him because it really is a matter of opinion. The rub is that it is all paper money. Even Martha Stewart once was a billionaire and now… Trump could actually be less rich than people even imagined. It was interesting was the relatively small sum of his income for 2014 – the amount he paid taxes on, ostensibly, is not that huge. It wasn’t even half a billion! Rather, according to one news report:

“In the release, Trump said his net worth exceeds “TEN BILLION DOLLARS” (emphasis: his press office) and his income last year was $362 million, excluding dividends, interest, capital gains, rents and royalties.” $362 million?! Seriously? He’s not even making 5% return on his assets. Because at ten billion, he should be making at least one billion return – 10 percent. If his income was 500K then he would be making 5 percent which is not great but not that bad. But 362? His assets are not generating enough cash. Something is wrong. foto credit

Trump’s name recognition helps him surge to No. 1 in the Polls

Mr Trump has pulled ahead of Jeb Bush and is now number 1 among republican voters who were polled this weekend. That means that his favorability rating is going up rather than down in spite of all the problems with racist comments against Mexican immigrants and the nazi photos and the rest of it. Experts claim this surge is due to his name recognition and that he is not a legitimate threat to the other republican candidates. They fully expect him to flame out the way guys like Ross Perot did after similar surges when Perot ran eons ago. But is it a mistake to ignore and dismiss this surge? Or should the other candidates, including the democrats start to go on the defensive against him?

Trump Women Keep a Low Profile: Where is Ivanka, Ivana and Melania

The Trump women are keeping a very low profile. Have you noticed? Except for the day of the announcement of the campaign when daughter Ivanka wore an I-want-to-get-famous-for-my-perfect-butt Pippa Middleton inspired white dress, nobody has really seen any of the Trump women in these various venues he’s been at lately. Where is his perfectly manicured Slovenian wife Melania, for example? Or his daughter Tiffany? And his two daughters in law? Where even are ex wives Marla and Ivana? Perhaps it is too early and they are saving their appearances for the most dramatic moments possible. When that time comes don’t be surprised to mostly see Ivanka though. It is almost as if SHE is his wife and not Melania. Ivanka seems to step in to a lot of roles that her own mother used to play when Ivana and Donald were married and his current wife Melania seems ancillary – like an afterthought. Maybe because Ivanka is so articulate? foto credit

Trump’s Nazi Problems: Intern throws the Donald Under the Bus

As if he doesn’t already have enough drama, now Mr Trump has to contend with the fact that a careless intern posted some nazi images on his blog while toting the message “real leadership.” Oops. The irony is almost unbearable. The campaign and Mr Trump have apologized profusely but this is mortifying to say the least and somebody is probably going to get fired.

Who needs traditional press when he has social media? Not Donald Trump

Trump may have missed his best chance to be president when all things are considered and that’s too bad. The optimal time for him to have run was when he was in his forties and still married to his first wife Ivana and when there was no social media. The duo were young and dynamic and sexy and interesting and he wasn’t as polarizing then as he is now. And he was a little bit nicer, much less angry and a whole lot better looking. He would have made it and might have been an interesting president back then. Now he is old and cantankerous and a little bit overweight. He is not so sexy and the charisma and catchet are gone. But of course, he is rich. Today, sign of the times, Mr Trump posted on his Facebook page about democratic challenger calling Hillary Clinton desperate and sad.Well, so much for him being afraid of El Chapo and so much for Mr nice cantankerous guy. Sounds like the last thing Trump is worrying about is El Chapo and the last thing he is interested in is being “nice.” In the same post he said it wasn’t about being nice it was about being competent. Is it not possible to be both?

