Manafort Down. Is Don Trump Jr Next in Line for a Mueller Jailing?



Wow. I don’t follow Manafort’s case very closely because I think he is a little bit boring to tell you the truth. But obviously, I heard about the fact that the D.C. judge revoked his bail and sent him to prison to await his trial in July and September. And I have also heard these jails in D.C. are fairly frightening places and not at all the posh types of endroits that a man like Manafort has become accustomed to. And would you believe I felt bad for him?

But I know I am being ridiculous because there are people out there who are suffering so much more. Look at those refugees whose children are being taken away at the borders. They get to sleep in tents and camps and be deprived of their parents. Why is this okay? Because they are not accustomed to living in posh hotels anyway? So they aren’t suffering the way Manafort is?

Poor Manafort nevertheless. It almost seems like his former boss, President Trump is trying to distance himself from his former campaign chairman. It is very classic Trump. On the one hand, he says “I feel bad. They went back 12 years to get something on him.” But on the other hand he says “Paul Manafort did not have anything to do with my campaign. He worked for me for 49 days.”

If you are Paul Manafort, what is going through your head when you hear that? Yea, sure, Rudy Giuliani is out there dangling a “pardon” but does Rudy really know what Trump will do? Can Rudy really speak for Trump?

Even if Trump does pardon Manafort, at what point will he do it? Manafort is facing life in prison – no matter what happens with the Mueller probe because these charges have nothing to do with Trump’s campaign, really. Maybe that is what Trump meant? Not that Manafort had nothing to do with his campaign but that the charges against Manafort have nothing to do with his campaign? I think maybe that is what Trump meant. What do you think? Did he mean the charges have nothing to do with 2016?

But this brings me to Trump’s son Don Trump Jr. Don allegedly met with Russians in Trump tower during the campaign. And Manafort was in the room. Allegedly. Is this why Mueller wants Manafort in jail so that the pressure can get him to squeal on what happened during those 49 days (more like 149 if you listen to CNN) in reference to Russia and collusion and Don Jr’s role in it? Are they trying to get Don and using Manafort to do it? Because I don’t think they are really interested in Manafort’s bank fraud and failure to register as a foreign lobby from 12 years ago. I don’t think they even care that he worked for the Russian government indirectly when he was an emissary for the guy in the Ukraine. I think it is something else, something bigger that the prosecutors are after. They want a big fish. Ultimately, they want a shark: the President. But in the meantime, they are using  Paul Manafort to get a big fish and I think this fish could be Don Trump Jr.

Trump is already batty with everything that is going on. When he realizes that they are closing in on Don Jr, you have to wonder what will he do? Will he let them take his son in order to save his own hide? Or will nuclear war break out in Washington D.C.?

Will Trump’s Trade War Trigger the Next “Great Depression”?

The IMF chief seems to think that a trade war between America and China as well as between America and its allies (including the European Union, Canada and Mexico) could lead to a tanking of the global economy.

She thinks the US economy could “over heat” and, I guess, this would be bad.

Will Trump’s trade policies lead to a global great depression?

Well, don’t look at me. I don’t know. I am not a bloody economist. OK? I just shaved my head because I am so stressed by all these crazy news in the international community that I shaved the front of my head and I look like I belong in the Serengeti and this compounds the problem and makes it difficult for me to think clearly. Because how can I leave my apartment looking like this?

What I know for sure is I am not happy with Trump’s immigration policies and what is happening with those children at the borders.  Any parent who chooses to bring children into this world has a right to custody of their kids – even if they are in immigration lock up. Equating refugees to criminals and taking their children is wrong and Trump and his compadres need to be called out on this.

As far as trade? I don’t know. I think if there is a trade imbalance and America is getting the short end of the stick that this needs to be addressed. Right? If China is stealing intellectual property and if Canada is creaming American farmers with dairy tarifs and if European aluminum and steel is coming into America but at a price that is unfair, then it should be dealt with in a manner that comports with international law.

And what that law is, I have no idea. I am not a trade girl. I know nothing about trade. I know nothing about nothing.

But when I was in China, I couldn’t believe the open intellectual property (trademark and copyright) usurpation that was apparent in the Silk Market. It was so open. So why sign all those treaties is what I am saying.

But beyond that, I don’t know. Maybe a trade war will lead to a depression but maybe a Depression will be a good thing in the end. Because then, after that, you rebuild. Like a military war. Or a natural disaster. And it is always better than it was before.


Is the Trump Administration Immigration Policy of Taking Children at US Borders the New Holocaust in the Making?


Are we in the beginning stages of a holocaust in 21st Century America? The reason I ask is when I see these pictures of the US Mexico border and read about the taking of children away from their parents by border police, I get uncomfortable in the pit of my gut. I feel something is on the cusp of happening that is really, really bad. I feel like we are heading in a bad direction, to a bad place with this. It may not be intentional. It may even be well-intentioned. But the road to hell was, after, all, paved with what? A whole lot of good intentions.

I think the danger is that too many Americans agree with this policy to effectuate the immediate STOP that is needed. Or put another way, not enough Americans disagree. At least, not yet.

It is like Germany during the 1940s. I imagine that some Germans disagreed with rounding up Jews and shipping them off to camps but not enough of them did. Most were silent and their silence meant acquiescence and empowered Hitler to take further and further actions that ultimately led not just to the holocaust, but his own destruction.

Had more Germans spoken up sooner maybe not only the holocaust could have been avoided, but Hitler may even have survived or gasp, been a “good” leader.

The thing with guys like Trump and like Hitler is that they have ideas that are radical and a lot of people soak that up. People are always looking for escape from the status quo. It is human nature. They (Germans) could not get enough of this rogue, radical leader they had elected because he was so different, so extreme and daring. He epitomized their own deepest and darkest thoughts and desires and gave it wings.

Trump strikes me as similar. I, like everyone else, am fascinated by him. But the thing I see that I am not sure a lot of people see, is that this is a man who wants to be stopped. He is almost daring someone to “please, stop me. Stop me and save me from myself. Because I can’t stop on my own. I have no brakes. You have to stop me. Please, somebody stop me. Say no.

To the extent that nobody is willing to stand up to this man and say no to him is the extent to which we all will end up in hell right there with him still at the helm!

This really should be a tipping point for everyone, this idea of taking children from their parents and this extra-judicial termination of parental custody on American soil. The silence of the majority of Americans on this is unacceptable. Their crocodile tears 20 years from now about how sorry they were that this thing spiraled out of control after many lives are lost will fall on the deaf ears of angels. Because they ought to have known better and done better because we have history as an illustration of what can happen in these types of circumstances.

As I have said repeatedly, I don’t hate Donald Trump in spite of all his shortcomings. I even agree with some of his ideas and policies. But with this one, this taking of children from their parents I RESOUNDINGLY disagree. I condemn it VOCIFEROUSLY.

And I condemn every American who sits on their ass and remains silent and refuses to get on the streets and vocalize their objections to this and to tell our President, Mr Donald Trump to PLEASE STOP THIS POLICY NOW.

Stop it, Donald!

You. Do. Not. Have. The. Right. To. Do. This.

Do you hear me, Mr Trump? Do you fucking hear me?

Leave these children with their parents. Send them back if you must. But you do not have the right to take people’s children away from them. You don’t.



North Korean Gulags vs American Prisons…Is it Hypocrisy to Point Fingers at Kim Jong Un on Human Rights?



Another thing Trump is getting criticized for is that he did not prioritize human rights as part of his negotiation with Kim. The media decries Kim’s record as this violator of human rights and they cite the existence of these “gulags.”

You just have to wonder how much of this is sanctimonious and hypocritical and how much of this is really about human rights because when you consider the reality of the sentencing and prison system in America and the disparities such as racial profiling within sentencing in prisons AND THE FACT THAT SO MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WHO CRITICIZE KIM JONG UN AND EVEN TRUMP ABOUT KIM’S HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD REMAIN SILENT ABOUT IT, you just have to wonder. Where is all the outrage?