Trump: “The Media is Very Dishonest”

Trump has repeatedly charged the media with dishonesty in recent days and it seems that most media outlets are taking his accusation to heart because there is a weird quiet in the last few days. Are they, too, distancing themselves from the billionaire real estate mogul? Has he become radioactive even for them? Or is he just lying low in light of the El Chapo Guzman situation therefore leaving the media with nothing to report? Hopefully the Media has not dropped Trump like a brick because that would make the presidential race very boring indeed. Trump indeed is the only show in town and if they stop covering him, it won’t be worth keeping up. There is nothing worse than being ignored by the media when you need press to get your message across. Just ask Paris Hilton. foto credit

Trump’s Golf Empire at Risk Following Controveral Speech Against Mexicans

The fallout from his comments about Mexican immigrants continues. Bloomberg is reporting that Trump’s golf empire is “taking a hit” now that several marquee events have been cancelled and top people begin to distance themselves from the presidential hopeful. According to the article, Golf represents a significant share of Trump’s networth and his golf courses are a significant aspect of his brand. If that implodes, Mr Trump could find himself financially maimed and there is no telling if he will be able to recover. Read more at Bloomberg. foto credit

Are Trump’s bravado and bragging tendencies a sign of insecurity?

You know what the saddest thing is about Mr Trump? It is that with all his billions, he’s still just an insecure little boy from Queens. He is still unsure of himself in spite of all his financial success. It is very counter-intuitive. Only a very discerning person will understand this fact. This is why he behaves the way he does. It is not that he is a bad person. It is not that he means to be alienating and mean. It is just that he still is not sure of himself. He craves credibility. He craves respect. His presidential ambitions really are a cry for validation and acceptance but he doesn’t know how to go about getting this validation and acceptance other than to bully it out of people or try to buy it out from them.

 But think about it: the fact that he even needs this validation at this point in his life and career is a very serious issue for him personally. With all his billions he still does not feel worthy; he doesn’t feel respected in the way he wants to be respected by the people he wants to be respected by. So he acts out and has these tantrums that come off as if he is this billionaire braggart infant terrible who can’t handle criticism but it is just a cover.

 At the end of the day, Mr Trump is a humble, insecure guy from Queens who made it big in America and who has always dreamt of being president and probably has had this dream for much longer than anyone realizes. Surely, it has been longer than Obama had to dream before making it happen. This is why Trump is so angry with Barack Obama and has stayed angry for so long. Because Barack Obama did not have the psychological hang ups that Mr Trump did with respect to this issue of being president. Ironically, this is only because Barack Obama was completely ignorant of exactly what the heck he was really about to achieve by winning this election. Obama had no clue! He dreamt of being president – ostensibly an impossible dream for a guy like him – and he went out there and just did did it because he had nothing to lose. He had the confidence to just do it because he didn’t even know that he shouldn’t have the confidence or even how difficult it is to muster that level of confidence for guys like Trump. Trust me, if Obama were to run today, he would lose because he is no longer ignorant of what this thing is. Now he has knowledge and this knowledge would have a crippling effect on his confidence.

Obama’s seeming “easy” success made Mr Trump resentful because Mr Trump feels he is better than Obama and that he has achieved and accomplished more financially (and he looks more like the traditional American president than Obama does and he is irked by Obama even more for this reason) and thus he feels he had more rights to have even attempted to run, yet he could not muster up the courage that Barack Obama just naturally was able to muster till after Obama made it look easy.

THIS is why Mr Trump went after Obama the way he did with the demands to see grades and birth certificates and all the other craziness. It is not that he hated Obama. He really hated himself for not having the same level of confidence, which, to be fair, on the face of it, he ought to have had even more confidence than Obama did. This really is what is at the root of Trump’s venom toward Obama. It is really a self-loathing. He hates himself for having been too scared to run. And, even after all this, Mr Trump still doesn’t think he is good enough to just run for president. So he brandishes his networth like a prop, not realizing and understanding that this is not the way to win votes and that he is only alienating people who don’t understand that he truly is a nice person under all this bravado; but that he is just insecure and lacking confidence which, like love, money can’t buy. Not everything is about money, Mr Trump.

You want to just take Mr Trump’s big old hands in yours and jerk him a litte bit and say, “Mr Trump, you have nothing to prove; just be nice, run, and win. People will love you more if you show a loving, softer side of yourself; you don’t have to try to buy their love and respect. Why don’t you go to a few low income schools and give out some free laptops or something? Why don’t you leave Obama alone? That will win you more votes and voter goodwill than telling people that you have nine billion dollars in your vaults at Mar a Lago. foto credits

Too rich to be President? Is Trump’s Wealth a Political Liability?

How can a guy like Donald Trump turn a negative like his vast fortune into a positive factor in this presidential race? It will be very difficult for him to overcome the perception of many Americans that he is out of touch with their day-to day circumstances and therefore unfit to be president. The inescapable irony is that most U.S. presidential candidates are filthy rich and completely unable to relate to constituents who have trouble paying their cell phone bills each month, or who live pay check to pay check as a matter of routine. Case in point: Hillary Clinton. What does she really know about having no money? Not a darn thing. Rather, with few exceptions like the Obamas who were practically destitute in comparison to their former counterparts, most American présidents and high ranking politicians like Hillary Clinton are filthy rich. Not as rich as Mr Trump, of course. He is so rich it is actually stupid. Mr Trump’s wealth makes him a little bit stupid. And I say this respectfully. There is rich and there is stupid rich. Stupid rich is when you are so rich you become completely oblivious and obtuse about everything else that is going on in the “real world” and you lose touch with even yourself. Is Mr Trump oblivious and obtuse about reality? Has he so much money that he has lost touch with himself? Yes because if he wasn’t he would never have brandished that document at his press conference that shows he is worth nearly nine billion dollars. He would have realized that this would make him less likeable than more likeable and he would have understood that yes, people have to respect you; but in politics, mostly, they have to like you. He probably would not have mentioned his wealth at all if he wasn’t so out of touch and he wouldn’t have been so out of touch if he had less money. He would have filed the documents necessary and let the press have a field day like hungry jackals but he would have been modest and shy and evasive – even if this was fake – just to make it seem that he was sensitive to all the broke people out there who he needs to vote for him in order for him to make his beautiful wife Melania the next FLOTUS. Mr Trump has too much fricking money to be president. The ironic thing about it is that he brandished the document at his press conference because he didn’t want to brag; he just wanted to share. But if he was more in touch with himself and with the rest of us, he would have realized that this is not the way to do it. There is an appropriate approach and there is an inappropriate approach, Mr Trump. Using a presidential dias to inform everyone during your press conference that Mitt Romney’s entire networth is the price of one of your yachts is just obscene and obtuse and a little bit crass. Can’t you see? Everyone is secretly impressed but they are also repulsed. It is very, very complex. foto credit

Mr Trump gets into a Twitter War of Words With El Chapo Guzman

Mr Trump is now Under FBI protection. Apparently, he took to Twitter to talk about the escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman and the Guzman camp, by way of his son, responded with a death threat against the tough-talking billionaire. The international media is in a tizzy about the whole thing. This may put the presidential hopeful’s campaign on pause because he obviously would have to keep a low profile till the Mr Guzman is caught and safely returned to prison, shouldn’t he? Yesterday, Hillary Clinton tried to further railroad him out of the race by telling him in a speech “you are hateful and shameful. Basta! Enough!” Poor Mr Trump. He probably feels a little bit scared which is why he called the FBI.

Mr Guzman is apparently a very dangerous and scary person responsible for many gruesome deaths in Mexico and ostensibly his escape from a high security incarceration in a Mexican prison this week is bewildering to the Mexican government, the United States government and the international community. Nobody understands how Mr Guzman was able to escape his prison cell through this intricate network of tunnels and padlocks. Neither can anyone ignore the timing of the escape coming on the heals of Mr Trump’s controversial and polarizing anti-Mexico rhetoric and his promise to not only build an impenetrable wall between the United States and its southern neighbor but also to force the Mexican people to pay for this wall. Mr Trump asserted worse things in his coming out speech a couple of weeks ago, that many feel insulted the entire country of Mexico and all Latino immigrants in the United States. Did he make a mistake by picking on these folks? It is one thing to harass Obama for 7.5 years. Some victims are just not able to fight back. But it seems the Mexican and Latino community are not prepared to be Mr Trump’s victim. And many are whispering that the government of Mexico is probably sending a message to Mr Trump by allowing one of the most dangerous drug lords ever to live to conveniently escape from prison and remain at large. Nobody can blame Mr Trump for asking for FBI protection. Any reasonable person would be scared senseless under these circumstances. It probably behooves Mr TRump to hire heavier military-style security, like the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam or something. Do these people still exist? photo credit

Is Mr Trump right about John Kerry being a terrible negotiator?