It is not even just about prisons.

Every human should have the right to sit and have a cup of coffee in a coffee shop without being harassed because of the color of their skin and of their hymanity. Americans should be on the streets to defend that basic human right. Lawmakers and media should be up in arms on this basic and fundamental point. And don’t even try this individual action vs state action argument to excuse this. There is state complicity with this ongoing problem.

And it is not even just about the coffee.

There is a lot more that they remain silent on. To me it is nothing but sanctimony and hypocrisy. They are not really concerned about human rights because it is not a priority.

And this is fine. They prioritize their life, existence and experience as they see fit. Fine. But don’t preach to me about Kim Jong Un’s record on human rights and try to get me to cast stones at this guy. Because your hands are not clean and you are not fit. And I say this with all due respect.


Trump Leaves Media in Hysterics After Singapore Summit. But is the Media Being Silly?



I don’t get why the media is in such utter hysterics post-Singapore Trump-Kim summit. After all, the document that was signed contained no language, as far as I read, that Trump promised to do a darn thing. Yes, he had a press conference where he said a bunch of craziness such as he would end the “war games” and that, what else did he say? I don’t even know.

But there is a difference between what he said at the press conference after Kim got back on the plane to Pyongyang and what was signed between Kim and Trump in Singapore and based on the text I read, Trump did not promise Kim one iota. It was Kim doing all the promising including that he would begin the process towards complete denuclearization (Kim is a fool to do this but for us, it is brilliant if he does do it), to return the remains of soldiers who perished during the Korean war and, I think, to leave his neighbors alone.

Unless the document I read was truncated, I did not see Trump promising to do anything in that document. Am I wrong? I don’t even think he promised to lift sanctions on Kim?!

So why is the media in hysterics?

So what if Kim got his selfie with Donald? We live in the age of selfies. Everybody loves selfies. We can’t begrudge Kim his little selfies.….but is too much attention being paid to this? What message does this send to other would be rogues? To be treated like a king on the international stage, you…

I do think it is a win for Kim in that sense. His badness paid off. He is respected. At the same time, I don’t think Trump gave anything away so the media should move on to the next story.

Mr Trump Should Be Careful Not to Dump His Old Friends For New Frenemies


On a certain level, Trump thinks Us allies like France, Germany and Canada have not been real friends to America. Why? Because he feels they creamed America for years and used America like a piggybank. He feels they did not really love America but only wanted America for its money.

Is he right?

I don’t know. I don’t have enough information to draw that particular conclusion.

What I do know is that he has to be careful not to trade his friends (even if they are users) for outright enemies in sheep’s clothing.

Not to say Kim Jong is an enemy. But at least America’s allies have stood with America in some situations. What has Kim done for America? And look they have not always stood with America. The Iraq war comes to mind. France declined to join. UK helped out. But in the end, was France wrong about Iraq?

Be that as it may, notwithstanding the war of 1812 (what the??) Canada has not bothered America in any way. They are good neighbors. So why create enemies unnecessarily? Cause he likes Obama? Just cause you are getting a new friend in North Korea? You just dump all your old friends? You just throw them under the bus the first chance you get?

I don’t know.

There is room for everybody. You can still keep your old friends but court new ones. It is not a show of strength to just dump your friends for no good reason. Sure, if they are free loading, tell them. Call them on it and insist the pay their fair share. I have no problems with that at all. They should pay their way and not use America as a piggybank. But that can be achieved without humiliating your friends and treating them like crap at the same moment you are flirting with new friends.

I think it is a mistake to destroy these hard won relationships.

Is China’s SCO gonna Overtake the G7? Is that Why Trump Wants Putin Back in G8?



Ever heard of SCO? Shanghai Cooperation Organization based in Beijing? I gotta confess, I only learned about it today; OMG. Should I admit that? Whatever. I am shameless. I don’t care. What is interesting about it is they held their last meeting during the same time frame as the G7 was held in Quebec, Canada and I gotta say, they sound like they are quietly become a serious competitor for the G7.

The whole thing is masterminded by China. Russia is in it as is India and Pakistan and a bunch of other  countries. Iran is not a member but an observer in the group….

Hme…rising China! I knew Xi was a sly tiger but I did not realize his hidden dragon.

Is that why Trump wants Putin back in the G7?

Putin Criticizes Trump on Iran Deal Pull Out Contemporaneous to Trump Defending Putin on G7 Push Out


Just as Trump defends Putin, Putin turns around and slaps Trump on the cheek with a criticism about the Iran nuclear deal. Putin says Trump’s behavior could have a “destabilizing” effect and he vows to continue to honor the deal. He was in China meeting up with Xi.

Trump has to be careful. He is an impulsive man. He thinks with his emotions rather than with his brain a lot of times, I think. These other world leaders are very deep thinkers and they have been at this longer than Trump. They are not “smarter” than Trump. Trump is smarter than people give him credit for. But even so, they are more experienced at this poker. They may have more mature skills in this department, I think.

This matters because when you look at these men like Putin, Xi, even Kim, but especially Putin and Xi, you see measured thinking. They don’t bluster. They don’t make threats. They don’t often say one single word. But you just start seeing their behaviors and the result of it. In Putin’s case, people just start dying for no good and apparent reason. They somehow choke themselves. They die of a self-choke in hotel rooms or they are poisoned by their healthy bean salad and nobody seems to know how it happened.

What am I saying? I don’t know. It is early in the morning and I have no idea what I’m talking about. I just think Putin is smarter than Trump insofar as certain things and he doesn’t say much and Trump says everything on Twitter. This is a disadvantage. Xi? Sly as a fox. He did not get to where he is by being a stupid man and now he locked in his reign by changing the Chinese constitution or whatever the heck he did so he can be president forever. This is a smart man. This is a badass. This man might even be worse than Trump because Trump does what he does openly and notoriously. Xi, he is…more subtle. If you know what a mean.

What the phock am I talking about? I don’t know. I can’t believe Anthony Bourdain killed himself. If you wanna know the truth, this is really what is in my head right now. I didn’t even follow his show but I knew of him and I read his first book years ago. Are they sure it was suicide?? And the Kate Spade thing (knew less about her but knew of her and her beautiful bags) and you just wonder what is it all about and whether any of this means anything and whether Trump and Putin and Xi might know it doesn’t mean anything. And Kim. So that is why they behave in this way. And then you wonder if you have to change your own strategies in this life, in this experience – to be a little bit badder because after all, in the end, I mean, I mean….wtf, you know? They could easily pay their rent and still they did this. Then you look at Trump and Putin and Kim and Xi and all these people, and poor beleagured Justin Trudeau and Jeff sessions and everygbody, and you are just like, what the fuck? You know?

Meanwhile, Trump is in Singapore talking about how “exciting” everything is while his mercenaries attack the Canadian president and invoke the wrath of “hell” alongside his name.

Really, I don’t know how to process any of this.

Did French President Emmanuel Macron Call Trump ‘Incoherent”?


I read somewhere that French President Emmanuel Macron (a Trump BFF) called Trump “incoherent” following Trump’s decision to unsign the G7 communique. That is a big risk. Maybe Trump will not lash back but what if Trump decides to lash back? See how he and his admin officials are ganging up on poor, “weak” (according to Trump) Justin Trudeau? Justin is young and he is cute as a button. I don’t see why Trump and his mercenaries would gang up on him. He clearly is no match for them. But if he did assess 270% tariffs on US farmers, maybe this was a mistake.

Still. I think President Macron has to be careful. He obviously would like to have good relations with Trump. He threw Trump a military parade in Paris and Trump invited him to the White House for the first state visit and Melania gets along with Brigitte. Not to mention the two countries have such a good history of being friends. America came to the rescue of France during the Second World War, for example.