It is Monday July 13, 2015 and John Kerry and the Iranians have missed the Monday deadline to reach a deal on nuclear weapons talks taking place in Vienna, Austria. Is this a disaster? Mr Trump would obviously argue that it is. Iran apparently wants the West to lift crippling sanctions and the arms embargo imposed on them before Iran agrees to any nuclear deal. Mr Kerry has not been able to concede this point, however, it is widely tooted that Mr Kerry is being out-maneuvered in these talks and it begs the question whether Mr Trump is right about Mr Kerry and his colleages as being out of their league with these Iranian officials and whether in fact they “don’t know what they are doing” and are “incompetent” and are “terrible negotiators” as compared to the Iranians who are “more cunning.” Is Mr. Trump right that the country is going to hell because of “leaders” who don’t know what they are doing? Is he right when he says that Kerry who is 73 is too old to be doing this stuff? (To be fair he was talking about bike and the fact that Kerry broke his leg in a bike race

when he referenced Kerry’s age, not the negotiation talks) but he clearly has stated that Kerry doesn’t “have it” with respect to negotiating expertise. Indeed, quite a few pundits are saying that this situation is making the United States a “laughing stock.” And Mr Trump would obviously gleefully concur. But who is right here when you consider that other sources are saying that the talks are going well for the United States? Do we listen to Trump? Or to the Under secretary? And even if talks are going badly is this Kerry’s fault? Or are the Iranians lacking good faith? Or what? And could Mr Trump really do a better job than this? Would he have met the deadline? Just because he is a whiz at negotiating real estate deals it doesn’t mean he would be able to negotiate a nuclear deal. …and what’s so terrible about Iran having nuclear weapons anyway when you consider, for example, and not for nothing, that Russia (Mr Trump is buddies with Putin) has these weapons? Would the world really be any less safe if Iran has nuclear weapons given where nuclear weapons already exist? foto credit

Are Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates ignoring Mr Trump?

Hillary Clinton gave a speech today and it seems that she is pandering to the middle class promising jobs, tax cuts and other government help and incentives. Frankly, it was a standard political speech that all candidates give. Namely, it was a little bit predictable. What was interesting was how she side-stepped the Donald Trump juggernaut/elephant in the room situation. She is not the only candidate who has been doing this in the last few days. Even the republicans are doing it. It is as if they think that by ignoring Mr Trump, he will go away. Of course this is a strategic mistake and Hilary of all people should know that given what happened in 2008. History has shown that guys like Trump are wild cards and they should not be ignored even if it seems crazy and unthinkable that they could win. It is a mistake to allow guys like Trump to gain momentum in a presidential race. Sure, Mr Trump seems an unlikely nominee and he probably is as likely to be the republican nominee as Obama is to be Hilary’s vice president. But you never know. So it is a mistake, probably, for them to ignore him.

foto credit

New youtube video: Trump not classy enough to be president

There is an interesting video on YouTube about Mr Trump and his presidential bid. The authors’ viewpoint seems to be that Mr. Trump lacks the class that is necessary to be president and that he would basically bring down the White House and degrade the dignity of the office. The Website is They really make the harsh argument that Mr Trump is not fit to be the leader of the free world in part because of how he has degraded and humiliated Obama over the last 7 years. They denounce Trump’s extreme views and his lack of “presidential tact.” They also reference his serial marriages (Mr Trump has had 3 wives) and his trouble with the law for the now defunct Trump University. One night show host interviewed for the video even called Mr Trump the “Frankenstein Monster.”

It is true that Mr Trump is not the most tactful guy in the entire world. He is a very honest, blunt character, isn’t he? Is this necessarily a bad thing? In the video, they talk about how many bridges Mr Trump has burned and how he names and shames his former business associates and partners — the subtext being that his behavior is so politically incorrect that he could not possibly hope to win this election — and that his tendencies could actually be bad for American foreign policy. The video could make one rethink Mr Trump as a serious candidate. It is understandable if someone were to start questioning whether this could all be a ploy to fill hotel rooms such as his hotel in Florida, the Doral. He sure does mention his hotels a lot in his speeches as if he is plugging them, doesn’t he? It is a legitimate thing t ask: Is this all a big commercial for Mr Trump’s global hotel empire? There is no way he is seriously thinking he would be the next president of the United States when he is so painfully extreme in so many of his views, if the video is accurate. But then again, stranger things have happened in the United States than someone like Mr Trump winning the presidency. And really, he will be a scary president – the anti Obama. Maybe that is exactly what the world needs right now when you consider groups like ISIS for example, for whom Mr Trump seems to hold a huge resentment. foto flickr

Donald Trump: racist, sadist or sportsman?