True, Trump is being tough on trade and he is being quite difficult. But I am not sure that the French President wants to antagonize Mr Trump because it is not clear that he can punch back hard enough to stop the bullying if Trump should decide to start bullying him and the French people, a lot of them, are already very critical of this administration. So politically, domestically speaking, if Trump and Macron have a falling out, it could hurt Macron more than it hurts Trump.

But no question, this is a difficult interval for everyone. Nobody wants to see France and America fighting each other.


This is NOT a Giggling matter: Typhoon Trump Apparently Submerged the G7 Summit Under Hundreds of Feet of Water, Debris and Ash. Then He Called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “liar.”



Om my god. What has America done? President Trump is a phocking nightmare. For everyone. Everywhere. No one can believe it. Not even presidents of other countries. They just can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. But then again, I can. Sometimes, I wonder if he reads my blog on Air Force One. I have been wondering for 3 years.  Because it is so bizarre he says and does things right after I say it on the blog. He either reads (which is not possible) or he and I are on the same wavelength. There is something in the frequencies in the atmosphere. I can read his mind and he can read mine. Or, he reads the blog. But how is this possible? I literally have 2 or 3 readers per day. Literally. Could one of them be the President of the United States??!

With that being asked, so he goes and he blows up the G7 by refusing to sign the joint communiqué. Did I not pose this question out of the blow last night? Could he take America out of the G7?? No one else asked that question. No one even saw it as a possibility. But I did. I felt it. I felt there was something going through his mind about exiting the G7. I wrote the post right before this one before he shocked the world by refusing the sign the communiqué.

Look, a part of this is for dramatic effect. While he is en route to Singapore to meet the other madman who is terrorizing the international community and the Korean Peninsula just for kicks – “Little Rocket Man” as Trump likes to call Kim Jon Un – he wants to leave utter chaos and bedlam in his wake. So he throws breadcrumbs at the media and like pigeons, he knows they will get distracted as they run in to get their little morsel of it and then, by the time he lands in Singapore, he switches their focus once again. And it keeps the drama going and Mueller probe is on back burner for a while. He knows he has collaterally damaged that probe and has raised enough doubt in the minds of the electorate about the legitimacy of it. So he is on pause and he is redirecting the media’s very easily manipulated attention and so he turns on Justin Trudeau. And poor Justin is absolutely, with all due respect, he is absolutely defecating on himself because he is terrified, absolutely terrified of Trump. He knows he sneezes the wrong way and Trump will just send all these illegal migrants to the Canadian border and make Justin the heavy for turning them loose over the seas, back to where they came from. Plus, this thing with unfair trade and the piggy bank, on a certain level, Trump may just have a point. So everybody is walking on egg shells because they don’t want their covers to be blown up completely.

Trump will probably, like I opined last night, leave the G7 outright under protest. Nobody wants that result. They want America in the room. But Trump is playing hardball because he wants to terrify his contemporaries and make them fear having no trade with America. He wants to bring them to their knees and get them to fess up to the fact that they have been secretly and quietly making out like a bandit at America’s expense. Is Trump right that Canada is charging American farmers 270 % tarif on dairy??

Whatever the case may be, Trump is acting. He is being dramatic for effect. He is that kind of friend. It is the way he keeps control in his relationships. He makes them fear he is going to break up with them. He treats them badly then treats them nicely. He keeps the upper hand by being hot and cold and unpredictable. He can do this because he holds the purse. His friends want and/or need the money. They will put up with his emotional abuse.

But to call Trudeau a liar on Twitter? For heaven’s sakes, Donald, this is the prime minister of a country and you are the president of a country. Who says something like this about someone like that on a place like Twitter?

Trump is not nutty enough to pull America out of the G7 because of Russia – Is he?


I have learned that there is nothing that I can put past Trump. He is capable of anything. But is he capable of giving the US allies such an ultimatum: let Russia back into the G8 or I pull ouf of the G7? As it stands, it is the G6 + 1. So Trump is already set apart from the group and they are looking at him askance and treating him like a pariah. Does he deserve to be treated this way? It depends on who you ask. He has left his buddies in a lurch and he is insisting that they pay their way and stop using him as a piggy bank. This is alienating and could lead to a permanent rift.

Would the G6 or G7 last without America? Could they just put another country in there (like one that actually deserves to be there based on their rank insofar as their actual economy) and just say “forget America”? Cause it is kind of rigged, the membership in this group, it seems. This is supposed to be about the biggest economies. And so a few of these countries in the group don’t merit membership. So if Trump bows out, really, can you even blame him?

I do blame him if he stays in and insists that Russia comes back in with no conditions. He has to also insist that Russia cuts Crimea loose. And he should insist that countries like China, India and Brazil are considered for membership. And some countries that are in the group should be forced out. Plus, the EU is not a country. So not sure they should have representation as a bloc and still have individual countries like Germany and France and Italy have a spot.

It seems…not very clear and not very straightforward. It seems rigged. So why not really rig it up for real and put Russia back in? Actually Trump may have a point.

Trump Should Prove He is a Badass Skilled & Feared Negotiator By Telling Putin to Let Crimea Go



Trump thinks he is skilled and feared. And on a certain level, he is. you gotta give it to him. He has the North Korean leader “begging on hands and knees” according to Giuliani and now a summit that is unprecedented in the history of Han is about to take place between a US president and the leader of the North Korean nation. Impressive.

Trump has other skills. I mean, just the fact that he has all of Europe hopping over these tariffs and almost begging Trump not to sanction European countries that do business with Iran is really something to behold. It’s incredible. Then he has Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister on a leash. He tries to bark but dares not bite Mr Trump over these tariffs.

The last thing Trump did before he went to Singapore to meet the North Korean leader is he insisted that Russia be let back into the G7 group, making it once again the G8. Russia was famously dumped after Putin illegally annexed Crimea a few years ago. The other countries felt this violated the international rule of law and the norms as set forth by civilised nations and they banned Putin from the group. Now Trump wants Putin to be let back in, even though Russia is not even a top 8 economy and the group is supposed to be the top 8 economies – which means that countries like China, Brazil and India should be included and countries like Italy, Russia, and Canada should not (France and UK barely make the cut.)

But that is another story. What I want to know is why Trump does not flex his badass muscles even more and tell Putin that he has got to cut Crimea loose in order to get back into the fold? If Trump does it the right way, Putin will obey. I am sure. And it will make Trump look like  a true stud especially with the backdrop of North Korea. Now you are looking at 2 Nobel Peace Prizes instead of just one.

Sitting there blaming Obama for letting Putin take Crimea is so lame and so crybaby and so weak. Sure, Obama was no match for Putin. This is clear for everyone. But is Trump also no match for Putin? Is this why he is hiding behind Obama on this? There were a lot of things Obama did that Trump quickly undid. The Iran Deal is a prime example. As is the Paris Climate accord. He is also dismantling stuff from older administrations including NAFTA and other trade deals. He has re-opened Guantanomo and he has cut off relations with Cuba. Pretty much everything Obama did during his presidency  (look at the mess he has made of Obamacare) Trump has undone. And he has not asked Obama about any of it. He has not asked anyone to refer to Obama on any of these matters. Rather, what he viewed as a fuck up, he just changed or undid. Cause he is alpha.

So why not do the same with Putin and Crimea? Why sit there crying that some “weak” former president who is not a “leader” made a boo boo. Why not just rectify the situation as you have done with everything else? Tell Putin to unleash Crimea, Mr Trump. Believe me, he will stumble over himself to obey because he wants to be in your favor and he wants to get the recognition with the G7 and he wants the respect and reverence of the international community.

I dare you, Mr President. Tell Putin to give Crimea back. Stop hiding and crying behind Obama. You have proven that you are a better leader than he was so go all the way and get Crimea back. This is as good for the world as getting North Korea to de-nuke.