Call him what you wish: billionaire, philanthropist, husband, father, presidential hopeful, infant terrible. Donald Trump will answer to all of the above. But he is not a racist, emphatically not, and you cannot throw this label on him because will get very angry about it.

 Mr Trump has been known to deadpan:”I don’t have a racist bone in my body!” Could this be actually true? Despite, for example, the relentless verbal assault Mr Trump has leveled against President Obama for the past 7.5 years, Donald Trump actually is a very open-minded guy and is not doing this because Obama is Black.

 Mr Trump loves people of ALL races and you can see this in his hiring practices. He hires people of all colors, creeds and prédilections to work on his construction sites, in his restaurant kitchens and even, perhaps, in his swanky mansions around the country. This level of trust is clear proof he is not a racist. Racists do not hire people who are of different races and they certainly do not allow them in the main house. In fact, what is a racist? It is hard to even describe what a modern racist is. Anybody of any race can be a racist. This privilege is not limited to certain races only.

Racists are people who profile, hate, stereotype, marginalize, oppress, exclude, ridicule, disregard, disrespect, dehumanize, disenfranchise and target people for no other reason except their race. By this definition, even people of the same race can be racist against people within their own race. But can anyone honestly say that Mr Trump has been “racist” against anyone else?

Whatever else the Palm Beach billionaire is guilty of, it certainly isn’t treating people badly because of their racial group. Rather, this guy is an equal opportunity profiler, hater, ridiculer and excluder. He seems to be the type of person who likes to inflict pain and humiliation on others for his demented pleasure. He has the type of temper and temperament that feeds this need he has to inflict emotional distress and to publicly humiliate others. And it doesn’t matter if the person is White, Black, Mexican or Jewish. It doesn’t matter if the person is male or female. It doesn’t matter if it is Rosie O’donnell. Mr Trump does not care. This is proof that race has nothing to do with it.

  There is a word for this type of person in fact and it is not “racist.” It is really “sadist.” Mr Trump is a sadist. He likes to cause pain to others and if he cannot do it physically, he is content to it emotionally. It would not be a big surprise to learn that he even does this in his personal relationships. This just is his schtick. It is even possible that he enjoys causing pain to someone and then he turns around and befriends this same person at a later date. Cause the hating is really just ancillary; it is not the main point of his modus operendi. Causing pain therefore, is a kind of sport to this guy. Does this make him therefore “sportman”? No. Not particularly. It is definitely a sport to him but he is sadist first and fundamentally; and the sport part is an add on.

Trump mocks Martha Stewart at Phoenix Rally, and then plays the race card

Donald Trump hit Martha below the belt during the Phoenix Rally. He mocked the maven about her failed attempt at the Apprentice and then referenced her stint in prison and talked about the day she came out and the outfit she wore, etcetera. What does this have to do with being President, Mr. Trump? Then he talked about Reverend Al Sharpton, calling the reverend a con man. He had no kind words about his former bosses at NBC and his former partners at MACYs. He also socked it to Jeb Bush, John McCain, Hilary Clinton and President Obama. For the record he said Hilary will be a disaster as President.

He threw stones at the Mexican government, accusing them of sending their criminals to the United States. He informed the cheering crowd in Phoenix that he has also sued UNIVISION for 500 million dollars for failing to honor their contract when they failed to air his beauty pageant. He also indicated that he distrusts the media which he repeatedly said is “dishonest.” The highlight of his speech was when he brought out a black man who had lost his son to gun violence involving an illegal alien. Trump said “this man is great” and the guy said that “Trump is the only one sticking up for us.” Who is “us” in this case? It is not clear but the guy’s cringe-worthy speech was conceived with one clear purpose in mind. Could Mr Trump have paid this guy to say this stuff? The guy said “for the first time in seven years I felt hope; I felt change.” Then the guy said, “we have to trust Donald Trump the way you trust your mother and father.” Cringe. You have to give it to Mr Trump that he is a CUNNING man. In all fairness, Mr Trump never used the word “rapist” in describing immigrants in Phoenix. So he is definitely toning down his rhetoric on this issue. And he keeps emphasizing how much he loves Mexicans. So this is good. foto credit

Donald Trump’s High Energy Levels: Sustainable? Or Crash and Burn?