Rudy, Not for Nothing but Stormy Looks Like Marla…and Melania Posed Nude


Giuliani tried to diss Stormy Daniels by saying “look at Trump’s three wives. These are classy, beautiful women…” Right after Melania issued a statement distancing herself (good for her to not condone his slut shaming) and the entire media took him to task for his sexist, hypocritical comments.

One does not have to aspire to be a porn star to recognize the rights of all people to equal protection of the laws. The Constitution does not exampt anyone from legal protection because of their profession. As far as I can tell, porn starring is not illegal in the US. So if that is what a person decides to do with their lives and bodies, who am I to judge and who is Giuliani?

Moreover, not for nothing but Stormy is a dead ringer for Marla Maples. Clearly, she is the type (physically at least) that Trump goes for. Both Marl and for that matter Ivana were blonde like Stormy and had a similar look to Stormy.  But Stormy and Marla could actually be twins. Look at them. They look almost exactly alike.

And then there is the nude shots of Melania that came out just before the election and she sued and won a lot of money over those shots because they invaded her privacy and defamed her to boot but be that as it may, she is not above nudity for her work. So it would have been hypocritical of her to have thrown stones at Stormy. Don’t get me wrong: hypocrisy is rampant in the world today and people casting stones really have some nerve. But kudos to Melania for not going there and for distancing herself from such blatant hypocrisy.

And shame on Giuliani for what he said about Stormy. But if you really understand this guy (he’s a gemini) he wasn’t talking about Stormy. This is a jab at Trump. He is basically saying in a back handed way that Stormy is exactly the type of woman Trump likes and he does this by invoking Trump’s three wives. It was a sarcastic hit at Trump and a diss at Trump’s three wives and the types of women Trump cavorts with. That is really what the aim of Giuliani’s comment was and Melania got it which is why she dissed him back.

Melania Trump and Pompeo Distance the Trump White House From Giuliani: This is a Bad Sign for Him


Rudy Giuliani is not a member of the WH team but they have not made an official public announcement. This is my hunch after both Secretary of State Pompeo and Melania Trump both came out and said that the former NYC mayor turned Trump “attorney” do not speak for them or for the administration.


Giuliani came out and said how Melania believes her husband over Stormy Daniels and Melania’s spokes person issued a statement that she has never spoken with Giuliani. Does that mean that she does NOT believe her husband over Stormy Daniels? Or she does not want to get dragged into the investigation? Cause it sounds like Cohen at one point told Stormy’s old lawyer Davidson that he needed to speak with flotus in an email. This was unclear. Did Melania know about this whole thing or did she not know? Why did she make a point of saying that Giuliani does not speak for her? To distance herself from the investigation? Or to make Giuliani look like an idiot?

Then Pompeo came out and said that Giuliani does not “speak for the administration” and that he is “in a small room” and that they are taking care of the “important things.”


I think Giuliani has been constructively put to the door by Trump but they are all too embarrassed to admit it so he acts like he is still a member of the team but in fact, in my suspicion, he been canned. (sic intended.)


I mean, let’s face it. He had all these convenient slips of the tongue that could have gotten Trump hung. What do you need a guy like this hanging around the palace for? What is next for him to do? Seduce Melania?

Commander of Cheese?! Was Kellyanne Conway’s Freudian Slip Intentional? And what Does She Mean?



Well, I consulted this page and it appears in popular slang, cheese can either mean drugs or money. There is a “focus” drug that is referred to as cheese. But I guess she meant money. He is the commander of cheese cause he is a billionaire, ostensibly.

It was funny, though. She says “he is the commander of cheese…”

Do I believe he is thinking about firing Kellyanne? Yes. I do. It crosses his mind especially because he can’t stand her husband George. Trump despises George, I believe. George does not respect Trump. So Trump wonders about the conversations they have about him between the sheets. He wonders if Kellyanne is a double agent.

Is he paranoid?

I don’t think so.

But she is a good actress, that is for sure.

Is Giuliani Trying to Mess Up Trump-Kim Summit? Why Did he Say Kim Got on His Knees and Begged Knowing This Will Incite Kim?


Giuliani is a true Gemini, just like Trump, after all. He uses words in a cunning way. He is cunning. At least he thinks he is cunning. In Israel today (or wherever he was, I forgot) he made the statement that “Kim Jong Un got on his hands and knees and begged Trump to reschedule the summit.”

Even if this is true, why say that at this point given all the back and forth that has already occurred and given that everybody knows that Kim is a sensitive guy who does not handle losing face well?

Giuliani darn well knows that saying something like that could cause the summit to be cancelled or cause Kim not to show up or something like that. But he says it anyway. So you have to wonder whether he means to mess up the summit on purpose.

I mean, heck, he could just be innocent.

But the one thing I’ve learned so far in my life is that there is no such thing as an “innocent” Gemini. I think he meant to do it. And I just have to wonder why?

Does Trump Have Anything to Gain by Pardoning Manafort Now?


Manafort apparently “witness tampered” if you believe special counsel Robert Mueller who is asking the judge in DC and Virginia to lock up the ex campaign Chairman of sitting president Donald Trump. The allegations appear to be that Manafort encouraged witnesses to “lie” on his behalf. Now the special counsel wants the court to just throw Manny (who currently is on house arrest) into the slammer while he waits for his trials set in July and September.


House arrest is probably tough but imagine the alternative. That does not sound like a whole lot of fun. What is Manafort going to do? He has been silent and so has his attorneys so this suggests that maybe he has no words with which to defend himself? Would it therefore be unreasonable to conclude that he is guilty as charged?


Well, he is running out of options fast. Trump may have to intervene with a pardon to save the old boy.

Can you imagine he does it as he is on his way to Singapore to meet Kim? Talk about drama! OMG. The press will not know what to do with itself. The one thing about Trump is he knows how to throw breadcrumbs at the media. They are like pigeons.

So maybe he should pardon Manafort pre-emptively. Boy, would this set the tone for all the other witnesses! It probably would also get Trump into a lot of hot water. But constitutionally, they could not do anything to him. He has the right to pardon whomever he choses for whatever reason at any point in the process – including himself – if you look at the plain text of the Constitution.

Moreover, the charges against Manafort right now are not really Russia collusion and not related to Trump’s campaign. They have him on bank fraud and failing to register and stuff like that. So it is not obstruction of justice to pardon Manafort now. It might be, later on. If more charges are filed against Manafort at a later date that clearly links him to this Russia probe and Trump. For now, in this window frame, the charges are sufficiently unrelated to Trump that Trump could pardon him and not be accused (at least not fairly or legally) of obstruction.

The question is whether there is any gain in this for Trump. So he pardons Manafort. So what? How does that help him? Well, Manafort could then conveniently not “recollect” anything relating to the campaign if he is questioned under oath. He can just keep saying “I don’t recall.”

So no conspiracy charges can be proven with his testimony against Trump. And with the pardon, he has no legal jeopardy either.

The risk is that after receiving a pre-emptive pardon, there is no telling what Manafort would really do. What if he turned on Trump anyway and sell Trump up the river? He would not be obliged to say “I don’t recall” in exchange for a pardon as that would seem to be at best unethical or worst illegal.

So the question is whether Trump has enough to gain by a pardon. But surely if he is going to pardon, the time to do it is probably right about now.

Best Jobs Report EVER? I Keep Getting Rejection Form Letters, Mr President!

Excuse me, Mr President but considering you keep tooting how great the jobs situation is in America, I gotta say, I don’t see it. Ask me how my resumes I have sent out in the last several months looking for a job in America?? All I get are form rejection letters and turn downs. I mean, ok, I am searching long distance, right? I am not in the country. But I wudda been home this summer but for the fact that it appears there is no job in America for people like me. So excuse me if I am unimpressed with your self congratulations about jobs numbers, Mr President. Maybe it IS a great time to look for a job but I think it still largely depends on who you are and how you look.

So, voilà. Enough of all this hot hair in my balloon. Ok? Thanks a lotta for nothin’. OK?