Donald Trump has got a high level of energy especially for a guy who is nearly seven décades old. At the rally in phoenix, he was literally bursting with adrenaline even though he had had meets in Vegas and California. How will he sustain this level of energy over the next year? It seems that his advisors need to have a talk with him that he wants to be the tortoise in this situation not the hare; this thing is a marathon, not a sprint. If he keeps this up, he will either have to take uppers and amphétamines, or something more serious, or he is not going to be able to even get out of bed within three months at this pace. Plus, he does not seem to be the most physically fit guy. Actually he seems to make it a sport to mock guys of a certain age who try to stay fit _ like Senator John Kerry who recently fell off his bicycle to Trump’s delight. Mr Trump with all due respect looks like he eats a lot of carbs and he doesn’t really do a lot of physically exerting activity. So his stamina is going to be an issue. That is to say that he looks like the type of guy who sits a lot whether in his office, his mansion or his plane. He does not seem like a guy to hit the gym or the treadmill. He doesn’t seem like he lifts weights. He probably plays a lot of golf but that is not enough for a presidential candidate who has a gruelling campaign ahead of him. And then the tone of his speeches are so venomous and anger-filled that it is worrying that his body will not be able to sustain the energy levels that will be required to sustain this level of rage. foto credit Flickr creative commons

Trump Goes to Arizona

Mr Trump was in Arizona this weekend drawing huge crowds who were chanting his name and bearing signs with the Trump name. It was the biggest rally of any presidential candidate so far. The presidential hopeful repeated his rhetoric about illegal immigrants coming through the border to commit crimes against America and Americans. He seems to have stirred up his base, having successfully played on the deepest fears of these folks who want to take their country back. Trump has promised to build an impenetrable wall between the United States and Mexico, which the Mexicans will pay for. Understandably, the hispanics and Latinos – and Mexicans in particular – think he is a bigot. They are very angry with Mr Trump, and so are many of his business partners like NBC and NASCAR. Mr Trump is unapologetic. He is reportedly fed up with politicians who are all talk and no action on issues such as immigration. He asserts that Obama is incompetent and is a terrible leader for the country, who presumably is the culprit for these immigration problems.

Donald Trump’s Slogan “Make America Great Again” means what exactly?

Dear Mr Trump, You are running for President using a slogan similar to Ronald Reagan’s: “Make America Great Again.” The subtext is that America is no longer great. It is definitely in bad form to toot one’s own horn, but America is still pretty great, isn’t it? We still have free speech and so obviously everybody has the right to object – and you have many objections to a lot of things, this is clear. But America is actually not doing that badly. It has a strong economy as compared to 2008. We are not in a major war with any nation. Osama Bin Laden is dead. There is a high rate of employment, a strong jobs report. We have had Landmark supreme court rulings which can be models for the rest of the world as far as civil rights and other issues. There are more millionaires in the country than ever. Americans are creative and innovative and are leading the world to technological nirvana. There is more innovation in America than probably any other place in the world. More Americans are graduating from college than ever before. Heck, we even benevolently opened up talks with our neighbor Cuba after more than 40 years! Why do you keep sounding the death knell? I think you could be even more persuasive if you pointed out those things that are working or that have worked in between all the things you think didn’t work or are not working – like healthcare; even though, millions of Americans may disagree with you even on Healthcare since they appreciate having something rather than nothing. You have always said that a bad deal is better than no deal, remember? If you change your rhetoric slightly, you won’t seem just like an angry guy with an axe to grind. You will jumpstart a more constructive debate and people would take you even more seriously and like you a whole lot more and be more apt to vote for you even if they are Obama supporters. Am just saying. Sincerely, M.